Monday, August 15, 2011

The Pictures from the Musgrave BBQ.

Wow here's the great pictures taken by Vanessa Jefferson. Thank you for sending these great pictures.

The good thing is alot of people helped and came together to help others as a cummunity. I know Ipswich will help more and be bigger.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Not much to do. haha

Right now I'm scratching my head thinking, Okay I have a lot to do. Ha ha. Oh just wait to hear all this.

On Friday my wife calls me and says we need to talk about marriage and soon because she doesn't want to be big bubble belly walking down the altar. Sure enough we were sitting and picking dates when she came up with the date of 15th of October. I'm getting married WHOO HOO.

Now I want to take a second to say to all the girls that thought maybe, but really now all the other guys might have a chance. Ha ha. I did say might. Ha ha.

I feel like my life is coming back to what I had before my accident. Well mostly. Ha ha.

I kept thinking it's all good I put a wedding together in 9 and a half weeks easy enough. I will just really work on it quickly. Ha ha Cheryl goes to her mum's house for the weekend because she had plans to. Then I thought hold on a moment I'm putting together 2 BBQ'S for the homeless on the 18th of September in Ipswich and 23rd of October in Sydney. Neither one can be cancelled. OH NO.

So I wrote it down so I could work out what I was doing.

18th of September Ipswich BBQ for the homeless (In 6 weeks)
15th of October Wedding in Brisbane (In 10 weeks)
23rd of October Sydney BBQ for the homeless (In 11 weeks)

I can say I had the house to myself and a tear came running down just thinking how because the last thing I wanted to do was cancel one of them because to me they all were too important. Then I just thought I can do this and do it right. Ha ha not because I know how but because I believe in myself. This is a huge change for me but really I love it. Ha ha

Now yesterday I was talking to a mate I have about this new networking business I'm putting together and he was giving me advice on what to do to build up an income worth getting. When his phone rang and he was talking to someone about a FREE trip to Fiji. I shake my head and waited for him to get off the phone. I asked about this free trip. He straight away says I need to qualify and I wouldn't have enough time to do so.

Now I've been getting my confidence back in a big way so the last thing I need to hear is I can't do it. So I asked what is needed to qualify. He tried telling me again I didn't have time and then after a while started writing what I needed. A lot of people signing up to save money buying for themselves like shampoo and things, then showing and helping them to make money. Right away I say I can do that and then I get to take my wife and little girl on a holiday for free. He said 5 star for 2 weeks with everything paid for to Fiji. Then started saying again how we were friends and it was very hard to do it in such a short time. I asked when do I have to qualify by? And he said September next month. Then I said the dumbest thing I could have said. “I have time I can do it”. Like as if I wasn't busy enough. Ha ha.

This morning I started thinking when I was homeless and on my own at least no-one relied on me and I couldn't disappoint anyone. Well I'm not homeless now and there is people that need me. I will not fail at any of these things I need to do because I know what it's like to fail and give up and I would much rather have hope and spirit.

If anyone sees me rushing around it's not because my ass is on fire it's because I have a lot to do. Ha ha.

I'm not sure if I have mentioned this before but I and Alicia and Paula-Lee are putting together a non-profit charity called 'Mates helping Mates' Alicia put together a Facebook page with it. So if you'd like to keep up to date with all the things we are doing please type in Mates helping Mates in the search area thing (you will see two men shaking hands, that's us) and click Like button and then you will be given all the post as they are posted. Please send any and all ideas of different things you feel that a charity should maybe do to help others.

Thank you for reading my stories and I hope you all have a great day.
Grant the Polite Guy