Sunday, December 11, 2016

Christmas Event

This is another Homeless BBQ we did 2 weeks ago. Sorry I just didn't have time to post it here.

Wow what an amazing day, We had our "Signal Flare & Dalton Hospitality Xmas BBQ 4 the Homeless & Others in Need" and of course it was a huge success helping in the high hundreds of Homeless and People in Need.

 I want to give credit where credit is due, Berni Palings, Anna Croce and Janet Munro our Signal Flare Board worked there butt off for countless hours planning and bringing everything together for the event to even start.

Jerome Dalton from Dalton's Hospitality brought a huge workforce together to not only collect the food but to prep it, bring a kitchen to the event and cook everything so perfectly. It not an easy task but Jerome always puts his hand up high to offer. Mate Thank You.

Tami Dunn from Share the Dignity as always for turning up and making 150+ women feel more dignity by donating handbags filled with toiletries which is just amazing.

Jay Larkins mate your the man, you drove that van going back and forth picking up and dropping off homeless all day in the hot sun. Thank you.

 Santa (Rod Hyatt) as always you made this such a special day sitting on such a hot day handing out presents to Homeless and people in need kids. The smiles were on every child and to me that makes your time and efforts priceless.

Belinda Adams you are such an amazing person, you collected the present and even fund raised to collect even more presents to give for kids that may not get a present at all this year. Truly an inspiration.

Dave and Denise you both helped in such a huge way getting collections and even driving all the way from the Gold Coast just to deliver even though you couldn't stay and see all the good work you done.

Lisa Ann Sylvester your an amazing cook and even brought cooked cookies from home, you are always happy to help and truly someone I think highly so I say Thank you.

Carolin Petzke I don't think you have ever missed an event, you truly are amazing and is always first to pitch in and give a hand. Thank you for being you.

Amanda Rodgers turning up to give FREE hair cuts all day is truly an inspiration. You do such great work. Thank you so much for everything you did for the homeless today.

Susan Nitz you little champ, you always have a smile and help as much as you can. Really Thank you for being you.

Kelly Danvers and family were amazing all day. I did stop to look and was inspired just seeing this family helping in such a huge way.

Theresa White and family was an inspiration knowing such great people were out there.

Christine Spicer not only did you come to help out but you brought people that needed help and looked after them. I wish there were more people like you.

Susan Wanmer Thank you so much for everything you did, you really are an amazing person and I say Thank you.

Natascha Mirosch you helped raise money to hire a van so we could do pickups and so much more. I want to say Thank you and I'm inspired just knowing you.

Angie Watson and Brian Mclucas are amazing people, you both organized Christmas presents from and workmates to give to the homeless. Amazing.

Austin Lewinsmith Mate, you are an inspiration to me and are helping me so much to even help me on my feet building a successful business. You brought your two boys and friend to help Homeless and People in Need. But the most impressive thing is that I know how successful you are with everything in life and yet you made time to spend helping Homeless and People in Need, but more importantly teach your kids the same values in helping others in need. You are a great guy and I'm proud to know you.

The people from “The World Food Markets” donating hundreds of beautiful donuts and helping out on the day.

Now I know I'm missing at least half of the incredible people there today making a difference but I couldn't seem to tag you for some reason.


I want to say a HUGE "THANK YOU" to all that helped and made today a HUGE success. You are all amazing people

I'd like to thank you all for reading my posts, and please know I only have one Christmas wish and that's, "Your safe over the Holidays". Make my wish come true please.

Have an awesome day.

Grant the Polite Guy.