Sunday, November 1, 2015

Community showing heart

Time to make a difference and show there’s heart in the world. WOOHOO.

A few weeks ago I posted on Facebook and helped a Single dad with 4 kids (Youngest 1yr) that the mother went to the bank on payday and 3 days later still had not come back. We helped with lots of food and things like that which I’ll always remember because the kids opened boxes of food as if it was Christmas and was excited.

An update is,

She came back with a new boyfriend and kicked him and kids out. House in her name (World War 5)

With help the Dad and 4 kids who are upset and going through hell right now got a 3 bedroom home.

I sat down with him and he’s really hurting, seems like his whole world is being turned upside down and for no fault of his own but he’s trying hard to be strong in front of the kids. One of the biggest problems he had was even though he now had a 3 bedroom house he has nothing to put in it except a few changes of clothes.

I asked if he and the kids could stay at his mother’s for 2 more days and not worry about the house, I asked for the keys.

In my heart I want to help with everything I have. Let this whirlwind of upset stop so this single dad and kids can start getting on with their lives again.

Here’s my plan. WOOHOO

Deck out a whole house in 48hrs asking the community to come together and help with Beds, furnisher, kids toys, kitchen things, bathroom things and everything else needed. Something like what them T.V shows do and let the Dad and kids open the doors to a new beautiful family home. Yes everything will be second hand but all heart.

The way I have seen homeless people is that at one point in their lives things become very tough and just at that point things go good or very bad. The difference could be someone stepping up saying “Mate I’ll help you through these difficult times”.

Stepping away I held the keys and started making calls. Being a Sunday most places were closed but Impact Church ( ) answered and started telling their network of people to help. Within hours they collected

Enough beds with mattresses, Towels, Dryer, Lounge that folds out into a bed, Fridge, Some toys, Clothes, Nappies (always need more) Desks X 2, Office chair, Bench top oven, Some linen...not sure what sizes, Dining table and chairs

Now I’m going to work out what else is needed and get started. I know I’m going to make sure all the cupboards are full of food, pots and pans, lots of kids toys, a computer for learning for the 7-8yrs, coffee table,T.V, microwave and a mountain of things I can’t even think of.

One thing I am doing a plea on is I am asking if anyone is free tomorrow (Monday) to help collect and set all this up?

If you can please call Grant the Polite Guy on 0412 190 011

I’m going to shop this guy and kids that they are special and the community has a lot of heart for them.