Sunday, February 27, 2011

Hall Please

I was talking to another vendor the other day and he was telling me, He was sleeping on a bench in the park the night before when 4 people came and woke him by hitting into him and grabbing he's things. He didn't stand a chance. He rolled onto his luggage bag and trying to protect himself from the blows. This lasted only a minute but in that time they had taken his bum bag which held his I.D and money. The last of the blows came when one grabbed his luggage bag and was pulling with everything he had. But with the weight of the vendor on top and him holding it with everything he had, they quickly gave up and left laughing. (Real tough boys.)

The vendor was showing me the two split lips he got and bruises while telling me he had to throw away his favourite shirt because of all the bleed on it. I told him that's why I always move to quiet places where no-one goes. Now these stories happen a lot and to think in this society, I still shake my head with pity. I see so many good, great people out there and then things like this happens. All because he didn't have a place to stay and he sleeps in a park.

There was workers working on a shop and did see it all or most of it but did they help when the attack happened? no, did help him after the attackers left? No. There's a famous saying I'm trying to think of but can't at the moment but it's something like. “evil only wins when good people do nothing” that saying is proven right every day.

Before I get a lot of emails saying to go to the police let me quickly say “Yeah right” He woke and quickly covered himself to protect himself and didn't want to stick his head up to see who it was. While bleeding and spiting out bleed he could see and hear them walking off. At best police would say “don't sleep in the park then” or something like that.

Now this story is a bit harsh, but I'm writing it because I have an idea. I've been told in Sydney there's lot's of places homeless can go and stay for one night at a time. They arrive at 5pm and have a meal and bed and leave safe in the morning by 8am. When we had that flood here in Brisbane halls were opened up and food and beds for everyone. All the volunteers came running to help. If we could do it while there's a disaster then maybe some of them volunteers would like to help with homeless to be safe at night. Charities already help with food and things, I'm sure they would love to go to a hall as well. As far as the beds well there was beds there before, for the flood victims just bring them back.

Now I touch this lightly in a story I wrote for Queensland Shelter which I'll be post here after it's gone to print first. (I did a great job with it. Ha ha)

Okay put it this way, all we would need is a hall not being used, beds (there was heaps), food I am sure charities would help with, Volunteers- there's so many good people out there that I think we would have to many. I'm only talking about night's only. I know this blog hits a whole lot of people, maybe someone else thinks this is a good idea? I'm not putting myself down by saying this, but I am just a vendor and I really don't have much standing, but maybe someone else might want to say it's there idea and well I'd support and stand by you.

When a brave person chooses to do something this great, then please email me and I'll promote and help them with everything I have. I could help with talking to the charities for things and letting homeless people know about it and I'm sure people will message me saying they'll offer a night here and there for a good course.


Depression hits a lot of people, not just homeless people and sometimes it's very hard to come back from it. But I have a friend Marieke who doesn't just help people with it but has depression herself so she knows what she's talking about. Now I first meet Marieke when she bought a magazine from me and she went away and started reading my blog. After meeting up and talking about her writing a book to help others I said it'd be a good idea to do a blog as well. She said I inspired her and started putting a blog together. I felt good, ha ha. OH and I got a hug, YES. Sometimes doing a good thing for someone makes your day so much better. She has great ideas and can really help a lot of people with what she knows but needed someone to say “I know you can do it, just get it done” with a smile of course. Ha ha.

Weather you have depression or not it's good to read about it and know what effects people everywhere. As I've only seen Marieke a couple of times and then emails, I know she has the potential to do so much good with her new blog.


I noticed I now have 35 Followers for my blog, Thank you your the greatest.

I'd like to thank all of you for reading my blog and if you like it then please tell others, my dad always said to share. Ha ha. There's the little boxes at the bottom of each post to share on Facebook and things.

If anyone every wants to message me then please send an email on

Above all I hope you all have a great day.

Grant the Polite Guy.

P.S My new mate Connor tells me he's able to build the new mega-site and is happy to do so because it'll help people. Really this is what I'm talking about, Great people banding together to help others who need it. I only have one word to say 'Proud' to know him.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Vendor Profile

Being a Big Issue Vendor we are sometimes asked if we would like to do a Vendor Profile to be published in an magazine. I of course said yes and the magazine came out. A big hit that one. Ha ha

I realised there's a lot of people that don't buy my magazines but do read my blog so I asked permission if I could copy it and post it here.

I was asked to meet a very lovely Judy Johnson and after talking (interview) to me she wrote my story. Here's it.

Vendor Profile.

If the old adage 'manners maketh the man' is correct, then Grant is the finished article. Once nicknamed 'The Polite Guy' by a customer, the moniker has stuck- and it suits him. Ever gracious to all who walk by, Grant credits his father with teaching him that respect and good manners will take you a long way in life.

Grant was also raised to have a strong work ethic. Somewhat ironically, this plunged him into a dark depression after a terrible fall two years ago stopped him from working. “I believed a man must support his family, and so hit rock bottom when I couldn't work,' Grant says. “I had everything except the picket fence- a good job, a wife, kids, mortgage and even a dog- but that all changed after the accident.”

Grant spent nine months in and out of hospital, dependent and in pain. He tried going back to his job as head cook at a large franchised restaurant, but eventually had to admit his body could no longer handle the work. “The fall had broken my body and my spirit- I felt angry and worthless,” he says.

After a few nights sleeping rough in the city, he approached a vendor and found out how to get involved with The Big Issue. Five months later he was named Vendor of the Year by the Brisbane office, not only for outstanding sales but also for his initiative and commitment. “I felt like I had achieved something and was back on top of things,” he explains. It seems that his dad had been right, after all, about the work ethic and the manners.

These days, Grant is still rebuilding his life. He sells The Big Issue because of the people who buy it. “It was the way people spoke to me as an equal when I first started selling the magazine that built my confidence. I'm making friends every day and Dad always said you can judge a person's wealth by their friends.”

Grant works six days a week, and chooses not to go on the disability pension. He is able to stand for long periods of time, but can't sit for too long. Now that his athletic days of football and boxing are behind him, Grant enjoys thousand-piece jigsaw puzzles for the quiet and solitude, and likes a social drink with company.

If the hardest part of falling down is getting up, then Grant has succeeded. So if you pass him on the street and see him smiling with those dazzling blue eyes, be sure to say “hi”, “please and “thank you” when buying a magazine. As his dad says, manners don't cost anything, but they show what kind of person you are.

This was written by Judy Johnson on behalf of The Big Issue.
This was published in the 2-15 March 2010 issue.
I'd like to thank The Big Issue for letting me post my own story on my blog.

I hope you all have a great day.
Grant the Polite Guy.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

I did it, Picture and text.

Hey that's me. I think I worked out how to do pictures with text. Time to do the happy dance. haha

Yes it's a nice clean shirt. haha

I noticed I have 31 followers for my blog. Thank you it means alot to me.

Oh I really need a hair cut. So please help me to help Leukaemia Foundation. There's an address if you scroll down.

Sorry I only have a few minutes left I wasted alot of time trying to do picture.
I hope you all have a great day.
Grant the Polite Guy.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


First I'd like to start by saying “Thank you for reading my blog” I love writing my little stories and in some way I hope to show, most homeless are nice people just hitting hard times. For a lot there's a way back they just need to find it. Some people say I'm wrong but really when people give up on homeless getting back on there feet then what chance do they/we have.

Okay I started the morning volunteering collecting for the Leukaemia Foundation. It's early about 6:30 am in the morning and there's not many people about.

I went near Central Railway Station to catch the early comers. This girl walks towards me and about 20 feet away pulls her phone out and starts talking on it. I instantly don't ask, It's rude to take to someone on the phone. As she walks pass talking on the phone her phone rings scaring the hell out of her. Her phone had a very loud ring tone and it was right next to her ear while she was pretending to talk on it. Ha ha. I really hate being mean but I laughed so much I couldn't stop. Ha ha. I know she was embarrassed but really what could I have done.

Really I'm a nice guy and when people say “no” I always say something like “have a nice day”


okay this one happen during morning rush. I'm still collecting for a charity (volunteering) I ask this guy as he's walking towards me. He says (well lets just say I learn a new swear word and I thought I knew them all.) This guy wasn't the first person to abuse me and won't be the last. So I said “have a nice day” thinking another nut bag or having a bad day. He swings around and says “ What did you say to me?” I smiled and said “Have a nice day” then gave a big smile. I didn't want to upset this guy more then he was. It was then clear he was having a bad day or a very rude person.

The guy stepped closer and asked “did you hear my right.” I was happy to tell him “yes.” then said “everyone has a bad day but most don't pass it on to others, really I hope you have a good day” I even made it sound like I meant it which I did.

Everyone has a bad day but really take it out on the ones that coursed it or start thinking things could be worst.

But before I sound like some saint please let me tell you I've had some very bad days and some great ones. Thinking of the great ones help me to get through the bad ones.


I want to word this right as I don't want to embarrass in any way the guy. I was working and I was pulled aside by a guy wearing a nice shirt and tie. In a low voice he told me things are bad and he'd like to know what cheap accommodation I knew in West End from the searching I'd been doing for cheap accommodation. I looked at him and said “The places I've been looking for aren’t much but they are cheap.” Now I know this guy has bought a few magazines from me and always looks well to do. He said “I wouldn't have asked you if there was much choice right now.”

I love helping people, of course I wrote down all I know about West End area and even asked if I could buy him lunch. It just reminded me that it don't matter who or what you are, bad luck or bad times hit everyone at some stage. I did ask what had happen but with a tear almost coming he said he really didn't want to talk about it.

I know it would have been embarrassing for him to ask me, I know he would have rather looked on the mega-site. Really I'm trying to get it done.


I'd like to thank every for reading, Please if you have any ideas you think I should know then please send them in a comment or email me at . I think my stories my help people so please if you like them then pass them on to others. At the bottom of each posting is letters in a box to pass it on to Facebook and things like that.

I hope you all have a great day and remember if you would ever like to talk then I love to listen.
Grant the Polite Guy.

P.S This is only for Tom, You get your joy writing bad comments about spelling, grammar and nasty things to every post I write. I have advice for you. Stop reading or please send comment with email address so at least I can reply and defend myself or just come see me as I'm sure I'd love to talk to you. Oh and have a nice day.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Up's and Down's

For a over a year now I've been talking to more homeless people and hearing there stories and different things that has happened to them and maybe, that turning point for them that they gave up or had no choice and became homeless, for some not that long ago and for many they can't even remember when there life changed for them forever.

I came to thinking some need a lot of help with information and services and others are happy at the moment to do there thing. To be left alone or just treated nicely and with some respect which seems hard for some to believe or to do, but really most of the homeless are good people that are really down on there luck.

I have meet people (yes people) that are homeless and are much more educated then me and for that matter a lot of people I know. Bad times hit and everyone is different as to how they look at life from there. Some jump back on the saddle, some shoot the horse and use the saddle for a pillow. (just a phrase.)

I have always said “saying hi at the right time might just help a person at the right time in there life.” Knowing someone is taking the time to care, may be the difference.

I've been saying for sometime now I'm building a mega-site. Well the truth is I have been getting the information to put on it but the guy who has been going to build the site has been very busy and had health problems.

I well build it as soon as he is able to or I find someone else to help me to build it. I don't know enough to build it myself. I am sorry. If anyone knows about building web-sites please help.


I went to a food court and bought lunch after working and noticed all the tables had at least one person sitting at it. I walked around trying to find a table that was free of people. Then I noticed a girl using one of them I Pads (I think there called that) I looked at the screen and asked if I could sit next to her. The screen page was my blog. I know this because well I do look at it most days. Ha ha.

I look down and I'm not wearing my vest. So I ask “Is that the new I Pad thing out, do you mind if I have a look?” the girl turns it around and let's me see as she starts telling me all the great things it can do. “Oh this is a blog?” the girl says “Yeah a friend of mine sent it to me” I handed it back to her and asked if she liked it? Of course she said “yes” ha ha. But the good thing was she started telling me my own stories, I listen and before leaving her to continue reading I asked her if this blog has a picture of the guy. She looked at the picture, then me, then the picture again. I stayed for about 30 minutes laughing about us sitting at the same table and then I left saying I would put this story in my blog. It was great to meet you. Ha ha.


Do I have some great news.
Total money collected for The Leukaemia Foundation is $836.00with 3 weeks to go.
Myself work and collecting $559.45 in 3 days. (I wish I could do it with my mags.) ha ha.
I'd like to do a special thank you for those doing it online.
Jimmy Chan
Patrice Easton
Trish Radacs
Kay-Lynn Cauanagh
Hajime Arnold.

Thank you very much to you and all the people that handed me the money when I was collecting it.

This is doing a great thing for many.

I'd like to thank everyone for reading my blog and I hope you have a great day.
Grant the Polite Guy.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Leukaemia Foundation

When I first became homeless and sitting in a park just not caring about anything and just happy to let the world pass me by. I started working again with the Big Issue and becoming a member of society or at least talking and started caring again about things that happen with me and around me. I'm working on building a mega-site that will help the homeless with information on where help is and things like that.

I was working in the city and seen people handing out flyers to get people to help them with World's Greatest Shave. I started thinking to myself. Before my accident I would give money to this and other charities but now I don't make enough to help. Then I thought I rely on people helping me out by buying my magazines, It's time to give something back to the community somehow. So I start talking to the nice and polite lady. She tells me to ask people to donate or sponsor money to the Leukaemia Foundation and I get a free hair cut. Ha ha Easy.

The Leukaemia Foundation helps so many kids and family's when they need it most so please help me to help them to help the kids. Everything donated is tax deductible and you can smile knowing your doing something good.

Today I'm going to be at Post Office Square all day volunteering my day collecting money with a pretty CLEAN orange Leukaemia shirt on. Now the Profile Page says I'm going for a goal of $500 as a standard but no I'm going for the highest amount that wins the Number 1 collector. I get a framed certificate and I'll know I did something great. This goes through to March 10 when I get to say how much money I have collected and they shave my hair (Oh NO) ha ha it'll grow back, But I won't need shampoo for a while. Ha ha.

So here's my pitch.

I'm taking part in the Leukaemia Foundation’s World's Greatest Shave this year. Take a look at my Profile Page by clicking this link:

Please sponsor me by making an online donation using a credit card. I’m aiming to raise as much as I can for the Leukaemia Foundation. Their vital work provides patients with practical support during their long and tough treatment, as well as funding important research.

Did you know?
- Every hour of every day, at least one person in Australia is diagnosed with leukaemia, lymphoma or myeloma.
- Every two hours, someone loses their life to blood cancer.
- $26 can provide emotional support to help someone overcome the shock of being diagnosed
- $40 can help improve treatments and find cures by funding a PhD student's laboratory costs for a day
- $57 can support patients who are too ill to drive by providing a day's transport to and from treatment
- $80 can give a regional family who've had to move closer to treatment, a place to call home for a night

For more information about the Leukaemia Foundation visit their website:

Thank you for your support!
Grant the Polite Guy.

P.S This is very important to me to do some good by helping people who help others, So please hit the like buttons at the bottom of post or share this with everyone you know.
Thank you and I hope you have a great day.