Saturday, November 26, 2011

SOS Please Help and share this

SOS OH am I in trouble. I made a huge mistake and it will be bad for the homeless because it won't be good enough.

A great friend Stacey set up for us to have tables and chairs for our BBQ event. Well I had to send off a competed form and never done it in time. There's no tables and chairs coming. OHNO

Please help if you can. If you have outdoor tables and chairs PLEASE bring them. The tables for putting food on and clothes for showing the homeless.

This was my mistake and I'm very sorry, but this can be fixed if some people can bring there's.

If so please be there around 9am as we need to set things up early before homeless turn up.
Browns Park, Ipswich
9am to 2pm
Sunday 27th of November.

If you can help please call or email.
Thank you again and I'll see you tomorrow.
0412 190 011

Friday, November 25, 2011

2 Days to go

Now this is hard for me because I like to write about things that happen and because of this BBQ we are putting together there's never any time for anything, even myself. ha ha

I wanted people to know the full details about the BBQ so here it is.
Browns Park, Ipswich
Sunday the 27th of November
10am to 2pm.

All are working including homeless/people in need to working people.
Remember why we do these BBQ'S. It's never been to just hand out food and clothes it's so homeless can come and feel the community is coming together to help as mates.

Now alot of people have praised me for doing these BBQ'S for the homeless and things I do. But please let me say, alot of people give there time and donate many things so these BBQ'S go ahead. Not just me.

My next post is all about those people who have worked with me and some even harder then me, to make Mates helping Mates possible.

I will have the post done by tomorrow.

I know this ones short but thank you for reading my blog and I hope you all have a good day.
Grant the Polite Guy
0412 190 011

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I left it too late. Need a hand

This post is about facts.
Sometimes it's hard to write what I mean with different things and I can only hope what I'm trying to say comes across in words right.

When I started doing the BBQ'S for the homeless (which the last one got about 450-500 people total) the idea was that the community was coming together to help and show they care. Very uplifting for everyone really. But to say it as it is and that's, my last post got 3,045 hits and 3 people came forward and said I'll help. I now have 1 1/2 weeks left and a lot to do and in one word to describe it would be “Scared”

Scared not because I fear of failing, but when the homeless come I want everything there so they feel that the community has come together to hold there hand out and say “G'Day mate” and so they feel value. I know some were help from the last BBQ we had and I know we can help many more.

I get people all the time saying how great I am for doing such great things for the homeless and if I ever need help just ask and yet when I ask there's nothing there. I'd like to say I can but the fact is I can't do this on my own and I really need help putting this together and collect the food and things so that these BBQ'S can help those in need the most.

What I'm trying to say is, this next BBQ will help many and I have left it too late to do it all. Can I please ask people to help and show that not just a few people are doing it but a community has come together to show we care.

If you can do any of these as well as come then please call or email me.

Marques about 20. Now people may own one and could bring it.
6-7 House BBQ'S to cook with.
BBQ food. Really if 40 people bought $25 worth of meat there would be heaps.
250 cans of drinks plus I have some to donate. I buy when there cheap.
One freezer or cold room truck to keep things cold
50 tables
60 chairs
A big van or vans to move things.
A few boxes of sauce (Tomato and BBQ)
Clothes, toiletries, ladies personal products, kids toys and things like that are very much needed.
It would be great if anyone has room to store things at there house that way when people email or call and say they want to donate then I can send them to drop off things with you for the BBQ event.

Please if you go through your cupboards there's clothes you never use any more. I know there's going to be a person that needs it at the BBQ. All unused clothes and things not taken will be handed to homeless centres.

The biggest gift will be for people to come and enjoy a BBQ and hold out there hand to homeless and say “G'Day mate” Oh and cooks and helpers much needed. When I really started this it was to show Mates helping Mates.

One thing I always think of is that homeless people are Mothers, Fathers, Brothers, Sisters of someone else and what would i want people to do if it was mine.

I'd like to thank you all for reading my blog and I really hope you all can come and enjoy a BBQ with us at Browns Park at Ipswich on the 27th of November.

If anyone would like to call or email me please do.
0412 190 011 or
Thank you again
Grant the polite guy