Friday, March 28, 2014

Organo Gold is GOLD

I’m so excited I feel like I have won Lotto (I haven’t), I solve a huge problem I had. You know that saying “Good things come to those that wait” It’s true It’s TRUE. Imagine me doing a happy dance Haha

I’ll start at the beginning.

I’ve been doing my BBQ’s now for about 4 ½ years were we give free food, toiletries and much more to Homeless and People in Need every 8 weeks helping between 400-1,000 at a time (Need Help). I still do them. The thing I kept thinking was that yes we were doing an awesome thing but I’m a firm believer in “Give a man a fish and he gets to eat for the day, but if you teach him how to fish then he eats everyday” So I thought of a awesome idea where I put coffee shops together and then using the charity I put together “Signal Flare” and it awesome volunteers help people with everything to get people on their feet like accommodation, hair cut, clothes and really a lot of things that people need, then through the coffee shops give them training to learn a skill that they can take anywhere. But best of all they would be paid above award wages.

So in fact we would have Homeless or People in Need getting on their feet in a huge way and then getting skills they can take anywhere. An awesome idea even if I say so myself. Haha

Now the next bit I write is not in any way meant to be harsh or mean. I’m not complaining or putting any one person down. Just explaining the way it was.

“Having a Go Coffee” was born and yes it had it’s up’s and down’s like any business. But the positives of what this project could do was just too good to not do it.

The problem, Helping people on their feet didn’t mean they were ready to work, some picked up the skills and working idea very well while others umm well not so quick even though they were on good money. For example we had an awesome guy working but anything more than swiping the floor in tasks we were in trouble. I know in time confidence would come and really that was the whole idea of this project. But to stay in operation I had to hire more people to keep get the duties done to still operate as a coffee shop during busy times while I had one or two cleaning and watching. Let’s face it you need someone that can make a coffee in a coffee shop which meant extra wages.

The first store was opened and then the second. Promoting here and elsewhere people loved the idea and people would come all the way from Ipswich (40km) and The Gold Coast (90km) which was awesome but the sad fact was people were not coming in everyday. They were once in a while and because of the distance I really do understand.  

There’s my problem, I had to employ extra staff to keep open while paying for people to get their confidence and then skills. Paying above award wages on too many staff sets business’s back. I wanted to keep the workers with no skills to help them to learn their new skills and stay on their feet. Otherwise there was no reason to have the shop in the first place.

As you can understand this was a huge problem and to make this worst I came up with the idea of having a shop which gives clothes to the Homeless and People in Need for free (Like a Thrift shop but it’s all free to those in need) 7 days a week. Having a Go Coffee would be at the front of the shop selling coffee and making money.

THE SOLUTION: A lady “Janette” came to me saying she had a great idea. Through her I meet an awesome guy “Adrian”. Now I to say the first time I meet Adrian was as a volunteer at our Ipswich Homeless BBQ we had not long ago. He’s very successful as a businessman but I remember that first day him saying “People can make money but if you don’t give back to the community then what’s the point”. We form an amazing friendship and in time brought to me a solution to my problem.

He introduced “Organo Gold”. This is going to help me to help so many more people I really do thing I’m as happy as if I have won Lotto. Okay here’s how it works.

Organo Gold is boxes/ satchels of coffee which our customers that come from local or far away can buy and get it delivered to their house. It means Having a Go Coffee can make money 24hrs and still be able to support the extra staff and helping people from the one location. I had a dream of opening 50 coffee shops and helping thousands of people to get a huge start in life. You see as these people I’ve helped move on the store is still there to help and employ the next person in a huge way.

Now I haven’t enough told you the best bits about Organo Gold. But if I put it in point form people will see different things they like and some maybe not. But point form is easier for me to do it.

·         Organo Gold have their own Fundraising plans, designed to help charities to raise profits

·         Organo Gold is healthy, I know drinking healthy coffee, who thought. But it’s got Ganoderma in it which was a herb that only the Chinese Royal family were allowed to use for centuries. Ganoderma has a nickname “King of herbs” and one thing I know is the Chinese know their herb’s.

·         Organo Gold has only been in Australia for about 12 months and is in 35+ countries around the world.

·         Organo Gold has in their structure to help give back to the community with it’s members helping charities and such, to be honest Organo Gold is sending 20 volunteers to our next Homeless BBQ at Ipswich, Queens park, 10am on the 27th of April.  

·         I ask about 100 people to try this coffee and only had 4 people say they don’t like it.

·         Comes in different styles

1.      Black Coffee

2.      Cafe Latte

3.      Cafe Mocha

4.      Green Tea

5.      And of course Hot Chocolate.

This is going to save Having a Go Coffee by offering a home delivery as a extra income. It’s now looking at a huge future were I feel nothing can stop it. So if you want to earn extra money doing coffee which nearly everyone drinks or just want to buy it for yourself then please contact me on 0412 190 011 or and let’s show the community coming together to help and please have a cup of coffee.

The reason I promoted Adrian so much is because he gave hundred’s of sample’s which he donated and paid for out of his pocket so I can invite people to try this coffee. If you want to try this coffee I’ll invite you to my place or I’ll come to you and you can invite others to come for a coffee and chat. Very social.

Thank you for reading my blog and I hope you have a great day.

Grant Richards

Grant the Polite Guy

0412 190 011


Thursday, March 20, 2014

Let's help someone

I’ve been wanting to write this post for a while now but to tell you the truth it brought anger, a tear of relief and yes I even felt inspired in a way I can’t explain it.

Signal Flare which is the charity I helped to put together with awesome help from smart people has jumped through all the hoops and is now able to give Tax Deductable receipts. We also got all the papers done so we can collect as a charity in public with charity tins. AWESOME. A long time coming but worth it. Thank you Tom and Bernie the Polite Girl for helping me to get this far, I couldn’t have done this without you.

So if you have too much money and want to put it towards an awesome cause that helps people, please email me on About two weeks ago I was collecting with the charity tins at Anzac Park talking to people when I found myself just standing there looking at the back end of the stairs there. You see as the stairs rise it leave a clearing under it which is cover by bushes. All of a sudden floods of memories came as I thought about the time I started hiding of a night-time because of a bad beating I had gotten after sleeping on a bench in the ever same park. You see if you crawl under the stairs there’s heaps of room and because of the bushes no-one can see you and it’s a lot safer.

I used to lay there thinking of all the good things in life and maintaining the thought that I would get on my feet and ( I know how dumb this sounds but true) think about being a “man” again.

I have done so much getting on my feet and helping so many people along the way, that I must say I’m proud of myself and I am a MAN.

I could talk all night about how great I am but really what makes me so proud is talking about all the people that I’ve help get on their feet. I have seen people cry about how their living and just wanting that break or hand up in life. I have seen these people fight their own demons to want to get on their feet. There’s not a switch that they turn on and they start working a full time job and settle down with a wife and kids. It takes hard work and working out within themselves to go as fast as they feel they can.

I have seen some get on their feet fast, fail and get back up and yes seen some fail and quit trying, but really in life we can only ever ask that someone gives their best in life and support them when they are.

I really feel that yes people make mistakes in life but when we give up on them then why should they keep the faith in themselves. I say if someone’s willing to try then the least I can do is say “I will stand by you as long as you don’t quit”. Really sometimes all a person needs is a friend or friendly support.

If you see someone that is trying in life, is it really going to be hard to say “You can do it mate I believe in you”

I’d like to thank you all for reading my blog and I hope you all have a great day.

Grant the Polite Guy

0412 190 011