Wednesday, December 14, 2011

On Top Of The World

In a small sense I feel on top of the world. Now I know I have a lot more new readers and some really don't know my story, well not all of it anyway, so I should say please go back to the first postings I wrote and have a read.

I woke up early again today about 2:30am because of my back hurting, I started getting depressed because I'm sick of putting up with it, but then I did what I like to do and that's sit and write down things that matter and things I have done. Now this is not me boosting but wow I have accomplished a lot.

I went from having nothing and living on the streets to-

I got married and have a family.

I started and put together a BBQ idea that helps hundreds of homeless. Now it's a non-profit charity that does great work for the homeless.

I have a very large number of people I call mates and they think of me as a mate.

I have sat and talked and helped countless of homeless and working people while doing my pie and coke thing.

My Amway business is really starting to be successful because I help others to make money too. So if you want to join me please let me know.

I got my dog back. Ha ha It's important to a guy.

I have started a 'Buffed' franchise business at the BOQ Building 259 Queen St Brisbane City doing Shoe Shines for people. It's early and I'm not sure I have mentioned much about this so I'll do some self advertising. I do shoe shines for people as they come and sit in my chair. I charge $5 for shoe shine and $8 for the premium shine which I use leather conditioner as well. But wait there's more... ha ha you can drop shoes off and come back and pick them up later but I have to charge $2 because it's harder to do without the foot in them.

So come down with your shoes, boots and really anything leather and I'll shine them up. I made a joke before saying “If your feeling down or just want a chat come on over and I'll shine you right up” ha ha I know it's not that funny but hey “Come over and I'll give you a shiny start to the day”

Now Buffed is new and starting up so there trying to get the word out by doing different things, so I thought I'd let people know about it too. Hey I do have a franchise. Ha ha. There's a competition It's easy all you have to do is fill in the captions and if you win I'll do the free shoe shine. So please check it out and share with others. There has to be better out there then what I wrote. Ha ha

I sort of went off track there. I was writing about successful things I've done. Sorry about that.


Not That Great

Now I have just written a lot of stuff about how great I am. Now I'm going to write about one thing I feel very guilty about. Hey that got your attention, ha ha.

I once sat in a park and talked to a lady with her 3 year old son. I bought them a pizza and drinks while hearing and bad story about her husband beating her and started hitting the boy when she left. I was homeless at the time and asked them to stay with me at the side of a building where I knew it was safe. They did and we talk most of the night while the boy slept. (no I didn't sleep with her or touch her in any way)

This was when I was newly homeless and really giving up on myself being in pain all the time. I just wanted them to be safe because I'd already seen how bad things could get on the streets.

The next morning I left before they woke up because I wanted to be alone and not wanting to feel responsible for them. I know it was bad but at that time I had my own demons to care about. I couldn't look after or care about myself at that time.

I have seen that lady and son once again shortly after that walking through the mall with a guy yelling abuse at her and I just knew he was the husband. She had gone back to him.

If I had myself more together at that time I could have helped and shown her a true friend and show that she had self worth.

I know I'll never forget that lady or her son and now that I'm getting stronger I'd really love to meet that husband and show him what a real man is like.

To be honest I'm writing this because I get a lot of people thinking I am so great, but no a great man would have protected them and tried his best to help.

No matter how many people I help it won't be enough because there's people that need more then money or things but a friend at the right time.


I know I'm finishing this on a bad note and I'm sorry about that. But if you ever get a chance to help someone that really needs it then please do, not because you may feel bad later that you didn't but because it's the right thing to do.

Thank you for reading my blog and I hope you all have a great day.
Grant the Polite Guy
0412 190 011

Thursday, December 8, 2011

100th Post Yeah

Now I know I haven't done a post for a while. But to be honest I've been run off my feet with everything. Married life and playing with daughter and dog. (which is important in life) I have a lot to make up for.

I started my new franchise doing 'shoe shines' in the foyer of BOQ building on Queen st. Hey I'm really good at it and it's really starting to rub off on me that I'm running my own small business.

I've come along way which I have many of people to thank for that. Don't worry I won't forget it.

Because I've done so well it really makes me think how I need to help that many more. You see I too was homeless and had nothing, now I'm a family man and starting a new business. If I can do it then I can help others that are homeless to as well. It takes a lot of hard work and a lot of bluffing confidence, but it's worth it.

Above are some pictures of the last BBQ for the homeless. Homeless came and ate free and took whatever clothes and things they could carry. The best thing I remember was volunteers carrying things away for some of the older people and in the top left picture there's two kids (I was told there names but I don't have the names list with me) drawing Christmas Cards to hand out to the homeless.

Now there were a huge response with help for this event and to be honest I don't have the names list to write them here. I will after I get the list. But I will say a huge thank you to our biggest sponsors which with them I couldn't have put the BBQ on in the first place.
NAB Bank
Samies Girl Seafood Market
Rosies Food Van
A & S Dingo Services Turf and Landscaping
Knitting for the Needy
A reader here and mate brought his mum as a Doctor for the homeless
Ipswich Council
Alicia which helps and does most of putting these BBQ together and the is President of Mates helping Mates

Now the volunteers that came were amazing and I really wish I had that list of names. But I say Thank you for everything as I'm sure homeless were helped that day because you all came together as a community and said “Hi Mate”

I have a lot to write about and people I have come across that are really just golden, but I have to go to work now and I promise to do next post on Saturday.

Please check out as that's were a lot of the information for the BBQ'S and things are as it is a non-profit charity.

Thank you for reading my blog and I hope you all have a great day.