Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Musgrave BBQ

Okay well this is going to be the biggest BBQ we have ever had. Musgrave Park in West End from 10am this Sunday the 26th of Feb.

Here's my Plea.
If you can come and give a hand please do and bring some drinks too.
If you know anyone that is homeless or in need then please let them know about it and watch them get help.

Please do share this and help us help many.
Thank you Grant the Polite Guy

Thursday, February 9, 2012


Now this posting could go two ways, but to be honest I should write it as I see it. It's not a happy one.

Weeks ago I receive a lot of calls from a girl named Stacey. Saying she only had half a sausage and pasta left over from the night before to feed young kids. Well you know me I thought how can I help, so I used Twitter and 13 hours later lots of fruit and vegs, food vouchers ($130), fuel, cleaning products and frozen chicken and things (a weeks worth of dinners for 3) were dropped off with a Coles delivery coming later that day worth over $370

Now Stacey had an accident and broke her arm and was not there for Coles delivery so it was returned and the lady was refunded the money which Stacey said good because it would have been wasted.

Now I might add here that 2 days later she was paid from Centrelink.

Now if I ended the story here it would be a good story. I wish it was true.

Now I'm going to go back a bit in the past. The last BBQ we had was at Ipswich and I got a call from Stacey saying how she will help get things donated from companies for the event and she did that I was told, but the day before the BBQ she was sick and everything she put together didn't come. Now it was okay because there was plenty to make the day great for those in need and really that's all that matters.

A few weeks ago Stacey called and said she would help with getting companies to donate hire of Marquee's, tables and things which at the time I was very grateful for. After she had her own troubles and then she had an accident I decided to seek other assistance and now have commitment from someone else for the marquees, tables and other items. Well I got an email last night saying she organised Marquees and things. Well my reply was “Not needed thank you.”

Oh wow did that start a can of worms. Ha ha. First it was ‘you’re wasting my time’ and then accused Mates helping Mates of being a scam and made repeated comments about me being a loser for leaving my wife when I had spent 9 months in hospital and she didn't when she got a broken arm. But the best worst was when there was repeated texts about Mates helping Mates was a cover for Amway because I showed a few products on my blog. Now I’d like to point out that Mates Helping Mates is a non profit organisation that I am associated with that does help HOMELESS people but I am in no way responsible for any finances related to the organisation. That is up to the governing board.

Now that's bad there, but then another person started saying she was one of the media that have wrote about me in the past and how much I was scum because I didn't organise for the Coles delivery to be resent.

At first I did say you got it wrong and please make appointment and meet, but no that wasn't needed. I got a bombardment of abusive texts from 7:30 am to well it hasn't stopped at 6pm.

Let me say I was disheartened that someone I helped and yet never meet in person would want to think they are a victim and cause so much blame for after getting so much.

I was texted that if I say sorry and send the Coles food again after she's been paid again and her next pay is tomorrow (weekly she said) that it would let me keep my good name in this town.

Ha ha not going to happen. No-one bombards me with abuse all day and then thinks I'm going to want to fear her saying how we helped her and then she wanted more and I said no.

Now I did write a text and she said it was a threat, so I'll write it here to make it clear. “I will never nor Mates helping Mates or anyone I know help you again” I know it's harsh but really after getting so many texts it's the polite thing to say.

Before I forget I will be on the ABC radio tomorrow morning at 6am. It'll be good.

Because of what's happen today with the texts I'm thinking I have had enough of helping people because sometimes you meet people that want more and more and there has to be a time when you say “no” then the crap starts.

I will be helping with the next BBQ at Musgrave Park mostly because to leave now would leave people not know what has been done.

I am now not going to be doing the 'Pie and Coke' with homeless and helping people outside of Mates helping Mates BBQ.

I have helped a lot of people in my days and I'm proud of it, but there was one to many Stacey's out there that think the world owes them everything and I just don't want it anymore.

I spoke to a few charity people today and they said it comes with the job, I don't get paid for this and mostly it cost me money because I send a lot of the vouchers or food and I've had enough.

Mates helping Mates will still still go on doing the BBQ'S for homeless but not helping single people and most likely without me.

I would like to thank you for reading my blog and I hope you have a good day. I believe this is going to be my last posting, so I'll say if you take the word 'Homeless” from “Homeless People” then all you have is “People” but if you think your taken for a ride then walk away, because there's a lot out there that don't need help as much, just a free ride.

P.S Now some might think post her picture is in bad taste but to be honest I think warning people is more important.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My Story

Okay I had a reader from this blog come into the city to meet me today, He didn't know my story just the fact that I help the homeless but not why. So this is going to be a very short last 3 ½ years because I think sometimes when people think that I was once very successful and maybe think they could have been be the same, if things went the same way on a very bad day.

I promise I will be short because I hate writing about this day because nothing good could come from it.

I was very successful working at a restaurant being in charge of a kitchen and very happy being married and a family man. I thought I had reached the life I always wanted in life and just proud to be me. Then one day

I was helping someone carry shopping bags up some wooden stairs when the top landing had loose floor boards and gave way. I fell and had the most painful day of my life. I spent 9 months in and out of hospital.

The good smile I do is fake. I have dentures top and bottom. I lost so much that day and to list them would not make this a short post, but let's just say I was busted up bad and every day after wasn't great because of healing.

Leaving hospital, losing most of our assets because of no money coming in and every day and night was just pain so it didn't take much for my wife and I to separate and I hit the streets and became homeless. I had done nothing wrong in life I just hit a very hard rock in the road of life.

I gave up on life and everything around me, sleeping in parks and not as nice places. I remember being beaten many of times for just sleeping where drunks could find me. I don't really remember how long it was when I became a Big Issue Vendor, but I remember it was because I was really hungry and needed food. But selling the magazines started giving me confidence in myself again because I started making friends with my customers and they didn't care I was banged up at the time, they accepted me for being me.

In the 7th month I became 'Vendor of the year' hey that's not bad. That made me proud. Ha ha

Now why I help so much.

A lady (customer) came to me and asked if she gave my clothes would I give it to other homeless? The next day she did give me the clothes and that night a lady which was homeless was wearing them. I felt proud knowing I had helped.

The next day I called a homeless centre and asked if I give them clothes would they hand them out for free?

When I was a Big Issue Vendor I would give a 'Thank you note' when people bought a magazine. It was my way of saying thank you. Well on this thank you note I started saying about collecting clothes for the homeless on a day before 9am. I got two taxi's full worth of clothes. I did the same thing 6 weeks later when another customer of mine said let's have a BBQ and feed them as they come and collect the clothes.

The homeless centre loved the idea but said if we do it at the park we could help more people. So we did with the help of great people loving the idea like Tony, Alicia, Andrew, Brad, James and many more. About 400 total turned up. That afternoon a great person (Alicia Wright) said let's make it a non-profit charity and do it more often? Mates helping Mates was born.

Now Mates helping Mates helps a lot of people plus every couple of months does BBQ'S where a huge amount of resources help those that need it most. When they have given up on themselves, we show them we have not given up on them.

I put so much into this because I know there's good/ great people out there that has had one really bad day or days and they hit hard times. I know how easy it could happen because I had everything and lost it all.

I know there's great homeless people out there because the first BBQ we did I was still homeless.

Now there is some great news about this. My wife and I got back together and we remarried only 5 months ago. I am working on getting everything I had before my accident and the best thing is I believe one day I will because I now believe in myself again.

Collect the clothes you don't wear any more and things you can give (Blankets,toiletries, clothes) and come and share a BBQ with us at Musgrave Park on the 26th of February from 10am.

For more information please go to


Before I forget I have a twitter account and if you want to do the follow thing then I will follow you to. @grantpoliteguy

Premier Anna Bligh follows me on Twitter and one of her staff called and we were talking about how great myself and Mates helping Mates are helping the homeless, BBQ'S and things. All I kept thinking was the QLD Premier knows about us and to tell you the truth thinking that brings a huge smile and self pride.

Well the talk went from homeless not having same rights with elections because of the Liberal Party to Anna Bligh checking her plans and coming to the BBQ which is in her area at Musgrave Park.

Now most know I don't write much about politics but in the past I did hand out flyers at elections for Cameron Dick and Kevin Rudd, which I must say both did win on the day. Ha ha it had nothing to do with me handing out flyers but they were with a great party the Labour Party.

I'll keep you all updated with that and really if Anna takes the time to come and help people in need then I and I'm sure many will want to help her too. My idea of a Premier is one helping those who have hit hard times.


Now I would like to thank the one and only person that bought some products from me showing it on my last posting. Thank you Chloe. Come on people these are great products and I'm trying to win holiday.

I am going to hit 21% and make my goal because I know I can.

My next Amway products are

Dish Drops
1/ One of the world's most concentrated dishwashing liquids.
2/ Mild formula containing Aloe Vera, Coconut based ingredients and moisturising agents.
3/ Biodegradable so it's kind on the environment.
4/ Just 1 litre of Dish Drops makes up for 6 litres of dishwashing solution.
5/ Enough for 200 medium sinks full of washing up.

Dish Drops 1 Litre $19.80
Plunger Dispenser (Pump Thing) $2.50

LOC Multi Purpose Cleaner
1/ For household jobs Big and Small.
2/ Makes 20 litres of powerful solution that cuts through dirt and grime.
3/ Walls, Floors, Woodwork, Appliances and all washable surfaces
4/ No rinse, Streak Free, Non-dulling formula.

LOC 1 litre $14.82
Plunger Dispenser (Pump Thing) $2.50

These are both world wide products and well known. I can get them delivered anywhere in Australia.

If you would like to order any of these then please do by calling me on 0412 190 011 or email me on


I shared my story so people know why I help so much with the homeless, mostly because I was once one of them. I think this post will help many to understand that homeless people are just people that hit hard times and sometimes just need a hand up not just a hand out.

Please share this posting and maybe others will think so too.

I hope you all have a great day and thank you for reading my post.
Grant the Polite Guy.

Thursday, February 2, 2012


This post is going to be such a pleasure for me to write because it means so much to me when I write about wonderful people. The picture above is of 'Netti'

I have only meet Netti once and let me say I was impressed with how much she wanted to help. The first contact was when I was asking on Twitter for help for a single mum with 3 kids. (She was in a bad way) From the Gold Coast Netti sent a Coles gift voucher to her and ask if she could come and do the “Pie and Coke” with me.

We walked around the city and came across 3 homeless with one at a time. Netti was really in her element talking and offering ideas and some really great advice to the homeless people as we sat and ate with them. I must say when you have 3 different meals within 3 hours you get full fast. Ha ha

I could see that Netti wasn't just there to buy food but to really try and help by putting across how valued they were, really if you take the word “homeless” out of “homeless people” then you just get “People”

When we finished Netti was saying she was heading back to the Gold Coast. Straight away I thought she had came all the way from the Gold Coast just to help homeless people out. That's Ace's in my book.

Now if you see Netti I bet she's out somewhere helping someone. Ha ha But really give her a hug and let her know how special she is or she does have a Twitter account and you could type it. @netbub


Mates helping Mates are still having the next BBQ at Musgrave Park on the 26th of February from 10am to 2pm. We still need a lot of volunteers to help out and of course clothes and toiletries to hand out. We as a community help so many people and this time I'm expecting around 500 homeless this time so we will need all the help we can get. Please go to for more information.


Now if you only read my blog to read about homeless and things like that, then please don't read the rest of this post because it's a request not a story.

In the last 3 ½ years I have come along way. Let me say it wasn't easy. Ha ha but it was worth it. I am now facing my next biggest challenge.

I joined Amway about 7 months ago and I have worked hard putting a lot of people in which I am very proud of. I was told about a bonus they do and I will make this. The bonus is 2 weeks all expenses paid holiday to Puket in Tailand. The best thing is I get to take my family with me. I keep thinking that the accident didn't just hurt me but my family as well so this will be a great surprise for them.

I know asking people to buy things so I get rewards is not really fair but to be honest all I want to do is show a product and if you'd like it then order it. From anywhere in Australia. I can get it to you.

I need 7,500 points very month for 6 months straight. Now I know this is not easy but I also know that some people don't like the business side of Amway but love the products so I'm going to post a different product here every 3 days and if anyone wants to buy it, then I can get it for you which gives me the points.

If people want to sign up or order please call 0412 190 011 or email me

Todays products are
750g $22.04
3kg $71.74

I'd like to thank you all for reading my blog and if you wash clothes then please consider the SA8.
I hope you all have a great day.
Grant the Polite Guy