Wednesday, December 14, 2011

On Top Of The World

In a small sense I feel on top of the world. Now I know I have a lot more new readers and some really don't know my story, well not all of it anyway, so I should say please go back to the first postings I wrote and have a read.

I woke up early again today about 2:30am because of my back hurting, I started getting depressed because I'm sick of putting up with it, but then I did what I like to do and that's sit and write down things that matter and things I have done. Now this is not me boosting but wow I have accomplished a lot.

I went from having nothing and living on the streets to-

I got married and have a family.

I started and put together a BBQ idea that helps hundreds of homeless. Now it's a non-profit charity that does great work for the homeless.

I have a very large number of people I call mates and they think of me as a mate.

I have sat and talked and helped countless of homeless and working people while doing my pie and coke thing.

My Amway business is really starting to be successful because I help others to make money too. So if you want to join me please let me know.

I got my dog back. Ha ha It's important to a guy.

I have started a 'Buffed' franchise business at the BOQ Building 259 Queen St Brisbane City doing Shoe Shines for people. It's early and I'm not sure I have mentioned much about this so I'll do some self advertising. I do shoe shines for people as they come and sit in my chair. I charge $5 for shoe shine and $8 for the premium shine which I use leather conditioner as well. But wait there's more... ha ha you can drop shoes off and come back and pick them up later but I have to charge $2 because it's harder to do without the foot in them.

So come down with your shoes, boots and really anything leather and I'll shine them up. I made a joke before saying “If your feeling down or just want a chat come on over and I'll shine you right up” ha ha I know it's not that funny but hey “Come over and I'll give you a shiny start to the day”

Now Buffed is new and starting up so there trying to get the word out by doing different things, so I thought I'd let people know about it too. Hey I do have a franchise. Ha ha. There's a competition It's easy all you have to do is fill in the captions and if you win I'll do the free shoe shine. So please check it out and share with others. There has to be better out there then what I wrote. Ha ha

I sort of went off track there. I was writing about successful things I've done. Sorry about that.


Not That Great

Now I have just written a lot of stuff about how great I am. Now I'm going to write about one thing I feel very guilty about. Hey that got your attention, ha ha.

I once sat in a park and talked to a lady with her 3 year old son. I bought them a pizza and drinks while hearing and bad story about her husband beating her and started hitting the boy when she left. I was homeless at the time and asked them to stay with me at the side of a building where I knew it was safe. They did and we talk most of the night while the boy slept. (no I didn't sleep with her or touch her in any way)

This was when I was newly homeless and really giving up on myself being in pain all the time. I just wanted them to be safe because I'd already seen how bad things could get on the streets.

The next morning I left before they woke up because I wanted to be alone and not wanting to feel responsible for them. I know it was bad but at that time I had my own demons to care about. I couldn't look after or care about myself at that time.

I have seen that lady and son once again shortly after that walking through the mall with a guy yelling abuse at her and I just knew he was the husband. She had gone back to him.

If I had myself more together at that time I could have helped and shown her a true friend and show that she had self worth.

I know I'll never forget that lady or her son and now that I'm getting stronger I'd really love to meet that husband and show him what a real man is like.

To be honest I'm writing this because I get a lot of people thinking I am so great, but no a great man would have protected them and tried his best to help.

No matter how many people I help it won't be enough because there's people that need more then money or things but a friend at the right time.


I know I'm finishing this on a bad note and I'm sorry about that. But if you ever get a chance to help someone that really needs it then please do, not because you may feel bad later that you didn't but because it's the right thing to do.

Thank you for reading my blog and I hope you all have a great day.
Grant the Polite Guy
0412 190 011

Thursday, December 8, 2011

100th Post Yeah

Now I know I haven't done a post for a while. But to be honest I've been run off my feet with everything. Married life and playing with daughter and dog. (which is important in life) I have a lot to make up for.

I started my new franchise doing 'shoe shines' in the foyer of BOQ building on Queen st. Hey I'm really good at it and it's really starting to rub off on me that I'm running my own small business.

I've come along way which I have many of people to thank for that. Don't worry I won't forget it.

Because I've done so well it really makes me think how I need to help that many more. You see I too was homeless and had nothing, now I'm a family man and starting a new business. If I can do it then I can help others that are homeless to as well. It takes a lot of hard work and a lot of bluffing confidence, but it's worth it.

Above are some pictures of the last BBQ for the homeless. Homeless came and ate free and took whatever clothes and things they could carry. The best thing I remember was volunteers carrying things away for some of the older people and in the top left picture there's two kids (I was told there names but I don't have the names list with me) drawing Christmas Cards to hand out to the homeless.

Now there were a huge response with help for this event and to be honest I don't have the names list to write them here. I will after I get the list. But I will say a huge thank you to our biggest sponsors which with them I couldn't have put the BBQ on in the first place.
NAB Bank
Samies Girl Seafood Market
Rosies Food Van
A & S Dingo Services Turf and Landscaping
Knitting for the Needy
A reader here and mate brought his mum as a Doctor for the homeless
Ipswich Council
Alicia which helps and does most of putting these BBQ together and the is President of Mates helping Mates

Now the volunteers that came were amazing and I really wish I had that list of names. But I say Thank you for everything as I'm sure homeless were helped that day because you all came together as a community and said “Hi Mate”

I have a lot to write about and people I have come across that are really just golden, but I have to go to work now and I promise to do next post on Saturday.

Please check out as that's were a lot of the information for the BBQ'S and things are as it is a non-profit charity.

Thank you for reading my blog and I hope you all have a great day.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

SOS Please Help and share this

SOS OH am I in trouble. I made a huge mistake and it will be bad for the homeless because it won't be good enough.

A great friend Stacey set up for us to have tables and chairs for our BBQ event. Well I had to send off a competed form and never done it in time. There's no tables and chairs coming. OHNO

Please help if you can. If you have outdoor tables and chairs PLEASE bring them. The tables for putting food on and clothes for showing the homeless.

This was my mistake and I'm very sorry, but this can be fixed if some people can bring there's.

If so please be there around 9am as we need to set things up early before homeless turn up.
Browns Park, Ipswich
9am to 2pm
Sunday 27th of November.

If you can help please call or email.
Thank you again and I'll see you tomorrow.
0412 190 011

Friday, November 25, 2011

2 Days to go

Now this is hard for me because I like to write about things that happen and because of this BBQ we are putting together there's never any time for anything, even myself. ha ha

I wanted people to know the full details about the BBQ so here it is.
Browns Park, Ipswich
Sunday the 27th of November
10am to 2pm.

All are working including homeless/people in need to working people.
Remember why we do these BBQ'S. It's never been to just hand out food and clothes it's so homeless can come and feel the community is coming together to help as mates.

Now alot of people have praised me for doing these BBQ'S for the homeless and things I do. But please let me say, alot of people give there time and donate many things so these BBQ'S go ahead. Not just me.

My next post is all about those people who have worked with me and some even harder then me, to make Mates helping Mates possible.

I will have the post done by tomorrow.

I know this ones short but thank you for reading my blog and I hope you all have a good day.
Grant the Polite Guy
0412 190 011

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I left it too late. Need a hand

This post is about facts.
Sometimes it's hard to write what I mean with different things and I can only hope what I'm trying to say comes across in words right.

When I started doing the BBQ'S for the homeless (which the last one got about 450-500 people total) the idea was that the community was coming together to help and show they care. Very uplifting for everyone really. But to say it as it is and that's, my last post got 3,045 hits and 3 people came forward and said I'll help. I now have 1 1/2 weeks left and a lot to do and in one word to describe it would be “Scared”

Scared not because I fear of failing, but when the homeless come I want everything there so they feel that the community has come together to hold there hand out and say “G'Day mate” and so they feel value. I know some were help from the last BBQ we had and I know we can help many more.

I get people all the time saying how great I am for doing such great things for the homeless and if I ever need help just ask and yet when I ask there's nothing there. I'd like to say I can but the fact is I can't do this on my own and I really need help putting this together and collect the food and things so that these BBQ'S can help those in need the most.

What I'm trying to say is, this next BBQ will help many and I have left it too late to do it all. Can I please ask people to help and show that not just a few people are doing it but a community has come together to show we care.

If you can do any of these as well as come then please call or email me.

Marques about 20. Now people may own one and could bring it.
6-7 House BBQ'S to cook with.
BBQ food. Really if 40 people bought $25 worth of meat there would be heaps.
250 cans of drinks plus I have some to donate. I buy when there cheap.
One freezer or cold room truck to keep things cold
50 tables
60 chairs
A big van or vans to move things.
A few boxes of sauce (Tomato and BBQ)
Clothes, toiletries, ladies personal products, kids toys and things like that are very much needed.
It would be great if anyone has room to store things at there house that way when people email or call and say they want to donate then I can send them to drop off things with you for the BBQ event.

Please if you go through your cupboards there's clothes you never use any more. I know there's going to be a person that needs it at the BBQ. All unused clothes and things not taken will be handed to homeless centres.

The biggest gift will be for people to come and enjoy a BBQ and hold out there hand to homeless and say “G'Day mate” Oh and cooks and helpers much needed. When I really started this it was to show Mates helping Mates.

One thing I always think of is that homeless people are Mothers, Fathers, Brothers, Sisters of someone else and what would i want people to do if it was mine.

I'd like to thank you all for reading my blog and I really hope you all can come and enjoy a BBQ with us at Browns Park at Ipswich on the 27th of November.

If anyone would like to call or email me please do.
0412 190 011 or
Thank you again
Grant the polite guy

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Let's make a diffence

I have some links for you for those that couldn't come to the wedding. Now I am going to be posting a lot of pictures that were taken but I have to wait until I get them all.

What to do from here?

I feel like I have completed my journey in many ways and a new life is about to start. Now I know I'm going to be upsetting some people with this next bit but it's time for me to step up and become the husband and father that I am and support my family.

In a few weeks I will be leaving 'The Big Issue' for a few reasons, but mostly because I have a family now and a place to call home and the pitch I work is a great pitch were people have become friends and are friendly towards there Big Issue vendor so it would help the next vendor in a big way. I keep thinking of when I needed the Big Issue at the start and the thing that helped me the most is that people were nice to me. Mostly in the morning but people are in the habit of stopping for a quick chat and this would help the next vendor that is starting off.

I have been offered a 'shoe shine franchise' ( I think that's how you spell it) to me it's a great deal. It'll be my own business were people come sit in the chair and I shine there shoes, like in the movie except I'm better looking and very polite. They are going to let me do a 'no upfront cost deal' and they set it all up. All I have to do is go to work and shine shoes and all the money goes to me, so the harder I work the more I earn. I will have to pay the franchise people money but it's not that much.

If I find I can't work because of my back then I'll just put a sign up saying “Back in soon” or something like that. Now this isn't starting for a few weeks and I know people will want to come by and say goodbye but that's the best part, I'm only about 50 metres down the road and people can still come for there chat except I'll give them a chair to sit on. Ha ha.

I'll still be doing my Amway as well because I'm starting to do really well at it and soon be making good money from it. So if you wanted to join or see the business plan or just want to buy products please let me know. This includes people in other states and countries.

Also I'm doing Jewellery Parties at nights and weekends which I make really fun using Emma Page Jewellery. I do them at my house or if you want to invite friends I'll come to your house and you get host gifts. To be honest the more parties the better at the moment because I'm sure the shoe shine will be successful but will need time to take off.

Right now people are thinking what about the homeless. I will always help the homeless because I know what it's like and I know sometimes all it takes is for someone to care at that right moment and it could change there lives. I'm going to finish them side pages about where homeless helps are in the states and of course the homeless BBQ'S are going to be getting bigger.

Speaking of which the Ipswich homeless BBQ is coming up on the 27th of November at Browns park from 10am to 2pm, so it's time for me to do my plea thing. Ha ha.

The homeless BBQ'S help in a big way because not only do they come and get clothes, toiletries, kids toys, sleeping bags and such things but also there's a social BBQ where the community comes together and says “Hi Mate” and shows people care because the most valuable thing you can ever give is your time.

I am asking if everyone to take that one day out of there important lives and come and show that the community cares and make this a real 'Mates helping Mates' event. I mean the last one I know we were able to help a lot of people but this time let's help many more.

If you can do any of these as well as come then please call or email me.

Marques about 20. Now people may own one and could bring it.
Industrial size BBQ'S hire.
BBQ food. Really if 40 people bought $20 worth of meat there would be heaps.
Bread about 130 loafs
250 cans of drinks plus I have some to donate. I buy when there cheap.
One freezer or cold room truck to keep things cold
50 tables
60 chairs
A big van or vans to move things.
A few boxes of sauce (Tomato and BBQ)
Clothes, toiletries, ladies personal products, kids toys and things like that are very much needed.
It would be great if anyone has room to store things at there house that way when people email or call and say they want to donate then I can send them to drop off things with you for the BBQ event.

Please if you go through your cupboards there's clothes you never use any more. I know there's going to be a person that needs it at the BBQ. All unused clothes and things not taken will be handed to homeless centres.

If any organisations would like to attend then please contact me as it's free as long as you help the homeless in some way and nothing is sold on the day.

I'd like to thank you all for reading my blog and I really hope you all can come and enjoy a BBQ with us at Browns Park on the 27th of November.

If anyone would like to call or email me please do.
0412 190 011 or
Thank you again
Grant the polite guy

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Wedding done

Well the wedding was a huge success, I am now a married man, a family man, a complete man. I really feel my life has taken a complete circle and back to the beginning again.

Before my accident I was married and had everything in life that makes most people happy (well me at least. Ha ha) Then I had the accident and everything fell apart. I got it all back. There is a light at the end of the tunnel and I found it. I can say I have shared a few tears of joy over the last few days. ( I know men don't cry but maybe it was sand in my eye. Ha ha)

The day itself went very well except of course the little panic of the guy marrying us was late by an hour. Imagine waiting there and then being told your wife to be was starting her walk and then the thought of thinking the preacher wasn't there yet. Not good. She was told to go back to the car and do laps until the preacher turned up. Ha ha. I thought the bride was to be late.

But he turned up and said them special words and everything was going every well until Cheryl was asked to place the ring on my finger, It didn't fit!! so there I was pushing and pushing trying to get this ring on. Someone loud out “spit on it” only to get my reply “there's camera's all around me, I'm not going to spit anywhere” ha ha oh it hurt a lot but I got that sucker on my finger and the wedding continued and we were married.

Now I have a lot of people to thank for my wedding being so great and really making it that much more special.

Samies Girl Seafood Market 31314120 They turned up and cooked all the food and just made it look wonderful. Please if you ever want seafood call them.

Rachael the Opera Singer 0403073751 Now this lady can sing, I must say I'm hard to impress and I was impressed. Golden voice.

The Sunday Mail sent a photographer to take photo's which will be in Q Mag in a few weeks.

612 ABC radio with Spencer Howson, they did a huge thing helping me to put it all together.

Can_do_Campbell from twitter went on the air with ABC612 radio and asked for help putting our wedding together and paid for a 5 star motel for wedding night.

Andy our photographer 0434381199 is putting a business together as a photographer I'll be showing his photo's when there ready.

Jemma from Lucid Living Pictures 0433466423have done great job putting the day on video. I will post here when I get it.

Now I hate to brag, who am I kidding I had nothing and living on the streets not knowing what was happening next, and now I'm married and living with my wife and daughter. It's bragging time! I have done it, I made it back to what I had before my accident. People talk about looking for that light at the end of the tunnel well I became my own light. WOOHOO

Now I know I have a long way to go but now it feels like I'm not alone. I'm a family man that has value and going by the friends that helped and the ones that went to my wedding there's no way I would feel alone. So what to do now? Help others that need it.

Ipswich Mates helping Mates BBQ is still going ahead on the 27th of November from 10am to 2pm which will help countless again. These BBQ'S are great because we invite all homeless organisations to have a stall with there information about there services and the homeless and needy come and enjoy a BBQ, as much clothes and things as they can carry away and the information is there to find easy without it being pushed on.

But the most important thing to me anyway is the community coming together as one to help those in need. We have stalls and stalls of free clothes,kids toys, toiletries and much more to just hand out to the homeless and while there enjoying a BBQ there's lots of people walking around and just chatting. I've said a lot the one thing homeless value and need the most is to feel more valued in themselves and sitting with people and chatting gives them that.

So please I'm doing another collection of
Clothes- all sizes men and women
Kids toys
Toiletries is a huge thing needed (including ladies pads)

Things needed to put this all together for the day
Marquees about 20
6 industrial size BBQ'S hire
Bread about 130 loaves
250 cans of drinks
One freezer or cold room truck small one
50 Tables
60 chairs
Your time coming talking to homeless
Companies wishing to show there business are welcome to have a stall for free as long as they help the homeless in some way and nothing is to be sold on the day.

If you can help with a bit or some of these please let me know on
Grant 0412 190 011 or

Thank you for reading my blog and I hope you will pass it on to others so the Ipswich event gets even bigger and therefore helps that many more.

I hope you all have a great day.
Grant the Polite Guy

Thursday, October 13, 2011

10 Days to Wedding

Now I don't want any one person thinking I'm talking about them with this because really it's not true. The fact is many have said something like the same.

“Grant you inspire me with everything you have gone through and your so positive and do for others.”

To be honest when it's said to me I really don't know what to say so I'll type it here instead. Ha ha Much easier.

I was one of the happiest guy's around because I had everything. I worked hard in charge of a kitchen in a restaurant with a loving wife, daughter and of course my little dog.

I had the worst day of my life. Floor boards gave way on a old stair way. I don't like talking or writing about the accident really because umm well it's just sad but I got a lot of damage done.

I spent the next 9 months in and out of hospital and being in some of the worst pain a person could imagine.

The easiest movements were painful and I hit rock bottom thinking I had no value as a person and left my wife and started sleeping on the streets. I stopped looking people in the eyes and laid on benches just waiting to waste away. I hope this helps people because I hurts to write.

Now all that is sad and not nice to read but really so many people showed me kindness when I accept it and needed it most. I owe them everything I am now as a person. You see when you meet great people that really go out of there way to not just show they care but to help far and beyond what most would, then you start standing tall and if anything want to be like them and help others.

So I do that. I offer 'pies and cokes' a lot and give people the one thing they need and that's a friend to talk to. Now I know what I do is only like putting a band-aid on and when I go the only difference is that there feed, but really I think it helps more then that because maybe just maybe they feel more part of the community and that's a great start.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that, I know what it's like to be out there alone and people looking down on them because it always happened to me. No matter what success I ever get in life from now on I will always look and treat them as an equal because I have meet some of the greatest and smartest homeless people that really hit hard times or something happened in there lives that others don't know about.

So I ask every reader in Australia and around the world, “Can you spare about $5.00 for a pie and coke and maybe 5 minutes for a chat” I earn about $200 a week most weeks and I spare it all the time.


I have my wedding coming up in about 10 days now and I couldn't be happier. Don't get me wrong it's a head trying to get everything to make it a great day for my soon to be wife (girls always think about the dream wedding. Ha ha)

There's 3 people that have really helped in a huge way and to be honest I don't think I'd have much of a wedding without them.

@Can_do_Campbell on Twitter is truly a remarkable man. He heard about the wedding and asked what I needed for it and went on the ABC radio and not only asked for people to donate for the wedding but also promoted 'Mates helping Mates' and helping homeless also has spoken to all his friends about it as well. Every time I speak to him he always has that 'mate no-matter what it is we can find a way' kind of attitude. I must say in my book he's Ace's because he is very successful and yet he has time for those who have hit hard times. I know there's great people in the world and @Can_do_Campbell is one of them. Thank you mate

Alicia Wright- has helped so much with organising different things and she had a mild stroke a week ago and yet from hospital was thinking of others. Really what a great lady, people say to me about sainthood well put her at the top of the list to be next.

Andrew Stanke- works for the NAB bank and a guy I consider a true mate, he always offers to help in some way with the homeless any way he can. Just the other day I only made $20 working all day when I rang Andrew and said I needed help because I had to get things for the wedding. The man drove to the city and handed me $500 which I needed for bills that were overdue and a box of doughnuts to hand out to the homeless. But to top it off last week he asked me to meet him at his work and we had a steak lunch at a pub and then went to his work were he had a massage lady there waiting to give me a massage for all the good I have been doing. I mean what a great guy.

Now there's a lot of great people out there that do a lot of great things and I know I'll get to writing about them too. My dad always said “never judge a person by what they have, but the number of mates they can call mates” I have mates that I can call mates even some homeless ones.


Please remember about the 'Pie and coke' thing how it may not cost you much but it really is worth millions to others.

I'm going to ask people that they share this story because maybe it might reach someone somewhere that thinks, Pie and a coke thing sounds good and helps someone.

I still have only had one person get something from our wedding list that I put up and I was told by a few people that they didn't want to go through another person so what I'm doing is asking if people want to order anything from our list you can put money in my bank or through my 'donation button' and email me what you are getting. Remember I get the commission which I'm putting towards the wedding.
St. George Bank
BSB 114 879
ACC 026900710 Thank you

Email is
Phone is 0412 190 011

I'd like to thank everyone for reading my blog and I hope you all have a great day.
Grant the Polite Guy

P.S I almost forgot to mention it. I now have a twitter account it's @grantpoliteguy if anyone wants to befriend me there. Thank you

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Coffee in the Bin. haha

Okay I do have a really funny story here ( well I think it's funny ha ha), but I want to make sure I don't embarrass the guy so no names or companies will be listed. Okay I have to start at the beginning or you won't see how funny this is.

I got a phone call from a guy saying his company would like to have a stall at the next Ipswich BBQ for the homeless which I was very eager to have myself so I asked if there was a chance to meet and talk about it at a coffee shop. You see I don't have an office but people and companies are getting to know about Mates Helping Mates doing BBQ'S for the homeless and they want to promote themselves as a company or really do care about the homeless. So I always say something like “ I have appointments in the city on Thursday at 2pm would you like to meet at 3pm at a coffee shop?” I got a yes this time and we arranged a time a place.

Now here's the thing, I have put a BBQ together mostly on my own and about 450-500 people turned up and a lot of homeless people were really helped. But the sad thing is even though I'm doing good and helping homeless, if I show I'm not successful then I get a lot of companies pull out, which is a shame because these BBQ'S are to help homeless get on there feet or at lest let them feel they have value in themselves and if I show I am not business standard and sell Big Issue magazines then I get well 'the cold shoulder' is one way to say it. Ha ha.

So there I was sitting at a table clean shaven and nice clothes talking to this guy about having a stall and what they wanted to do, when I almost died when I glanced over and saw a guy waving to me to come and talk to him. It was a homeless guy. I looked from him to the guy I was with back to the guy. Thinking not now come on. I said “excuse me a moment” in a really nice way and walked over to the him saying “I'm a bit busy now is everything okay?”

The poor guy asked if I would be buying pies and drinks today. I felt like shit right there and then. For a second I was em-brassed I had to talk to him in front of the guy I was trying to impress when I realised the reason I was there in the first place was because of people like him and me not that long ago. (My new wife has a place)

I handed him $7.00 and said “here mate I have to get back to this guy” pointing to the guy at the table as I was walking back. Now here's the thing as I was leaving I noticed he wasn't happy about getting the money for food and I realised it was more that he wanted, someone to talk too. You see when I do my 'Pie and Cokes' I sit and talk to the person and in most cases say about how there's hope.

I must say a huge part of me wanted to just turn and head to the shop to buy a pie and coke and sit with him and show him that he has value with me but the fact was, putting these BBQ'S together help many and they need support from companies and things to run well.

I got back to the table saying “sorry about that” then this guy said the dumbest thing I could think of “ha ha your an easy target you should say firmly get a job” then laughing and really thinking he had said the funniest thing in his life. What a clown, really here he was talking to me about helping the homeless and yet showing what how harsh he could be. Oh did it open my eyes. So I politely told him I sell Big Issue Magazines and not long ago I was homeless as I was letting him know I don't think I want his company to come to the BBQ event.

Oh he left pretty quickly. Ha ha. But here's the funniest bit. (I wasn't going to let you down. Ha ha) The guy didn't understand why I would buy food for a homeless guy yet left quickly and didn't pay his bill for drink and cake. Ha ha I shouldn't help a homeless person with food but it's okay to pay for he's. Let me say I don't think his company will be attending the Ipswich BBQ no matter how much they were donating. Never money but standards makes a man.

Now the afternoon wasn't lost because I had a pie and a coke in the park with a person who really was a decent guy.


Now this ones a short bit really funny to see. (I know I'm mean sometimes. Ha ha) This guy came rushing pass taking a sip of his coffee and then throwing it in the bin but when it hit it made a louder bang. Stopping he realised he throw his phone instead of the coffee into the bin. Now these bins need a key to open them so he was really angry at first about throwing his phone.

One of my customers called the council to get someone to come and open the door to get the bin out so he could get his phone. Now after a minute or two he seen the funny side of it and smiled a lot, well that was until he took another sip of his coffee and didn't like the taste and throw it into the bin. It was like slow motion ha ha as he throw the coffee he realised his phone was at the bottom of that bin. Ha ha I hate to laugh but I wish I had a camera because it was priceless the look he had.

The door was opened and yes his phone was dripping with coffee and a lot of other bits and pieces. Ha ha. Now this guy was well dress and stepped into a last years model BMW wagon. And I'm the one selling magazines ha ha not right. Ha ha.


Now I've gotten a bit of slack lately about my wedding wish list Cheryl and I put together. So please let me explain why. Firstly I don't mind about the wedding gifts because if I was to be honest I'd rather people come and celebrate the greatest day of our lives over a gift any day. Really it means more to me that people want to come join me as an equal and show they have the respect to come. I did call and ONE person emailed to get a gift from our wish list which I spent a lot of time setting it up as it's page here at the top. At first I was thinking it's sad and maybe no-one was coming to our wedding.

Then I was told that asking for shampoo, vitamins and things was in bad taste, well a little part of that was some homeless read my blog and I wanted to put very cheap things on the list so they didn't feel bad and could afford something and I don't earn a lot of money and to be honest it would have helped plus I set it up so I got the commissions and I was putting that towards the wedding. So my conclusion is if you feel you want to buy a wedding gift then pick from our wedding list or get something else from elsewhere or hey I love money in envelopes. But remember the most important thing and that's it's our special day and the one wish we have is that you come and celebrate with us being together. So know you are invited to join us on the 22nd of October at 319 Upper Esplande, Wynnum starting 10am. YOU ARE INVITED. Ha ha


I get asked all the time how people can help homeless. Well now there's a website just for Mates helping Mates so please check it out.

Thank you for reading my blog and I hope you have a great day.
Grant the Polite Guy.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Postpone Ipswich BBQ/ Wedding

First of all I'm sorry I haven't posted for a few weeks but, well to be honest I went through a tough time because we lost the baby and I didn't want to tell people right away because then I would get a lot of emails reminding me about it.

But as I like to say “When things are down think about the good things in life or things that make you laugh.” ha ha.

Unfortunately we have had to postpone the Mates helping Mates BBQ at Ipswich because things were just coming together as well or quickly as it should be. Another date will be set soon. Mates helping Mates the charity will be helping homeless in the meantime but not having the big BBQ'S just yet.

Hey I'll always do my 'Pies n coke day' as the other directors Alicia Wright ( )and Paula-Lee Harrison ( ) are always doing there thing to help homeless and those in need. Really Alicia and Paula-Lee are one in a million. Check out there sites.

Starting our new (Non Profit) Mates helping Mates charity to help the homeless and those in need we got it all official and no I can't take credit because Alicia and Paula did all the work because hey there the smart ones, But I have my good looks and they let me join them to help more. Ha ha.

A bank account with the Commonwealth Bank so if you would like to donate towards a lot of the good work we do for the homeless here are the details. BSB 064000 AC 1294 8571. The account name is in 'Grant Richards & Alicia Wright' which is good because we both have to sign to get money out which will be put towards our next BBQ event for the homeless or buying things for the homeless.


Okay do I have some great news. Cheryl and I got back together because she became pregnant, but then she miscarried and we sat down and talked about what to do now. We are still getting married and become a family once again. (Doing the happy dance now. Ha ha)

You see when we separated I was in a lot more pain then I feel now and I had given up on myself and thought I had no value. Now I am Grant the Polite Guy and everyday my back heals stronger and I feel that I have more value now then ever in my life.

Now I started thinking I don't earn much selling my magazines but I want to make this a great wedding because Cheryl deserves at least that so what to do? It hit me, One thing I'm good at is BBQ'S, so yes you got it. Have a wedding by the water and put on a BBQ in the park right near it. Now this won't be a homeless BBQ with all the homeless information there, but it's going to have marquee’s, tables and chairs. It'll be great.

Now there's a lot of people that comment and/or just read my blog and for some I have got to know but never meet. So please this is my invitation to you as well. Come to my wedding and share the special moment with me. Being at the park means I don't have a limit on the number of people coming. Well that's mostly true. Ha ha.

Here's the plan. Get married close to the water and then a few metres away will be the BBQ'S and tables and things for lunch then after the eating is done off to the Wynnum RSL club for some drinks and dance. Sounds like a great plan. Ha ha. I know I am suppose to pay for everything but I can't so what I am doing is paying for wedding and BBQ and then at the club everyone pays for themselves, This is the only way I can invite everyone which apart from getting married means a lot to me to know people wanted to join me on this special day.

Here's the dates and things.
319 Upper Esplande
10am saturday on the 22nd of October.

I want to word this bit nicely and as polite as I can. If you are thinking of getting a wedding gift which you don't have too because your company is far more important to me, but if you were thinking of doing something then Cheryl and I have done up a wish list for people to get. ( I didn't want 15 toasters) ha ha.

We have picked things we can use but don't really have the money for a lot of them. I am asking a friend of mine (Seven) to order it through our Amway business so we get the points and the commission too. Hey there may be something there you might want too.

To view the list please go to top of page and I have added a new page called Wedding Wish List. I have to put this because I don't want some people feeling bad. I know I have readers that are down on there luck right now and to them I say “Mate save your money and come and share a smile instead, a smile from a friend can be more valuable then any gift bought or stolen”


I would like thank everyone for reading my blog and I hope you all have a great day.
If anyone would like to email me please do at

Thank you again.
Grant the Polite Guy.

Monday, August 15, 2011

The Pictures from the Musgrave BBQ.

Wow here's the great pictures taken by Vanessa Jefferson. Thank you for sending these great pictures.

The good thing is alot of people helped and came together to help others as a cummunity. I know Ipswich will help more and be bigger.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Not much to do. haha

Right now I'm scratching my head thinking, Okay I have a lot to do. Ha ha. Oh just wait to hear all this.

On Friday my wife calls me and says we need to talk about marriage and soon because she doesn't want to be big bubble belly walking down the altar. Sure enough we were sitting and picking dates when she came up with the date of 15th of October. I'm getting married WHOO HOO.

Now I want to take a second to say to all the girls that thought maybe, but really now all the other guys might have a chance. Ha ha. I did say might. Ha ha.

I feel like my life is coming back to what I had before my accident. Well mostly. Ha ha.

I kept thinking it's all good I put a wedding together in 9 and a half weeks easy enough. I will just really work on it quickly. Ha ha Cheryl goes to her mum's house for the weekend because she had plans to. Then I thought hold on a moment I'm putting together 2 BBQ'S for the homeless on the 18th of September in Ipswich and 23rd of October in Sydney. Neither one can be cancelled. OH NO.

So I wrote it down so I could work out what I was doing.

18th of September Ipswich BBQ for the homeless (In 6 weeks)
15th of October Wedding in Brisbane (In 10 weeks)
23rd of October Sydney BBQ for the homeless (In 11 weeks)

I can say I had the house to myself and a tear came running down just thinking how because the last thing I wanted to do was cancel one of them because to me they all were too important. Then I just thought I can do this and do it right. Ha ha not because I know how but because I believe in myself. This is a huge change for me but really I love it. Ha ha

Now yesterday I was talking to a mate I have about this new networking business I'm putting together and he was giving me advice on what to do to build up an income worth getting. When his phone rang and he was talking to someone about a FREE trip to Fiji. I shake my head and waited for him to get off the phone. I asked about this free trip. He straight away says I need to qualify and I wouldn't have enough time to do so.

Now I've been getting my confidence back in a big way so the last thing I need to hear is I can't do it. So I asked what is needed to qualify. He tried telling me again I didn't have time and then after a while started writing what I needed. A lot of people signing up to save money buying for themselves like shampoo and things, then showing and helping them to make money. Right away I say I can do that and then I get to take my wife and little girl on a holiday for free. He said 5 star for 2 weeks with everything paid for to Fiji. Then started saying again how we were friends and it was very hard to do it in such a short time. I asked when do I have to qualify by? And he said September next month. Then I said the dumbest thing I could have said. “I have time I can do it”. Like as if I wasn't busy enough. Ha ha.

This morning I started thinking when I was homeless and on my own at least no-one relied on me and I couldn't disappoint anyone. Well I'm not homeless now and there is people that need me. I will not fail at any of these things I need to do because I know what it's like to fail and give up and I would much rather have hope and spirit.

If anyone sees me rushing around it's not because my ass is on fire it's because I have a lot to do. Ha ha.

I'm not sure if I have mentioned this before but I and Alicia and Paula-Lee are putting together a non-profit charity called 'Mates helping Mates' Alicia put together a Facebook page with it. So if you'd like to keep up to date with all the things we are doing please type in Mates helping Mates in the search area thing (you will see two men shaking hands, that's us) and click Like button and then you will be given all the post as they are posted. Please send any and all ideas of different things you feel that a charity should maybe do to help others.

Thank you for reading my stories and I hope you all have a great day.
Grant the Polite Guy

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Ipswich and Sydney BBQ

I tell you, I just can't believe the week I've had. I have had so much going on but no computer to post it. But get ready because there's so much fun happening it seems to good to be true.

Firstly I was nominated by Erin Willmott with 'Pride of Australia' for the title of 'Community Spirit Category'. Oh Yeah. Ha ha. I was asked if anyone would like to send references on my behalf that they can be sent to addressed to Denise Ryder.

If you do please be kind. Ha ha. I'd like to give a huge “Thank you” to Erin Willmott your the best.


I've been listening to 'Network 21' educational and motivational CD's through my new business thing and really I am starting to think there's nothing I can't do again. Ha ha. Really things are going so great, I'm getting people signed up and I'm even getting them people under them it's like a snowball. (Still looking for more people that want to save money buying things like shampoo and things and make some extra money as well. I'll help you)

I can honestly say I'm starting to lend out motivational CD's to people that will never get in and do this business, but it'll help them in life. Really most people I know can use a lot of motivation and I'm all for helping people. Wow that bit sounded sucky. Sorry but I'm all for helping the person (showing them they can stand tall again)

A lot of people tell me “well you don't know my pass” now most times I sit and listen while they tell me, but the fact is a lot of people use the past to say that's why they can't do any good in the future. (I know I'll upset some people here and I'm sorry). But the fact is that's crap about, because of the past someone can't succeed in life. I know I sell Big Issue Magazines right now but I don't want to do it forever. I would never say to someone “your right because of your past you should just give up” never.

I went through a very tough time and I must admit there was a time I just gave up. So I know what it's like. I'm just saying that when others agree with you then really what hope do you have.


I was thinking about doing the BBQ in Ipswich and I kept thinking I have plenty of time mostly because I haven't set a date yet. Then I thought I have to do it like I did at Musgrave Park. Set a date and get it done. So I looked a calender and yep it's going to be 18th of September which I still need to book a park. You see until I set a date then I could always say “I'll get to it because I have time” now I have 6 weeks and really need to start on it now. Ha ha. Don't worry I know I can put it together in 6 weeks because right now I feel I can move mountains. Ha ha. No I'm not doing drugs I just feel that the only thing that can stop me is me. I'm starting to believe in myself more.

While I was excited and thinking, make a date for the BBQ and just do it I started thinking of helping more and more people with these BBQ'S so I also made a date for Sydney 23rd of October. I know two BBQ'S in 12 weeks in two different states. Seems a bit hard and really a big task for one person. But to be honest all I'm thinking is the number of people this will help. The fact is not trying is worst then trying and failing and the longer I leave it then the less likely I will put it together.


I have left the best news for last. A few days ago I got a call from my ex-wife saying that she believes she's pregnant and yep I'm going to be a new daddy. I must say fear, shock, excitement and a whole lot of emotions came all within half a second. Really that's a lot of emotions in a short time. Ha ha. One hour later we were talking together and talking about getting back together and being a family again. I must say the shock is still setting in.

I am living with my ex-wife and beautiful princess daughter again and there's nothing but talk about being a family again and there's even talk about us getting married again before the baby is born. I must say I feel like I have done so much good in the world that Karma is giving me back my family the way it was before my accident.

I know there's thousands of girls crying right now, ha ha but sorry. Ha ha

I'm so happy. I really feel this is a chance to get back my life and really be me.


I would like to thank you all for reading my stories and I hope you all have a great day.
Grant the Polite Guy.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Ipswich BBQ is going Ahead

I didn't get a lot of sleep last night because I'm so excited. OH YEAH! It's just that things are turning out so good that I'm thinking I need to grab it by the horns and run with it as fast as I can. The BBQ was really such a success. Here's just a few things that I can say I'm proud to of done my bit to make happen.

I got a phone call from a guy saying he got my number from a flier he was handed about the BBQ. He went to our BBQ and picked up clothes and things and then Tuesday morning went for a job interview and got a job. I got on to a few friends I know with extra coin in there pockets and asked to get a Go-card with credit for the buses and trains for him to get to work and a few extra things as well. I'm not putting his name up here because he asked me not to in case the job don't work out.

I wrote about an old lady who's son had left home and hit the streets and she hadn't seen him for 37 years. Well she came to our BBQ and I put her in charge of keeping the cooks honest. Ha ha Really it was a job she could do and feel like she was doing something very special at the same time. Well let me say the whole time she was beaming with joy and I know that day will be one she doesn't forget for a long time. To be honest I hope she feels like she helped many people and maybe thinks that someone did it for her son.

You know how in life something happens and changes the way you think or do things, an example could be like my accident, I spent 9 months in and out of hospital and now I sell Big Issue Magazines. Well another example is doing this BBQ, I feel like I have helped so many people homeless and working people. The comments came flowing in and yes some bad ones but really the good comments were really great ones.

I started thinking really, it wouldn't take as much starting the Ipswich BBQ for the homeless and flood affected. But I started thinking of the things I should have done on the last one to make it more of a success. I listened to the ones saying “if I had put this together I would have ….....” now the fact is still the same. They didn't put it together and are not putting there hand up to offer to do the next one. Ha ha I really think that's funny.

The biggest problem I had with setting the last BBQ was I couldn't get a lot of the organisations to come to it because I was only a Big Issue Vendor and not a charity or organisation. They just didn't know who I was that's all and for the most part they didn't think it'd be worth going to. Ha ha.

Now in a way I feel greedy because I'm taking all the credit for the BBQ when the fact is I couldn't have done it without others helping me. Two people that who helped me made a huge difference is Tony Wehl and Alicia (Girl Friday) and no it's the good nick name she does bookkeeping and things and that's how she got the nickname. Ha ha. Alicia, Tony, Paula-Lee and I have been talking on the phone and emails a lot before the BBQ and afterwards. Then one day we all thought if we started a Non Profit Charity then we could help so many people in the future so Alicia and I arranged to meet at a pub in the valley.

Getting there and meeting we talked about how we could put the BBQ'S on in a bigger way and being a charity we could fund raise money to help in a bigger way. Hey we even started saying about getting a huge house and letting homeless come of a night time so they can wash there gear and eat, shower, sleep and leave with food and things in the morning. But maybe expand from there even.

It was a case of anything could be possible and the most important thing was, it was talk about helping those in need and when they needed it most. The both of us saying what we would like to put together and starting to write down a plan. For a few minutes I kept thinking, how things have turned around for me in a big way. I mean I was in charge of a kitchen and working 60+ hours a week to being a Big Issue Vendor trying to survive, and now I'm about to be one of the directors of a charity that helps the homeless. I can say Ipswich BBQ will go ahead and will help a larger amount of people because I'll be learning from my mistakes from the last one. To do this I'll have to be at Ipswich a bit to quickly get to know homeless and working people in the area so I can invite more people, so I'm going to be working selling the Big Issue every Tuesday and Thursday for a short while.

Now that in itself would make anyone excited but one thing that I kept thinking of was I don't get paid for doing the charity or putting the BBQ'S together. I could do all the good work but I still needed to live as well. Now for the really exciting thing that helps me. Ha ha.

I was asked if I would like to save money buying things directly from manufacturer and even making money like a 'fly buys rewards bonus' thing from others saving money. Well I can say I asked if I can help others to save money and I make money as well? The answer was yes. OH am I in. I introduced a few of my friends that work and are smart about things like this and out of 5 people 4 signed up. I went out last night and started talking to people who were doing this and some were solicitors, builders, cooks and there I was asking a lot of questions like “your a builder and your doing this?”

These people didn't care what I did or what had happened in the past because everyone starts at the same spot. Then I asked a lot more questions and found out that not only could I save money buying soap, shampoo and 2,500 other things and make money telling others but other people could as well. I started thinking of all the people I know and really who wouldn't want to save money and make extra as well.

Could something as simple as this be my light at the end of the tunnel. Could I make this work and sign up a lot of people. There's no selling involved and in a lot of ways I would be helping people which makes me proud. I know that the more people I show the more “No's” I'll get but also the more “Yes's” I'll get too. Let's face it I get no's a lot selling my magazines but it's when someone says yes that makes it worth while.

I guess I keep thinking what if it works? Could I be successful again? The worst thing I heard was part of the training was listening to CD's and most of them are motivational which will help me anyway in life. So I'm asking you, would you spare 40 minutes talking to me and hearing me out with a business idea? If people say no then at least there saying no because they don't want the business or like the idea, then that's better then not giving me a chance to show it. I can meet in the city or anywhere you like.

Something inside me feels that this is my shot to rebuild and if I only have a little chance at success then I want to give it everything I have because I know I wasn't meant to be a Big Issue Vendor forever and with funds I could help so many people.

I thank you for reading my stories and if I can show you this great business idea please email at or call on
0412 190 011.

I hope you all have a great day and thank you again.
Grant the Polite guy.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

BBQ Done

You know sometimes when thinking about how to start the first sentence of my stories is hard and I'll think will I start it this way of that way. Ha ha. After I have started writing it seems to just flow so I was a bit stuck tonight so I started it with this instead. Ha ha.

Now a lot of people say I always try and look at the positive side of things. That's not really true but I do try and see the good in life instead of looking for the bad with everything. Over the last 24 hours I have had a lot of good and bad comments about my BBQ.

Yes I didn't get the numbers I thought that I would. But I must say I feel very proud for what I put together in just 4 weeks. I mean, could I have done it better? Well yes. Could I have done worst? Well yes. Could I have not bothered and just not tried in the first place? Well yes.

But here's the side I see it. Homeless and the needy did come and there was clothes and food and for some friendships that they won't forget. Maybe just maybe some thought about getting on there feet. I know I have said in the past if this BBQ helps just one person it'll be worth it doing it twice over.

I seen workers that work hard at there jobs through the week giving up there day off to help others and for the most part working harder on the day then on a weekday with there jobs while showing a great smile and feeling good about what they were doing. I always said “it's not just the homeless that this BBQ is going to help”

I wrote a story about a lady and her son left home and went to live on the streets because of being beaten up by his step-father. I can say that same lady turned up at the BBQ and helped with different things for over 6 hours and every time I looked for her she was beaming with the biggest smile I swear she was beaming with joy.

Now I know I'm going to mess this up but I will try. There's so many people I'd like to thank for all there help and really say I couldn't have put this together without them. First I'll do the companies and organisations that helped with donations.
NAB Bank
Knitting for the Needy
Sign Co Employment
Crusty Devils Bakery
Peoples Mission
Rosie’s Food Van
Snap Printing
Samies Girl

Now as the day went on I noticed a lot of people working hard and helping in such a big way. Now I'm sure I'll leave some names out and I'm sorry about that.

Tony and son, Rebecca, Andrew, Anne, Denise, Dave, Erin, Alan, Marisa, Dee, Alicia, Gary, Marieke, Bec, Quinn, Tracy, Steez, Margaret, Sean, Darren, Clint, Karen, Bev, Cainian, Kevin, Girl friday and a whole lot more which I can't recall there names. If I missed your name I'm really sorry and I know you helped in a big way but that's the names I can think of at the moment.

I tried to get photo's of the this event but to be honest I went around to the people with camera's and asked if they could take a few shots for me and email them to me, but two days later I still don't have any. If some photo's come up I'll post them here.

There is a lot of talk about doing the same thing in Ipswich in about 10 weeks but I'm not sure if it's going to happen as yet. I love to help people but to be honest these events cost a lot of money and not all was donated. Not to mention a lot of work involved putting them together. But as I'm writing this I'm thinking of something a homeless person to me which really shocked me. “a person's protentional is only what they believe they can do” I think that's really true.

There was a lot of clothes and food left over after the event so I can say now there's about 5 homeless centres with a whole lot of resources to give out as well thanks to the people and companies that gave things to our BBQ that wasn't used.

I know no-one can always please everyone and yes there was a few people that said “well if I was doing this I would......” the fact is they didn't do it and if anything it took a person who sells magazines and lives out to put it together.

I would like to thank everyone for coming that did come to my event. I know a lot of people there did get help and please know that for a lot of you I couldn't have put it together without you.

Thank you for reading my stories and I hope you all have a great day.
Grant the Polite Guy.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Beaming with pride

Beaming with pride right now.

Over the last few days I've had so many phones calls and emails from workers and homeless asking about this BBQ I'm putting together. Now to be honest I started getting angry about how many I've had and thinking for something I'm not getting paid for there's a lot of work. Then I smiled and thought my biggest fear when starting this was no-one would be coming or helping. I was thinking I would be on my own in putting this together and fail.

The whole time I kept saying that this BBQ is showing the community coming and I must say it's happening. A Big Issue Vendor thought about helping other homeless people by putting on a BBQ and giving them clothes and things when it got so big that the community is coming together to help, hey there's some people saying it should be a 6 monthly event. There not the ones putting it all together. Ha ha.


I had to cut that last story short because I just got a phone call from someone. Oh am I angry right now. In my last post (which I deleted a few minutes ago) I stated how wonderful a charity was by helping by giving a lot of clothes and things for our BBQ. What a mistake that was.

I was told that 3 people today was saying they are me and wanted to collect things for the BBQ. Now at first I must admit maybe it was people asking for the BBQ, but then I was told people come and collect for events and then have garage sales and collect the money for themselves. I was told anyone reading about what I wrote would make people think of an easy way to collect things in bulk for a garage sale.

I can't believe it, I am struggling to put this together and getting all the help I can and some con artist wants to make a few bulks. You read my blog to see a score well I hope you read this one post.
You are a coward and have no morals at all. Here I am with nothing helping others and you have more, still I help while you take for yourself from others. Which one is a real man. You are a coward. I have seen harsh and really bad things on the streets but doing this is far worst. If you really need money I know some great magazines to sell, the money is not great but it's honest. Honest money may take longer to get, but you can hold your head up high.

I'm sorry for writing that but really I'm angry. I did go back and take out the swear words but to be honest it felt real good writing them in the first place. Ha ha. If someone did call and was meaning to donate it towards the BBQ, Please don't call any more. I will get them and give direct to BBQ homeless.

I am putting this BBQ together while chatting to people and seeing all the good in people but then there's that bad side which makes people think why bother. Really it's true it only takes a few to wreck it for the many. I can't stop con artist's from coming and loading up at my BBQ nor would I want to because really I would give to 10 con artist's if it means that one guy that really needs and wants help gets it.

I was going to end this post on that note but really that's not a happy ending at all, so here's a good ending.

There's a lot of good people working hard to put this BBQ together and be there to help someone really down on there luck. Sometimes I wish others could see the good in people as sometimes I do. Then helping those in need would be easier.

I am sorry about this post. I just can't end it on a happy note and really I have tried.

I hope you have a great day and I look forward to seeing you all at the BBQ. At Musgrave Park on the 17th of July from 10am to 4pm.

Thank you again for reading my blog.
Grant the Polite Guy

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Two weeks to go for BBQ

Ha ha I think I've quit from doing this BBQ about 100 times in the last week. It's way to big for me to try and put it together and I have never done one before. For example this BBQ needs Insurance, Port-a-loo's, Chairs, Tables, enough food and drinks for about 3,000people, not to mention working so hard trying to get as many clothes as possible for the day. I checked my Pay-pal and $212.60 won't go far. Ha ha

Now things look bad but I tell you when I think of quitting I just think of what that would mean not to me but others. Here's a few things that go over and over in my mind.

Because of the paper story I got a call from this old lady crying and saying “I want to donate and give you everything I can spare please” I asked why she was crying and if everything was okay. She told me her son was homeless and then went on to tell me about what had happened. When her son was 17 her husband had beaten him up and he ran away. Her and her husband found him a while later living on the streets and put him into a unit on his own. The son left and hit the streets again for about 6 months when the couple again found him and set up another unit. That night the husband beat into him again and he left. The husband has passed on and she has not seen her son for 32 years now. She went on to say she has looked for her son but never found him. She wants to help because maybe her son comes and maybe she might see him. I asked if she has a photo or anything? No she doesn't.


I got a call from a guy which I meet because he ask too. This guy was about 60 year old but very fit and strong. Now the reason he wanted to meet was because his wife has passed on and he was alone. He was asking me to introduce him to someone that was homeless so he could offer free rent to help get them on there feet. He said he don't need the rent money he just wants to help someone and in return he has company and someone to talk too. I asked him to come to the BBQ and meet everyone there and he could offer to whoever he gets along with. I know I shouldn't have but I also told him of some of the risks in doing so. Not everyone is as trusting as me. Remember I'm a nice guy. Ha ha.


There's a company coming to this BBQ and has so many job's on the books to offer, they said they are willing to help with accommodation and things too. I am meeting with them on Tuesday to work out what they need for them to be there. One appointment I'm very much looking forward too. Ha ha. They'll help so many. But really even if the only help one person to get on there feet then it was worth inviting them.


Now there's some really good reasons why I'd want to keep going with putting this together, but really the biggest reason to me is, “I know what it's like to be homeless and if it helps even one person it's worth doing”.

This BBQ is at Musgrave Park on the 17th of July from 10am to 4pm. Please all come because the working people are just as important because it's the community coming together as mates. So please invite all you know and enjoy a BBQ as mates.

I have asked if people can collect clothes, toiletries and things to donate to the homeless and bring on the day.

I have been thinking if I should make it even bigger by inviting those on low incomes, I mean if a person has accommodation but only $60 for food and things after paying rent then they are very much Needy. Now I can make this even bigger but I'd need more working people too. So please use the comments box or email me on or call me on 0412 190 011.

If any company want to set up a stall that helps the homeless in any way please let me know.

I thank you for reading my stories and I hope you have a great day.
Grant the Polite Guy.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Snowball Effect

This is the most important first. The BBQ event has been moved to 10am to 4pm on the 17th of July AT Musgrave Park South Brisbane. I know this will upset a few plans people may have had but really it was out of my control the council said The New Farm Park was not big enough to hold so many people. Ha ha.

You know how sometimes you start with a great idea and it snowballs into something else. Well here a great example. I started just wanting to collect clothes for a homeless centre which I did for Micah and that was a great success so I thought I'd share the love and collect clothes for another homeless centre as well. But this time I said I'd help with having a small BBQ out the front of the centre as well. Sounds easy, ha ha.

Now we are having a BBQ at Musgrave Park instead and because all homeless won't be coming and to get at least 1,000 there I'm printing 5,000 flyers just for the homeless to invite. Handing them out using the homeless centres and food vans. There's going to be at least a few thousand working people too.

Here's the 'snowball effect', because I'm having so many more people I have to get so many more things just to have a BBQ. I need Port-a-loo's, Security, First Aid, Insurance, a lot more food and the most important thing, a cold beer for me afterwards for doing a great job. Ha ha

I remember talking to the Council Guy and he's telling me all the different things I need for this and I'm thinking I just wanted that small little BBQ. Ha ha. For a couple of years now I have had to face the fact I can't do a lot of things because of my back and injuries and I must say sometimes I think I use it as a way of not trying when things get tough.

This BBQ will happen and if I need more things there then so be it I'll find a way to get them. I am in my heart needing to do this because to be honest it could help so many people out there (not just the homeless) that not putting it together would be a crime.

The one thing I laughed at was someone coming to me and saying this BBQ could be a yearly event, well I laughed and thought that was funny then I heard someone else say it and it wasn't as funny, now I've heard it about 50 times now from people and I kept thinking how I only wanted to do a small BBQ for about 20 homeless. This event if successful will be a yearly event, maybe every 6 months. But I have to get the first one done right first.

I got a message this morning asking if I had set up a charity for this yet? And asking if I wanted help setting it up. The first thought I had was I have less then $50 total and I'm a Big Issue Vendor. How did this snowball from a small BBQ to a huge event maybe every 6 months and setting up a charity. Let my be the first to say HELP I NEED HELP. Ha ha. But after thinking about it I am going to set up a charity and it will be worldwide known as a charity that helps the homeless and needy. Oh I'm going to need help if anyone wants to come in.

So I'm going to write here all things I need and if people could reply and tell me what they could do to help then please do.
More Marquee's
Security/Police officers(work and eat at same time)
Insurance for event
Food and Drinks
First Aid Officers

If anyone works for or can help with something on that list please email or call me. or 0412 190 011.
Now I am willing to let any company come and have a stall and signs as long as there doing something for the homeless. Eg Bank gives money boxes or anything like that.

For the people collecting Clothes, Kids Toys, Can Food, Toiletries, Books, Blankets and things firstly let me say thank you and if I'm able to I'd like some people to store from others so we can arrange things like all men's clothes in one area on the day. So if you can ask as many people as you know to look and see if there's anything they could donate then overall we will have a huge hall of things to give. If people can't stall all the things please contact me and I can ask others to pick them up.

I started handing out fliers to all my customers and so far about 180 and asking them to put that flier on a notice board and ask people that work there to donate things for the homeless. I'm not that good with computers but I'll put it up here and people can copy and use it or if anyone wants to email me I'll email it to them to put it on there notice boards.

Isn't it amazing how good things snowball into something great.

Please note that in the last 14 days only one donation has came through and that was $20. Please if I'm going to help with this BBQ then I will need to pay for things. Please donate with the donation box on the top left.

I thank you for reading my posting and if you can please share this post with everyone, there's little boxes near the comment box to share with Facebook and things. The bigger this event is the more people we can help because the community is coming together to help.
Thank you again.
Grant the Polite Guy.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Pull My Finger

Firstly I'm sorry I haven't been posting as much as I should have, but to honest I've been busy trying to put this BBQ together.
Let me say it's not easy putting a BBQ together for 1,000 homeless and 1,500 working people with only fresh air and a smile. Ha ha. But let me say I'm doing great with what I have. This BBQ will help a lot of people.
I was just looking and I haven't done a funny story for a while because I was writing serious stuff so this ones going to make up for lost time. Ha ha.
Oh I laugh and cry whenever I think of this story. Do not read this if you have a weak stomach or just eaten.
Imagine a group of guys sitting around drinking and just having fun telling jokes and things. Then one of them says “pull my finger” and farted as someone did. It's the oldest joke in the book but everyone still laughed even me. Ha ha.
Then one of us thought it'd be great to hold a small flame at the back end as someone farted and watch the flame get bigger for that split second. DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME. Ha ha. I thought I'd put a warning in just in case kids are reading.
So there we were drinking and when the need came to fart you'd drop your pants and everyone else would hover around laughing and one would hold the lighter already lit. Then a fart would come and a puff of flame would quickly fire up. Well all except two guys had a go at making a puff.
I shouldn't name his name, but TOM kept laughing and saying “I'm building a big one that will fill your lighter up with gas” Well everyone laughed and the night went on. Then Tom quickly shouted “get it ready here goes” 4 guys quickly moved in quickly with one ready with the lighter.
Now imagine this you have 4 guys waiting and yelling for him to hurry up and push as hard as he can to get a bigger flame. He pushed hard and fast to push out a huge fart. Yep you guessed it he had gastric and it sprayed everywhere, apart from where it hit the guys the spray went for at least a metre. The 4 guys didn't even see it coming. Now anything I write from here about this is well just dirty. Ha ha.
There is a follow up with this. Tom was aloud to drink with us again but for his birthday we pooled together and got him a butt-plug to block it up as a laugh. Before anyone asks me if I was one of the 4 guys let me make it clear NO I wasn't. As funny as it was watching the flame puff I was not fast enough to get there in time. Ha ha life is good.


I was on a bus the last week when a mother and a little girl got on the bus and sat on the next seat over from mine. The little girl (about 2yr) said “look at my new purse” holding it up for me to see, I started saying how nice her purse looked and how it matched her outfit. The mum started telling me that life has just gone down hill lately since just before the floods we had.
Because I had to get off the bus I couldn't wait to call her and get the rest of the story so I called. I found out that Effie had split from her partner taking herself and daughter Krystal-Lee to move in with friends and storing all they own at there which happen to be North Booval which as most would know went under-water with the flood. I asked how high the water went which she quickly said to the roof.
I started thinking this is bad so I began saying less and listening more, because sometimes people just want to talk about there troubles and have someone listen.
Effie went on to tell me how everything she owned including white goods, furniture, clothes and all photo's and personal things was washed away. So I asked what about the money given by the Government? She told me it was only a $1,000 because the house was not in her name and couldn't get any more assist from anywhere.
I asked about family and she said most of her family live interstate and she can't move because Krystal-Lee's dad was living in Brisbane but he don't see her much in fact this weekend is the first weekend he's going to have her since they separated.
I started saying how I had to restart and it's not easy then I mentioned about the BBQ on the 10th of July and the fact that people like her was the reason I'm putting it together. I explained that clothes and things would be given to all homeless and people in need with all the services and people to talk to.
After going into a lot of detail about the BBQ and how much it will help her I asked where she's living now? Because it was over the phone I can't say for sure but the more she talked the more I was sure she was giving up on herself when she told me about going from friends houses to friends houses and how it wasn't stable for her little girl.
Now I'm going to keep in contact with Effie and I have already asked her to help set up at the BBQ just to make sure she comes on the day and I'll try get her and her daughter as much help as I can.


I'd like to thank you for reading my blog a bigger thank you for the 1 person to donate $10 towards the BBQ in the last 10 days. This might sound harsh but really I'm trying to do something so great here putting this BBQ together and there's only so many things I can ask to be donated.
If you like my stories please donate towards the BBQ which is only in 3 weeks.
I hope you all have a great day and thank you for reading again.
Grant the Polite Guy.
P.S Please if everyone and look around and collect clothes and things to donate it would be going to a great course.
If you have any ideas please use this comment box or email me

Thursday, June 9, 2011

BBQ for all

Oh have I got great news to share. First of all for a few weeks now I've had to keep this hush hush but now I can say please buy the Sunday Mail (Newspaper) this Sunday. I'm in it. YEAH. Ha ha.

Okay now if you haven't read my blog for a while you may not know about my BBQ I'm doing. Well let me say shame on you for not reading it everyday. Ha ha No really I'm excited about what is coming together so well. But I'll explain what I'm doing.

This BBQ will have about 1,000 homeless people and about 1,500 working people. I know what a big BBQ but really I help the homeless by giving pies and cokes a lot, but this is going to help about a 1,000 at once. Here's the plan.

I'm asking everyone I know to help with this one. On the day homeless people will turn up and be given clothes and toiletries and having a great BBQ. I have even worked out to get a make up artist to do make-up for the ladies that want it. Now the best is Jemma from Lucid Living Pictures is going to be doing a 'Before and after pictures' for those that want them. So really what it means is they get lots of clothes and for some that want to put them on, then we can some them how great they look.

While eating there BBQ there's going to be 1,500 working people to talk too and let them feel part of our community. Being a BBQ means it's a social event and most people talk to others at social event and with so many working people around as well maybe some will rub off onto the homeless.

Now that's not all that's turning up. We have people coming from Mental Health, The Scouts, Drug Arm which has one of the Food Vans that help homeless everyday in the streets and many more yet to confirm to come.

But the best of all I have lot's of emails from people saying there collecting clothes and toiletries from everywhere to donate for this. Really is this the community coming together for the homeless or what!! ha ha.

Now I still get every now and then “your just a Big Issue Vendor” well let me say this Big Issue Vendor cares about not just myself but those I can help as well. Like really how many people would want to set-up a BBQ for 2,500 people at a park just to help the homeless. Ha ha (only crazy ones because it's a lot of work. Ha ha)

So I'm asking all please come and have a BBQ with me and maybe help someone by showing you care by giving the best gift of all 'your time'.

OH and I'm asking for everyone to please look and see if there's any clothes or blankets or really anything you never want to see again (no husbands donated please) Just bring them to our BBQ and enjoy the day or bring to me in the city any day. If you have a lot then maybe someone may be able to do a pick up, also I've been asking people every time they go to the shops to buy things please grab one toiletries item and just put in a bag. At the end of the 5 weeks there may be a few things to donate.

If people want to ask friends and neighbours for clothes and things for the homeless then just say Grant the polite guy said so and they can come to the BBQ too. Ha ha Then give them my blog address and I get more readers and help for the BBQ. Ha ha Life is good.

Some people ask me why I'm doing this because I need to get on my feet as well. Well to be honest I'm doing things like this because I feel it needs to be done in my heart. You don't need to have a lot of money to help people just a good heart. There's plenty of people with more money then they will ever spend yet never help anyone. As I've always said “Helping people is not a duty but the right thing to do”

So here's my plea. On the 10th of July from 10am to 4pm at New Farm Park I'm having a BBQ where I'm going to help as many homeless as possible and I ask you all to collect what you can and bring it to our BBQ and give it to someone that needs it and oh course enjoy a great BBQ, Aussie way.

I will add, the most important things is clothes that can be used for job interviews and warm things because winter is coming.

This is going to be a great day so come join us.

I would like to thank you all for reading my blog. Please, to make this BBQ bigger invite all you know to read this post, an easy way to do this is by clicking one of the buttons next to the comments box oh and of course come yourselves. If you would like to donate money please do so with the donation button at the top left of the screen.

I hope you all have a great day and thank you again.
Grant the Polite Guy.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

A Bird In The Hand

Now I must admit I get busy or to be honest I don't have much money and I can't spare much to do posts, But let me tell you about a beautiful girl I know (sorry guys she has a great boyfriend, I know I asked. haha)and yes i have done a post about her in the past Jemma Gorring. Now Jemma has been so kind to me that she is a person I can be proud to say she's my friend. Always asking how things are and really deep down a great person. Well one night she tells me how excited she was about putting together her first short film and you won't believe me but of all the great people she know's she asked me to introduce it on stage. I mean I was so proud just to be there but to be asked to introduce it, 3 words came to mind all night "Manners mean everything" so Phoebe and I stepped on the stage and I talked about my experiences before and since making the short documentary with Jemma Gorring and Phoebe Escott-kenny titled Grant The Polite Guy to an audience where both this film, and Jemmas new film A Bird In The Hand were screened.

It was a wonderful night and I wanted to share with you here today just a few more things of Jemma’s as I think she makes wonderfully touching films and these should be viewed by everyone! First off, on the night she was selling DVD’s of her new film ‘A Bird In The Hand’ which can only be exclusively seen if you buy a copy. She still has a few more for sale and they are $20 each plus $5 postage which you can buy from her website HERE

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

All proceeds go towards the fees and costs involved in entering this film into short film festivals around the world, which is really all she wants – for her work to be seen. Which brings me to the next part that you can do to support her, just look at her work! She runs her own film and photography business called Lucid Living Pictures and you can like her on facebook, follow her on twitter or subscribe to her on youtube (and if your feeling super generous you can do all three!) The links are below so please take the time to do at least one. Thanks so much for reading, and please don’t forget about my BBQ fundraiser for the homeless on July 10th, all the information is on my blog here

LIKE Lucid Living Pictures on Facebook

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PS - If you are after any photographic work in the Brisbane area at an affordable price, mention this blog to get 10% off if you book before the end of July 2011! Just email for a free quote!