Saturday, January 29, 2011

More Homeless due to Floods

A lot of people have been asking me about the cat. Well I accidentally left the front door open and the cat rushed outside. A few hours later it came back purring and nice. I spoke to Melissa (owner) and said the cat went outside and she said that's okay it'll always come back for food. So I'm going to let it out to get exercise outside then it'll be worn out to mess with me. Ha ha

I have you ever seen on T.V one of them wild cats where they jump and all paws swinging in the air and there teeth are coming straight for you. When you see them you say savage cat. Well I want one of them to look after it'll be tamer then this one. Ha ha. Tomorrow I'm going to sports store to buy cricket ball protectors. I think I need them. Ha ha


I've noticed a lot more homeless in the city now after the floods. Some of them have lose everything and no-where to go and for some just given up on themselves is the only thing left. This wouldn't be just here in Brisbane, it'd be everywhere that the floods hit.

I can say when you wake up one morning and realise you have nothing in the world then it's easier to not want to wake up. I feel for so many of the people that lost everything. Some will want to talk about it and some will shut themselves away, I'm thinking another pie and drink day coming very soon. I have woke up with nothing many of days and know how bad it can feel. For the ones that want to talk about it, They will have someone to hear them and maybe something uplifting for them to hear. The ones that don't will get at least a couple of pies and a drink and of course all I see will get a piece of paper with all the homeless helps I know about.

Now more then ever these people need to know where all the food vans and charities help are. Speaking of which I'd like to thank Arnold for the information given to me about help in the states. I am trying to get as much information as I can from everywhere and I've asked everyone reading this to please help me as it's a huge area (the world)ha ha.

I can't believe it, a customer just came to me and said if I go to the Centre-link office they will give me a list of all the help and charities in there area. I said “Great which one do you live near?” his reply was “Oh I was just going to tell you where to go not do it myself.”

I thought right away all my customers and people that read my blog live everywhere, how easy would it be for some to just walk in and ask for a piece of paper that they already have printed and just sitting there. If they felt uneasy they could say it's for Grant. So there I was thinking I know it'll help many people, I'll just have to do it all myself. Then one of my customers Jaye Flegg came to have a chat to me. Telling her all about it she says “Back in 10 minutes”

10 minutes later she handed me a list of all the Centre-link officers in Queensland. Saying “I'll do half” I know she works very hard and when my back hurts I can do these on my days off. I just said “I'd fax them a letter and ask them to fax me what they have on all the homeless help they have.” At our Post Office you can pay to send faxes and pay to receive them.

I have got a lot of help from people in the past and sometimes I ask if I can mention them in my blog. Trust me I have a large list of people yet to ask. Ha ha. But this is Jaye, Hey look I now know how to post pictures YES.
Jaye has always been such a great person and someone I'm very proud to call my friend. She has emailed me many of times with encouragement and information already with homeless helps.

I remember saying to her I lost a bag of cloths and things that I had stashed under bushes instead of carrying when the floods came. The hardest part about replacing it was getting a good bag. The rest I get from Lifeline and Salvo's and things like that. Jaye bought me a new bag. I ask this, There's her picture if you see her say hi because she really is a great person. I know the world is a better place because of her and people like her.

Please don't get me wrong there's a lot of people I'd love to write about, but wouldn't unless I asked first.


Please send in any information about where charities are or really any help out there which help the homeless and people in need.

If you like my blog then please pass it on to others. There's the Facebook and Twitter tabs to pass it or just pass on the address.

If anyone would like to email my it's

I hope you all have a great day and thank you for reading my blog.

Grant the Polite Guy.

Okay still trying to figure out how to post pictures with text writing. She got a pic on my Follower List. Sorry
Yes I did it. ha ha. Top left hand corner above the ads. Hey I am getting better. Not perfect but better. ha ha

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Killer Cat. ha ha

Please let me start with a story that starts two days ago in the afternoon. I'm going inside a unit to house-sit while the lady of the house is in Townsville caring for her mum. She has already gone.

It's all good and I look around to see the place. A cat walks towards me and rubs itself against me. (Nice cat). I move my bag in and start pulling things out when the cat rubbed itself against me again. I don't bend well so I sat on the lounge and lend forward to pat the cat. AAAHHH It bite me on the hand. I was thinking bad things then but I did say “It's okay puss I'm here look after you while Melissa is away.” The cat darted off. I checked my hand and noticed bleeding from the bite marks. Very sharp teeth.

About an hour later I'm sitting on the lounge writing notes for my mega-site when the cat starts racing around the room very fast. Then straight for me and scratches my leg and runs off. Now there and then I had thoughts going through my head that wasn't polite. Ha ha. It's well known I'm a dog lover but I'm also a animal lover so I could never hurt an animal ever.

I'll tell you this cat was coming hard and fast trying to do lots of damage and then running off. I got up and was starting to think defence. This cat is savage. Then I got it. I placed food and water down for the cat. It purred and rubbed against my leg in a nice way. “Here you go, you just wanted food.”

The cat ate it then turned and came straight for me as fast as he could teeth showing and claws at the ready AAAHHH he got me a beauty. Ha ha. I was starting to think I was safer sleeping out in the city with the drunks. This is one really savage cat. I pulled out a Calender from my bag and sat and just waiting for this cat to attack and I used the Calender as a shield. After about 10 attacks the cat gave up and started purring and walked over for a pat. YES I won, I started patting it and then this cat walked away.

Then nothing happen until the next morning, I had just gotten out of the shower and was drying myself when AAAHHH cat scratching my legs and running away. I dressed and headed out the front door as fast as I could.

I started asking my customers what to do about this cat. Yes there was a lot of shot gun jokes and the fact the unit was 2 floors up and do cats always land on there feet. After 10 times. Ha ha. Then I'd say “what kind of a house sitter would I be if I let the cat die.” ha ha. I know I could never hurt the cat but I had to do something.

I came back to the unit and seen the cat, It looked like it was smiling and thinking “The Prey is back” I swear. Ha ha. I rushed over and got it's food and water. Keeping my eyes on this cat and ready for another attack. Yep you got it, The cat was purring and nice and all that. The cat finished eating and looked at me. Except this time I was holding my Calender in hand with a big smile. I was ready this time. One attack then she gave up. I know some of you are laughing about this right now. Let me say in a month or two I will to but this cat is really good at attacking when your not looking. I mean really good. Ha ha.

I want everyone to know I have not hurt this cat, it's not in my nature, but I have bite marks and scratches on my legs and hands that shows which one is winning this fight. Ha ha.

I spoke to the Melissa and she said “Oh the cat may scratch sometimes because it don't like strangers” I replied “oh really” Then she says “Just don't get it angry” I heard the words and all I could think about asking is “when you coming back?” then thinking oh no. That cat was smiling again. Ha ha.

Third day now and yes the cat still scratches me but not as much, and now sometimes sits on my lap for me to pat it. I was about to type that were becoming friends while patting her when she bit me on the hand. AAAHHH savage cat.


Bragging time,
I remember a day before I started selling the Big Issue that I was sitting in the park and thinking how I'd lost everything and the pain would never stop. I had given up on everything including myself. I felt worthless and just wanted to waste away.

I'm looking after a killer cat. Ha ha. My back has strengthen and less pain, I'm working again selling my magazines which means a lot to me. I'm trying to build a mega-site to help a lot of people with information on resources and services. 200+ people would say “Hi” to me most days. I've been on T.V and radio many of times in the last 12 months. Papers write about me. (all good stuff too) Ha ha. I've been awarded “Vendor of the Year” and “Most helpful Vendor”. My blog gets viewed by thousands of people each week all wanting to read the things I've written. I have meet and proud to call friends from everywhere. I have friends I know accept me for being me. Not what I own or have. That's my biggest achievement to date. Now please get ready for my newest great news.

Queensland Shelter is putting together there quarterly magazine called “The Quarterly” and have asked me to write a story for them about homeless and the floods. What an honour. I'm so proud at the moment. Here's me I always hated writing. I have my blog, Mega-site building and now a story for a magazine.

Here's the reason I'm writing this, well I love to brag because it also reminds me some of the things that are good in my life and doing right. ha ha. But really the main reason is, when you see a homeless person out there and he smells and looks dirty and for most, all they can think about is walking faster pass. That guy or girl could achieve a lot more in life then me if someone at the right time in his/her life stops and says “hi” I couldn't be were I am now without good people encouraging me.

I may not have much as in things and a place but I have hopes and dreams and really I have found myself again. So please it's just a “hi”

I'd like to ask again if anyone can help me to find homeless helps everywhere. All countries. Please email it to me at

I'd like to thank you all for reading my blog. If you like it then please tell others.
I hope you all have a great day.
Grant the Polite Guy.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Help those that need it.

This is a posting of me asking for help. I want to have a site where I have all the homeless helps available everywhere. I know I have people viewing this blog from all states in Australia and around the world. So I ask you, If you can find out about in your area or state or Country.

Men's Hostels.
Women's Hostels.
Family Hostels.
Food Vans.
Food banks.
All Charities that help the homeless.
Churches that do things.
Anything that helps homeless or people in need or low income.

There's so many resources out there that can help people when they need it the most. Most don't know where. So I ask you again please help me to find them all everywhere. All countries all states all towns.

Please take a few minutes to help me to help others by finding the information to share all in one place.

What would be good is to get.

Who they are?
What they do?
When they do it?
Where they are?

Please send all information to me at

I know the web is big and reaches billions of people so please pass this on to as many people as you know.

I thank you very much for your time and I hope you have a great day.

Grant the Polite Guy.


Firstly I'm sorry for not posting sooner but like most people in Queensland the flood made everyone's world upside down. I quickly looked over my emails and read a lot of requests about what to write about here. Which is good because let's face it I could use all the advice I can get. Ha ha. But I can't please everyone. Some want good and uplifting stories and most want to hear more terrible news, as if they haven't heard enough. There was a lot of coverage on the T.V and web about the flood with the good and bad side of it.

I would like to tell you what I have seen or heard from just talking to people.

Last week I was walking around the city late. I could hear a couple talking loudly. (Late at night everything is louder because it's so quiet of a night time.) They were stuck in the city and couldn't get home because of the floods they had stopped the buses and trains. I stepped closer and asked if they were okay? The guy stood and deepened his voice and said things like there fine and to leave. Trying to be very tough. Ha ha. I must say I didn't care, he was only doing the one thing he knew to protect himself and his wife from possible danger. But there is some homeless or drunks out there that would not like being spoken to like that and would see just how tough he really was.

I turned and didn't say anything I just thought 'there on there own' and started walking away. “Grant” I turned, the girl had called me. I stepped towards the girl and asked how she knew me? Yep a customer. After talking for about half an hour they had told me all about being stuck and having no money. They didn't want food just a place to sleep. I took them behind the church and gave the girl my sleeping bag not because of the cold but because of the floor.

The next morning about 5:30am I went and got them a coffee each and woke them which was easy because the girl had slept all night, but the guy stayed awake all night watching me. Maybe because he didn't trust me or the fact I was better looking. Ha ha.

They left and said thank you and things. I only had one thought. I hope they understand better it don't matter who it is, everyone gets down on there luck at one time in there life. It's really not hard to do.


Now talking to lot's of people I normally asked them. “You didn't get flooded did you mate?” Now I got a lot of different replies, most said no. But there was the same answer coming from two different people. One a business guy and a homeless guy that carries everything around in a trolley.
“The water was close but no it didn't flood me. But look at it this way, for a while I had water frontage which put the value of my place up.” ha ha.

Now please don't get me wrong I know a lot of people lost everything and this is a disaster, but sometimes looking on the brighter side is a way to deal with it.

Only in Australia we have true spirit in this disaster, not borrow money from other countries but instead we get a broom, gumboots and a few sausages, walk down the road and help our fellow Aussies.

Everyone I have spoken to was effected or helped those that were effected. That's Aussie's being Aussie's. I will say I've never been more proud to be an Aussie then I am right now.

A lot want to know about the homeless when the floods hit. Well I don't know them all so I really don't know. But in most cases there was plenty of notice and being homeless means you can get up and move quickly. The biggest problem with this is they don't know where food vans are in the area if they moved far. Also they leave friends they may have behind.

Another big thing is with so many people needing help, now there's going to be less resources to help the homeless. But because of this flood I think there's going to be a lot more homeless then before.

I'm going to be putting a lot more effort into building that site which will help more people.


I like doing nice uplifting stories but really with everything that's been going on over the last week there's not much uplifting to write about. But I think it's what we need at the moment because sometimes thinking about good things helps to get over the bad ones. So get ready for some past ones. Ha ha.


I went to a big store to buy batteries. I walk in and didn't have a clue where to find them so I just started walking around looking. Next thing I heard “security to level 3” I thought straight away another shop lifter should have done the right thing. I go down the lifts to another floor and heard “security to level 2” I'm now thinking they may need help so I ask a girl working there “is everything okay do you need help?” she says every thing’s fine and I keep looking for these batteries. Now I could have asked the girl but I really was not in a hurry because it was raining. I was happy to just walk around.

I went down another level and as I reach the floor I heard. “security level 1” Now I'm not dumb. I look down and I'm wearing my Big Issue vest. Time to have some fun. “security to level 3” “security to level 2” “security to level 2” “security to level 3” Oh I spent an hour going everywhere. Ha ha. Finally Someone came to me and asked if I was needing help? I said I was looking for batteries which she helped me to find and I walked to the cashier. Yes I was asked to show my bag and they looked everywhere in it. Now I have been in this store a lot of times but this is the first time I have worn my vest. Haven't they heard the saying “Can't judge a book by it's cover.”


Hair cut and shave.

I remember one afternoon before I started selling magazines I was in a lot of pain from my back and knee hurting, I was on a bench in the city trying to lay straight to help my back. I was gritting my teeth from the pain. I had medication to stop the pain but I was becoming addicted to the pain relief (NOT junkies drugs) also at the time I wanted to give up on myself and just waste away.

I looked dirty and yes I really did smell a lot. I remember two guys in suits walking pass and saying to each other something about me being a waste of life and junkie. Now then I had nothing left and really agreed with them except for the junkie bit. Ha ha. I pulled my jacket over my head and covered myself from the world.

Now this story really sounds bad. But there's a great ending. I promise.

I started to strengthen in my back and started selling The Big Issue magazines. I started being proud in myself and instead looking downward I started looking people in the eyes and of course had a smile. I started being me again. YES. Ha ha.

About one year later I had asked a few customers to meet me for dinner at a club as friends. I went to the Salvo's and bought a nice shirt and pants just to wear that night. I got a free hair cut from a customer (oh that's another story. Ha ha ). I had shaved and really looking forward to seeing the look on my customers face when they see me. Ha ha

So there I was looking oh very good and yes you guessed it one of the guys that had said I was a waste of life was waiting for the bus to. The bus came I followed him on the bus and sat right next to him on a seat. He sat and started reading his paper, but I started talking to him, “ Can you believe the hot weather where having lately?” (It was a year ago) He started talking to me as friends.

Now I have became good friends with this guy and I've meet his family many of times. Tomorrow I'm going to hand him a 'Thank you note' that I give my customers.

Tom people may hit bad or hard times, but that don't mean there bad people.


Now I'd like to keep going and tell lots more, But if it's to long no-one will read them. (Too long and looks more like a novel instead of a blog) Well I think. Ha ha I really don't know because this is my first.

Now I'd like to mention I got an email from Joanna, saying she loves this blog and what I'm doing with it. (Oh I love hearing that. Ha ha) Well this email not only said it's good but she is going to help tell others by placing link on her site. Wait for it YES Queensland Shelter. This site is getting known and is going to help many in the future. So please if you want to contact Queensland Shelter here is there site. I don't care who helps who as long as people get help.

I would like to say a thank you to a friend of mine I have never meet. Arnold sometimes you have helped me through tough times and never knew it. Thank you for just being a mate.

If you see someone that's homeless or just down on his or her luck, please think of this “Sometimes just saying 'hello' or 'how's thing's could change a persons life” I know or would like to believe it did for me.

I didn't want to say this the way I'm going to say it, but it's the only way I know how. A lot of people walked passed me in the city before I sold magazines and thought nothing or nothing good because of the way I was. I had given up on everything. I'm sure there's lot's of homeless people out there with there own stories and just as nice or polite. I know some are not. But it could be that one day that changes everything.

I hope you all have a great day
If you like my blog, please tell others.
Grant the Polite Guy.

P.S I have put ads on this blog to try and make some money from this blog. They are not click-get paid ads. I get 10% commision from sales only. I'd like to keep them and see if they work, but will remove quickly if they affend anyone. So please feel free to use them or if you don't like them let me know.

Thank you again
Grant the Polite Guy.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

A message from my friend Marieke

I have been asked to pass this on in an email.

Hi Friends,

Hope all is well with all of you, and that you haven't been badly affected by the floods.

I'm writing to ask for your help and support, so that we can help and support the people affected by the floods.

A few days ago I was frustrated because I wanted to go and help people move their stuff out of their homes, and it was my daughter's nap time. So my friends and I found a way we could contribute to Queensland's flood recovery.

What I'm asking from you is for you to spread the word. This is a blog that needs the community to contribute their stories and pictures for it to be successful and to help others the way it is intended. You are the community. But my contacts are limited. Will you help us make this a truly exceptional site?

Please have a look at it at

To give you some idea of what the site is I've included the blurb that will be on the home page below. It is still in the early stages so quite imperfect but hope you like and support it anyway.

Thanks so much everyone

I love you all


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Here to help.

The State, the Country has been hit hard. This flood is effecting so many already and many more to come. I'll be honest all I can feel right now is sad, so many people are losing everything. Such devastation everywhere.

I know for a fact there's nothing worst then losing everything you have. But know this, life goes on. There is nothing that can't be replaced as long as your safe.

The reason for my posting. I'm offering to help anyone with a clean up for those affected. I don't care how long it takes or what needs doing. Please email me on or post a comment here. Just send Phone number so I can call or just address and I'll get there. Your not alone.

I'll come online every few hours to check messages. I'm more then happy to help so please ask.
I wish everyone safety in these bad times. But please be safe and don't go near the water.
If any of you see homeless people, please take out a minute to ask if there okay. They may not have homes but they are or may be losing where they live too.
Thank you and I hope you are all safe. I await your emails or messages so I can help.

Grant the Polite Guy.

Umbrella's are deadly.

Well as a lot of you would know it's been raining and floods everywhere. So please understand I feel sad for the people it's effecting. Trust me I know there nothing worst then having a good day and the next you lose everything. There is places that you can donate money to help the people effected. But the news on T.V and radio will give you all the updates and bad things about that.
I must say today I feel guilty writing about me right now with everything that's happening. But this is a blog about a vendor. Besides a few stories that brings a smile may be a good thing.
Please let me start with yesterday morning. It's raining and I worked across the road under shelter at the Post Office. One of my customers walked up to me and throw me a new soap bar in it's packet saying “Don't waste the water mate.” Oh he had a great laugh. I knew he was joking.
Now I can take a joke well. But now it was my turn, ha ha. This morning that same customer came walking towards me smiling. I stepped towards him and shaked his hand and pulled him close. I sniffed and while holding he's hand, handing him a can of deodorant saying “Mate you need this more then I do” ha ha I smiled and his face just went red. I think for most of the day he's going sniff himself and think he needs to put on deodorant but the can I gave him was empty. Ha ha. Now I can take a joke, but I can also do them. I may have lost my asserts and have injuries but I'm still me. I don't want people to think I'm mean so tomorrow I'll tell him he smells pretty. Ha ha.
If your going to give me soap on a raining day please at least give me a towel too. Ha ha.

Umbrella's can be deadly. When working at the Post Office the rain was coming down hard and all the smart people had umbrella's. Not me. Ha ha. So there I was standing there holding up my magazines and whack. You know them pointed things on the tips of an umbrella hit me right in the back of the head. I turned as the person was saying “sorry” when whack again this time on the side of the head by someone else's umbrella. Don't get me wrong I didn't get angry because I knew it was an accident and both said “sorry”. I stepped back and smiled while rubbing my head and said “I should get hazard pay when it rains them things are deadly.” ha ha
So please if you use umbrella's then try watch the tips or just the nice guy with the yellow vest.

This next guy really had no idea.
This one will take a bit to explain right. The rain kept coming down so I went to better shelter to work. I started working outside the Queen's Plaza Shopping Centre.
So there I was on the corner selling my magazines. Working very hard I might add. Ha ha. A new model BMW 4WD stops at the corner. Now where this guy stopped was at the top of a ramp going down to the under ground parking. To be honest I didn't take much notice as it'll happen a couple of times a day. The only people that get upset about it is people waiting to go down and park.
I'm working and trying to stop people and sell my magazines. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed as he put his baby into the car his wheels moved forward a bit. I looked and the wheels didn't move. I stop selling for a moment and just watched this guys car.

The guy moved to the back of the 4WD to put in the pram in the back as the wife rush beside him to get in the passenger side. After throwing the pram in and slamming the back rear door the 4WD it moved forward again. But at the same time a car pulled up behind them and sounded it's horn for them to move. It was raining very hard and they could hear much and just tried to hurry as much as possible. The wife and husband started yelling at the driver of the other car to move back so they could reverse and get out.
Now please let me say, The only thing going through my head at the time was he never put the handbrake on and he was at the top of a ramp going down to a underground car-park. I dropped the magazines and red bag I carry them in to the ground and raced to the front of the 4WD and pushed to try and stop it rolling down the ramp. (I hate to yell but I can) I was trying to yell at this guy his handbrake wasn't on. But this guy already had someone else yelling at him and with the hard rain didn't hear me right or was to enraged to care what I was saying.
He came to me demanding I get away from his 4WD. (I kept thinking are you kidding.) I tried to yell his 4WD didn't have it's handbrake on. But all this guy could see is someone yelling from a car behind him and someone holding his 4WD at the front. (I must say my face didn't help, Holding the 4WD hurt my back a lot and I didn't have a smile on my face) The guy and his wife yelled a lot as they got into the 4WD and reverse quickly and drive off. No thank you, no nothing. If anything they thought I was attacking them somehow.
I know I'd do the same thing again if it happened. I'm not trying to get more sales saying this but it's really what people do. When we see danger it don't matter who it is we help if we can. Now right now I'd say “it's being Aussie, but no it's being human”

Thank you for reading my blog. If you like it please tell others.

I hope you have a great day

Grant the Polite Guy.

Monday, January 3, 2011


Well I thought I'd seen it all, but today I meet a couple I'll never forget. Well not for a long time. Ha ha

There I was working and a couple came over to me and bought a calender from me after I showed then I was the centre fold (Mr June).

I was ready to say thank you for buying, when the lady says “he's perfect” to her husband. Oh he was not happy at all. Me not knowing what was going on said the only thing that came to mind. “perfect for what?” with a smile.

They ignored me and stepped back and she whispered something to her husband. Then returned and the wife says “ I want you to come home with us and f**k me in front of my husband.” My hands went up and I backed off very quickly. “WHAT” The wife came forward and said “My husband went out on New Years night and slept with a cheap tramp, so I want something dirty in me so he knows every time he touches me he'll know you was in me like he was in a cheap bitch.”

Now I will say over a thousand thoughts went through my mind in less then a minute. At first I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I looked from her to him and back again. Like was she calling me dirty? I had a shower this morning, okay I may have needed a shave but hey.

“I can't do that, I'm sorry for what's happened with your husband but what your saying is not going to change anything.” me more in a shocked voice because I couldn't believe I was being asked this.

Now this lady started getting very pissed off. She was offering herself to a (dirty person) and being rejected in front of her husband which I never wanted to do, but I may be down on my luck and have less in life now, but I still have my standards and morales. If I was to lose my standards or my morales then I would lose myself.

I do try to keep the bad language down when writing here. Let's just say I had her call and say bad language to me for about 3 minutes, which I didn't even try to stop her. I knew she was hurting and then I had rejected her. Anyone would be really angry.

As they were leaving she stormed off ahead as the husband said “Thanks mate” I gave him a look to show him we were not mates “didn't do it for you” I turned and headed for my bag. I was finished working for the day.

I went to the pub for a beer after that. Having someone talk to you like that really makes you feel bad inside. I came out and headed towards the mall to buy some things. From a distance I could see that same couple walking with a guy heading down the street. I stopped walking and looked better at who they were walking with. I remember him from when I handed out pies on Christmas morning. When chatting to him about being homeless he told me he left home because he told he's parents he was gay and then his father had kicked him out of there house.

I smiled and wondered which he was going to be with when he gets there. Ha ha

Being with a partner should be special, not for revenge. I do get offers to do much the same thing, but this is the first time being asked for revenge. If she went ahead with it she will only hate the guy later and herself as well.

Before I get comments from guys saying how dumb, please don't. I would do the same thing again.

I'd like to thank every-one firstly for reading my blog as I get so much joy writing about things that I see or happen in life. As I've said before “if you like my stories please tell others.” I love to share. Ha ha

I received 5 Christmas Cards in the post and from my customers 17 cards and a few gifts. I want you to know it meant a lot to me, knowing I have friends that care enough to take the time out to do so.

Well the New Year is starting and for some, thinking this could be a fresh start at something. I wish you all happiness and luck for the year ahead.

Thank you again and have a great day.
Grant the Polite guy.

P.S. I just noticed I have 20 followers now. Thank you and great to see. I hope you enjoy the reads.
If anyone has idea's or changes you think I should do then please email me at or put it in a comment.