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I'm going to post here as I get it all the info I can about Homeless Helps. If you see anything I don't have please let me know. All information I have is by searching the net or people telling me. I just want to help most by having all information on one site.

Brisbane City
Food Vans
7:00am at City Botanic Gardens River Stage
There's a BBQ by Eddies Morning Van.

7:40am at City Botanic Gardens River Stage
Sandwiches and Hot Drinks By Ecumenical Coffee Brigade.

7:00pm at Little Roma Street CarPark,Cnr Turbot and Roma Street
Vegetarian food by Vital Connection.

8:00pm at Emma Miller Place/Little Roma Street
Hot Drinks by Rosies Youth Mission


7:40am at City Botanic Gardens River Stage
Sandwiches and Hot Drinks By Ecumenical Coffee Brigade.


  1. Grant the polite guy,
    You probably have no idea who I am, and that is perfectly alright. But I am a year 12 student who has met you only twice during this year. The first time I was by myself, on a sunday outside the David Jones centre. The second, I was with two other girls and I was elated to see you again. You didn't remember me but I'm not bothered- the amount of people you must meet in a day! Each time you gave me a note that moved me; a thank you note, from Grant the polite guy. You could be furious at the world, or bludging off others, yet you choose to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and try to help yourself AND other people in our selfish community. While I know there are others, people like you and me who are trying to make a change, the amount who rush through life stopping and thinking of noone but themselves... I can't begin to explain how much you inspire me, and in a way how much I feel I know you, despite that I don't. I read those words every day (I've pasted them on my mirror!)and when I'm thinking UGH SCHOOL, I stop and go, I'm lucky. I have all these oppertunities, and choices and amazing times ahead of me. I wanted you to know, that out of the thousands of people who rush through that city and accross that crossing on a day, you have touched one. It frustrates me how all those people rush past without a second glance, so I always make an effort to say hi to the friendly vendors I see.
    I wanted to say; You inspire me.
    Thank you, on behalf of Brisbane for, at the very least, simply existing.

  2. Hi Grant

    Wonderful day yesterday - you are to be congratulated. There may not have been as many people as you would have liked to help, but the one's who were there must have thought they were in heaven. Particularly Robert (2 weeks old) and hid grandfather, Robert. He got to eat for the first time in a couple of days, and collected so much stuff for little Robert (who had been left in his care by his parents). We were honoured to be able to take care of little Robert while Grandad looked for necessaries for a little one. He certainly won't be cold, and has his first indigenous beanie. I was the lucky one to take Robert and Robert home and got to hold him one more time while Grandad took everything up to his room. So thank you from Robert and Robert. If noone else got anything out of it, and they did, the day made the Robert's life so much better.

    Annette (K4BN)

  3. Dear Grant
    I have just finished reading your article from the QWeekend mag. Thank you for opening my eyes about the homeless people. Your story was amazing and I felt very emotional reading it. Thank you.

  4. Grant,
    the article about you and your life in Qweekend magazine really touched me. You are an inspiration to anyone and I am truly impressed you have not given up on yourself despite all the obstacles and challenges. Good luck for everything you do and a have a wonderful life with your family. keep up the good work!

  5. Dear Grant,
    The article in Q Magazine was fantastic. You, Cheryl and Jasmine deserve the best of everythig after everything you have all been through, especially yourself. Yet you inspire so many people, ahd help others less fortunate than yourself..
    it has been a pleasure helping in a small way at the Mates helping Mates BBQ at Musgrave Park, and we looking forward to being at Ipswich Mates helping Mates BBQ this Sunday at Brown's Park, Ipswich.
    Hopefully the handmade clothes, blankets, toys, etc we give out to the less fortunate will make them realise that there are actually people out there who care about them, and don't see the homeless "as ghosts" as you so aptly put it in your interview.

    Wishing you all the best with your new franchise and with your other business. No one deserves success like you do!!

    Karen and Peter
    Knitting for Brisbanes needy

  6. Hi Grant,
    I think what you do is wonderful. You not only empower the people you help, but you also empower those who want to help but don't know where to start.
    There is a drop-in centre that you might be interested in adding to your above list, they're called the 139 Club and they offer meals, showers, counselling, medical help etc.

    505 Brunswick Street
    New Farm

    I've spoken to them a few times when I've had some donations to send in, they seem like great people :)

    All the best in your new business, and if I'm ever passing by I'll definitely stop in!! I hope to be able to help with the Feb 26 BBQ too, even if it's just with some toiletries :)God bless mate


  7. Grant i only just read the Q weekend article (I'm behind on my reading!) & your story is beyond inspirational! You have so much to give. I then came right to your blog & read what you expect to be your last post because of a woman recently letting you down several times. I can understand how disheartening this must be, but it will be so much more disheartening to your community if you give up on helping people altogether that truly need it, because of those who don't. Please consider the hope you've given them & the many more lives you can change before giving up. You have a gift! Christina

  8. Hi Grant

    What you are doing it great. We need more people like you to help those who are needy. My uni is helping you as you would know, and I am donating some clothes.

    Hope this helps.

  9. Hi Grant,

    I'm pretty sure I went to school with you in NSW and I would like to say congratulations. what you are doing is fantastic. I wish you and your family all the best for the future.


  10. Good for you, I worked for 3 years with the Big Issue and i know how hard it can be getting the message out to the public.God bless you Grant. I want to be your facebook friend forever..

  11. Hi Grant,
    I heard you speak at the Sunday Assembly in Ashgrove, and am so keen to come and help at the next Homeless BBQ and buy Have a Go Coffees. I can't find much info about the next BBQ. Is it at Musgrave Park, 10am, Sunday 23rd Feb? Apart from bringing some gear, what else can I do to help?
    Cheers Chez

  12. Namaste Grant. Please let us know of the next Musgrave park event and the details. Lovely to meet you.

  13. Hi Grant, you gave me one of your slips of paper the other day and I was really moved with what you are doing here I am thinking about how we could make the information for the homeless into a global site instead of having thousand to search through and costing the homeless more money searching for help. I would need help and you maybe able to help me do that

    If you can join here and let's have a chat