Tuesday, July 26, 2016


Well last Sunday we did another Homeless BBQ helping a lot of people with free food, clothes, toiletries and much more and that’s something to feel good about because it’s helping so many people, but really the biggest joy for me this time was watching organizations and people who just want to help come together as a community to help homeless and people in need when they need it most.

I have lost track of how many BBQ’s we have done but it’s every 8 weeks for at least the last 8 ½ years. That’s thousands and thousands of people getting help. Something to say “A job well done” not just me because I started it but the community because I couldn’t have ever done it on my own.

Then there’s the people we have helped one on one. Amazing.

To think a homeless guy with nothing started all this. WOOHOO.

Now I want to take the focus off me and share a few pics of some amazing people who helped come together to make a difference in people’s lives they have never meet. These guys are Hero’s



Grant the Polite Guy
Grant Richards

Monday, June 13, 2016

Here I go again

Well it’s true I always like looking at the positives in life and things I do. As a lot of you know I recently had my whole leg artery transplant and I couldn’t walk right for about 10 weeks, I even used one of them mobile scooters just to get about.

Well with different expenses and things I lost my unit, there just wasn’t enough money for everything. Now before anyone starts worrying and things I am good, I am temporary staying with someone and one thing I know is that if I work hard I can get back on my feet again.

The Homeless BBQ’s we do helping hundreds of people every event with food, clothes, toiletries and things will still go ahead every 8 weeks and still making a huge difference to help homeless and people in need.

I have started selling the Big Issue magazines again in the city as a means to earn income to get on my feet which really is great for me because I’ll see and keep in touch with homeless and yes still (When I have money) do my “Pie and Coke” which means buying a homeless person food and drink and sitting down having a chat about how they can get on their feet. Thinking about doing this brings joy to me because some of the happiest moments in my life was helping someone get on their feet even when I was homeless, you see not all problems cost money to fix, sometimes making a phone call changes everything.

So for my positive part, yes I lost my unit but now I’ll be spending a lot more time helping and being around homeless which enables me to help so many more people. I believe I will get back into another place soon though with hard work selling my mags, so if you see me and want one please come by and say “Hi”

Another positive which you all will like is that I’ll have lot’s of amazing stories of real life homeless I can write about which for most will inspire you because it’s amazing watching some of these guys getting back on their feet and what they go through getting there.

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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Done a lot

WOOHOO I’m glad to be writing again. I am sorry I stopped but I really got busy doing everything to help other homeless. I did keep doing my Homeless BBQ’s every 8 weeks which reminds me that the next Signal Flare Homeless and People in Need BBQ is at Musgrave Park on Sunday the 8th of May. Yes I know its Mother’s Day, but really there’s lots of mothers out there that are homeless with their kids. At this event as always we will be giving free Food, clothes, toiletries, blankets, kids toys and much more to homeless and people in need.

We have started projects were we help families that are homeless and helping them to find accommodations then decking out the place for free turning it into a home with everything needed.

We started helping people on a One on One basis where we help a homeless person find accommodation, deck it out with everything need, give that person a complete make-over including job interview clothes, get a job all with 7 days. Making a huge difference.

Lately I’ve had to slow down because of bad health. About 2 weeks ago I had a Fem right leg artery bypass and then again the next day because it didn’t work first time leaving me with a scar from just above my groin to just below my knee, not able to walk very well. The Doc say 4 weeks before I can drive, 6 weeks before I can walk without aid and 10 weeks extreme light duties.

This has slowed me down but the Homeless BBQ’s will still go ahead thanks to the awesome people we have on our Board and the heart of the community coming together to help which has been the same for the last 8yrs doing them.

I asked for donations on Facebook and borrowed money to buy a second hand mobile scooter which I use to get around and YES WOOHOO I’m able to go back to selling the Big Issue mags again meaning I can make money again and help homeless by buying them a “Pie & Coke”

I might feel down and not able to do much, but I’ll never quit or give up. I did that once and never will again.

I look forward to writing my stories and sharing them with you all.

Thank you very much for reading my blog and I hope you all have an awesome day.

Grant the Polite Guy
Grant Richards

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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Community showing heart

Time to make a difference and show there’s heart in the world. WOOHOO.

A few weeks ago I posted on Facebook and helped a Single dad with 4 kids (Youngest 1yr) that the mother went to the bank on payday and 3 days later still had not come back. We helped with lots of food and things like that which I’ll always remember because the kids opened boxes of food as if it was Christmas and was excited.

An update is,

She came back with a new boyfriend and kicked him and kids out. House in her name (World War 5)

With help the Dad and 4 kids who are upset and going through hell right now got a 3 bedroom home.

I sat down with him and he’s really hurting, seems like his whole world is being turned upside down and for no fault of his own but he’s trying hard to be strong in front of the kids. One of the biggest problems he had was even though he now had a 3 bedroom house he has nothing to put in it except a few changes of clothes.

I asked if he and the kids could stay at his mother’s for 2 more days and not worry about the house, I asked for the keys.

In my heart I want to help with everything I have. Let this whirlwind of upset stop so this single dad and kids can start getting on with their lives again.

Here’s my plan. WOOHOO

Deck out a whole house in 48hrs asking the community to come together and help with Beds, furnisher, kids toys, kitchen things, bathroom things and everything else needed. Something like what them T.V shows do and let the Dad and kids open the doors to a new beautiful family home. Yes everything will be second hand but all heart.

The way I have seen homeless people is that at one point in their lives things become very tough and just at that point things go good or very bad. The difference could be someone stepping up saying “Mate I’ll help you through these difficult times”.

Stepping away I held the keys and started making calls. Being a Sunday most places were closed but Impact Church (https://www.facebook.com/impactchurchltd/?fref=ts ) answered and started telling their network of people to help. Within hours they collected

Enough beds with mattresses, Towels, Dryer, Lounge that folds out into a bed, Fridge, Some toys, Clothes, Nappies (always need more) Desks X 2, Office chair, Bench top oven, Some linen...not sure what sizes, Dining table and chairs

Now I’m going to work out what else is needed and get started. I know I’m going to make sure all the cupboards are full of food, pots and pans, lots of kids toys, a computer for learning for the 7-8yrs, coffee table,T.V, microwave and a mountain of things I can’t even think of.

One thing I am doing a plea on is I am asking if anyone is free tomorrow (Monday) to help collect and set all this up?

If you can please call Grant the Polite Guy on 0412 190 011

I’m going to shop this guy and kids that they are special and the community has a lot of heart for them.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

So Proud

I was just sitting here thinking, feeling very proud of myself. Yes I was very successful in life before my accident that put me in and out of hospitals for 9 months. I lost everything including my home, family and became homeless. But I’m more proud of the fact that I have in my eyes turned everything around.

I started selling Big Issue magazines instead of going on Disability pension. I started helping other homeless along the way even when times were tough for me, buying food and things for others when I had extra money.

I am proud to say I have made some incredible friends selling the Big Issue and together we started doing free food, clothes and toiletries at the park for other homeless  and people in need.  400 turned up at our first event.

We kept doing our Homeless BBQ’s every 8 weeks for about 5 years now and they have gotten bigger. Every event I didn’t know if we would get all the food, clothes and toiletries to hand out for free but we did it. Not one coin is exchanged at our events, except if a homeless gets a job on the day, then I grab a hat and race around to all the volunteers and ask for tips to helping pay for work clothes, accommodation, money on Go-cards for travel, lots of food and things like that. But a lot of times I try to save my money from selling mags to pay for it without passing the hat.

With smart people doing all the work we started a non for profit charity called “Signal Flare” which I still have not figured out how to get it big enough to receive a wage for all the great work I do haha

As I said we do these events every 8 weeks, the next event is going to be the hardest and biggest one yet. 10th of October at Musgrave Park 10am – 2pm. You see I understand that a lot of homeless and people in need have mental health issues so at this event we are going to be doing a joint event with “Sanity Fair” which helps brings all the Mental Health services there.

There’s a lot of things I still don’t know how we are going to do it, this will be huge. But I know quitting or canceling the event will never happen. It’ll come together. Volunteers needing that’s for sure.

Homeless will be able to get free food, clothes, toiletries, blankets, kids toys and much more while seeing what all the mental health services do as a service. Now this is going to help a lot of people.

I have often said I don’t do all this, it’s the community coming together to do the “Aussie Mate” thing and offer to help a person when they need a hand up. Everyone hits hard times.

I have been invited to at least 50+ weddings from people that have got on their feet, meet someone and thought enough of me to invite, some even asked for me to be ‘Best Man’

We have had employers come to these events just to offer a homeless person a new start and give them a job which is awesome, yes I have been offered to but with my injuries and things I would only be letting the employer down, beside I’d rather help someone else.

I see so much good karma coming back in my own way, you see I was very unwell and spent time in hospital, so many people came to visit me, homeless and working people that I thought at one stage I might have to do a rooster for visit times. Haha

Best of all why I’m feeling so proud right now. I see so many smiles and get so many Thank You’s that I know I have made a difference.

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Monday, July 6, 2015

Cherbourg needs our help.

Well a week ago we did our “Homeless and People in Need BBQ” for the town of Cherbourg. I remember thinking of how proud I was, because all we did is put the word out there about Cherbourg being in need. People gave up their weekends to travel hundreds of kms each way to help people they had never even meet, each paying their own expenses. Most staying in caravans, tents etc to get the early start Sunday morning. All heart and I’m proud to say their friends/mates I want to know in life.

Around 900 Aboriginal People of Cherbourg came and got free food, clothes, toiletries, school stationery, blankets and the thing that brought a proud smile was the around two full trailers full of kids toys. Watching some of these kids getting the toys and thinking it was just like Christmas Day made me feel good and sad at the same time. You see I kept thinking of these people are so poor that on Christmas Day is there any presents for the kids. Not one toy was left. But just up a bit all these kids started playing with these balls and toys. The biggest smiles showing all day.

We helped families with boxes of food to take home and everything not taken was handed to the closest church for them to hold and hand out for free to others when they need them.

I’m writing this post with a lot heart because these people effected me that much. To be honest everyone I meet was polite and not one person was greedy, they took only what they very much needed and let others have as well. For me the perfect BBQ.

I have always said the people in need are not the only ones getting help at our BBQ’s, the people helping like me feel a pleasure at heart for being able to help someone in such need. People in need thankful for the help and the helpers thankful for being there to help. All heart.

While the BBQ event was going I took some time out to speak to some of the Aboriginal Elders and people from the community to ask what Signal Flare could do to help in a bigger way ongoing. Nearly all talked about how there wasn’t hope because with nearly 2,000 people in town and thousand nearby and only a few jobs going. The fact was we could only see one shop in the whole town and that was a cafe. Very heartbreaking to hear.

The event finished and we left Sunday afternoon, Bernie “Bernie the Polite Girl” and I stayed up late talking about how we could help more and in a bigger way, we really felt for these people doing it so tough here in Australia. 9am we called the council to plan a meeting, 10am Tuesday we had the heads of the council meeting us in their meeting room to discuss what more we could do.

It’s hard to believe but one of the first things they mentioned was the kids don’t own bikes. Now don’t get me wrong but I thought being a child it meant they get to experience such joys as learning to ride a bike and of course crashing haha.  

Right away we said we would do an appeal asking everyone we know to donate any used bikes they never use anymore. They said they would help by bringing in locals that teaches the kids how to repair them. So you got it, at the end of this post I’m asking you if you have old bikes you don’t use anymore to give to a child that may never have had one.

They mentioned their one and only shop in the town saying it needed fixingup/ upgrading which would mean they could employ an extra one or two people if bigger. We asked how much? $5,000

We chatted about other projects but said let’s start by getting these two done first.

Who would have thought I started homeless here in this blog and now I’m talking about helping a whole town. Yes very proud of myself, I just wish my own health wasn’t so bad and stopping me from working myself.

So here’s the ending and plea, if you have any old bikes, helmets or repair kits you never want to see again please donate them so we may give them to kids that some have never had a bike in their lives. Let their childhood be of happy memories which a lot of us think should be a right for every child. Go to https://www.facebook.com/events/507634632748217

Please help us to raise the $5,000 to help their one and only shop to repair and grow, employing new staff, giving an employment opportunity to someone praying for a job in a jobless community.

Signal Flare is a Not for Profit and does not employ anyone, 100% of all money goes directly to helping people.

Bank Details for ‘Signal Flare’
Bank: BOQ

BSB: 124-001

ACC: 22066259

For a Tax Deductable Receipt email “Helena” at signalflare_treasurer@yahoo.com


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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Cherbourg BBQ

Two weeks ago we did another awesome successful Homeless and People in Need BBQ helping hundreds in Ipswich, with free clothes, food, toiletries, blankets and much more.

Then I had a breakdown and was admitted to Mental Ward for 7 days. I help a lot of people and I'm sorry and proud to say I suffer from Depression, I want to write this because there's many out there like me that think their to tough or scared to tell someone. Truth is not telling a doctor can set you up for a breakdown which I had. I would never wish that on anyone.

Now I could tell a horrific story about why I get depressed, but it effects all types of people for different reasons.

Once I was in hospital and dealing with it I started getting better, you will too. But don't leave it too late like I did, I couldn't work while in hospital and still days after leaving the hospital have shakes and my mind is scattered at times, maybe weeks without working and no income. So be smart and get the help if you need it.

But that won't slow me down. Haha I'll do what I can when I can, which brings me to our next Homeless and People in Need BBQ which we are doing in less then 3 weeks.

Here we go again, but this time we are going to a town in the outback that's asking for help, Cherbourg asked Connected for help and they have asked us to hold one of our Homeless and People in Need BBQ's up there to give to people in great need some clothes, toiletries, blankets, food and much more.

I contacted the council and looked up the web and learned what a horrific history this town has, around 1900 families from many different tribes and languages around the whole of Queensland were moved to a new area Cherbourg and it was punishable to use their own language and could only use English.

Signal Flare has always stated we are the community coming together to help those in need. Well let me tell you after what I've learnt we are NEEDED and were saying “WHO'S WITH US”

Cherbourg is 5-6 hrs drive North-West of Brisbane. Population of about 2,000 people and is a Alcohol free zone. That means us too.

We are doing this event on Sunday the 28th of June (so less then 3 weeks people) we will be giving FREE food (BBQ and salad), clothes (men's, ladies, kids and baby), blankets, LOT's of Toiletries (much needed) kids toys and bikes.

I asked what is most needed, answer “Kids books, stationery for school and toiletries”. I'm going to see if I can get some computers donated too.

Because they are so grateful they want to do a Aboriginal dance for us before the event starts. AWESOME.

Please all share, we NEED a small truck, lot's of trailers, vans and cars, helpers, food, all the clothes you never want to see again, hygiene and toiletries, blankets everything for kids including books your kids don't read anymore plus school stationery. Let's show that the community cares and comes together and help a town that's needing and asking for help.

A lot will be staying overnight outside town in a caravan site which we can help with bookings.

All things not taken on the day will be given to their church for handing out for free as needed.

This event will help a lot of people and an event to remember.

For more info please go to or contact me. https://www.facebook.com/events/1613657015570991/ 

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