Saturday, September 2, 2017

Homeless again

Well as you know I worked hard to get on my feet. But a few days ago I was kicked out and found myself with no money and nowhere to stay. Homeless again.
The difference this time is I  know I can get back on my feet, I just need to stay positive.
I have nothing but a bag of clothes and my car but I know I can do it.
I went back to selling Big Issue magazines which I'm grateful I can.
I have positive news from here though. WOOHOO.
I went to my surgeon appointment and he said the bad pain I have is not because of my blood condition but it's nerve problems which means no more surgery for this little black duck WOOHOO.
In a way getting surgery now would have meant accommodation in hospital for a week so would have been good too. Haha
I found a little one bedroom unit for $235 a week so I'm staying positive about getting the money for first two weeks rent and then putting furniture in it. Starting all over again OHNO.
But when thinking about sleeping in the streets or in my car it's worth it.
So I don't care how many magazines I have yo sell I will get on my feet.
I would like to say that if someone has a spare lounge, bed, kitchen stuff or household items please let me know.
I know I have written about getting back on my feet and then helping so many people do the same. Just know I will be helping others again but first I need to help me now.
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Have a great day.
Grant the Polite Guy 

Monday, May 1, 2017

Helping Homeless in a big way

Afternoon all, as most of you know I’m going to my last Signal Flare Homeless BBQ this Sunday the 7th as I am stepping away from the big homeless BBQ’s that I started many years ago and putting a lot more of my efforts towards helping people in a much bigger way one on one. Signal Flare has an amazing board and will continue to grow and do many more events helping thousands of people. I’ll still help with foodvans some nights a week throughout Brisbane when I can though.

I’m going to help homeless and people in need to start getting on their feet more with helping them into accommodations, getting a job, getting counselling, but more so being someone that is happy to walk with them at their pace towards getting on their feet.  

It is hard getting a homeless person a job, big gap in work history and most are not used to working so many hours and to say the least most have no or very little experience in anything. A tough challenge but I think of it this way it’s going to be a lot easier if I’m helping them.

Now I’ve been thinking of different jobs I could help look for which is a challenge because most have no or little experience. Talking with a few mates and great contacts I have in the city we are putting a new project together which I’ll be running at first to build it up and get regular customers while working out the does and don’ts with everything.

I contacted Mayfair Dry Cleaning in the city (The BIGGEST Dry Cleaners in the CBD for 60yrs) and we are going to be offering a pick up and drop off service for people in the city. People book and I’ll come around and pick up the clothes and take to Dry Cleaners once cleaned I’ll deliver them back. Now the best news is the dry cleaners is doing all the billing and everything else I’ll just be doing pick up and deliveries. The Dry Cleaners pay a commission to me so the price is the same for the customers as if they dropped off to the shop. Sounds awesome right!!!

Think of it this way, if this works well all there is to this is picking up and dropping off clothes. I can easily train and give an opportunity to many people who want to get on their feet. Please note I’m not going to be sending homeless into offices to collect dry cleaning, by the time their ready to do this I’ve already helped them in a huge way getting on their feet including having accommodation (If needed) and looks professional.

I know right now you’re thinking but I work outside of the CBD. That’s awesome if you get let’s say 20 items or more then we will come collect as long as within Brisbane suburbs.

Now here’s the great news if we collect before 9am then you’ll have your dry cleaning back within 4-5hrs and all the cleaning and billing is all done through a 60yrs business with a lot of experience. WOOHOO.

I want to add this because it’s important. I am only building this so I can help people in the future when it’s running well but if you drop off yourself to one of his shops then we have no part in it so please click the pick up service it’s free to you, saves you time and your helping people in a positive way.

Right now go to and book for tomorrow morning pick up.


Now a lot of people are asking about what I’m intending to do for Papua New Guinea. I’m still collection toiletries, clothes, food and much more filling a 20ft shipping container to send over and handing everything out for free. But I’m also starting a small business there making PNG branded bikini’s and swim wear for selling to tourist, markets and hopefully overseas. But this business I’ll be setting up and once running I intend to give for free to a family looking to run it. If I can I’ll help set up quite a few business over there and give them away for free to people who show they want to run a business. Of course I’ll make sure they know everything needed and introduce them to many contacts in that field who will offer advice and help.

Writing all this I just realized I have a lot of favours to ask from a lot of my contacts depending what they do. Hahahaha.

I work real hard and get amazing results for someone who don’t get paid and in fact sells Big Issue mags for income.

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Grant Richards
Grant the Polite Guy

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Fired Up

Firstly I’m really sorry I had to delete my last few post.

I was very depressed earlier this morning, but to be honest it was someone that knew me as a homeless guy that really renewed my fire in helping people.

You see when he knew me I was homeless with nothing and I got an idea of asking a lot of people for clothes they didn’t want, toiletries and food and started my first Homeless BBQ where we helped about 400 homeless. It went on to doing BBQ’s every 8 weeks and a couple of years later turned into a charity “Signal Flare” which is still going and doing events every 8 weeks.

I was depressed because I over the last few months I wanted to start helping people in Papua New Guinea which is very much a 3rd world country and only a few hundred kilometres away from Australian shores . I went to my own charity and two others to ask for help. I was rejected and told no. I felt like giving up and quitting.

No I asked and he don’t want me to mention his name so I’ll call him “Tom”

Tom asked me if I had the same charities helping with the first Homeless BBQ I did? I said no

Tom asked if I still did the Big Issue magazines for income. I said Yes.

He went on to say how inspired he was just knowing me because aside of all the spinal damage, being homeless, having nothing to my name I still was so determined to make them BBQ’s happen just to help others. He did say more but I don’t want a BIG head writing it, haha

He went on to ask why was I down because a few people don’t want to support me in this project? My answer was easy “Because it’d be easier” haha. “Then it wouldn’t be a project worthy of you mate. If it was easy others would have already done it.”

Believe when I say I’m all fired up again and I’m going to still help homeless and people need in Australia but I guarantee I am going to get shipping containers, fill them with clothes, toiletries and canned food then ship them and hand out everything for free to people who really are doing things tough. Then I’m going put windows and a door in the shipping container and give it for free to a family to live in.

Also I’m going to think of and help put some kind of business’s together to hand to people to own and run as a means of earning income. This seems hard right now but unless someone says let’s get it done it’ll never get easier.

So I’m going back to my basics like I was before and being “Grant the Polite Guy” a Big Issue vendor that helps people.

I’m going to make this post short because I have a lot of calls to make.

I don’t believe one man can make a difference, but I believe a lot of people can get help when a community comes together to say “I give a shit and want to help.”

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Grant the Polite Guy
Grant Richards