Wednesday, January 15, 2014

All Heart

I know I've talked about heart before and I'm so proud to mention it again.

It is true  in November I hit a hard time and needed to get away from things for a short while. I ended up in Sydney staying in a homeless lodge and trying to find myself again I guess. I really was doing too much with everything.

When I came back to Brisbane I'd plan to open the new coffee store in the Valley late January, which is still going ahead. But I wasn't working and had no income so I went back to the one thing I knew, the Big Issue. This was nothing like what I wanted to do because I'd worked so hard to get on my feet and move on from doing the Big Issue. The way I see it the Big Issue is awesome for helping people to get on their feet and in my mind going back to doing it meant to me I was going backwards after everything I'd done.

Now for my proud moment. I have help so many people from homeless to people in need that within the first hour of me putting on a Big Issue I had 5 homeless which sleeps on the streets come to me being concerned and offering me money to help. Now don't get me wrong I didn't take one coin from them except for one guy "Bruce" who had come and very much insisted about 3-4 times. It got to the point that he was offended that he couldn't help me when I needed help and hitting hard times.

I have to tell you that I've made it clear to him that I have gotten on my feet since and even done the "Pie and Coke" for him just because I felt bad that he had nothing in life and he wanted to repay me in some way for me helping him. I want to make this clear, it made me  feel bad and very very proud at the same time that I had earnt the respect of just some of the people I've helped.

This year is going to be huge and I will help that many more people, not because I feel good about getting respect from people but because the need is out there it's people like you, me, our mums, dads and good people that just need a helping hand when times are down.

I'll ask people that read my blog to think about one thing. If you walk past a person that's homeless or looks like there doing things tough, would it hurt to smile, say "Hi" and buy them something to eat? I can say that the person you do it for will be having a lot better day because of it and it will bring a smile to your face for doing something awesome.

Thank you for reading my blog and I hope you all have a great day.

Grant Richards
Grant the Polite Guy
0412 190 011

Sunday, January 5, 2014

New Year Start

The start of a New Year. I hope everyone had a great holidays and was safe.

I’m excited about the next 12 months coming because I have so many new plans coming into place. In a few weeks a new and exciting shop will open, trust me this one shop is going to help more people in one year then I have helped in the last 4 ½ years since I was homeless. But I’ll say more about this new idea of a shop when I launch it in a few weeks. You’ll be impressed. Haha

“Having a Go Coffee” which I setup as a business that operates as a coffee shop, but only employs people that we have helped who are homeless or people in need and also sell Suspended Coffee which means people can buy an additional coffee for the next homeless or person in need that walks into the shop. Some exciting news to add is that “Having a Go Coffee” will also be doing home delivery for coffee as well. It’ll be great.

In the next 12 months I’m putting 5 shops into place





Gold Coast

Remember all locations will be a collection place for people to donate clothes and things for the Homeless BQQ’s that we do which homeless and people in need get clothes, toiletries, blankets, kids toys and things free.

On a new topic, I don’t know if anyone will want to read it but I’m starting to write a book about from having everything in life and then an accident which turned to homelessness to Homeless BBQ’s for others to everything I do now. It’ll be awesome. Haha I think I’m doing it mostly for myself because in a way I get a great feeling about what I have done and all the obstacles I’ve overcome. But the most important is I get to write about the awesome friendships I’ve made along the way.

I may never finish it of course but I’d like to think one day it’ll be done.

We are planning our next BBQ for February in Ipswich. I’ll be giving more details as I know more.

I’d like to thank you all for reading my blog and I hope you all have a great day.

Grant Richards

Grant the Polite Guy

0412 190 011