Monday, July 6, 2015

Cherbourg needs our help.

Well a week ago we did our “Homeless and People in Need BBQ” for the town of Cherbourg. I remember thinking of how proud I was, because all we did is put the word out there about Cherbourg being in need. People gave up their weekends to travel hundreds of kms each way to help people they had never even meet, each paying their own expenses. Most staying in caravans, tents etc to get the early start Sunday morning. All heart and I’m proud to say their friends/mates I want to know in life.

Around 900 Aboriginal People of Cherbourg came and got free food, clothes, toiletries, school stationery, blankets and the thing that brought a proud smile was the around two full trailers full of kids toys. Watching some of these kids getting the toys and thinking it was just like Christmas Day made me feel good and sad at the same time. You see I kept thinking of these people are so poor that on Christmas Day is there any presents for the kids. Not one toy was left. But just up a bit all these kids started playing with these balls and toys. The biggest smiles showing all day.

We helped families with boxes of food to take home and everything not taken was handed to the closest church for them to hold and hand out for free to others when they need them.

I’m writing this post with a lot heart because these people effected me that much. To be honest everyone I meet was polite and not one person was greedy, they took only what they very much needed and let others have as well. For me the perfect BBQ.

I have always said the people in need are not the only ones getting help at our BBQ’s, the people helping like me feel a pleasure at heart for being able to help someone in such need. People in need thankful for the help and the helpers thankful for being there to help. All heart.

While the BBQ event was going I took some time out to speak to some of the Aboriginal Elders and people from the community to ask what Signal Flare could do to help in a bigger way ongoing. Nearly all talked about how there wasn’t hope because with nearly 2,000 people in town and thousand nearby and only a few jobs going. The fact was we could only see one shop in the whole town and that was a cafe. Very heartbreaking to hear.

The event finished and we left Sunday afternoon, Bernie “Bernie the Polite Girl” and I stayed up late talking about how we could help more and in a bigger way, we really felt for these people doing it so tough here in Australia. 9am we called the council to plan a meeting, 10am Tuesday we had the heads of the council meeting us in their meeting room to discuss what more we could do.

It’s hard to believe but one of the first things they mentioned was the kids don’t own bikes. Now don’t get me wrong but I thought being a child it meant they get to experience such joys as learning to ride a bike and of course crashing haha.  

Right away we said we would do an appeal asking everyone we know to donate any used bikes they never use anymore. They said they would help by bringing in locals that teaches the kids how to repair them. So you got it, at the end of this post I’m asking you if you have old bikes you don’t use anymore to give to a child that may never have had one.

They mentioned their one and only shop in the town saying it needed fixingup/ upgrading which would mean they could employ an extra one or two people if bigger. We asked how much? $5,000

We chatted about other projects but said let’s start by getting these two done first.

Who would have thought I started homeless here in this blog and now I’m talking about helping a whole town. Yes very proud of myself, I just wish my own health wasn’t so bad and stopping me from working myself.

So here’s the ending and plea, if you have any old bikes, helmets or repair kits you never want to see again please donate them so we may give them to kids that some have never had a bike in their lives. Let their childhood be of happy memories which a lot of us think should be a right for every child. Go to

Please help us to raise the $5,000 to help their one and only shop to repair and grow, employing new staff, giving an employment opportunity to someone praying for a job in a jobless community.

Signal Flare is a Not for Profit and does not employ anyone, 100% of all money goes directly to helping people.

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