Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Shaking my Head.

Oh it's so great to be back and share my stories with you. Because I got a great one for you. I'm still shaking my head because I know this guy has a very high paying job and I'm smarter then him. Ha ha

I was working and this guy walks up to me as he normally does and stops to talk to me. He normally stops for a minute or two and we do the “hows your morning? and how the day is going to be, with always a Have a great day mate” now this is a mostly everyday thing that this guy stops for a quick chat. I know him well.

So there he was chatting away when I noticed he had a Big Issue magazine in his hand and I looked and looked again and started thinking I haven't sold him a magazine yet have I? I know that this issue only came out yesterday afternoon and this is the first time I've seen him. You know when you half close one eye and really think of something while not really talking but answering while you think, well I was doing that for a few seconds.

I point to the magazine and say “where did you get that one from?” me being still puzzled about this magazine. The guy says very easily “oh I got this one from Dave he's going to be my new Big Issue seller” I took half a step back and to be honest a thousand things went through my head over the next 2 seconds like, I'd always been nice to this guy talking to him nearly every morning, always polite and nice, I even remember him talking bad about his wife and not happy at home, like we were mates. I don't know it was like I was shocked at what he said and I said “what”. This guy very easily says “I read your blog and read you have accommodation so I'm buying from Dave now, but I'll still stop to chat to you because Dave don't chat like you do Grant.” I did the half eye open thing again and thought am I hearing this guy right or is he kidding, no because he has a magazine and acting as if everything is good.

Now please let me say, all this happened within one second of thinking what exactly was happening and what he was saying. I straight away said “every week I have to make 58 more sales to pay for that room each week. That's not easy plus money for me to live and if you really must know Dave has a place and has for a long time” This guy leans forward and says “Well Dave don't paste it on a blog and when you are homeless again I'm happy to buy from you again” oh let me say a thousand things are going through my head that very second. The first was rolling a magazine up and waking him up. Ha ha I didn't but I did think of it. Ha ha

He left and it made me think are people really thinking that. Like really I get a room in a lodge and so I'm not meant to make as many sales then I lose the room and be there little homeless guy again. I really didn't understand that at all.

He will walk pass soon and stop for a chat and I'm what going to make out I'm not needing sales because I have a shitty room. I'll be honest it felt like I was punished because I started to improve from being homeless. I know if I don't make enough sales I can't keep this room which is why I say it's a trap sometimes. But not today

I'm going to work more hours and spend less on myself to keep it. So please if you do not want to buy a magazine because I have a room then I only have one thing to say. “Have a nice day and in a way I understand that you only want to help homeless.” But understand this, getting a room is not a nice house or a great job, it's a start though and I know if I lose all my customers then I'll lose the room. If that's the way it is then I'd be happy to keep the room and get new customers. I am going to be Grant Richards again.

Ha ha now who else do you know can do 726 words from a 3 minute chat with a customer. Ha ha.


I do have great news, The Mega-Site will be launched to start on my birthday 28th April which will help a lot of homeless and people down on there luck so come and celebrate with us at the Centre Station Hotel on Ann St in the city from 3pm until late so please drop by for a drink and celebrate with me.

For those wanting to send me an email please send it to and I talk to a lot of people on Facebook when I'm online. If you want to add me as a friend then please use the email to find me.

Thank you for reading my blog and I hope you all have a great day.
Grant the Polite Guy.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

I got a ROOM. YES

Where do I start. I owe a huge “Thank you” to those that emailed and called me. There really is truth in what I've always said “Sometimes someone saying 'Hi' at the right time might just changes someone's life forever.

I was very depressed about life and even though I try to be uplifting and think only of good things, well it wasn't enough. All I wanted to do was disappear.

I ended up at the river and just sitting there not really doing anything, just thinking and watching the water.

Now let me say I don't know much about depression but I'm going to write what happen with me because I really think it may help someone. I promise it's got a great ending. Ha ha.

Okay so I was at the river and just thinking all the bad things in my life. Body pain, (it's not only my back that hurts) no-where to live, no money, no family, no real job and the worst one. I'm sick of being looked down on. I can tell you I was starting to feel a whole lot worst and thinking I have become my worst fears before I had my accident and there seemed like there was no escape.

It was really a bad idea to start thinking of the bad things in my life when depressed. Ha ha Now I know.

A few hours later I felt real bad and I kept thinking I need to try and see the good things as well, so I wrote down the bad things and then wrote what's good about it.

Here's what I wrote.

Body pain- I am healing and getting stronger everyday. The pain is less then last year and the year before. I am already stronger and fitter then most.

No-where to live- I have always said “getting a room is a trap because it's short term because I don't make enough to pay rent.” work harder which will strengthen body the more I do.

No family- I'm good looking. Ha ha Well at least not bad. Ha ha

No real job- I am working, it's not the best but I earn money and I can be proud of that.

I'm sick of being looked down on- There's people that look down on me but before I had my accident I wouldn't have cared because I was more successful then them and the fact that I have a lot of friends always saying hi to me in the mornings and though the day means I can't be that bad. Ha ha.

It's a good thing this computer has spell check. Some of them words were wrong. Ha ha

That's when it hit me. I didn't change because of my accident I changed because of my thinking. I'm still the same guy I was and I have to think differently that's all.

It took me 2 days but I got a room in a lodge which is only $145 which to me might be a lot but then I think well every week my first 58 magazine sales is for rent. That will make me work longer hours which will strengthen me faster. But the best news is that every afternoon on a weekday there's a food van that stops right out front. Never going hungry here. Ha ha.

I think sleeping rough made me think more and more that there was no hope. But having a bed and a shower I can use any-time makes me feel more human. Right now I'm writing a list of things I want to do and as I go tick them off. That mega-site is at the top. I want to help others with information to feel more human too. Ha ha.


I wanted to say I'm sorry for my last posting and I promise to put nice uplifting stories to make for it. I am going to change a little bit the way I think because instead of feeling sorry for myself I'm going to think of this as a new start, sort of starting fresh for my life. I know there will be days that I'm down, but let's face it everyone has those.

Once again I'm sorry for being depressed in my last posting and I really am looking forward to a bright future with everything life throws my way. I hope you all have a great day.

I was thinking about my birthday party and the fact that I was married on the same day and that's over now. I kept thinking it'll be a sad for me, but then that's when I would want to have friends around, not to be sad with me but to celebrate something. So I'm once again asking if you all would like to come. I'm hoping to launch my new Mega Site on the night too. It'll be a great time, even if you come for just one drink.

I hope you all have a great day and be safe.
Grant the Polite Guy.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sorry to worry

I have been told that people are worried for my saftey. Please don't worry as I would never take my life. I need time for me at the moment and I know it's selfish but I need to be alone.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Last One

Well I've had a day I won't forget in a while.

I woke to someone going through my bag, I yelled and quickly tried getting out of my sleeping bag (there not made to get out of quickly) I coped a blow to the back of the head then he ran away. I knew him because I had given him food and drinks only last week. By the time I got out of the sleeping bag he was gone. Not a great way to wake up, my back was already hurting from the sudden movements. I remember thinking why can't I wake to an alarm clock like everyone else. Ha ha

I went to work about 6:30am and started greeting people that walked passed. After a while I counted my magazines and money and realised I haven't sold one magazine yet. I had worked for 1 ½ hours and nothing. I had spoken to lots of people and even the ones that stopped to talk. Please don't get me wrong I make most of my money in the morning rush as people are going to work and here it is half way through and I hadn't sold one magazine yet. I kept thinking there and then this is going to be a really bad day. Now I hate thinking like that but my back was already hurting and knew I wouldn't be working all day as I had a worst day coming.

9:00am and it was time to meet my wife at the family courts to sign and submit our Divorce papers. 9:25am she came to where I worked to pick me up. I couldn't have felt worst in my life then I did there and then. I felt like now I have hit rock bottom. If I had not had my accident or been more successful we wouldn't be here. Then I started thinking this is for the best, She deserves someone great in her life. I was brought up well thinking that a man should support his family.

So saying “goodbye” and walking back to work because I didn't make much in the morning rush you could imagine I'm thinking I'm having a really bad day, I felt so worthless that I didn't even know why I even bothered going back to work. Like really I just didn't care, but I did go.

Now I must say it must be because of my bubbly smile which I didn't have but 45 minutes into the lunch rush I had only made one sale which is $2.50 to me. Oh what a day. Then I got a card from Shannon, now please let me say what this card reads.
Keep Going,
The more challenges that you face
The more races that you run
The more hills that you climb to the top and overcome.

The stronger grows your heart, the wiser becomes your soul,
Each time you travel down a bumpy or unknown road the swifter become your feet with every hard-won,
Honest victory-and yes, even with each defeat.

What a lovely card. There was a $50 note inside and really nice writing but that's something I want to keep special for me. Let me say it was nice and inspiring.

Now that was a great card. I read it and thought I only have 4 magazines on me, sell them and buy more for tomorrow and go have a beer and get this day over. 35 minutes later I hadn't sold one. Really this happened, it was lunch rush. This day could not get worst. I pack up and thinking time for a drink and just forget this day happen. All the time thinking I hate that I had that one day where I had an accident and it changed my life.

I started for the bottle shop and I noticed a guy pleading on the phone and then he stood up and throw it to the ground. I stepped over the pieces which was only the battery and battery cover, I took about 4 steps then turned around and thought to myself “I can't believe this is happening now” I picked up the cover as he was picking up the phone and battery up. I asked if he's okay. I ended sitting down with him and he told me he had broken up with his girlfriend and I could tell it was not his idea. I asked how long they had been together? His reply “4 ½ months”

I sat there listening to him tell me about the things going on between him and his ex-girlfriend, the whole time thinking I was with my wife 14 years and married well almost 10, you see when I say almost it's because I didn't ever want to forget my wedding adversity so I married on my birthday day, that way I'd never forget it. It seemed like a good idea at the time, not now.

Well I sat there of just under an hour talking and cheering him up saying about flowers and chocolates, he even started showing me pictures of her. Now before anyone thinks I'm good, please let me say the whole time I kept thinking of what I had lost and it hurt and the last thing I cared about was this guy losing a girl after 4 ½ months, but I was polite and gave him someone to talk too.

I started drinking and haven't stopped. I'm writing this because every way I think of this I have had enough. I feel like I'm always nice and trying to do the right thing but I don't think I have anything left. Helping people really takes it out of you. Ha ha.

I don't think I'll be there tomorrow for work. I quit. I've really got nothing left to help people or be polite. I am sorry but really what can I say, I have reached the bottom and it's easier to quit then to fight back.

I have gotten a few comments and emails about clothes for the homeless. Please call 30364420 which is the The Big Issue office they will help you to give the clothes to the homeless.

For really good reasons I'm not going ahead with the birthday party.

The people that donated money through Phoebe's facebook please know this, I spent the money trying to get a job and helping other's. I said I would do good with the money and I did. I even bought a guy a gas stove that he lost in the flood.

Please understand I'm sorry. Everyone has there limit and I reached mine. I know if your thinking I'm smart enough to add to the blog then I'll stay, well I've been drinking for 6 hours now. So I have the courage to say it as it is.

I'm sorry to those that tried to help. I am letting you down. (Another thing to think about) I can't be the person I was. Not now or ever, I have to accept the fact that I am not the same guy that had that accident.

I hope you all have a great day and please if you come across a homeless person, please think maybe there is hope to help no matter what country your in.

This will be my last post. Thank you to all those that read it.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Thank you Phoebe part2

Well yesterday I was crying tears of joy. I know a grown man crying, what's the world coming to. Ha ha. But please let me say a short while back Phoebe and her friends on Facebook collected donations for me reaching $1125 as the biggest tip I have ever gotten which I can't say “Thank you” enough to Phoebe and friends on Facebook. I did mention it in a pass post. Well Jemma filmed it and did the cut and paste thing and posted it yesterday. Let me say it's great, it's better then great. Ha ha. Only Jemma could have made me look that good, I would be proud to share it with my friends in my blog.

Please watch it and enjoy and pass it on to everyone.

Grant The Polite Guy from Jemma Gorring on Vimeo.

Was I right or was I right. Ha ha That was great golden, It shows Phoebe being a golden hearted person and beautiful (which isn't hard because she really is beautiful in real life, sorry guys she has a boyfriend. Ha ha) Jemma made me look good looking. Ha ha Jemma your Aces and I'm sure you have a great future ahead of you. Speaking of futures Jemma has just started a business called Lucid Living Pictures, which you can add as a friend on Facebook. More people the better.

If you are interested in film or photographic work you can contact her here -

You should also check out a collection of her other work below

She's a writer,director, cinematographer and photographer. Pretty much she's great with a camera and could easily Photo's, band covers through to wedding video's. She done this video for out of the goodness of her heart and any paid work I could get for her I'd love to. In fact I'm so impressed by her work I'm going to get married just to drum up some business for her. Anyone know someone who wants to marry a homeless person? Ha ha It's a joke please don't come running down to the city. Ha ha


I got a message late last night asking if she gave me clothes would I pass them around to other homeless. Well please let me say YES I would, a lot of homeless can't afford to buy clothes even from second hand shops. Please don't get me wrong I would keep some for myself but it would give me great pleasure handing clothes out. I am willing to do anything to help homeless. Which made me think of something else.

There is female homeless as well and one thing The Big Issue does is have a girls club. Now they meet once every two weeks for a couple of hours on a Thursday. At the moment I think about 6 in the club, they go out and do things like bowling or well just girls stuff. I know they would hand out clothes and girls products if donated. Also they are in need of actives to do each fortnight as funding is very low. To be honest I really feel for the female homeless because I'm sure it's harder on them then the males so any help to make them feel more female would be great. After putting this in my blog I'm thinking of asking if I can join them as I'm sure they will get great actives to do. Ha ha But I don't look good in a shirt and no I haven't checked. Ha ha

To contact the girls club. Sharon at The Big Issue office. 30364420


I'd like to thank you all for reading my blog and I hope you enjoyed the video. Please share it with others as this video will help people everywhere.
I hope you all have a great day
Grant the Polite Guy.

P.S I know a grown man shouldn't cry but that video was done so well and it really meant a lot to me to be able to share it with you. Oh I was just thinking how old I am. Don't forget my birthday is on the 28th of April and I'm having a party at the Grand Central Hotel after work 3pm through to closing and everyone has to bring a great smile as a birthday gift. No exceptions. Please come to my party you wouldn't want me to get excited about it and no-one turns up. Ha ha. That's for those thinking there not coming. Ha ha.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

I have done it, I was asked to write a story for Queensland Shelter quarterly magazine on the floods that hit here in Brisbane. I wrote it and YES they loved it so much they published it. My very first writen by me published work. I feel so proud. I asked if I can post it here and well here it is.

Now for the really great news, I loved writing it and I feel it may help awarness for the homeless. I great day's work. haha

I hope you all like it.

Enter text in here
Grant the Polite Guy

Thank you for reading my blog and if you like it then please tell others.
I hope you all have a great day.
Grant the Polite Guy.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Beach Ball Head. haha

Well I'm glad to say I'm now saving money on shampoo because yes I'm now bald. Ha ha. I went to the Leukaemia Foundation shaving area and they took it all. Look at it this way, the money raised helps kids with Leukaemia and I got a free hair cut. Ha ha. I have pictures which I'll post at the bottom and yes after they shaved it, they did colour it as a beach ball. Ha ha

While doing the shave a guy with a mic asked how much I had collected and I said with the people still to pay after they see shave about $2,050. Every watching was clapping and smile because I had done great work. Then I said “I'm a Big Issue Vendor and this is my way of giving something back to the people” oh that got a lot more claps and when I finished the shave a lady gave me a hug (I do love hugs, ha ha) and said she will buy my magazines from now on. I must say I was proud because I was doing something great and when you get a feeling like that it's really hard to not smile for the rest of the day.

It felt good to be giving something back. I thank you all that sponsored me and helped me to raise money for such a great course. I will say this, I'm very happy I got the hood with my sleeping bag. Bald means colder. Ha ha


I've been getting great messages from a lovely girl named Holly Heenan, so I asked her if I can post one of them here. This is one of my favourites.

Hi Grant,

I'd just like to say a quick hi, and let you know that although I have never met you, you have totally changed my out look on life, and for that id be forever grateful.

I have always seen vendors selling the big issue, however never really thought much of it, until I started recently reading your amazing & verrry entertaining blog. This morning for the first time I bought the big issue from a very friendly man at wt, I gave him $10 for the magazine, as I had a bit of extra cash on me. At first I did not think anything of it, until I saw how grateful the gentleman was, he even ran after to me shake my hand. After this, I couldn't get the smile off my face. This tiny act, has made me the happiest I've been in a long time! And ultimately, I have you to thank.

So right now, I am sitting in my nursing lecture at uni, and instead of listening to my (very boring) lectector, I began to read the big issue... And low and behold, I see your face on page 7, supporting leukaemia! I took this as a sign that I needed to thank you. :)

Please let me know if there is anything I can ever do to help you out, any upcoming events that I can help out or volunteer at, or even if you're after company one lunch time:)

Thanks again,
It's messages like this one that gives me hope, I think it's great that Holly bought a magazine off another vendor and he was grateful enough to run after her and shake her hand to say thank you. I keep saying “A lot of the homeless are great people just down on there luck.” and if I can show that in my blog and maybe help one person then it's worth writing twice over.

I get asked about volunteering and where to go, but the thing is a lot of them you have to be part of a church or club and the ones that don't may have too many volunteers one week and not enough the next. So what I'm going to do is when my mega-site is up and running I'll email all places needing volunteers every week and ask if they need help then post in the Volunteering Needed part.

Some comments are about the ads on my blog. Please let me say I have not received one cent from my ads because there not click on and get paid, there commission only which means I only get paid a % of sales and so far there's been no sales. I'm not making anything from them yet so, no I'm NOT rich from the ads.


Okay I giving people lot's of notice here, On the 28th of April is my birthday. So I'm inviting all to come and have a drink with me after work. It's going to be at Grand Central Hotel on Queen St under the Central Railway Station. I will be there from 3 pm until late so it won't matter what time you get there because I'll be there. All I ask is you stop by on the way home and have a drink for my birthday with me. I do have one request and that's instead of gifts you give me a great big smile. Because really that's the best gift of all. I really hope you can make it because, working I see people for a very short time and at the party I'll get at least a few minutes. Besides there's people that read my blog I have never meet and this would be a great chance too.

I'll even make it nicer I'll wear a party hat to cover my bald head. Ha ha


Here's the pictures from me doing the 'Be brave and shave for Leukaemia' (Don't laugh too much) ha ha
I said a little off the top, haha
That paint was really cold. haha

I'm sorry if the pictures didn't turn out right, They were sent to me good.

Thank you for sharing this with me, The pictures were taken by Ewa and she has done a great job but I had trouble downloading them.
I hope you all have a great day and no-one prints these to use as a dart board cover. haha
Grant the Polite Guy.

Friday, March 11, 2011


I was asked to go and do a talk with a group of NAB bank workers about my story and how The Big Issue has helped me. I remember a few weeks ago Danya calling me and asking and then said she is based in Melbourne and would be flying in for the day. I hung up and started thinking she's flying in for the day 'how big is this thing' OHNO what have I agreed to. I started imagining 1,000's of people and me on a stage with a mic and not being able to talk because of fear. Haha

I called back a few days ago and said “um Danya umm how many people are going to be there? Danya couldn't see me because I was on the phone but I was scared still thinking 1,000's of people. “ well if it's anything like the Melbourne one it's only going to have about...(now the next words came quickly but it seemed like minutes haha) 12 people. I start thinking YES getting all excited about it only being 12 I hung up and kept thinking only 12 that's great. Then I thought I have never spoke at one of these before and a group of 12 sitting in a round area wanting to hear about The Big Issue.

I Meet Danya outside and thought this is going to be easy, go in and say my story and how great the Big Issue was and out all within 30 minutes. Danya says “I'll talk for about 10 minutes then you talk for about 1 ½ hours.” That fear came back the whole time thinking 1 ½ talking about what, OHNO what have I got myself into.

Now don't get me wrong I love to talk, in fact many people have been late for work because I didn't stop talking. Ha ha But this was a room of strangers I didn't know. So I kept thinking I wouldn't have been invited if they thought I couldn't do it. I went in and shaked everyone's hand with the biggest smile and even said a few jokes to quickly fit in. I must say they all were great people and I felt comfortable very quickly.

I started telling about my story and I noticed two of them started to tear. That's when I realised why I'm here, to show that homeless are normal people that just hit hard times or something happened to them and it broke there spirit. So I started talking about some of the great people I know that are homeless and some of the things that have happen to them. Right there and then it wouldn't have mattered if there was 1,000's of people because I was there to voice about homeless people. I said a horror story that had happened two nights ago and then a great story about Phoebe and her friends, I really felt everyone in the room started thinking differently towards the homeless. There not brought up to be homeless, there hitting hard times and because of the Big Issue there's help, I'm not talking hand outs because for me it's not only the money I get, it's the fact that I'm earning money again. I can hold my head up high and say I'm a worker.

Then came the question times. Everyone had at least one really great question which I answered the best I could. The whole time there I was trying to show people 'yes I'm homeless, yes I'm nice and No I'm not the only one.'

They thanked me and each and everyone of them shaked my hand and said thank you for telling them my story and about some of the things that really do happen when you live on the streets. Walking out Danya was saying how good it was and I will get $50 put in my bank. YES what a great day.

I would like to say. Sometimes saying “hi” at the right time to someone could turn there life around for the better. There's no better feeling then knowing you have helped someone and the reward is seeing what they become. Not all want help but there's a lot that need it. I'm not talking money I'm talking about something more valuable 'time'

I hope you all have a great day and thank you for reading my blog. If you like it please pass it on to other's because I love to share.
Grant the Polite Guy.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Phoebe thank you.

Oh I see and hear a lot of horrors, but there's so much good in the world that more people need to hear about. I try to do good in life by helping people and always being a person I can be proud in myself. But let me say I was overwhelmed by the goodness of Phoebe Escott Kenny,

Phoebe has been buying my magazines since I started selling them. I always loved the fact that Phoebe always stopped and talked to me with a beaming smile. He's a picture of Phoebe.
Now for 3 weeks now Phoebe kept saying she has a surprise for me. I kept asking for a hint, but no. ha ha. On Wednesday afternoon I got the call to go meet her. All happy and excited she told me we were meeting another girl with a video camera. You know when your with someone who's excited, it's really hard not to get excited too. So there I was all excited and didn't know why. Ha ha.

I meet Jemma Gorring (picture below) who was using the camera, (Jemma is just starting a new business doing cinematographer and could use alot of customers. Please). Phoebe asked me questions for me to answer in front of the camera. Then really did one of the greatest things I'd ever had happen to me. She told me that using her Facebook she had asked all her friends to donate money so it can be given to me. Handing me a list of names who had donated (47 names) and saying she was going to my bank to deposit it, Get ready for it. $1125 total. I mean I was speechless and fighting to hold tears running down my face.
A few minutes later it still hadn't sunk in yet. I was asked what was I going to do with the money. I will tell you I don't remember what I said but I know the only thing I was thinking of, is buying first, A steak and a new sleeping bag with a hood to keep warm at nights when it's cold.

Phoebe put the money in my bank and the 3 of us headed for a drink, I really needed one. Ha ha. My head was still going a 1000 ideas a second as Phoebe was telling me to get what ever I needed but to leave the rest in the bank for a rainy day. But at that time all I could think about is all the good I could do with that money to help others.

Now a lot of people would say “accommodation” but to me that's a trap, because yes having a place to call home is great but then when the money ran out it's only the dreadful thought of not making enough money selling magazines to stay there. Please don't get me wrong I would make enough to pay the rent, but I like eating and helping others to eat much more.

No the answer is to get a job and then I'd make more then enough. The next morning I bought other homeless people breakfast and waited for the stores to open. I bought a very nice warm sleeping bag with a hood and bought clothes for a job interview. I grabbed papers and searched the ads for employment. Also I had been given many of numbers to call and to mention someone's name to get a job. Ha ha I was busy.

I got an interview. YES. The interview was for a Coles store a few hours ago. I showered, shaved then put on my new clothes and really looked good. (I don't mind saying, I looked very good. Ha ha) I did the interview and thought that really went well. I think I impressed him a lot “if I don't mind sayiny so myself.” Ha ha

Now I feel like I'm on my way back to something that I was. I have many to thank for this, because these people sent money and a lot of them had never even meet me. So if you know any of these people, please shake there hand and say “Thank you” from me.

Phoebe Escott Kenny, Jemma Gorring, Jessica Joy, Kay Buins, Bec Smith, Courtney Vizer, Anna Robbie, Brad East, Jennah Porter,
Erik Veland, Leanne Goodwin, Carol Calderwood, Erin Guinan, Renae Hutchison, Charlotte Palard, Kristen Crossley, Jo Farlow, Tanya Liddicoat, Alicia Hawken, Dimity Adams, Lydia Woolcott, Chantelle Simms, Samantha Bax, Kim Isadale, Tamara Povovic, Daniel Mackay, Louis Banks, Brad Tempa, Renae Chambers, Malcom Swasbrook, Courtney De Vos, Amanda Smith, Genevieve Dharmaraj, Holly Heenan, Lachlon and Emily Verall, Sharon Turner, Casey Silman, Hannah Broadhurst, Lynn Koh, Kelly Jacob, Gemma Dobbs, Leanne De Souza, Amy Tretter, Thomas Barendse, Brad Smede, Natalie Avbarraan, Steph Gow, Paul Barbara.

If I miss-spelt your name please let me know and I can fix it up.

To all those people again I thank you. What you did really showed me that it don't matter how much bad there is in the world, there's great people like you around to balance it out. I do promise not to waste the money and only put it towards helping people including myself.

A lot may not know but I have a Facebook account as well. Grant Richards is the name but there's heaps there. But if you use my email to locate it, it's easier or Grant Richards then Brisbane works too.

I hope you all have a great day as right now I feel only better things will come.

Grant the Polite Guy.

P.S I am getting a copy of the video to post here which I will when it's ready. Today's going to be a great day. Not because I have money but people took there time out to do a great thing for someone they have never meet. When I do help someone I know I'm not alone in doing so. Thank you

P.S.S I almost forgot, Just before Phoebe left to go home she grabbed a M.X magazine and opened it up to the Star Signs page and ask me what my star sign was. I told her I'm a Taurus. Phoebe read it then ripped it out and handed it to me. Here's what it read.
Expect the unexpected at work tomorrow, as the changeable moon moves through your career zone- in the unpredictable sign of Aquarius. The more flexible you are, the better the day will be.
Thank you again for reading my blog.
Grant the Polite Guy