Thursday, November 25, 2010

Christmas Cards

Well Christmas is only 4 weeks away so starting tomorrow, I'm going to hand out Christmas cards to each and everyone. All the people who buy from me or even the ones that have never bought from me and just said “hi Grant” as they walked passed and made me feel welcome.

I know there's a lot of viewers that read my blog in other states in Australia and also many in other countries. Well I'd be proud to send you a Christmas card too. So please if you email or send it in a comment (which I won't post) your postal address I'll send you a card too, no matter what country.

Over the last few weeks I've been buying packets of Christmas cards every day I had money spare. So really I have heaps of cards all I need to do is give them out. I know some may think they won't because of the expense but please it'll give me pride knowing I'm sending Christmas cards around the world.

If anyone would like to post me a Christmas card then please send it to.
To Grant Richards
C/O The Big Issue Office
62 Peel St
South Brisbane, 4101

P.S The website I'm building is still happening but there's things I don't know how to do it. I'm learning with mates helping me. It will be built and ready to use soon.

Bus Ride

Now I'm always saying that I don't always live on the streets because when I have money I pay for accommodation or customers have asked me to stay short term with them. So there I was waiting to catch a bus and I kept thinking I have to try and get a seat quickly because my back was hurting bad and I didn't want to stand for the 30 minutes on a bus ride. The bus stopped and I quickly got on and sat in the first seat I could see which was next to a lady.

The bus filled up and some people had to stand in the middle walkway. Now right away I started feeling bad that I was sitting and people had to stand, I put my head down so I couldn't make eye contact with anyone standing. Thinking to myself I should offer my seat, but my back really hurt and standing on a bus while it hit bumps and going around corners while standing would hurt me even more. The bus stopped at the next stop and even more people piled in until there was no room anywhere.

A few minutes later I heard a “squeak” I snapped my head up and my face was only a few inches away from a guy's butt who was standing right beside my seat. (The guy had farted.) I could have said something, but being a nice guy I just lowered my head again and thought “if this is the worst thing to happens today then it'll be a great day.” Then “squeak squeak” came from this guy. The smell that came across no-one should have to deal with, ever. The lady seated next to me looked at me with a mean look. I just smiled and pointed at this guys butt as I'm using my other hand to wave in front of my nose.

The guy never even looked around or said “excuse me for farting”

The bus started dropping more people off but there still wasn't any seats and this guy was still standing when he just let a long and loud fart that most people around could hear. I can say tears came to my eyes and I was franticly pushing the red button that tells the driver to stop at the next stop.

The bus stopped and I exited the bus very very quickly and waited for the next one.

Now I believe in karma so tomorrow I'm going to eat a couple of curry eggs or baked beans sandwiches and board that bus. But this time I'm going to let that guy have my seat and I'll stand next to him with my butt inches from his face. Ha ha.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

bubble bubble

Here's a day that started bad then went to very bad then a good day through to a great day which not going to forget.

It all started with me having a bad night with my back and having to take medication to ease the pain. Now I hate taking the pills for a few reasons but mostly because they can make me too comfortable from pain and there addictive. So I choose not to take them unless I really need them.

So there I was taking the pills and the pain was more dull. I got ready for work thinking I'm not sure I want to stand all day because I knew my back would hurt a lot more that night. In the city I start walking around when I needed to go to the toilets so I went into a stall. The bowl was full up to an inch from the top. It looked like no-one had flushed for a month. (not a pretty sight first thing in the morning. Ha ha) I won't go into detail about what and things in the bowl. To be honest I don't really want to imagine it myself.

I thought I have to take a picture of this, because really if your on a date with a nice girl, that's the kind of picture that's really going to impress her. Ha ha. So there I was holding my phone above the bowl trying to get a good picture when the phone started ringing and vibrating and yes down it went. Splashing as it hit the water and sunk until it layed on harder things then water. It didn't ring for long and all I could see were bubbles coming from my cheap but my phone. Now if your wondering if I put my hand in to get it out. Let's just say don't call me because I don't have a phone. No way I even thought about getting it. That phone sunk about 6 inch's down and layed on not nice things.

So about now I'm not saying “Today's going to a great day” to myself. I walked around for awhile and headed to work. Sales came in slow but steady and I'm thinking about my phone and what would happen if someone called. Ha ha. That brought a smile to my face more then a few times.

My day was not looking that great but I did smile and say “have a nice day” to the people as they walked by. Then the best thing happen. Within 20 minutes of each other 2 customers gave me a $20 note and said I could keep the change. Yes yes my day was looking good again. You see a $20 and selling one magazine means the same as me selling 7 magazines but a lot faster. Ha ha

That day and for a few days I had been staying at a customers house, making the extra money I was thinking right away I could buy something small but nice to say thank you to her. So I started adding my money and decided to make 3 more sales to have enough.

I made the two sales quickly and the third was taking forever. I was thinking “come-on people I'm a nice guy I just need one more” It came and I couldn't believe my eyes. It was Skip (Ian Skippen) from the Breakfast crew on MMM radio station. (The best radio station out there)

He talked to me for a few minutes and left shaking my hand saying “I'm doing a great job” Now that's what I admire, the guy is famous but he still has the time to say Hi and to buy a Big Issue Magazine from someone having a go.

My day went from very bad to a big grin from ear to ear for hours.

I did buy nice Roses chocolates for the lady I was staying with and my back didn't seem that bad after all. I've always said “It's hard to think about pain when your thinking about happy things.”

Thank you for reading my stories and please for a while don't call me. Ha ha At least let the plumber get it out first. (but I don't want it back) ha ha

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

4 for 1

Now as I'm working or walking around the streets, I get to meet great people and some not so great. Here's some that really need writing about, You'll see why. Ha ha I have a few coins today for this computer.

Patricia is such a lovely girl. When I first started doing this blog she was doing great comments for most of my posts. Sometimes giving me advice, but always saying what a great job I was doing.
The name on the comments came up as Spring Blossom so after a while I click on her name. Because she has a blog too I could see where her blog was.

Going into her blog I got to see a lot of art and craft things that really look great. I'll be honest I wish I could do half of it. She really has a great talent. But there's more. I read a post that says something about her losing a package of art supply’s in the post and someone down the street brought it to her. This girl was so happy that she made a nice gift and bought a bottle of champagne for them just to say thank you. Now that makes her a great person. So please check out because not only is she golden of heart but very talented too.

Not that long ago I noticed a girl walking towards me that had her zipper down. I of course lowered my magazines to stepped closer to talk in a low voice and tell her that her zipper is down. This girl replies “Oh that happens all the time because there so tight.” and zippes herself up. I quickly ask “why wear them?” and I was so shocked at her reply. “They look great on me.” with a smile.

Now I thought for a second thinking this girl wears jeans knowing the zipper comes down a lot giving guys a full view. Now I am just a guy so I said the one thing that came to mind. “your right they do look great, you coming by tomorrow.” ha ha. Now I know this may affend, but really a girl wears jeans knowing guys notice the zipper down often.


A few days ago I was working when I heard “Grant can you help me with this guy please.” I turned and faced one of my great customers named Margi. I asked what was happening and Margi said that the guy with her had been holding a sign asking for money on the street because he was deaf and homeless and he needed help. I must say I was shocked at first that she brought him to me, then I admired the fact that hundreds of people would have already walked pass him and not stopped but she had. We talked about places to call and before you know it she was pulling out her phone and ringing numbers.

It was early in the morning and most places didn't answer. Margi had to go to work so she left the guy with me saying she would come back on her break. After she left, the guy using hand signals asked for money for something to eat. I gave him $15 for breakfast and a drink and he left with me making sure he knew to come right back so we could make the calls when the places opened. I didn't see him again. Now I know what your thinking. Ha ha. Conned. The guy may or may not have been a scam.

Now here's how I see it. A lovely lady took time out of her life to help someone and I lost $15. All and all two people helped someone and it only cost $15. Small price to pay to feel like you have done something good.

Now I'm not saying to help everyone out there. There is people making out there worst when there not or using the money for other then what there asking for. But taking the time to care is reward to yourself. That's why I'll always say Margi is golden.

Here's one for the news. A Big Issue Vendor sacks 5 people from job.
Now this happen some time ago. A guy I knew well as a customer came to me and said he had a problem. He had to sack 5 people that worked under him and he didn't have the heart to pick. So he said to me that if I picked the 5 people at random from a list of names he could say it was out of he's control when telling them.

Now I must say I didn't know anyone on that list. So when I picked the 5 names it was solely random. I picked the 5 names and the guy gave me $50. I did feel bad for the 5 people losing there jobs for a long time. To be honest I'm not sure I'd do it again, but that guy would have felt worst because he knew them. Sacking someone because of things he or she did wrong is one thing, but sacking someone so a company saves hours is another. And yes I understand about company's making less money they down size.


Thank you for reading my little stories and I hope you have a great day or night depends when your reading. Ha ha
Grant the Polite Guy.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Homeless helps

I recieved an email from Tracy saying about her church helps the homeless and people in much need here it is.

AT METRO COMMUNITY CARE, 166 Sydney Street, New Farm.

Every Thursday
7.45am - 9am:  Free Hot Breakfast.
12.00pm - 3pm:  Food parcels, blankets, fruit and vegetables, clothing, homewares and shoes;

Last Tuesdays of the Month:
6pm - 8.30pm - Community Dinner (3 course dinner) - Next one is November 30th, then December 21st.

There is also an Op Shop open Wed - Fri 10am - 4pm.

If anyone wants more details, they can call 1300 77 55 03


To see more about this place go to

I know alot of people that read this blog do work and don't need this info but maybe there's someone you know or see that will need it. Thankyou very much Tracy your the best.

Okay as soon as I can I am setting up a website with my blog (of course haha) and a forum so people can chat to each other which will be good for everyone to have there own ideas.
Also which is great news I'm going to try and have lots of lists for the homeless to find food and medical help and really just stuff people take for every day things.
The website is going to happen, I just don't know how to do it yet. Did you notice I wrote YET. haha. This is very important and I'll do my best. PLEASE PLEASE is there anyone that can give help or advice email or come see me.
I really think I've found the one thing I can do that will mean something. I know this blog has nothing funny in it but I promise the next one will.
Thankyou Grant the Polite Guy

P.S I almost forgot. Starting next Monday we start selling the calenders and I'm Mr June. YEAH. So come get one (From me of course. haha) or more if you like gifts for Christmas.
Mr June haha what can I say I'm famous. haha

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Internet Dating

I was talking to a very interesting girl today about blogs and different ideas. You see she knows a lot about dealing with depression and could help a lot of people if given the chance.

To be honest this blog started as something for me to do to give back to my customers but it has become so much more. I'm having people talk to me about my own website with a forum and information about helping the homeless better.

Using a forum means more homeless and Big Issue Vendors could post, not just mine. It also means everyone else can post as well. There could be talks about thousands of things between people. Some examples are. I'm asked a lot about where to do volunteering and food vans that go around. Depression is always a big topic. There's people out there that need help and mostly just want someone to talk to about different things and there's people out there that want to help with advice.

I'm sure there's these things out there but I'm being asked. I know this blog reaches a lot of countries and there would be a lot of ideas about how to deal with different things out there. Maybe having a forum/blog means everyone gets different views. To be honest I like the idea of trying to help people as long as I can still do my little stories. Ha ha It gives me a way to share.

So I ask you this, is it a good idea or leave it the way it is. Please comment on this post or send email to or even better come see me. I'm the good looking guy holding up the magazines at Post Office Square. Ha ha.

My little story
I was sitting down thinking about meeting girls. I was thinking I'm a nice guy and let's face it in the looks department there's worst out there. Ha ha. So then I started thinking how to meet a nice girl. Most of the girls I know already know I'm a Big Issue Vendor. Internet dating came straight to mind. I could meet them and charm them and when they think I'm great then tell them what I do for work. Now I know I'm not going to do this but I started thinking of how I'd fill in my profile and it's really funny how the same thing worded differently makes you look so much better.
So here's the truth and then worded differently.

I sell Big Issue Magazines in the city on the street.
Homeless at the moment but I stay with friends and customers houses or sleep out unless I make good money and then I pay for room.
Aged 40
Because of injuries I can't work normal job or a lot of hours.
I'd say Big Issue or Good morning to hundreds of people to get 20 sales.
I was given Vendor of the year last Christmas.

Now let's make me look good.

I work for a large international stationery company dealing with hundreds of people everyday. The hi-light of my morning is coming into work and looking at the great views from where I work. At least 200 people would know my name and say “hi.” Even though I'm in the position to not need to, I always take time to greet as many as I can and sometimes stop for a quick chat. It's always nice to be polite.
I was awarded one of the best in the country and I still aim higher to be better because I know I can archive and be much more.
I work less hours then most but that gives me more time to share with someone special.
I have such great connections with the people I work with that I'm invited over to there homes for dinner often.
I love walks at night, sometimes just looking up at the stars and just enjoying life. I have often gone down to the river and enjoyed it so much I stayed.
My lifestyle does give me the freedom to always meet new people and go to most of the best places in Brisbane.
Being a person that won't quit I try to set my own examples.
A great way to describe me would be to say I'm a people person. That has time for everyone no-matter what they do for a living. From the office cleaner to the high profile Lawyers I always stop what I'm doing and chat.

I'm starting to think I'm a great catch. Ha ha. And I could put so much more but it's costing to much for internet. I'm not going to do the internet dating thing but I think it's funny how just changing a few words around shows a different person.

I'd like to thank everyone that reads my stories, I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I have enjoyed writing them. Thank you to the people that share or tell others too. For those that leave comments I still don't know where I do reply to. All I get is no-reply on the button which tells me that you never sent it through email.
Thank you again
Grant the Polite Guy

P.S Peter Mc I look forward to you returning. Please bring back a foreign note. I'm starting to collect all different notes from around the world. It's a hobby. Ha ha not doing much good with the Aussie ones. Ha ha

Friday, November 12, 2010


Now I have a lot of friends and mates doing what I do and I'd like to mention them all at the start but I'd be here for a month and still not get to be able to tell you all of them. Here's one guy that I've picked for a great reason.

Well I was thinking of a customer/mate and I just had to go online and mention something about him. My mate Clive is a great guy, When I first meet him while selling my magazines he looked me in the eyes and asked “How you going mate?” we talked for a bit and then he shaked my hand with a firm grip saying “You can do it mate, just take care”

Now I've gotten to know Clive well over the last 17 months. He's the kind of guy you call a man. I firm hand shake and just looking at him you already know he's a man of few words but he's heart is in the right spot. I remember meeting his lovely wife at Post Office Square and thinking how nice she was to me and at the time thinking a great guy deserves such a great lady.

Now I won't go into detail of the good things he done for me because it was for Christmas and I don't want people getting the wrong idea that I want them to do the same. But I will say this. He gave me a Christmas card saying “It don't show a man to be knocked down, but it shows a man for how he gets back up.” Then “ If you ever need a friend to talk to call” Then his number.

Now Clive has offered many of times “If you ever need help mate just call” I will say this. What a guy. Really this is a great guy that really believes in helping someone down on there luck. I never did ring for money or anything else. I work for what I have or I don't have it.

Now the real reason Clive's story is now. Well to be honest I wanted to write this last week but with the copycat guys it waited until today. Clive retired last week. The young fellow worked many years and now he's going to enjoy the rest of his life enjoying life. I remember talking to him and he was saying he's worked since young lad and now he's done he's time.

This couldn't happen to a nicer guy. So I say “Clive mate, all the best and I wish you a great retirement.”

Now I don't ask for anything for doing this blog, but I'm asking for one thing now. Please raise a glass (no matter what your drinking) and say “Here's to you Clive, well done” If anyone says anything just say “This is for Clive he retired last week and he's a great bloke”

I thank you in advance for the toast. If your looking for something funny in this post then do the toast with others and when you tell them it's for Clive they'll sit there thinking “who's Clive?” Ha ha

But really how's Clive going to feel knowing people over the country and even the world toasting his retirement.
Thankyou. Grant the polite guy.

P.S For those that do please post on comment as I'm sure Clive would like reading it. Thankyou.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Well what a day I had yesterday, It all starts with me working and thinking today's going to be a great day.

Before I tell this one, I had better remind you some of past stories.
There was the date that went wrong and the hot girl had a penis.
The girl who walked pass me sticking out her tongue.
The guy that came from the toilet with his penis still out.
All of which I'll never forget.

Okay there I was working hard, it was early Tuesday morning. I could hear “You Who Grant” I turned and couldn't stop laughing. Two young guys with Ladies wigs on, way to much makeup on, There zippers down and a finger poking through. Now that's funny in it self but the these guys were blowing kisses and waving with there other hands in a girlie way. As they walked up to me both of them stuck out there tongues and walked around me. Ha ha I was red faced. The few people that were out and about looked in just shock. Most of them hadn't read my blog so really didn't know what was happening or why. They had combined 3 stories into one. One of them things were no-matter how I write it, it's not the same you had to see it to believe it.

Now I'd like to say it ended there but it didn't. I walked quickly behind chasing them for a block pinching them both on the bum and laughing saying “Come back to my place baby and what's your number girls” ha ha

I will say this. I can take a joke as good as most but this happening to me was funny but I think the thing I'll remember most about it is I was with mates.

I didn't get to work much of my morning rush and lost money not working but that was worth it. When I worked the lunch rush a customer said to me that she took some photo's using her phone. I ask her to email them to me. I haven't got them yet but as soon as I get them I'll post them in large photo's on here.

The guys are due to walk pass again this morning in a couple of hours. I have a camera ready just in case. Ha ha. I have a tear running down my face because I'm laughing so much. Ha ha

It's funny that two guys wanted to copycat some of the funny stories but please don't copycat any of the bad ones.

Thank you for reading my blog and I really hope you enjoy it. Please feel free to leave comments or send me an email to chat. I hope you have a great day.
Grant the Polite guy.

P.S I got told about Facebook share. Near the comments box is a little blue F. If you click it then it'll share that story with you friends on Facebook. Please feel free to share with all you know if you like it. I write this blog to give something back so really the more readers the better.
Is there anyone in Brisbane that knows about starting a web site? Please message me or come see me at Post Office Square.
Thank you again and have a great day.
Grant the Polite Guy

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Market day.

I'm getting smarter, I have a picture up here. Well I hope it works. Ha ha. Fourth times a charm. Some people have emailed me asking if I could post a picture so they may put a face to the words. (I'm the great looking guy on the left or the right not sure yet if it turns out right where it goes. ha ha)

Now there's the face that greets 200 people each morning saying “Have a good day” or when I'm asked “Today's going to be a great day” Hey no printing the picture and using it for a dart board. Ha ha.

You know that feeling you get when you watch a movie and the under-dog comes fighting back and wins the fight and everyone cheers and is happy and feels proud for the guy because he was knocked down but he still had the heart to stand again and do what's right. I feel that right now and I haven’t watched any movie. Ha ha

I spent yesterday with my little girl who is 7 years old. (Jasmine).
We went to the markets looking everywhere. From stall to stall. Now my little princess knows I don't make a lot of money so she don't ask for much. I wanted to give her everything there but I knew I couldn't. I could see her looking at other kids holding bags of toys or new things they had gotten. My little girl would hold my hand tighter and say “I'm really happy your here dad. I miss you and love you” with a great big smile as if to say it's okay. I was trying so hard to hold the tears back, here was my little girl being so good and I was so proud. Now don't get me wrong I had money I'd earnt and burrowed some just for the day.

After walking around everywhere and having lunch we went back to one of the stores that had hair ties. I think she put on 10 different ones trying them all out. In the end picking a Chinese one that looked so nice on her. The lady said how lovely she looked and my little girl bowed (just as if on stage) and said thank you. The lady saying to me $18 or 2 for $30. Jasmine stopped dancing and said “one please” There and then I knew she loved her hair tie but wasn't greedy and the look she gave me, I know people are always saying “I wish I had a camera” I didn't need one. It was one of my proudest moments in a long time. I gave the lady $30 and Jasmine picked out the second one very quickly with the biggest smile I'd seen in a long time.

Walking off from the store my little girl hugging me saying thanks and how much she loved them. But then stopped and turned around and ran back to the lady and then back again. I asked what she was doing? She replied “Silly daddy I forgot to say thank you.” We went looking at stalls that had pretty shoes then because my little girl was the best little princess in the world.

There and then at that moment I got that feeling people get from watching a movie where I was the under-dog and I won. I still have that feeling now the next day.

I checked and I have about $15 on me, but right now I feel like yelling “watch out world, I'm down but not out” I'm going to work more hours and try selling twice as much from now on. There's an educational DVD I want to make and then sell. Which will help a lot of kids and make me on top again.

I wanted to share this moment with you so it may help you to understand. I really think a lot of homeless people and or Big Issue Vendors have given up on themselves and homelessness has become a way of life and when you give up on yourself it's easy for others to give up on you too. The road back is never easy but sometimes it could be a smile or a simple “you can do it mate” at the right time could change a person's life again. I know a little 7 year old girl helped me yesterday. I've meet some really great people that live on the streets. Not needing a hand out but a hand up.

P.S I forgot to put in something funny. Well while there I told 3 people there pants zipper was down. If them 3 people read my blog they would have read the stories about others with there zipper down and maybe checked. Ha ha. If you like blog please tell others. If you have Facebook then all you have to do is write in your message part and others will be able to check it out too. I always like sharing. (a big grin)

I hope you enjoy reading my blog. To me it's like having someone to talk to when there's good and bad times. Thank you for reading and I hope you have a great day.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

It's a short ride but a long journey to get back

Walking through the mall today a young guy stopped me and was shaking my hand saying how much he enjoyed my stories on my blog. He even mentioned in front of others about my date and the she that turned out to be a he. Most of them had a great laugh. Now I can take a joke and now I even think of the funny side of it.

My smile disappeared quickly when this young guy about 17 years old was saying how much fun living on the streets would be. The worst part was he was trying to convince others not to go home and as he put it “live life and have a ball.”

I almost rolled one of my magazines up and hit him in the head a lot. Instead I started saying “There's nothing good or fun about living on the streets. For every story I write that's funny, there's 40 that I could write that's not funny at all. Most of them are things most people don't want to know about”

They didn't listen nor care I just got them being dumb. I know they read my blog so this is mostly for them. Please don't let kids read any more, also I'm sorry if this is not what I normally would have with funny stories, but I can't have kids thinking it's cool to sleep on the streets.

There are people that live on the streets mostly because something very bad has happen to them and they chose to, some it's a way of life. There's people who are just really down on there luck and there's no escape.

Know this, living on the streets is NOT cool. People get raped and bashed and lot's of things that are not fun. Some people will take advantage of you and sometimes really hurt you. At night there's no electric blanket to stay warm or walls and a door to close to feel safe. Always having to watch or hide your stuff so no-one else takes it. If you don't work then there's no cardboards to get food from. Really it don't matter where you sleep there's nothing that I know of that's as comfortable as a bed at night.

Be smart and stay home. If there's a reason you are leaving besides to be cool and hang with friends then you'll find there's places that can help. Because I really feel “it's a short ride to get there but a long journey to get back.” If any of you want help or advice I'll always be there to talk to.

I really am sorry this post is not a happy one to read. But the fact is I'd quit doing this blog if I thought I was showing kids that living on the street was fun or cool when really it's not. I just look at the good things in life and that's what I show here.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Commonwealth bank

Hi there, For a few days now I've been thinking of the right words to say but nothing really came out right. So here is the straight forward way.
I've been asked not to work the Commonwealth bank on Wednesday mornings any more because the guy that is working it full time (when there) said “ He's losing too much money, me working there 2 hours a week.”

I must say I thought about Christmas coming and the extra sales that would come. (over Christmas time we do get great tips and on top of the Magazines we also have Calenders) So from now on I won't be going to the Commonwealth bank. I am sorry. I've gotten to meet great new people becoming friends and some I've known for over a year there as great friends and even mates. I'll miss that a lot more then the few sales I would ever get. This job gives me so much more then sales and the few dollars per magazine, It gives me the chance to meet great and wonderful people even if it is for a minute or two at a time. When people talk to me about my job, I do like saying “ I spend most of my time working with really great people.” Let's face it, there is lots of not nice people out there, but the ones that stop are good at heart. That's who I get to talk to and say “good morning” or “Have a good day” too.

So to the customers I have at the Commonwealth bank on Wednesday morning's I'm sorry I won't be there any more. I thank you for everything. The good times and the bad. You all meant so much to me when I was down the most. I am what I am now knowing you all. Yes I know I'm still a Big Issue Vendor but there is worst. Now there is a bright side to all this. I'm only two blocks away at Post Office Square. Right now I have a tear running down my check, It really is hard letting go. I will say this “Thank you, thank you for just being there”

Okay I've dried the tears and for that I'm sorry if you read my blog for good and happy stuff. So now I'll make it up by telling you one of the most embarrassing things that has ever happen from being a vendor.

Okay there I was working selling my magazines and this very nice (Hot) girl asks me if I'd like to go out for a drink after work. I may have injuries with my back and things but I'm not dead. Of course I said yes. Later that afternoon there we were having a few drinks and things are going very nicely. I even started thinking “I still got it.” Ha ha. Her hand started touching places quickly. (Now I know other guys may give me a hard time for what I'm about to write next but that's okay.) I was the one saying “hey wait a minute, let's get to know each other a bit more first” now remember this girl was very nice looking and that was very hard to say but really the right thing to say.

What can I say I was weak. An hour and a half later at her place and we were kissing and everything when the lights are turned off. ( I don't want to go into detail because kids may read) let's just say as the night went on and her pants went down there was something there that wasn't meant to be there. I knew what it was because I have one, but she shouldn't of had one. Because of injuries I can't run but I can walk really fast. Ha ha. Funny now but not at the time.

I'd like to thank everyone for there comments as it helps me more then you'll know. Thank you
Grant the Polite Guy