Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Bigger BBQ, Need Help Please

Most people that know me say “Grant you do a great thing!” To tell you the truth I feel guilty sometimes because, well yes I am always trying to help but I couldn’t do it without the help of everyone else coming together as a community. Just to give you an idea I’m going to mention a wonder just wonder person Kitty Art (Facebook name)

Kitty Art Helps with our Facebook events page!/events/493716907326056/501990626498684/?notif_t=event_mall_reply now when I say helps I mean she started it and keeps it running. A lot of people know I’m not good with computers and really don’t like them that much. Face to face in person is much better and personal. Ha ha.

I’m famous for doing my ‘Pie and Coke’ were I buy a homeless person a meal and just sit and listen while they eat. I give them a mate to talk too and also sometimes help them to get on their feet but just talking. When their ready to get on their feet I’m there waiting with my ‘Pie and Coke’ to help.

Kiity Art called me and I told her I needed help with my phone (Yes it’s like a computer, haha). Right away Kitty Art asks me to meet her and starts working on it. Soon later we are walking to the best pie shop in Brisbane to get pies and coke for ourselves Kitty Art pays and then puts a $100 on store credit so I can do my ‘Pie and Coke’ more often. You see up until now I have always paid for the meals from working as a Big Issue seller.

Now I must say I did celebrate by doing ‘Pies and Cokes’ for 5 homeless people in 2 days already. One thing I do know and that’s, my calling is to help people in need when they need it most and one thing that’s for sure, I couldn’t have done it over the last 2 days without Kitty's help because I didn’t make enough money to do so.

So please when you think I do a lot of good for the homeless please think of people with a huge heart like Kitty Art Because I do.


Now I know a lot of you know about my BBQ’s for the homeless and people in need. But just in case I’m going to recap on what we do, because I need help.

Homeless and people in need come to the BBQ event were all the food and drinks are free and there’s tables and tables of clothes, toiletries, kids toys, blankets/sleeping bags and much more are given free with only one condition and that’s “If they can carry it it’s free”

Here at these events it’s the community coming together to help, I ask thousands of people to donate clothes and everything needed for it. So when I say it’s the community coming together to help I’m right because it’s where I get everything.

Now the benefits of this event is we get clothes and everything needed to help the homeless while looking for the ones that want to get on their feet. That’s when I do my best work because I’ll help someone get on their feet with everything I have or can get hold of.

But I guess one of the most important things about these BBQ’s is you have working people sitting down eating and talking to a homeless person eating and both chatting. Trust me when I say some rubs off and the homeless starts to really feel more a part of society. Well that’s be aim.

Next event:
Musgrave Park
2nd of December
10am to 2pm

Now to mention a minor problem. These BBQ’s are getting a lot bigger than before and even though we have Dalton Hospitality helping with cost we need around $1500 more to pay for more food and drinks. I guess 1000 homeless eat and drink a lot. Ha ha. Now I must say I thought of asking one or two people to try and pay this than I thought why should one or two people pay so much when there’s so many people willing to help and feel good that they are doing something so great.

So I’m thinking if 30 people donate $50 then we will have the $1500 needed and it’ll be even more like the community is coming together to help. Now I know $50 is a lot of money but really look what we are going to do with it.

There’s even more of a need for people to come on the day and help out now because there’s going to be that many more homeless.

Now I have a donation button on this blog if easier, but please mention that your donation is for BBQ. I work the city most weekdays at Post Office Square on Queens St if people want to hand to me or on the 30th of Nov I’m collecting whatever clothes, toiletries, blankets/sleeping bags, tin food, anything people want to donate and of course money for the extra food and things that come up on the day.

I’d like to thank everyone for reading this blog and I hope you all have a great day, remember on the 2nd of Dec at Musgrave Park there’s a great BBQ to help people in need when they need it most. So please come and help out on the day and show the community coming together.

I would like to add that any monies left over will be going towards getting a Christmas Ball which we will put a homeless person’s name on it and hand out on the day.

Grant the Polite Guy from The Polite Team
0412 190 011