Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Done a lot

WOOHOO I’m glad to be writing again. I am sorry I stopped but I really got busy doing everything to help other homeless. I did keep doing my Homeless BBQ’s every 8 weeks which reminds me that the next Signal Flare Homeless and People in Need BBQ is at Musgrave Park on Sunday the 8th of May. Yes I know its Mother’s Day, but really there’s lots of mothers out there that are homeless with their kids. At this event as always we will be giving free Food, clothes, toiletries, blankets, kids toys and much more to homeless and people in need.

We have started projects were we help families that are homeless and helping them to find accommodations then decking out the place for free turning it into a home with everything needed.

We started helping people on a One on One basis where we help a homeless person find accommodation, deck it out with everything need, give that person a complete make-over including job interview clothes, get a job all with 7 days. Making a huge difference.

Lately I’ve had to slow down because of bad health. About 2 weeks ago I had a Fem right leg artery bypass and then again the next day because it didn’t work first time leaving me with a scar from just above my groin to just below my knee, not able to walk very well. The Doc say 4 weeks before I can drive, 6 weeks before I can walk without aid and 10 weeks extreme light duties.

This has slowed me down but the Homeless BBQ’s will still go ahead thanks to the awesome people we have on our Board and the heart of the community coming together to help which has been the same for the last 8yrs doing them.

I asked for donations on Facebook and borrowed money to buy a second hand mobile scooter which I use to get around and YES WOOHOO I’m able to go back to selling the Big Issue mags again meaning I can make money again and help homeless by buying them a “Pie & Coke”

I might feel down and not able to do much, but I’ll never quit or give up. I did that once and never will again.

I look forward to writing my stories and sharing them with you all.

Thank you very much for reading my blog and I hope you all have an awesome day.

Grant the Polite Guy
Grant Richards

0412 190 011