Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Pies for Christmas

I will say I have written this post a few times. Sometimes, doing a good thing should be something you don't need to tell others to show you are a good person. But telling it may show people that we are all the same just different turn of events.

Well my Christmas morning started like most Christmas's if you have kids. I was asleep on the couch and woken up by my kids (4:45am) all excited to open there presents.

There's me being a proud dad knowing I had put away enough money to buy gifts for them as they rip open the presents. (worth all the extra hours working and missing out on things myself) very very proud.

For those that have read earlier posts, know I don't have much, but it's a proud moment when I can give to my kids what most kids get.

Rain rain rain, it kept raining. I was asked not to take my kids because of the weather. So I explained to my kids why I had to go and headed into the city to hand out pies and drinks to the homeless. I started at South Bank along the river and ended up in the Valley.

Let me say I meet about 45 homeless people and handed them pies and a can of coke. Some asked for sausage rolls or different things. I was happy to get most of it.

Every person I spoke to was different. Some had the Christmas spirit and was happy to have someone stop and chat to them. Some not so much. Not everyone likes pies or maybe me. Ha ha.

I sat and in most cases just listened to them. They have stories that would fill this blog 5 times over, mostly bad things. After talking to them and biding them a Merry Christmas I gave them a sheet of paper with all the food vans and churches that help with the most important thing at the bottom, The Big Issue office number saying under it “I'll help you by showing you what to do if you wanted to work again.” and that I work at the Post Office Square on Queen st. Please note I wasn't trying to recruit more workers as I get nothing out of it, I wanted them to know I'd help them if they wanted me to.

I don't know if any of them will start selling magazines to help themselves but at least they know they have a friend if they want to try and that's a really great start.

Sometimes it only takes someone saying something nice that could turn a person around.

While walking around I really was holding back my tears, It was only a year and a half ago I was the same, but now I want more in life. I had given up on the worst thing “myself”, Most of these people have been great people in there life but then something happen and I hate to say it but they gave up on themselves and it's so hard to come back from that.

I spent most of the day thinking “I didn't have enough to help more” so I'm doing the one thing I can do and that's give people the information about where homeless helps are. That mega-site I've been planing is going to happen within a month.

All this sounds bad and depressing. Let me tell you I got lot's of hugs and “Thank you” the one thing that impressed me the most. I had homeless men stand as a man and shake my hand with there chest pumped out as if proud to have a friend. It was easy for me, I just treated them as an equal if not better then me.

If it helps just one then it was worth it 5 times over. I know people read my blog from many countries and I say “Being nice to just one homeless or a person down on there luck, will take a few minutes but it may change there life forever.”

I know most read this blog for funny things I see or that happens. I'm sorry about this posting. I want this posting as is, because it may help someone. I do promise to do a really funny postings in a day or so.

I hope everyone has a great day and a very happy New Year.
Grant the Polite Guy.

P.S I'd like to thank to customers that gave me tips over Christmas as it helped me to do the pies and things. You guys are the best. Thank you

Friday, December 24, 2010

Two sleeps left

Well if I didn't know it Christmas time I do now. About 6 am yesterday morning a mother and her little daughter (about 5 year old) walked pass and both said “good morning” of which I replied “Good morning and Merry Christmas”. The little girl turned around and ran towards me. “Do you know how many sleeps until Santa comes?” I could already see she couldn't wait to tell me, so I ask “how many?” her eyes lit up as if excited to let me know. “Just two more sleeps left” all smiles and happy.

Now mum was only a few steps away waiting for her daughter to walk with her. The daughter looked at her mum and moved closer to me as if to tell me something without her mum hearing. “Mum don't know yet but I'm going to have a day sleep today and sleep tonight then Santa will come tomorrow morning because I had my two sleeps.” I laughed so much the mum came closer to find out what was so funny. Of course I told the mum who laughed while taking her daughter to work and explaining it might work but Santa comes to everyone at the same time.

That 5 year old little girl is one smart kid. At lest she's thinking ahead in life. Ha ha

Sometimes I'll come across a person that just doesn’t want to say “no” or “no thank you” and instead says “get a job you bum” or “F**koff”. Now when I meet lovely people like this I really feel like saying something back. But really why bother. I put it down to, that's he's nature not mine.
Firstly I hate to yell and if I started yelling bad language well people wouldn't call me Grant the Polite Guy. Ha ha. I really like my title.

So one morning I'm working and smiling and thinking today's going to be a great day. Up comes a guy and say “Big Issue” and this nice guy says “F**koff and get a job.” and rushes past. I leave it and turn and start asking more people. (trying to pretend it never happen).

Now as I get to know people I say “good morning” instead of “Big Issue”
About an hour later one of my good customers comes up to buy a magazine. Yep he had a friend with him. The customer saying hi and hows things. Then says he's showing the new guy the ropes as he started that morning. Now I will say a lot of thoughts went through my head right then. Things I could say or do. My customer said to the new guy “I only ever buy it from Grant because every morning he says “good morning and is always polite”. Oh now my mind is really thinking of things I could say to this new guy. Ha ha.

I held out my hand and said “Hi I'm Grant nice to meet you.” and acted in front of my customer like I never meet him before. He shaked my hand with a firm grip, smiled and said “I'm Tom good to meet you.” I turned to my customer and said “firm hand shake and manners, he'll do well” the customer agreed and left talking to the Tom.

I don't think anything I could have said would have hurt his job, but if I did mention how he was really an asshole then people may not think of him the same. That's not a great start at a new job.

Now I'd like to say he buys my magazines but he don't. But every morning he says “Hi Grant” in a nice way. Maybe he was having a bad morning the first time I meet him. But using manners cost nothing.

I found a new reason to love Christmas. Don't get me wrong I think that, anything that brings friends and families together or just think of each other is a great thing.

But my new reason is, so far I have got 15 kisses on the chick, about22 hugs, about 50 men's hand shakes, 2 gift cards, 31 Christmas cards and 2 with money inside, a hamper basket (which I shared with others), a bag with beautiful clothes in it, two gifts for my little girl and last but not least “The Little Fat Man” has bought me a sandwich every morning this week as a Christmas gift so I save the money.

Now I don't normally brag but 15 KISSES on the chick OH YEAH. Oh I do have a great big smile on my face right now.

I have people asking me why I do my postings early hours of the morning? Mostly in comments and there's no email address to reply to. Here's why. My back hurts all the time so it makes it hard to sleep. Early hours in the morning is best time for me because the more I do during the day the more my back hurts so therefore at night it's hard to concentrate and that's when I make a lot of spelling mistakes and it's easy to think only of the bad things to write about.

I get asked to write about a lot of the bad things I see.
NO. There's a lot of bad news out there and I wanted my blog to be more about funny or inspiring that way people read it and get a smile or feel a little inspired. All life has good and bad in it. I like looking for the good in life and in people.

My friend Jess,
She emails me most days and says always I'm doing a great job and to keep going. I will say me handing out the pies and drinks for the homeless on Christmas day will be a lot easier as Jess gave me $50 towards buying more and a nice outfit (bag of cloths for Christmas) so I could wear on Christmas day and look good. It's people like Jess that makes it easier to see good in people.

I hope you all have a Great Christmas and New Year. Remember I only have one Christmas wish and that's your all safe over the holidays.
Grant the Polite Guy.

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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Bike Pump.

Okay I know Christmas is a time to show people you care or at least thinking about them. But really a gift a got today from a customer really makes me wonder. Ha ha

I'm working and this guy comes up with a great smile and says “Grant I got you something for Christmas.” and hands me a gift covered with newspaper. I of course say thank you and say you shouldn't have. Now most people want to leave quickly before I open it but not this guy. I open it and it's a second hand bike tyre pump. Ha ha. I say “mate I don't own a bike” in a joking way he says “I thought about that but at least this is a start.” I politely thanked him for the present and he quickly asked me to join him for a drink at his place.

A few hours later I realised giving me the bike pump was his way of saying hello to a friend. I don't know which was worst getting extra things to carry around when I move about ( I move about a lot and keep the things I carry to a need only) or his whistling (yes it was my old friend Will. I have posted about him before.

Getting gifts is great but sometimes it's the friendships or love behind the gift that matters. I know I'm not the only one that gets gifts like these. Please share with others on our forum at I know a lot of people read this blog but don't use the forum. It's for everyone.

I have my son (15 year old) Aaron (from Melbourne) and my little princess Jasmine (7 year old) spending time with me over Christmas. We will be staying at my parents house. Oh by the way, they don't know what I do for a living, not because I'm embarrassed but I don't want them to worry. I don't lie to them because they visited me in hospital after my accident many of times. They just think I've healed a lot faster and better. So please if you know them don't say anything because it will only worry them and there old and don't need it.

When I was young my parents brought me up teaching me values. Manners, Respect, Do the right thing by people, always be helpful, Someone that can be counted on when need it. Lot's of good things like that. Trust me I'm no saint. Ha ha But I try.

So I'm thinking how can I teach my kids the same values without being successful?

I have posted that on Christmas Day I'm going to hand out pies and drinks to the homeless as a good will, Well I'm going to take my kids to help me to hand them out. Not to scare them, but to show them that doing a good thing is it's own reward. I hope, ha ha. If anyone wants to join me then please email me and I'm sorry for the short notice. I'm sure this will help not just the homeless but the kids as well.

I have a list of the food vans handing out food and drinks on Christmas day that I know about. Please if you know a homeless person or someone in need then print this and hand it to them. Everyone should feel special on Christmas Day.

6:30AM Ecumenical Coffee Brigade, Fortitude Valley, Ivory Street
6:30AM Wickham Christmas Breakfast, BBQ, Wickham Park, Cnr Wickham Tce and Albert Street
7:00AM Wesley Christmas Service, Wickham Park, Cnr Wickham Tce and Albert Street
7:00AM Ecumenical Coffee Brigade, Wickham Park, Cnr Wickham Tce and Albert  Street
7:00AM Jimmy's Van, BBQ, Riverside Drive under GO BETWEEN BRIDGE
7:20AM Ecumenical Coffee Brigade, Riverside Drive under GO BETWEEN BRIDGE
7:40AM Ecumenical Coffee Brigade, City Botanic Gardens River Stage
12 noon Hunt 4 Homeless Co } 139 CLUB, Lunch, 505 Brunswick Street Fortitude Valley
12:30pm Wesley Mission, Christmas Lunch, Lunch Deck in King George Square (Ann Street side)
7:00pm Vital connection, Christmas dinner, Vegetarian, Little Roma Street Car Park, Cnr Turbot and Roma Street
7:30pm Rosies Youth Mission, Emma Miller Place or Little Roma Street

Please know that I am getting information from a lot of countries about where help is for the homeless. If you know about food vans or places that help then please email me at

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Laptop Guy

I was feeling down and wanted something to lift myself up. No not drugs, I have better. Ha ha. I read all my comments and emails. I will say this WOW did I have a lot of emails, mostly because they tried to send comments on here and it didn't work. 3 hours later I finished writing Christmas cards to 9 different countries. 86 cards going out in total which I'll send out today. Do I have a lot of mates or what? Ha ha. Here's what counties are getting sent today.
A lot Australia
United States
New Zealand
South Korea.

Oh is my hand sore. Ha ha which is good because it takes my mind off my back hurting.

Now some people will say “why send them? I make little money and it cost a lot to send anything overseas.” Well I know there's nothing like opening a card and reading that special message inside. Just knowing it's for you. A person does feel good knowing someone cares enough to buy it, write on it and send it or hand it to you. I encourage everyone to go get some cards (there not that expensive) and write something nice to someone. You'll feel good doing it and they'll feel better receiving it. You still have 9 days left. I have received a few cards from my customers and I love rereading them a lot and I did get a card posted to me. I felt very lucky thank you. If anyone else wants to post me a card then please do I love them. Please post to
To Grant Richards
C/O The Big Issue Office
62 Peel St
South Brisbane, 4101

I'm happy to send heaps more out. So feel free to send your name and postal address in an email to me at.

Okay let me start with how my day started at work. I turned up to work at about 6 am ready to sell my magazines. A guy comes up and says “morning Grant” as I always say “good morning” to him. He's a great guy that passes every morning. But this morning he stops and turns back to face me and says “If your going to be in the centrefold of a calender the least you could do is look better.” Now don't take this the wrong way. He was joking and laughing and everything was good. I replied “I come to work ready for 200 people to say hi to me and I feel good and you want to start my day off like that. No Christmas card for you” I was laughing too.

I ask the next friendly face I saw. What did she think about my picture in the calender? She asked why and I told her what the other guy had said while laughing. See laughed and agreed with him. So I told her no Christmas card. I already knew I have given both a Christmas card but it was fun saying it. It was great having a joke with friends because life needs some fun to keep smiling.

Oh I have a great karma story for you that happen today.
I'll be honest I really can't believe this one myself, so dumb. This guy went into a bottle shop and put his bag down near the doorway. ( a lot of bottle shops like you to leave your bag at the doorway while looking around or they search it) Well this guy walks around and puts bottles in his pocket. Walks towards the counter and asks the sales guy for a bottle on one of the sheaves. The guy turns around and yep the guy runs out with bottles in his pocket.

The first I hear is the sales guy yelling for him to stop. He didn't. I was bored so I asked what happened. The sales guy filled me in on what had happened. Then he noticed the bag still there. We open it together and JACKPOT a laptop computer with lots of uni papers including his name on everything. Real dumb. Ha ha

I'm sure you all have seen dumb people doing dumb things. Hey share your stories with everyone else on our forum just click on
Thank you for reading my stories. If you like them, then please share with your friends.
I hope you all have a great day.
Grant the Polite Guy

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

No roses here.

I'm going to call this one a victory but really I'm not proud.
A customer asked me out for a Christmas drink yesterday afternoon. We sat and talked and had a great time. About 1 hour later he went to the bar and bought me my next 2 beers and said he was heading off. I thanked him and sat at the table enjoying my beer I already had.

A few minutes later I heard a guys shout out “Hey you is this what you do with all the money you beg from people” I look and yep he was talking to me. I knew him from walking pass every morning. Never bought a magazine from me. Now I really don't like shouting out loud so I walked over to him and said “I'm having a Christmas drink with a friend and he just left, oh and by the way I don't ask anyone for money I sell magazines” I could see this guy had had a lot to drink and just looking for trouble. I turned to walk back to my table when he said “f**king bum” I stopped walking but didn't turn to face him. I must say I thought about it. I just headed to my table and sat in a different chair so my back was to him.

I know I should have walked out there and then, but hey the beer on my table was nice and cold.

This guy and for the sake of this story I'll call him because I don't know real name(Tim) walks to my table and sits in front of me, with 3 mates as well. I don't know where the mates came from because they weren't there before but I could tell they had been drinking a lot. Tim started saying “ so what's it like being a bum?” his mates laughing. I said “I really don't want trouble, I'll just go” I went to stand and this heavy hand pushed my shoulder down. “don't go now we just got here” came from one of the guys behind me.

Oh I really wished right now I walked out the door instead of coming back to my table. I quickly thought of my options. Yell out loud and hope someone helps while I'm defending myself against 4 guys, try stand again and hope they let me walk away (not likely to let me), throw it back at him and show I don't fear him, well the truth was I didn't fear him it was the 4 total I didn't like.

So that's what I did. I said “what's it like being a bum you say, well really it's not that bad. I go where I want and do what I please. Whys that you thinking of trying it?” Two of the mates laughed. Now (Tim) was really mad, he spat out “What, I work.” he lend forward only inches from my face “let me tell you I have everything in life I even pay people to even mow my lawns you little insect. Okay you and me outside” one of the mates grabbed hold of my sleeve of my shirt.

Now my dad went to The Commonwealth Games for boxing and as a young boy he show us sons how to fight. My mum showed us how to not fight. But even on my very best day of my life 1 against 4 are not good odds.

I sat back and said “pal I have people mow my lawns to and more.” I was totally ignoring the let's go outside bit. “what you mean?”

“well the council mow the lawns, picks up the grass and pays electric bills for me, oh and my rubbish I just put it in the bin and it gets empty twice a day.” The mates start laughing mostly because I was saying it as if I was telling a joke. Not (Tim) though “My tax's pay for that” even angrier now because his mates were not looking like they wanted a fight and he may be on his own. “your tax's well I should at least say thank you” The mates laughed even harder because I had shot him down in flames.

I stood up grab my bag and walked out very quickly. (Tim) followed. Pushed me from behind and punched the side of my face. I stepped back then stepped forward placing two hits to his jaw. He went down. The mates were still inside and didn't see it. Right away I'm having shoots of pain running through my back from the sudden movements of being hit and then hitting.

Hunched over I walked slowly to a bench and laid down for a few hours for the pain to stop. I kept thinking the whole thing over that had happened and what I could have changed. As I said at the start, It's a victory but I'm not proud. I'm sure (Tim) and his mates are nice guys but they had way to much to drink and was looking for a fight.

I was always raised to be polite and caring towards people but as my dad always says “always be polite unless there's no choice.”

I can't work today and maybe tomorrow because of my back still hurting so bad.

The reason I'm posting this story is because I'm not proud of what I did, to be honest I'm glad I got out of there before things got really bad. I wanted people to know life isn't all roses being on the streets I just tell the funny side of it.

Thank you for reading.
Grant the Polite Guy.

P.S Please know I would never hit anything if there was a choice not to.
Thank you to all the people who have sent there postal address to my email for me to send them a Christmas card. For those who would like one please send postal address to .
If anyone wants to send me a christmas card please send to.
To Grant Richards
C/O The Big Issue Office
62 Peel St
South Brisbane, 4101

Monday, December 13, 2010

Merry Chirstmas

A few weeks ago a girl walking towards me waved and smiled as she normally did. I step in close towards her and asked does she read my blog? The girl stopped and said “what blog?” I straight away remembered she had told me she buys from another vendor. I quickly pulled out a thank you note and showed her where the blog address was. I said “there's some funny stories about people's zippers” now straight away this girl looks down and zips up.

The 19 year old stops and starts talking. I was saying how I would tell about 10 people a day. She started telling me that she walks down and catches a bus that's always full of school boys who are flirting and trying to chat her up. Smiling about it, then said “if I had got on that bus and the boys had noticed they would never have let it down.” I laughed saying “oh no I should be on the boys side” with that we both were laughing until she punched me softly on the arm and said “that's why I buy from a female vendor”

I see her every morning walking past and now she stops for a chat and a laugh. I know she will never buy a magazine from me but I know we will be friends.

One of my customers said “good morning Grant” as she walked past and then turned around and asked me “In your blog you say you would tell about 10 people a day about there zippers, is that really true?” I said “It makes me red faced as well” I looked down and placed my magazine in front of her pants. I didn't have to say anything she just looked down, went red faced, zipped up and walked away very quickly saying “thank you”. I know I said to myself “I tell them and tell them but do they listen.” ha ha

Well it's two weeks till Christmas day. I've been handing out my Christmas cards to nearly all my customers now. (Some I've not seen). The one thing I've noticed is the different attitudes coming from people when they get one. Some people talk about religion, some say it's only for the shopping centres to make a lot of money, and then there's the kids. It's the jolly big guy (Santa) that gives them presents for being good, and it's magical.

Here's how I see it.

Weather your religious or not it's a great thing. If Christmas means anything else to me it's showing love to your family and friends and the magic of seeing them smile.

Homeless who do have family's call them or maybe even see them. I know last Christmas I seen my brothers as I know I'll see them this Christmas. We all don't get along every well but we make an effort for mum to be together for Christmas. Really I'm glad because although we don't get along I like knowing there's that one day of the year we do see each other.

I've been handing out Christmas cards to a lot of people (mostly customers), but a few days before Christmas I'm going to hand them out to homeless people with a pie. Well as many as I can afford. There is charities doing special things too because Christmas isn't just for the people that can do great gifts it's for people who want to spread joy and for some to forget there life's problems and think of good things.

This is only my views but really anything that makes people happier and think of others can't be a bad thing.

A guy I know (Will) who has accommodation staying in lodge came up to me while I was working and asked “ Grant you drink beer don't you?” I replied “yes mate why?” He placed his bag down and pulled out a long neck of beer and handed it to me. “Merry Christmas mate” I accepted the beer and thanked him. Then noticed the bottle had been opened and was half full. “ Mate you been drinking it already?” He just smiled and said “I bought it for you and walked into the city from home (He lives in the valley about 30 minute walk) it's a long way and I had to drink something.” I laughed and handed the bottle back to him saying “mate you need the other half to have something to drink on the way back” He took the bottle and said “Good idea” and whistled as he started walking back home. Now I first meet Will about 9 months ago at an op shop buying cloths. He wanted some warm pants and a couple of shirts. The bill was only about $14 total. I was standing behind him buying a jacket.

Will put all he's money on the counter and started putting aside his rent money different things like that. This guy had money everywhere. After a few minutes he had said to me “sorry for taking for long” he worked out what he could buy and put a shirt back. I picked the shirt up and handed him the shirt and the $2.50 to buy it saying it's going to be cold winter mate.

Been great friends ever since. Just don't go drinking with him, he whistles all night. Ha ha.

I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a great New Year.
I only have one Christmas wish and that's, everyone is safe over the holidays.

Thank you for reading. If you like it then please tell others about my site.
Grant the Polite Guy.

Saturday, December 11, 2010


I have so many great people to tell you about. But this lady is up there with the best. Sonia walks past most mornings and always stops to chat. Always calling me “sweetheart” or saying “Your such a beautiful Guy”. Lots of nice things like that. (I really love being called Sweetheart) haha. Now what makes it even better is this lady is so successful in her career and great looking that most models would be jealous just being in the same room. So as you can guess I love it when Sonia comes walking pass it really brightens my day. She has one of them personality’s that's just so alive. I thank her every time. Really I'm proud just to know her.

I once asked what she does for a job? Sonia replied that she is a Private Wealth Manger Insurance. Now I must say I really didn't know what all that meant, now I do. I quickly told her I have $58 in the bank for a rainy day. She could invest that. She smiled and called me a “sweetheart” again. I did work harder that day and put another $26 in the bank and at the time thinking I'll raise more then Sonia can manage my savings for me. Of course I had a smile on my face and knew it'd take a lot more.

If any of you need a Private Wealth Manger. Sonia works for the Commonwealth Private in the city. 32373103. If you mention my blog she will call me “sweetheart and beautiful Guy” more. Ha ha
A few days ago I had a lady approach me while working saying “Her husband goes to the botanical Gardens every Tuesday morning and cooks bacon and eggs for the homeless). I started talking to her about what a great thing she's doing.

She said that her husband went there this morning and no-one turned up. I must say my heart sank. All I could think about was these people could help so many people because they want to, but can't because no-one knows or the ones that did know don't need the help any-more or have moved on.

I gave her one of my thank you notes and asked her to email me all the information. I'm still waiting. I do know next Tuesday morning I'll be telling all the homeless people I know about it. If you talk to anyone that's homeless please just let them know. Free bacon and eggs at the Botanical Gardens Tuesday mornings.

Ash and Phil are going to be working with to build the mega-site which will have it's own page for homeless helps and information. I have spoken to a lot of churches and charities and they all have information but some more then others. I did ask if I put together a site where all information was available would they use it. I smile when they said yes. You see different charities know of information in there area mostly. An example may be Ipswich may not know a lot that helps in West End and visa versa.

My aim is to have as much information as possible about charities and churches that do help. I have often said we don't need more resources we need to know where they are. The guy with the bacon and eggs a great example.

Some people have asked me about where to go to do volunteering. Well I'll be able to post information about all that to. Connecting the ones who want to help with the ones who need the help. In Australia at first then everywhere.

I'd very much like any ideas people have that I should do. So please go to the forum and voice your ideas. I'm not really sure on a lot and really all the ideas the better. Ha ha

P.S I have great news. Last year I was Vendor of the year but yesterday I was awarded Big Brother of The Year - Most Helpful Vendor 2010. It'll be on my badge all of next year and I got a certificate and the best bit a $10 gift card. Today's going to be a great day.

If link don't work I'm sorry just try another one.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Wrong Way

This one I feel bad about but really when people are rude they really deserve what they get.

There I was working and it was very quiet when a couple came walking towards me. So me beening good at what I do I stepped over to them and said “Big Issue, Magazine or Calender?” with a warm and friendly smile.

They ignored me all together. Like I was standing near in front of them and no-one else within 30 metres at least. These two just walk pass as if I wasn't there. Now please don't get the wrong idea I would say 95% of people don't buy and say “no” or something like that and you accept that. In fact I always say “have a nice day anyway” when they do say no.

This couple walked there way, when one of them swung around and headed right towards me. A second later the second followed. The wife stopped in front of me and asked “where's the Casino?” (no please or excuse me)

Well I get ask for directions all the time so this was nothing new. I replied “You just go straight and go through the Mall and when you get to the end it's right across the road on the right” which is the way. They started walking towards the direction I sent them really before I had finished. (no thank you or anything) I remember thinking I hope they lose all there money for being rude. Sorry but it's true.

They had taken a few steps away when I said “yeah have a nice day” in a nice but not very pleasant voice. Thinking them being rude shows there standards not mine. The husband turns around and said “what did you say?” I just repeated “yeah have a nice day” I was thinking he may have thought I had said something nasty. But he hadn't.

He turned to his wife and said “he's sending us the wrong way. Look at him smiling and saying have a nice day” he grabbed he's wife's arm and started heading in the opposite way. Now I was about to stop them and assure they I had told them that I had told them the right way but stopped myself when he said “F**king bum get a job” Oh I was smiling and thinking and then said “have a nice day”

About 8 minutes later I saw them walking on the other side of the road heading in the right direction. I hate yelling to talk, but I did smile a lot at them. I do hate saying this but. It felt good knowing I gave them the right directions. Ha ha

I had a customer come to me a month ago and asked to buy another magazine. I quickly asked “I sold one to you yesterday didn't I” He replied “I went home and showed your 'thank you note' to my daughter Jess which's is only 9 years old and she said she wanted to use her pocket money to buy a magazine too”. I signed it saying something about being polite.

So this is to Jess my youngest customer. Using your manners and being polite shows your standards as being a good girl and when others don't use there manners then that shows there standards. I know which I'd say “hello” to. Thank you for buying a magazine and I hope you have a great day.

I know why a 9 year old buys my magazine. Is there any stories why you do? Please share your story on my forum at
Grant the Polite Guy.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A great finish of a day

Life is great. I have told people that I move around a lot. But a few weeks ago a customer asked if I wanted to buy her old computer. I said I could make payments and buy it for doing my blog. I'd just take computer where ever I go. She said “it may need fixing but it was a good computer” so I started asking around and next thing I know 'The little fat man' (his nickname for himself) said “he'd be happy to look at it and fix it for free”.

A few days later he told me “the computer was not worth fixing that it was old” but also said “he could put one together for me” So yesterday he came walking towards me with a great big smile and handed me a computer and told me that he uploaded all the windows and things like that. Yes I had my own computer. No more $2 for 21 minutes at the shopping centre.

I get it to where I'm staying, plug it all in and it works great. Ha ha I'm using it now. Now that in itself is good but wait there's more. Ha ha. I check my messages on blog and email. I got so many messages saying don't quit and one guy Bede said he knows a lot about blogs and things and is willing to meet me on Saturday to help me out with things I don't know. Oh now my day could not get any better, but there's more a customer I had and thought of as a great friend (but not seen for a year) emailed me out of the blue and said don't quit and she was in Germany and coming back to Australia in the new year. Right now I'm thinking today I have to buy a lotto ticket because my day was going so well. Ha ha

I keep reading all my emails and comments and doing replies of course. I opened one comment and read it and just had to rush down and buy that lotto ticket. The comment was from Emily Jade from MMM radio station. I know a lot of readers are from other countries so let me say in Brisbane it's only the best and biggest radio station out there. I sold Emily Jade a magazine and gave her a thank you note. Not long after she was reading it on the air and saying how polite I was and the fact I had beautiful blue eyes. They treated me so well they rang me and put me on the air too. A day to remember.

Later the whole MMM breakfast crew came out to help sell the Big Issue Magazines for the day. Now I'm very thankful for such well known successful people like the Breakfast crew to take there time out to help people. If you remember in an older post 'Skip' from the MMM radio station bought a magazine from me. Today's going to be a great day.

I know I only ever listen to MMM on 104.5 F.M when I have a radio of course. Ha ha. I just thought of it I can listen to them on the net when online. Great stuff.

I'd like to say thank you for reading my blog and don't forget I'm sending Christmas cards to everyone that sends an postal address, just email or put it in a comment which I won't post.

I hope you all have a great day.
Grant the Polite Guy.

Monday, December 6, 2010

If you quit you never win, but if you never quit you can't lose. Oh Yeah

Oh did I get a wake up call this morning. But first let me explain the background. I won't go into details because it wouldn't be right.

About 5 weeks ago I was working selling my magazines and a guy looking troubled stopped to buy one. So me being me just started saying things like “So hows your day mate” well we talked about different things like how I had my accident and the 9 months in hospital and about never giving up no-matter what. He left a little happier and of course with one of my thank you notes. This guy comes back 20 minutes later and gives me a bottle of coke and a lotto ticket saying “You helped me more then you'll ever know”. I felt good about myself and put the ticket in my pocket.

The next Sunday morning was raining and my back had really hurt all night. I really didn't want to work but I needed the money. So on the way to work I went to the newsagent to check that ticket. Oh you know what I'm going to say and YES it won $26.85. Not a lot but enough not to work that day. I remember thinking “today's going to a great day”

Two days later I see the same guy and I went to him saying “Mate you won't believe it but it won $26.85” with and big smile and handing him the stub I got with the amount on it. He went to hand it back when I said “You keep that mate and know you helped me more then you'll ever know”. We became great friends after that.

Okay fast forward to this morning. This guy comes up to me saying “Are you telling me after your talk about us never giving up that you are giving up” He had a smile and I really didn't know what he was talking about. I mean I knew who he was, but what was I giving up. I said “mate I never give up that's the deal we made to each other. This guy turns his smile into a grin and says “Don't quit because you could help a lot of people, I better see some changes on that blog of yours”. ha ha

He walks away grinning and thinking he was good. Ha ha. He was. The talks of me encouraging him on that day came flooding back and I remembered saying things like “no matter what happens in life there's always better days” and “ nothing is impossible, just things you haven't worked out how to do yet” nice things like that. I know he reads my posts so let me say “you could have said you would have helped me to work out this tech stuff out” I would have bought you a bottle of coke and a lotto ticket. Ha ha.

I did realise that when I encourage or help someone, that really I'm helping myself and know I'm doing something good and really there's no better feeling.

Now you'd think that would enough but there's more. 11 emails and comments saying great things. Now I know it looks like I'm saying I'm great but the one thing I keep thinking about right now is something my dad would always say to me when I was younger “You can always judge a person by not how much money they have but by the number of friends he has” I feel wealthy right now.

The blog will stay and I'll work out the website and forum as soon as I can.

Now if you go to my website. When you see the writing read it and scroll down and click on the word Forum at the end. Not the address under it because I can't get that link working right yet. Ha ha. I really don't know much about build forum's, websites and links yet but I won't quit trying. If there's someone that knows how to help please do see me I can pay with magazines or money each week in payments. (I'm good for it).

I have such great plans for helping people and doing great stories for people to read. I do ask if you enjoy reading my blog then please help me to tell others and join the forum. Once you have joined then all you have to do is click on the favourites button on your computer and you will have the link forever on your computer.

I'm sorry I talked about stopping this blog. I won't quit because sometimes you have to say “I've quit to many times and now nothing will stop me”.

Thank you for reading my Blog and I hope you have a great day.
Grant the Polite Guy.

P.S If you quit you never win, but if you never quit you can't lose. Oh Yeah.
If someone learns how to start new post in forum then please email or comment me how. Hey I'm learning. haha

Sunday, December 5, 2010


When I started this I really wanted to do great things with it. The fact is I don't really know how to do it right. Like I'm asking you to go to 3 different sites and I couldn't even do a link right. So I'm going to do the right thing.
I sorry I won't be doing this blog or the sites anymore. I thankyou very much for the comments and people talking to me about my site. The fact is I don't know what I'm doing and just making a mess of it all. To be honest I owe money from burrowing from a customer to pay for website which ended up being wrong in the end.
I will say doing this has been great and the stories I think may have helped my customers, Hey it helped if at least, it put a smile on your face. haha

I sorry for being down at the moment but I have been in hospital for 4 days and coming out I checked emails and there was 8 for Christmas cards (which I'll send) and 12 emails (which were very polite saying the link to Forum didn't work). I did try for over a hour, trying to work it out. But I couldn't even do that right.

So I'm saying this is my second last message. The next and last message I do will be about all the homeless helps I have searched for and found. I have pages of alot of help for the homeless or in need. I need to post that because there may be something that someone don't know about or if someone wants to help a homeless person then this information will help.

I'm trying to think of something funny for you to read but I can't, sorry.

The two people that helped me do this I will mention on last post.
Grant the Polite Guy.

Friday, December 3, 2010


WOW I have alot of thank you's to do. Where to start first...
Thank you to the people in other counrties that sent there postal address for a Christmas card. I'll post them next week. So far 32 people in 5 different countries that I now call mates.

Thank you to the people that have been to my new web-site. I know it's not much, but it's a great start.

Thank you to the people who have joined my Forum. I must be honest I used a tudor to build it and I'm still not smart enough to work it right yet. But I'm learning. ha ha To go to it please go to and where I have writing from me scroll down and it's there. I know this is bad but I just don't know how to do it right. Trust me it makes me angry too.

At the bottom of the forum is a chest asking for donations for the forum. Please know that, that money don't go to me in any way. I don't get to build anything or use. It's paid so you don't see ads (which are not mine).
I'm not sure if this is coming out right. I could use help with money to build this megasite but that chest isn't for me. And yet I don't want to be mean. It's a free forum for me and they get money from ads and chest. So far the only way i can make this pay for itself is the ads on my web-site.

Thank you to the people that hit that F button at the bottom of each post here to tell there friends on facebook about this site. I'm building all this mostly because it doing something good with my life right now and everyone seems to think it's a great idea.

The biggest Thank you is for my customers that say "Hi Grant" as they walk by. I know I wouldn't have gotten this far without people saying things like "I like it don't stop" and "Build it because you could help alot of people" and the comments I get here at the end of post. So Thankyou all

I noticed my Forum has a chat box. People can chat to each other by typing and the message comes up right away and they reply quicky. I can't wait to chat to some of you just to hear your ideas and to say "hi"

Thankyou all for reading my Blog.
Grant the Polite Guy.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

One person can't change the world but an idea can

First of all, I'd like to thank you all of you for reading my blog. I can say I love writing the stories and the comments I get. I really feel like I am giving something back and I have more value in myself.

I've done it. Only having fresh-air and sunshine (raining today. Ha ha) with help from two great new mates, I've put together a small website and forum.

But first if I may, tell you about me and my new drive.
After the fall and spending 9 months in hospital, I felt lost and in short time watched the perfect world I had leave me. The house, the family and my dear dog, with all the asserts. I found myself in a park in the city. Not knowing where to go or really if I cared to.

A year and a half later I'm still moving around a bit, but I have a different outlook on everything. I mostly think I've already had the worst day in my life and any day after that has to be a great day. When I started doing this blog I wanted to just do nice/funny stories that I see or hear. But things have changed since then. I've been asked by customers to help homeless and myself talking to homeless people myself, I've noticed like me they really don't know where and what help there is out there.

So I'm building a mega-website. This mega-website will have a great homepage with a forum and of course my blog but this site will have information about all homeless help. Not just in Brisbane but everywhere. I'm going to build a site so no-matter where you are there is information. I believe a lot of the homeless can be helped fast not by giving more resources but letting them know where the resources are.

I must be honest I never knew about all the help these people needed. But I know now.

I've started with only free sites and as I get the funds I'll build it bigger and faster. Making money from the ads on the website will help me to do this faster. I do ask, please use these sites and help me to let everyone know. The website and forum is small but it's a great start. I'm going to keep using this blog for my stories until the mega-site is up and running. The website is at and our great forum is at I thank you again for everything and I hope you have a great day.
Grant The Polite Guy.

P.S If anyone knows of charities or help given to the homeless and much needy please email me on