Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Great Day

Awaking up to friends telling me to hurry because were late. I quickly dressed and jumped in the car to head to the coast and hit the beach. Music playing and everyone was excited about having a good time on such a hot day.

Getting there I could see all the surf and sand going for miles. We parked and run down to the beach and through our towels on the sand and jumped in the cool ocean. Having a great time on the boards when this girl swim over and says “You have great moves” and asks me to lunch. Right now I'm thinking this is going to be a great day.

I tell my friends and there laughing yelling “your the man mate” as we head to a nice restaurant and order big steaks as we start chatting about all the good things in life. All the time thinking, we are at the beach it would be just as nice to have fish and chips sitting on a towel at the beach. Well things went really well and we leave the restaurant laughing and her friends join us and say there heading to do “Sky Diving” and invited me to. Of course I went because I will try anything once..
Okay I'm trying to keep this story short but what a day already. Ha ha.

So there I was in a perfectly built plane ready to jump out. I did and for a good while was scared then it was great, feeling the wind and what a rush, I kept thinking this is something you do that you never forget. Falling quickly I kept think I had to remember something oh yeah I pulled the rip cord. Ha ha

Of course a great landing (on my butt) ha ha But everyone was smiling and having a great time.
Hours later meeting my mates and saying this day couldn't get better. All of us went to the pub and was dancing to the music. All the time I'm thinking this day is for the books, Never going to forget.

You won't believe what happen next.. I woke up and thought that was a great dream and headed to work saying “Today could have been a greater day” (dream really did happen) ha ha. I'm looking forward to going to sleep tonight.

I know it's a bit personal to share a dream but having nice dreams that I'm active with friends and surf and all that, keeps me smiling a lot when things are bad. As I've said before “Looking for the good things in life makes it hard to have bad days. Please don't get me wrong I'm not saying I get it right and always have happy thoughts, But I do try to make the most of what I have and think that things could be worst so really I'm lucky.

Fact is, things could be worst no matter what is happening. But the thing that is most important which is what I always say to myself is “Things can only get better from here.” if things don't then I say “things can only get better from here” ha ha until it does.

Celebrate a good start with me

To celebrate this blog going for one month, this Friday afternoon I'm going for a drink or two or maybe three after work at the Central railway station pub, The one on Ann St. Starting 4pm for a few hours. I know it's short notice but if any of you would like to come then please do as I'd love to see you and chat. I'd like to hear any ideas people have. I think I've done a great thing putting this together and I really think we have earnt a drink, you guys for reading it ha ha and me for writing it. For those who don't know me, I'll be the only one with a party hat one. Now seeing me wear a party hat is worth coming to see. Ha ha. Thank you all and have a great day.
P.S I have an email account, I know I'm becoming a computer wiz. It's so if you ever want to chat about anything please message me.
Thank you again Grant.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Skipping Time.

Well it's Friday morning 4:30am and my back is hurting and I can't sleep. I've been walking around looking at a lot of the shops through the windows and just waiting for daybreak and then people will start coming into the city.
Sometimes I think this is the best time of the day. No-one around just me and the world. Except of course and few drunks and council workers and other homeless people on benches and in the parks which have not woken yet.

So there I was thinking there was nothing to do but wait. I decided to go on line and do some funny stories for my customers, when I started looking at all the info pages I get when I login. I checked the numbers and guess what. I have people in 9 countries looking at my blog. Here I am a simple guy and people from other countries want to read about things I have wrote. Hey politeness works YEAH.
Australia 420
United States 48
United Kingdom 4
New Zealand 3
Denmark 2
India 2
Argentina 1
Ethiopia 1
South Africa 1

I really wish a lot of you could see me right now I have the biggest smile I've had in a long time. I'm almost ready to forget that my back hurts and skip down the road. Ha ha. I think I will try anyway I'm so happy.

But the best news yet, I checked the money info and having 483 visits my site (I know some people have viewed a few times) $20.63 so far I have earned but it's cost more then that using the computer in the shopping centre. But it's only a start and I get more out of it just doing something good. Even bigger smile then before now. Ha ha. Of course I don't get it until it reaches $250.(That's just mean ha ha) So PLEASE if you like my site tell others. Thank you in advance.

So I'd like to thank everyone for reading my stories. I guess it shows that when I asked people to email or tell others about my blog they really did. Thank you it's made me feel like I am doing something good. Also the comments from you has really inspired me so much.

Ever watched one of them movies where the guy had everything then lost it all because of an accident and became homeless, Then worked hard and became successful and rich and started helping others. That's going to be me except I help others now when I can.

I know this posting is not the funny stories I usually have of which I'm sorry, but I wanted to share my great news with you all as well. Well I'm off to skip down the road and go greet my customers with a “good morning”

To everyone in all countries “Good morning and have a great day”
Grant the Polite Guy.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


In my travels I have seen so many people willing to help others in a caring way. I'm not just taking about money but really sometimes just someone to talk to makes a bad day into a great day. Here's a few people I know of that do such a thing.
There's this lovely girl named Niki. Now she was talking to me one day and told me she buys 4 $1 scratchies and during the week when someone looks sad or just having a bad day she gives them one. Saying “Looks like your having a bad day so here's a scratchie for free to improve your day.”
When she told me this, I pulled the sadist face I could then laughed. She said “Don't have any left ha ha” then said while patting me on the back “I'm to happy to get one” (How mean)

This only happen last week. I was walking in Paddington and I noticed a guy with a few bags and looking like he sleeps on the streets. I had made good sales that day and went and started talking to him with 2 pies in hand. I said “One for you and one for me mate” we started talking and he was telling me how things have changed while pulling out a wine flask. Now I really don't drink wine but as I say when in Rome do as the Romans do. This guy was one of the funniest guys I've met and we had great laughs for a few hours. When I left I thanked him for his time and gave him $12 to buy another wine flask. The guy stood as I was leaving and wanted to shake my hand. Doing that meant a lot to me and I'd be happy to always call him my mate. Now the goodness he gave me was his time.

Okay now this one happened a while ago but I still laugh about it now. There was this guy that walked towards me pulling out his wallet and taking out a $5 dollar note. This happens a lot and I always say as there coming towards me “Good morning or G'day mate”
This guy steps up to me with the note and says “maybe tomorrow” and laughs as if he had said the funniest joke ever as he walks around me. Now I will say my smile didn't last long, but then I had a bigger smile then before. You see as he was enjoying himself so much he had slid his wallet down his pants but not in the pocket. The wallet fell to the ground and me being a nice guy I picked it up and did whisper “sir your wallet.” He didn't hear me. Now I know what your thinking, I didn't take the money but I did hand it in to the police station (a week later.) Now for the goodness, I handed in a wallet with money so the nice guy could get it back.
P.S I still laugh about that one a lot. Ha ha and he never did it again. What's that saying "He who laughs last laughs longest."ha ha

Speaking of goodness, I'd like to thank you all for reading my stories and for those that give comments which has been great. There's a saying “It's easier to to quit then to go on.” But after reading the comments there's no-way I'll stop. Thank you all. I feel like I'm giving something back.
Grant the Polite Guy.

Thursday, October 14, 2010


When I was a boy my dad would pull me aside and tell me “You can always judge a man by never his money but the amount of friends or even mates that he has.” as a young boy I never really understood this. Now I know now just how true it is. I'm going to tell you about one of my very good friends that helped me close to the start.
I was sleeping in the park and “Swani” showing a warm smile and said “Hi there would you like to join me in having a coffee” I will say I was overwhelmed by it. I woke up a bit better and said “I don't drink tea or coffee thanks.” A few minutes later we were chatting and I had nice cold bottle of coke in front of me. Ha ha I do love my coke.

This was the start of a great friendship. I was working now selling my magazines and getting on my feet more. Swani came and seen me early one morning and said “Breakfast my treat” again showing that warm smile. We went to a nice cafe and Swani said “order anything you want Grant my treat” Well being pretty hungry I asked the girl taking the order for the big breakfast please.
Sitting there talking and waiting for a much wanting big breakfast I heard voices “I think it's him.” turning around to see what was happening I noticed they were talking about me. I lifted my shirt slightly and sniffed. I knew I hadn't showered for a few days “Swani I'm so sorry” hanging my head down and thinking of just leaving very quickly. “don't worry and enjoy your breakfast you deserve it” came from a true friend.

The meals came and I polished my plate very quickly. I'd forgotten all about the other customers there and was just enjoying that breakfast. Then I was asked if I'd like anything else. I just smiled and said “today's going to be a great day.” Then I heard again “I think he's staying” to which I turned and face them to say “I'm really sorry I know I do smell a bit, but let's face it if this is the worst thing that happens to you today then it's going to be a great day.”

I will say and always will say I'll always remember that breakfast. I really feel sorry for the smell because of the other customers but that really was a great breakfast.

A few days later Swani comes over to me and says “Grant I want to help you somehow, what can I do?” I thought about it and quickly said “there's customers that buy mags from me and don't really stop I'd really like a way to say thank you to them as well.”

The next day I went to her office and was cheerfully greeted by Michelle who works the front desk and she treated me as another customer if anything better and I really felt welcomed and made me feel like holding my head even higher knowing I was doing a great thing. Minutes later I started handing out my thank you notes when selling a magazine.

Swani is a director of Worldwide Printing. Who has always given me my thank you notes and did so from the goodness of her heart. So I say thank you and I know I could never forget the kindness you have showed me. I am asking if there's any of my customers that need printing done please consider her printing company as this is the lest I ever could do for her.

Worldwide Printing
(07) 3229 8522
P.S Thank you for reading this next one. If you like my stories please send comments and add to favorites page or even email my blog address to friends. I always like to share. I really hope you have a great day.
Grant the polite guy.

P.S I was asked by one of my good customers to mention him in my blogs. He's a great guy that always has a laugh with me when walking pass. I said okay and then asked him his name. He's reply was. "Called me the Little Fat Guy that way I know it's me" I wasn't going to but I know it will bring a big smile to his face. If I have afended anyone please I'm sorry.
Thankyou and have a great day.
Grant the polite guy.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I get told a lot “Grant your always smiling and polite” of which I mostly say “Today's going to be a great day” or “Cost nothing so I have plenty”
Here I can say the truth. But I'll explain it so people don't get the wrong idea. There's days were I'm in a lot of pain because of my back. I strap on heat packs to my back and head to work on the days I go. (which is most days).

Really I need my customers a lot more then they think. I'm always cheerful and positive because when I am, people are positive back. Every time I say “good morning” or “have a nice day” a lot of people say it back. Now really who could have a bad day when 200 people say “good morning or have a nice day” to you. A person can handle a lot of pain thinking there's 200 people going to say “hi” to him. So it's me saying thankyou to all of you because I would have quit along time ago if it wasn't for some of my good customers and people who have been nice enough to at least say “hi” back.
I know I've quit a 1,000 times in my mind and then a customer will say something nice or stop and chat and I feel like I'm worth something again. So really anything I put out there I really do get back many times over.

It really says a lot about being nice. I do have a great example. Close to when I started selling the Big Issue I started seeing this lady in her late 40's. Every morning I would say “good morning” because it was about 6am which there's not a lot of people about at that time. Always she would reply “nothing good about it.” She really hated her job. ( cook hand ) For a while I really thought she just really didn't like me. (really how could that happen. Haha) Then one day I seen her coming and I pretended to get magazines out of my bag when really I had none in my bag. She slowed right down while walking pass. I really didn't know what to say or do, so I just did what I do best and said “good morning”. You won't believe this but she stopped and started talking to me about her job and working too many hours and not enough time for herself and things like that. At least half an hour just listening to her tell me all the things that's wrong in her life. Now 11 months later I still say “good morning” and she still says “Nothing good about it” but she complains about having less hours now. The job she does has less customers and therefore she gets less hours and less money. She went from being in her mind over worked (38 hours a week) to under worked. (32 hours a week)
I say look at the really good things in life. Being able to work in the first place and a home to go to at night is great. I know people will always want more in life but sometimes think, life is good and enjoy it.
If you look for the bad things in life you will find them. If you look for the good things in life you won't be able to have a bad day no matter what happens.
P.S For the two people that wanted to tell me I didn't get the spelling and gramma right in earlier posts. Please read this post and have a nice day.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

On a rainy day it's good to think of funny moments.

Well it's Sunday night and it's been raining most of the day so I thought I'd write about some of the funny things that has happen while working selling my magazines. There's nothing better then thinking of the good times when having a bad day. Let's face it I see people at there best and worst but really remembering the good and funny things, always brings a smile. Here's a couple of things that has happened that made me smile.

This one happen today. I was working Queens Plaza and I was being me saying “Big Issue” and “have a nice day” when they didn't buy or stop. There was this lady walking towards me so I said “Big Issue” and she walked pass sticking her tongue out and didn't say anything. I look and said “Have a nice day” thinking another nutbag. I really feel bad when these things happen as I know I didn't really do anything to upset her but I keep thinking she is just in a bad mood.
About 15 minutes later she was walking towards me again and I thought oh no. I turned my back and started asking other people, really anyone that was close instead of going near this one lady heading towards me. I turned around to find her standing there with a $5 note in hand. I must say I was dumbfounded.

I went through my usual pitch saying I had 2 magazines to choose from and everything was going good. I did avoided asking “how her day was?” ha ha. I do like to say some kind of complement so I did. “It was nice to meet such a sweet person” I did have a big smile and it brought a smirk to her's, I do think she left a lot happier then when she walked up to me. I know I won't forget her in a hurry. Ha ha. Now here's the good side of this. I gave her a copy of my blog address with my thankyou note so if your reading this.
Everyone has good and bad days. But thinking of the good days on a bad day makes the bad day a good one. Also selling in the street is hard enough so please be nicer the first time. If not then just say “no”. No tongue unless dating. Ha ha

This a few weeks ago. I was working and doing my thing selling the best magazine ever made. When a guy walked towards me with his thing hanging out of his zipper. I looked and looked again not believing what I was seeing. I stepped closer to the guy as he approached, Leaning towards him saying “Mate your um is hanging out” pointing towards his pants zipper. I will say I was just as embarrassed as he was. He did quickly fix his clothing. So here's a warning I would tell at least 5 people a day that there zipper is down (only had one person with something out). Please check before going out. I would always tell someone but there's red faces on both sides.

Another zipper story. One day this guy was walking towards me and I noticed his zipper. I lowered my magazines to my side and leaned towards him and in a low voice “ Mate your zippers undone.” The guy was walking fast past me and yelled loud “ I don't want your f**king magazine” I didn't like that so I said in a not such a low voice “ mate I was trying to tell you your zipper was undone” Everyone looked right at him. Sometimes it pays to be nice.

Please don't get the wrong idea I really am a nice guy and these are only a few stories of thousands of great customers of which a lot of them I think of as friends and mates. But as I always say “Manners cost nothing and I have heaps”

Saturday, October 2, 2010

The start of something great.

Hi, this is Grant the polite guy!

WOW I'm on the internet, I've come so far.
First I'd like to thank my customer and mate Michael for giving me the idea and setting this up for me, he's a really top guy.

Okay where to start!
I did my year 10 high school in NSW and my dad said I could leave school if I did a trade or join the army. I did both. Four years later I started at Sizzler's Restaurant and worked off and on for 12 years at a few stores. Also worked as a baker and rigger. Man of many trades, haha. I got married and had 3 wonderful kids, who I'll be proud to post pictures of later.

3 years ago I had a serious accident on some stairs. 9 months and 3 hospitals later I'm heading home with a metal back brace, a walking stick and pain that wouldn't let up. I did all my rehabilitation exercises and went back to work as fast as I could. But my injuries were bad and I didn't last long. At the time I wanted to work more than anything (a man supports his family) but the pain would get so intense that I had to quit. I hit depression and I'd really had enough. I lost everything and I started sleeping on the streets in Anzac Park and other quiet and safe places. The pain wouldn't stop, and I remember thinking that there wasn't much left for me. I guess I was waiting to just waste away. I was asked by a girl who sold magazines if I'd like to sell magazines to earn money. I jumped at the chance to work again (didn't really jump, haha). I went to the office and the next day I was working again. I'd like to say that everything was great from there, but hey everyone has ups and downs and that's life. Anyway that day made me a worker again, and for that I'll always be thankful.
Now I sell the best magazines on Queen St ( Post Office Square), Brisbane City. I'm meeting lots of different people everyday with different views and experience, but more than that, I hear a lot of stories about hardships and victories, from homeless people right through to big bosses. I'd really like to share some with you. Unless I asked to, I would never mention names of course. I never want this to be a gossip blog; more like a feel good blog. Which brings me to something very important: if I ever offend anyone, please tell me and I'll be more then happy to edit or delete anything here.

As I was saying, I'd really like to be able to tell you all about some of the things I hear and see as a magazine seller in the city of Brisbane. There's a lot of good that happens that doesn't make the news or the papers. This blog will share some of those stories, known to a magazine seller. I really hope you like them as much as I feel good knowing that I'm giving something back.

To people that buy my magazines or give me tips, I thank you not just because I earn money but because my magazines are there to help people down on their luck, and to give them a hand up not a hand out. Without good hearted people like you, I and many others may not have been able to stand tall again. I believe in karma, so for your kindness I hope something really good comes your way.

Doing my job I'm talking to people all time. I always try to be polite and say, “Have a nice day,” and things like that. A guy who never bought a magazine from me stopped one day and said, “I never stop but you always are polite,” and thanked me for that. From that day on he's called me, “Grant the polite guy.” So that's how I came up with the name. I'd like to take credit for being polite but really my parents drummed it into me when I was young and it's now a habit - a habit I like having because being nice to people is much easier and as I always say, “Manners cost nothing and I have heaps”. I think sometimes manners and a good outlook on things go along way in life (I know I only sell magazines, but I'm happy).

Thank you for reading my introduction and I hope you have a great day :-)

P.S. I'm going to add a new story or posting every week so please add this site to your favourites list and enjoy them. I'd really love to hear your ideas about what I should put on here. Email me at Thank you again.