Friday, December 21, 2012

Grant the Polite Guy's Coffee Cart Start

Oh do I have some great news first. As a lot of you would know at our last BBQ there was Fiona Deadman who produces “The Great South East” T.V show. Well she filmed some of our event and it’s going to be air this Sunday 23rd on channel 7 at 6:30pm “Dreams for a better world”. I’m excited about it because any awareness this can bring to homelessness in Australia then I’m all for it.

In the past I wrote about putting a coffee cart together. It is a great idea where I only employ homeless or people in need to run it.  I’d quickly help get 2 people on their feet with make-overs and everything they need, then get them the best training (I know a guy that owns a coffee shop and said he’d train all staff for free) then give them a job which earns above award wage working the coffee cart.

But wait it gets better ha ha, from every cup of coffee sold the business would donate 20cents to holding the BBQ’s I do. So really I’d be helping 2 people get on their feet and then every cup of coffee they sold would be helping others to get on their feet as well.

Well the first thing I had to do was get a location. Hey I did it. I have 2 great locations which have agreed to having the cart there. Next thing I’d need is to confirm the training the people would need. I have done that and I myself will be doing it (So I know what I’m talking about and I can help others when asked) in the first week of January.

Now all I need is the carts. I have collected some money (Thank you Sally and others). I sat down and worked out with Nathan (coffee shop guy) that with signs, jugs and a whole lot of different things I’d need $5500 more for each cart and that’s getting someone to make it because brand new there about $12,000.

I’m not doing this to just help people get on their feet, I’m doing it to help so many people to change their lives in such a more positive way and the good thing is if people choose to move on to bigger and better things then hey I can help another homeless or person in need right away. But the best thing here is people will be getting a chance in life and learning skills and have a great start in hospitality industry that they can take anywhere.

I ask you this, if you haven’t already spent all your money on Christmas yet then maybe consider donating using the donating button or email me for bank details. I’m going to make next year a great year for people who want to get on their feet by helping people with a hand up, not by giving them a hand out.

Thank you for reading my blog and I hope you all have a great Christmas and New Year, But of all things please be safe over the holidays.

Grant the Polite Guy

0412 190 011.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Bernie the Polite Girl's first BBQ

I know I have talked about pride before, in fact many times. Ha ha. But I once again feel nothing but pride again. The BBQ was a huge success. We didn’t get the numbers I wanted but hey I always want more so we can help more. If thousands turning up than I’d want more. A lot of people that turned up did get help and for some in a huge way. To me that’s what it’s all about.

As you would expect Bernie the Polite Girl, me and of course my little daughter “Jasmine the Polite Little Girl” turned up first about 7:30am with marquees and tables with the help of a few helpers. I remember thinking as we started about how my health has been bad with my back and the Leukaemia treatments and the fact that ‘Bernie the Polite Girl’ had done most of the work putting all this together, this is it, we have planned and worked hard for this day and all of us seemed excited that we were going to help so many. Which to me was nothing but heart.

Dalton’s Hospitality’s made an entrance with 5 big vehicles holding the kitchen for this event and all I could think of was how huge and great this is going to be. Now I’ve done a few of these BBQ’s and every-time it’s getting better. I know some really great people now too.

This being a bigger event then I have ever done Bernie the Polite Girl and I worked as a team putting everything together, the kitchen, marquees, tables, all the organizations set up their stalls to give information about their services, clothes were stacked up at the ready to given away for free, and the music was playing. We were ready.

We started being so proud that so many helpers came and gave up their time to help people in need when they needed it most. Bernie the Polite Girl and I kept putting homeless people with working people and saying things like “could you go with (name of person) and help him to get clothes and anything he needs please.” The idea is that a homeless person would not be alone and have what we thought was like a Buddy System. In a lot of cases it worked well and we could see working people sitting and talking with homeless on an equal level. As one unit.

The reason we thought this was such a great idea was because we thought if the homeless person felt more uplifted having a friend and talking to someone who was there to help and not care that they were homeless. (really anyone that came to help wanted to help someone that was homeless so why would they) Now I can’t take credit for this because it was Bernie’s idea. I think it worked well.

There was another reason and that’s, that we felt if working people spend more time with a or many homeless then it would hit home more about what it is like to be homeless. More of an understanding and some of the reasons why they were homeless.

We had many people thank us on the day and for some saying “It really opened my eyes, thank you for putting this event together” that’s working people thanking me for being able to help homeless and see why they were in the position they were in.

Come on guys we don’t need to put on an event for you to see or help homeless, these homeless people are someone’s Brothers, Sisters, Mothers, Grand Parents.

I’d like to let people know that I didn’t do this on my own, I reached out and some amazing organizations banded together and said I’m there and helping anyway we can. These guys are who really put these BBQ’s together. All heart, I owe them so much for what they do. This is really the community coming together to help. But the one person that did more than anyone even me was Bernie the Polite Girl. I’m sure this event wouldn’t have happened without her working so hard. I can’t thank her enough.

Our Major Contributors are:

Craig from Connected.
This guy has help since my very first BBQ and really helped me out when I got started. Awesome with everything he does. I’m proud just to know him.

Dalton’s Hospitality.

Jerome Dalton is a legend with the golden heart he has. When Jerome found out about this event he raised his hand and said he’d take care of all food for a 1,000 homeless. He brought his amazing crew of Dalton’s Hospitality with all equipment for the day. It was 5star food and fresh juice making machines drinks all the way. While working hard getting all the cooking done Jerome also meet Wayne (a guy very much down on his luck and gave him a job to start the next day) I’m writing this in more detail later on.

Now when the event was done and finished Jerome’s crew packed up and finished, but this amazing guy stayed back to help us pack too. I am hard to impress, but with everything Jerome done I was impressed. I am proud to call Jerome a mate. Thank you

A & G Insurance

I contacted Ram (CEO of A & G Insurance) the guy right away wanted to know what he could do to help with this amazing event. They supplied a huge tent for shade and paid for the bus hire so we could pick people up and return from the Valley and Spring Hill. Now if that was it well awesome. But no Ram with the help of Robert put together 25 staff to come as helpers on the day and yes Ram and Robert were one of the first at the event. Bernie the polite Girl and I was proud to introduce them to many homeless. I think both Ram and the homeless got a lot out of it on the day.  Thank you


Are an amazing organization which donated $500 towards this event and helped to promote the event which Bernie put this together and did all the work with this one. Streetsmart are going to be meeting us in the future to help us to get better results. We need all the help we can get. Ha ha. Thank you


Second Bite.

These guys are so good, they turned up with ONE TONNE of fruit for this event and really helped make this event that much more awesome. Once again Bernie did all the contacts and made this happen. Thank you

There were so many organizations that came and even people that helped in such a huge way on their own. I thank you and will get to write about a lot of you as I go.

Wayne the Man.


Wayne lives in a lodge which his long term girlfriend lives in a lodge next door because it’s cheaper for them. These lodges are cheap but not nice. But there better off than being on the streets.

Wayne is the type of the guys we are always looking for when trying to help someone because all he talked about is getting on his feet and getting over the hard times he’s facing. I told him to come to the BBQ and we could help with job interview clothes and things like that. Well he turned up and went straight for the clothes and I noticed that he really was looking for job interview clothes.

I was busy with everything else with the BBQ but I pulled Wayne aside and said mate does it matter what kind of work your looking for? He said Grant I just want to get on my feet as soon as I can. I asked him to wait seated for a moment and went straight to my mate Jerome Dalton and said “Mate I have someone just down on his luck, but I really think he’s trying so would you consider just talking to him?” Jerome looked around at all the people in need and said right away “Of course mate I’d be happy to”

They meet and sat on the grass to talk. Wayne came to me hugged me, thanking me many times and was so excited to be having a job. He started to tear up and I quickly told him not to because we have to quickly get him work clothes and shoes for kitchen work, but the real reason was if he started tears then I would too because I was so happy for him. We got him clothes and the right shoes for him. He continued to thank me many of times when I stopped him and said “Mate I need a favour” he said “anything Grant” I said “Mate get on your feet and then come back and help someone else on the next BBQ” He hugged me again and said “Mate you got it”

I have a tear now because while writing this 5 days after that event, I know he worked everyday and done 35 hours. Jerome is happy with him and I know it’s a great start for Wayne to get on his feet. I wish Wayne all the best and I’ll always be here if he falls off the tracks again.

This is why I do these BBQ and help people, because people get help.

I know a lot of people have sent me a mountain of emails saying how great I was because of this event, I wish I could take the credit but I can’t because Bernie the Polite Girl did most of planning and putting it all together. She even put together most of the organizations that came. My health has be pretty bad so I wouldn’t have been able to do it without her.

Bernie the Polite Girl will be taking over these BBQ’s as my replacement, but don’t worry I will always be here to help her with everything I have as well. I just want to make sure these events go on because we do help so many.

 I’d like to thank you all for reading my blog and I hope you all have a great day.

Grant the Polite Guy

Email and Facebook

Twitter @grantpoliteguy

Saturday, December 1, 2012

24 hours before BBQ

Well I’ve been here many of times before,2am and 24 hours before putting on a BBQ for the homeless and worrying about if there’s enough food, drinks, clothes, chairs, marquees, toiletries, helpers and of course is there enough homeless and people in need to help. You see I only do this to help as many people as I can, not to see how big I can put an event together.


I know how these events have helped so many people in the past and I couldn’t be prouder to know I never done it for them, but to have helped them to do it themselves.


I was just reminded about a saying something I’d say a lot a year ago and it seems to fit perfectly right now. “Sometimes just saying Hi could be that turn around for someone in life because someone cares.” I really think that’s why these BBQ’s are so successful. We have a homeless person sitting eating a hamburger next to a working person eating a hamburger and talking. Trust me some of it rubs off and a lot of homeless and people in need start feeling more value in themselves and head towards getting on their feet.


At these BBQ’s I’m always looking for the ones that really want to get on their feet and then I grab them and really start to help them as much as I can without looking like I’m doing it for them. I feel if a person feels they didn’t do it themselves then they will think they couldn’t have done it and soon believe it’s okay to fail because they weren’t ready.


This is the biggest event I have ever put together, I mean we expect 1,000 homeless/ people in need turning up. There’s more organizations coming and because we had to change our date I lost one of my biggest backers. OHNO. Ha ha


In a way I can’t wait until tomorrow morning at the start of the event, because then there’s two things happening.

1/ what is there is there and I done the best I could and I stop worrying about what is needed, because it’s too late.

2/ Once everything is setup then there’s only helping people left to do and that’s what all this work is for.


I got to say seeing homeless and people in need picking up clothes and things and being helped by all the helpers around them is one of the most joyest moments there is for me.


I have to make this post short because I have so much to do and I started writing this as a break from everything. But I only have 24 hours left and too much to do.


Thank you very much for reading my blog and if you can come down and give a hand for this event please do. I hope you all have a great day.


BBQ for the Homeless

Musgrave Park

10am to 2pm Sunday 2 Dec


Grant the Polite Guy from the Polite Team

0412 190 011

Twitter @grantpoliteguy

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Bigger BBQ, Need Help Please

Most people that know me say “Grant you do a great thing!” To tell you the truth I feel guilty sometimes because, well yes I am always trying to help but I couldn’t do it without the help of everyone else coming together as a community. Just to give you an idea I’m going to mention a wonder just wonder person Kitty Art (Facebook name)

Kitty Art Helps with our Facebook events page!/events/493716907326056/501990626498684/?notif_t=event_mall_reply now when I say helps I mean she started it and keeps it running. A lot of people know I’m not good with computers and really don’t like them that much. Face to face in person is much better and personal. Ha ha.

I’m famous for doing my ‘Pie and Coke’ were I buy a homeless person a meal and just sit and listen while they eat. I give them a mate to talk too and also sometimes help them to get on their feet but just talking. When their ready to get on their feet I’m there waiting with my ‘Pie and Coke’ to help.

Kiity Art called me and I told her I needed help with my phone (Yes it’s like a computer, haha). Right away Kitty Art asks me to meet her and starts working on it. Soon later we are walking to the best pie shop in Brisbane to get pies and coke for ourselves Kitty Art pays and then puts a $100 on store credit so I can do my ‘Pie and Coke’ more often. You see up until now I have always paid for the meals from working as a Big Issue seller.

Now I must say I did celebrate by doing ‘Pies and Cokes’ for 5 homeless people in 2 days already. One thing I do know and that’s, my calling is to help people in need when they need it most and one thing that’s for sure, I couldn’t have done it over the last 2 days without Kitty's help because I didn’t make enough money to do so.

So please when you think I do a lot of good for the homeless please think of people with a huge heart like Kitty Art Because I do.


Now I know a lot of you know about my BBQ’s for the homeless and people in need. But just in case I’m going to recap on what we do, because I need help.

Homeless and people in need come to the BBQ event were all the food and drinks are free and there’s tables and tables of clothes, toiletries, kids toys, blankets/sleeping bags and much more are given free with only one condition and that’s “If they can carry it it’s free”

Here at these events it’s the community coming together to help, I ask thousands of people to donate clothes and everything needed for it. So when I say it’s the community coming together to help I’m right because it’s where I get everything.

Now the benefits of this event is we get clothes and everything needed to help the homeless while looking for the ones that want to get on their feet. That’s when I do my best work because I’ll help someone get on their feet with everything I have or can get hold of.

But I guess one of the most important things about these BBQ’s is you have working people sitting down eating and talking to a homeless person eating and both chatting. Trust me when I say some rubs off and the homeless starts to really feel more a part of society. Well that’s be aim.

Next event:
Musgrave Park
2nd of December
10am to 2pm

Now to mention a minor problem. These BBQ’s are getting a lot bigger than before and even though we have Dalton Hospitality helping with cost we need around $1500 more to pay for more food and drinks. I guess 1000 homeless eat and drink a lot. Ha ha. Now I must say I thought of asking one or two people to try and pay this than I thought why should one or two people pay so much when there’s so many people willing to help and feel good that they are doing something so great.

So I’m thinking if 30 people donate $50 then we will have the $1500 needed and it’ll be even more like the community is coming together to help. Now I know $50 is a lot of money but really look what we are going to do with it.

There’s even more of a need for people to come on the day and help out now because there’s going to be that many more homeless.

Now I have a donation button on this blog if easier, but please mention that your donation is for BBQ. I work the city most weekdays at Post Office Square on Queens St if people want to hand to me or on the 30th of Nov I’m collecting whatever clothes, toiletries, blankets/sleeping bags, tin food, anything people want to donate and of course money for the extra food and things that come up on the day.

I’d like to thank everyone for reading this blog and I hope you all have a great day, remember on the 2nd of Dec at Musgrave Park there’s a great BBQ to help people in need when they need it most. So please come and help out on the day and show the community coming together.

I would like to add that any monies left over will be going towards getting a Christmas Ball which we will put a homeless person’s name on it and hand out on the day.

Grant the Polite Guy from The Polite Team
0412 190 011

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Balls for Homeless

As people know I was asking for clothes and things for 3 homeless people who had lost everything over the weekend. The results were fantastic, Help came from everywhere and most of all that were lost were replaced. I have to say there’s nothing worst then being down on your luck and then trying to put together a few things just to live only to lose it all. I keep saying I wish people could come with me to hand things like this out because their smiles and the thank you’s makes my so proud of what I do. Helping people in need.

I would like to say a few words about 4 amazing people that went far and beyond anything I asked for.


Rachel Turner caught a train to the city and handed me lots of beautiful clothes and told me all about how she had just rescued a dog from the pound. Very proud as she showed me pictures as well. An amazing person.

Yvonne Jones through her contacts with the Rotary Club organised Shelter Paks which as you can see with the pictures have a huge amount of goodies and much needed things when being homeless. So I say every time you see a Rotary collections or fundraiser, please remember these Paks and know they do help. But what makes Yvonne so great? Well she picked them up and then drove to the city from Redcliff just to hand these Paks out so people in need could have them. Awesome in my book.

Making a Difference, I have written about before and once again they came and helped when people in need needed them. They asked all their members and collect clothes for three homeless that lost everything. I say “Thank you”

Oddur Thomas Augustsson or “Tom” for short is a very good mate of mine. He’s helped many of times with different things to do with the homeless, also he’s one of my best customers who buys my magazines and Amway products. But this day to help 3 people he’ll never meet he went out and bought clothes and from home got a towel and things as well. The guy is awesome and I’m proud to call him a mate.



Now I’ve been so excited to share this news, but I couldn’t because I wanted to make sure it was all going together properly first. Christmas BBQ for the Homeless.

I am all about showing the homeless that the community is coming together to help with these events. I thought about Christmas and was thinking what a better time to do it. Really Christmas time is about families and friends coming together.

How to make it so homeless get the Christmas feeling? We will give the homeless balls. Haha Stop laughing it’s Christmas Balls I’m talking about. I’m thinking we get a art pen and write their name on them and give a ball and a Christmas card. Now I just had a heart felt moment of thinking, if even just one person keeps that ball and looks at it or even hangs it up on Christmas Night then it’ll be worth it to hand them out.


So what do we need to put this BBQ event together for maybe 1,000 homeless and people in need?


Clothes and lots of them,

Blankets and sleeping bags


Drinks (Bottled water/ soft drinks)

Christmas balls

Christmas cards

A mountain of helpers to hand out flyiers before the event to homeless

A mountain of helpers on the day

Flyiers made up

Beer for Grant for doing great job. Haha

I would put food and insurance but it’s taken care of by Jerome Dalton from Dalton’s Hospitality. (There awesome)

 I will be collecting clothes and things for this event on the 30th of Nov at Queen st outside Post Office Square before 2pm. Or please bring to the event on the day. (Much easier)

Now remember our golden rule, it’s all they can eat and all clothes and everything there is free if they can carry it. We have had such success with these BBQ’S and helped so many people with just clothes and things, for some helping to get on their feet. I must say it makes me proud that people like you make this happen. Let’s band together and show the community coming together.


For a more up to dates about this BBQ please go to

Thank you very much for reading my blog and I hope you all have a great day.

Monday, October 22, 2012

SOS Helping 3 homeless

I have an SOS emergency, this is why people follow so please help. Today 3 homeless came to me at different times and told me how they lost all their clothes and bags over the weekend. This struck me as odd because well yes even I lost bags of clothes and in fact everything I own when I was homeless but it was strange that 3 would on the same weekend.  

They weren’t together so I thought some asshole went around collecting for himself/herself or just to throw out as a mean thing to do.

So he’s my SOS, I know there’s nothing like losing everything you have over and over again. So I’m collecting clothes and much needed things for them. I have given a few things I had stored in the city for tonight.

Male Clothes:

Shorts, Shirts and a Jacket, X-Large



2* 1Female Clothes:

Undies size 12.

Shirts, pants and skirts size 12-14

Bra’s 14c

Toiletries for girls

Luggage Bags

 I will say when your homeless and you have only a few things in life, you try hard to protect them well. But when you lose them again and your left with nothing but the clothes on your back then let’s just say it’s not a good feeling. So if you have these sizes or things and you don’t want, then please bring them to me over the next two days at Post Office Square on Queens St, I’m the polite guy selling Big Issue magazines from 6:30-2pm.

I want to make this short and get the message out as soon as possible so I’ll end it here.

Thank you for reading this post and I hope you all have a great day.

Grant the Polite Guy.


Saturday, October 20, 2012

Dalton Hospitality

One our first blog posts for The Polite Team,
Okay I’m so excited with everything happening over the last 24 hours. But first this is going to be the first joint written post by Bernie the Polite Girl and myself. I would really like to know in the comments if you like it or if better we do our own posts?

You know when you raise your fist in the air because you’re so excited? Well because of my back I raised it to shoulder height. But I raised it about 100 times in the last 24 hours. I even done a lot of “YEAH” at the same time. Okay let me just say I got such great news I’m doing it again now. haha

Yesterday I meet up with Jerome Dalton in the city to talk about Dalton’s Hospitality ( being a major sponsor for our new charity and helping with BBQ’S that we do.

The guy is amazing, Loves what we do and is offering to cook and bring chef’s to come too. But wait it gets better, He’s offering to bring all food, orange juice machines to make fresh orange juice on the day, tables and a whole lot more. But the one thing that has me excited the most is the fact that Dalton’s Hospitality can use their insurance to cover our BBQ’S. Which will save us so much money which we will not need to beg for each time we do a BBQ. AWESOME. Haha

To be honest I feel like it’s Christmas already. Haha

So I’m saying to all, Please, if this guy is going to help us with helping the homeless and people in need, then let’s pump his hospitality business with everything we have. So please go to his web-page and share and promote it with me.

The rest of this post is going to be by Bernie the Polite Girl. Even I want to read this. Haha I hope she don’t make me look bad with using bigger words. haha

Written by Grant the Polite Guy. I hope you all have a great day and thank you very much for reading my blog.

Bigger words aye… Haha. I don’t think so J Grant has already said it above. Oh, if you could feel the buzz right now! The Polite Team has some wonderful events in the pipeline – watch this space – and it is just so exciting to see things come together more and more. Meeting great people over coffee during their lunch break to brain storm, get ideas and working them out is a privilege. Having the honour of those people selflessly offering their assistance at no cost to help make our events special and memorable for the homeless, is heart-warming. I am seeing the world through rosy-coloured glasses right now because I know there is so much goodness around. Believe me, there is more good happening in the world than the media are letting on.

It is a privilege to be part of the polite Team (thank you, Grant), as I get to see so much of the goodness and to meet so many more people with their hearts in the right place. Take earlier this week. We met with people who work in the CBD and who spent their lunch break discussing ideas with us and developing “where-to-from-here” plans in order to help our next two events materialize and to make them special and memorable for the people they are aimed at. And only yesterday Grant met with Jerome Dalton, Director/Chef at Dalton Hospitality, one of Brisbane’s premier catering companies. Grant wrote about the incredible result of his meeting with Jerome above, so no need for me to repeat it, but boy, what great news it is. I encounter so much goodwill from people it’s like being in love J

For more information about Dalton Hospitality please go to  or to the Facebook page  Dalton Hospitality is also on Twitter: @Daltoncatering. When you visit these Facebook or Twitter accounts, please say “Hi” from the Polite Team J

I am only a starter in this area of homelessness and, as I said in my Intro, homelessness has not always been on my radar, but I do believe that not in every corner is it the taboo it is in some others: there is a lot of support out there. As Grant often says, people often say to him they want to help but they don’t know how. If you are one of these people, I’d like to say, watch this space J

Written by Bernie the Polite Girl

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Bernie The Polite Girl

I have some exciting news. Bernie the Polite Girl and I have started a new blog in a team effort "The Polite Team". Yes that's right now there's a Bernie the Polite Girl.
So now there's going to be more posts, more often. Trust me Bernie is awesome and I'm proud to share a blog with her.
Please go to and check it out.
The next BBQ is being planned. Check out to get more info.
Thank you for reading my blog and I hope you all have a great day.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

4 Days 400 at Singles Night

Me and my big mouth. Ha ha. Last night I was talking to a single person and I was hearing how internet dating was bad. Then me and my big mouth saying “I can put a BBQ on in 5 days for the homeless I bet I could put on a singles night for 400 people in 4 days” and joking around.

I got a text this morning saying how it’ll be great on Friday night. I was a bit confessed so I called and was reminded I said this Friday I’m doing a Singles Night. What have I done!

So you guessed it, I kept saying yep and it’ll be great. This was at 6:30am this morning. I hung the phone up and well let me say panic started very quickly. Ha ha.

But I am a person that knows people. By 9:50am I had a venue in the city (The Function Room at The Irish Club) and a D.J/ Event Party Person. This event was going ahead.  I had everything needed except about 400 single people) Haha easy I still have 3 days from now.

I’m meeting tomorrow with event planners to work out what games and fun things to make it easier for people to break the ice and meet other single people. This is going to be a great night.

The club will be keeping the drinks at normal club prices but there is a door charge of $20 which gives a free drink voucher.

Now I wouldn’t be me and do something if it wasn’t going to help others. Yes I do think helping single people to help meet other single people is helping, but I like helping homeless and people in need as well, So on this fun exciting night I’m going to ask a few people if they would like to be auctioned off for a date. Where people can bid for a date for the person on stage.  I’m sure this will be very funny and make the night that much more exciting. The money will go to helping a homeless person or person’s.

Please note that any auctioning will only be with the consent of the person on stage.

400 is not going to be easy but I won’t quit because things got tough. So if your single and between 18 and 65 I want you to come and have a great night, who knows you may meet that special person you could have coffee with as friends or even meet that Mr or Mrs Right. But it’ll be a fun and great night out.

Called “Your Doorway Singles Night”

 Function Room

The Irish Club
175 Elizabeth St. Brisbane City
Starting 6:30pm.

I’m really looking forward to this event, mostly because I have never done a event like this and to be honest I’m excited to see how it goes. If your single come and bring friends, if your not single please tell others as 400 is not going to be easy. Haha

Thank you for reading my blog and I hope you all have a great day. I only have 4 days to put this together so please share and tell others.

Grant the Polite Guy.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Two Awesome Ladies.

When I’m out and talking to homeless or people in need I have shared laughter, tears and hugs of gratefulness. So many emotions sometimes when someone wants to sit and talk all about their story. I have often thought if more people could share this they would work as hard as I do to help that many more. I was very inspired when I read two stories that were sent to me within the last 24 hours. I’m going to share them here and maybe you’ll be inspired as I was.

The first one comes from a great person that has helped me many of time with doing things for the homeless and even doing the ‘Pie and Coke’ with me.

Here’s a story by Benedikte Palings

After a coffee with Cornelia I walked to the Valley Station and there was a skinny, elderly Aboriginal guy sitting on the ground asking for money. I asked if I could get him something to eat instead, and he said “Yes please, I’m starving”.He said he couldn’t walk very well because he was nearly blind. I asked what he would like, and he said “something hot”. I asked if he would like a burger, and he did. He also asked for a soft drink. I said I’d get something and I would come back.

I went into the Station hall where there is a KFC, and got him a combo meal. He had not expected I would return, and when I announced myself he said “Awww, you come back”. I put the burger and the chips in his hand, told him what it was. I could see his excitement when he felt the food in his hand. He put it very close to him on the ground. Then I got him the pepsi and two of those little wet towels to clean his hands. OMG Grant, he was so happy. Had one tear rolling down his check and he said “May God bless you, you are my Angel. I love you”.He had me close to tears as well! Just a little meal for under $6 became so much more than that. Such a pity I was wearing a skirt and couldn’t sit on the ground, otherwise I would have done the whole pie n coke thing with him.

It was really, really moving how happy he was, like I had done something HUGE. And if I had not met you Grant this would not have happened. I would have walked pasted him, how sad is that... I was thinking of writing this experience on my wall and encourage others to do the same (buying someone a feed), but not sure if that would be appropriate. What do you think? I would really value your opinion.

But thank you, Best Bud, because you have opened my eyes to something that is truly sad and urgent in our modern society and I am very grateful that you did, because I won’t walk past with blinkers on anymore....

Benedikte is awesome and Ace’s in my book.


Now I’ll share a story written to me by Deb Boundy who is such an inspiration to most that would know her. She helps a great organization called Making a Difference - Brisbanewhich helps so many people all the time and really does more than I do some days.

Here’s Deb’s story that was written to me.

Morning Grant,

I just wanted to let you know I did something yesterday which made me feel good. There was a homeless man sitting outside a shop in Logan, I said “good afternoon”to him and smiled at him. I went inside the shop, the gentleman looked hungry so I bought him a hot wrap and a iced coffee Breaka. Just thought I’d let you know. Was due to meeting you that did this, in previous times I would have smiled and said afternoon but not bought anything. Thank you Grant.

They don’t come nicer then these two ladies. There awesome and I’m proud to just know them and the fact their doing the same as me and helping wherever they can for people in need and homeless.


Now I do have some very good news. I went to the specialist on Friday morning and over the last 6 weeks my red cell count has come downward and the treatment is working well, now I’m doing the treatment for another 6 weeks and then look at the results again. I knew I would get through this, I wasn’t going to quit or give up. Haha. I’m not out of the woods yet but it’s a positive turn. I wanted to thank all those that sent emails and things.


More good news to come. The donation button has collected a total of $618 (Mostly thanks to Sally Piracha) towards building that coffee cart which will help people in need by giving experience and a job.

I’d like to thank you all for reading my blog and I hope you all have a great day. This post may inspire others to help others in need so please share using the buttons below.

Grant the Polite Guy.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

It's a short ride but a long journey to get back

Walking through the mall today a young guy stopped me and was shaking my hand saying how much he enjoyed my stories on my blog. He even mentioned in front of others about my date and the she that turned out to be a he. Most of them had a great laugh. Now I can take a joke and now I even think of the funny side of it.

My smile disappeared quickly when this young guy about 17 years old was saying how much fun living on the streets would be. The worst part was he was trying to convince others not to go home and as he put it “live life and have a ball.”

I almost rolled one of my magazines up and hit him in the head a lot. Instead I started saying “There's nothing good or fun about living on the streets. For every story I write that's funny, there's 40 that I could write that's not funny at all. Most of them are things most people don't want to know about”

They didn't listen nor care I just got them being dumb. I know they read my blog so this is mostly for them. Please don't let kids read any more, also I'm sorry if this is not what I normally would have with funny stories, but I can't have kids thinking it's cool to sleep on the streets.

There are people that live on the streets mostly because something very bad has happen to them and they chose to, some it's a way of life. There's people who are just really down on there luck and there's no escape.

Know this, living on the streets is NOT cool. People get raped and bashed and lot's of things that are not fun. Some people will take advantage of you and sometimes really hurt you. At night there's no electric blanket to stay warm or walls and a door to close to feel safe. Always having to watch or hide your stuff so no-one else takes it. If you don't work then there's no cardboards to get food from. Really it don't matter where you sleep there's nothing that I know of that's as comfortable as a bed at night.

Be smart and stay home. If there's a reason you are leaving besides to be cool and hang with friends then you'll find there's places that can help. Because I really feel “it's a short ride to get there but a long journey to get back.” If any of you want help or advice I'll always be there to talk to.

I really am sorry this post is not a happy one to read. But the fact is I'd quit doing this blog if I thought I was showing kids that living on the street was fun or cool when really it's not. I just look at the good things in life and that's what I show here.

Thank you all for reading my posts and I hope you all have a good day. If you like my writing please feel free to make a donation on the donation button on the top left of the screen. Please know all donations received until it's paid for will be buying a coffee cart that will help homeless people and people in need to get a headstart in life with work and training. Thank you again. Grant the Polite Guy.

Saturday, September 1, 2012


I come across a lot of people that are homeless or in great need. I mean sometimes people just need that helping hand because they are down on their luck. People lose jobs, accommodation, relationships split ups and one or both feel left alone, there’s many reasons why people fall down. One thing I have noticed with talking to people that are homeless or close to it is that things started going downhill and it just never stopped. I’ll write about one case without mentioning names. I have spent a lot of time with a lady that lost her job and went for job interview after job interview for months, soon after she had to move into her car because she could pay the same rent as she had when working. I believe she thought it would be for a short time. Then as time went on she slowly just accepts it and it’s become more of a lifestyle. She stopped hiding it and started believing herself to have less worth. The way I see it, the longer she believes this is a lifestyle the harder it’ll be to come back. This is not a once off story, I’m sure there’s hundreds of names that could be put to that story. Being knocked back time after time again for work would be hard but losing their home as well could sent someone on a downward spiral. This was written for people that do look for work, not people that never miss Judge Judy or Springer every day. Ha ha I’d like to write about an idea I mentioned not too long ago. It’s a Coffee cart idea that like other coffee carts sells coffee. The idea of this coffee cart was to only employ and train people from hardships. The idea is they do a 2 weeks training in a coffee shop which I have set up, then work for above award wages at the coffee cart getting experience in the industry. No limit of how long they stay for. I was thinking with every cup of coffee sold then the cart would donate 20 cents to the charity I’m putting together which does the BBQ’S and helps homeless. So really it’ll be people in need getting trained and working while each cup sold goes to helping others that are in need. Something like ‘Pay it Forward’ Now I have organized everything coffee machine, beans, cups, eg except the cart itself which Nathan Scholz has said he would make if I bought the materials, around $2,500. I am putting all money I get from my donation button (top left) towards this until I raise enough. To help me out raising this, an amazing person Sally Piracha has placed a brand new IPAD on ebay which all the money is donated for making the cart as well. A brand new IPAD AWESOME. Check it out and know the winner gets an IPAD and helps people in the future. There’s only 6 hours to go. I’d like to say thank you for reading my blog and I hope you all have a great day. Please donate if you can on the donation button (top left) as all money is going towards getting that cart. Grant the Polite Guy.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

An OLD Start

An old start is so true right now. I’ll start it close to the beginning, I’ve been getting bad chest pains not feeling well at all, the doctors did there tests. “Polycythaemia Vera” Now I will say he kept talking after that but used really big words and I really didn’t know what he meant. I did look it up on the internet for information and wish I hadn’t. To shorten this is to say my body produces too many red cells, which makes my blood to think. Blood too think means my heart has trouble pumping it. There is no cure for this but it can be controlled for some time. Once a week I get my blood drained (a lot) to the stage I’m weak so that the red cells are reduced and medication. I am really hoping to stay at this stage but not likely. I already have my injuries from the accident and now new things have started to develop, blurred vision, weakness, night sweats and fatigue because of this. I am not wanting people to feel sorry for me in any way. I am writing all this so I can explain why I am going back to selling the Big Issue. I worked and built up a successful shoe shining chair but the problem was doing all the tests by the doctor and being weak from the Polycythaemia Vera and the blood drain, I wasn’t opening the chair the hours it needs. I really only could thing of two things to do, go on a pension or still work and go back to doing the Big Issue were I can finish early or even have time off when needing it. I didn’t make this decision quickly. I don’t want people thinking I just gave up because things got worst with my health. I do look at this as taking a step backwards with working and income but it’s better than not working at all. A lot of people are inspired or even take pride in knowing I made it. Please don’t think I would give up because I won’t. I know what it’s like to go down that road. I am working out the front of the Post Office Square on Queen St in the city. -------------------------------------------------------------------------
The BBQ’S for the homeless are still going ahead but was put on hold for a short time while bad health. I am working on the next event and will be posting here as soon as I know a date and where. But talking about BBQ’S, I’d like to mention two wonderful people that have helped so many more people in need then I have ever done. I get inspired talking to them. Karen and Peter (Knitting for the Needy) have been to every BBQ event I have ever done helping with clothes and things. Now they need our help. Sunsuper is offering $5,000 to charities that get the most votes by us the people. Please go to this site and vote for Karen and her team. Thank you for reading my blog and I hope you all have a great day. Grant the Polite Guy.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

A Wedding Start

I must say it feels good to be writing here again, It’s like coming home. You see I thought because people mostly wanted to hear about homeless I started a new blog to write about it. But so much happens in life and I felt I couldn’t write that way I love to. So I’m writing here again. I’m still going to be keeping for only doing homeless stories. What can I start with to make this a great starting back up? The one thing I’ve wanted to share with you since it happened, but because it’s not a homeless story I didn’t put it on the other blog. On the 22nd of October last year I got married which in many ways was a complete circle after having my accident. On the day a photographer named Andrew Denford turned up early and took the photo’s for us. Andrew is a mate of mine so I know him well and one thing that he puts across is being professional. He started his own business call Andrew Denford Photography and can be found at It’s my pleasure to show some of the great wedding pictures taken by Andrew. The Happy Couple
The Bridle Party
Man and Wife
Most important people there, just ask them. haha
I know I look good. Ha ha. But to be honest it was only because I was with my bride and Andrews great camera work that made me look good. So if you want to check out Andrew’s service please go to his site. I'd like to thank Andrew again for taking these and many more pictures. Thank you for reading this blog and I look forward to sharing many more things very soon. I hope you all have a great day. Grant the Polite Guy

Monday, July 9, 2012

3 people needing help.

HI guys, I must be honest it’s only 7:30pm and I’m so tired and weak that I feel like I have been awake for days. But I haven’t, I just have this thick blood thing happening. About an hour and a half ago I posted on Facebook and Twitter to get help for a girl doing her training for a job and needing black pants and money for a Go-Card an food and things. Let’s face it cost money to buy lunch instead of eating at home. This girl I have helped in the past with accommodation and clothes for job interviews, so I was happy to know she got a job. Now normally I would put my hand in my own pocket for things like this but to be honest I have been unwell and not able to work for most of two weeks and I can’t afford it. I even can’t do the “Pie and Coke” this week so I really do feel bad about that. But as I was saying I posted to help this girl when I got a girl message me on facebook and a few minutes later a call on the phone from 2 other people doing job interviews, tomorrow and on Wednesday and asking for help. It’s mostly because I’m so tired but I felt overwhelmed and thought I have to post it here to ask others to help. People know I help as much as I can but I sometimes can’t help everyone so I’ll type it here and see if I can get people to pitch in please. If people want to be paid back I’m happy to do so. Sarah doing training for job. Needed Pants (Black) Size14. I have one pair coming. Money on Go-Card Money for expenses (Food, Drinks) Shannon doing Job interview. I have arranged clothes but needs money on her Go-Card Domanic (I think it’s the spelling) doing job interview. (Wednesday) Money for Go-Card and shirt size M Men’s size. I know these are small things but to be honest because I have not worked I can’t do it myself. If people can help please email me on or call tomorrow because I’m going to sleep now 0412 190 011. Thank you for reading my blog and I hope you all have a good night. Grant the Polite Guy.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The End

I know this is abit of a shock but I have started a new blog. I felt like I needed to start from fresh again.

Please check out my new blog

I hope you all have a great day and I'm sorry I'm chaning things here for you but I really feel like I needed too.

Grant the Polite guy

Sunday, March 11, 2012


I know I haven't written in a while and I'm sorry. I will write here soon.
Grant the Polite Guy

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Musgrave BBQ

Okay well this is going to be the biggest BBQ we have ever had. Musgrave Park in West End from 10am this Sunday the 26th of Feb.

Here's my Plea.
If you can come and give a hand please do and bring some drinks too.
If you know anyone that is homeless or in need then please let them know about it and watch them get help.

Please do share this and help us help many.
Thank you Grant the Polite Guy

Thursday, February 9, 2012


Now this posting could go two ways, but to be honest I should write it as I see it. It's not a happy one.

Weeks ago I receive a lot of calls from a girl named Stacey. Saying she only had half a sausage and pasta left over from the night before to feed young kids. Well you know me I thought how can I help, so I used Twitter and 13 hours later lots of fruit and vegs, food vouchers ($130), fuel, cleaning products and frozen chicken and things (a weeks worth of dinners for 3) were dropped off with a Coles delivery coming later that day worth over $370

Now Stacey had an accident and broke her arm and was not there for Coles delivery so it was returned and the lady was refunded the money which Stacey said good because it would have been wasted.

Now I might add here that 2 days later she was paid from Centrelink.

Now if I ended the story here it would be a good story. I wish it was true.

Now I'm going to go back a bit in the past. The last BBQ we had was at Ipswich and I got a call from Stacey saying how she will help get things donated from companies for the event and she did that I was told, but the day before the BBQ she was sick and everything she put together didn't come. Now it was okay because there was plenty to make the day great for those in need and really that's all that matters.

A few weeks ago Stacey called and said she would help with getting companies to donate hire of Marquee's, tables and things which at the time I was very grateful for. After she had her own troubles and then she had an accident I decided to seek other assistance and now have commitment from someone else for the marquees, tables and other items. Well I got an email last night saying she organised Marquees and things. Well my reply was “Not needed thank you.”

Oh wow did that start a can of worms. Ha ha. First it was ‘you’re wasting my time’ and then accused Mates helping Mates of being a scam and made repeated comments about me being a loser for leaving my wife when I had spent 9 months in hospital and she didn't when she got a broken arm. But the best worst was when there was repeated texts about Mates helping Mates was a cover for Amway because I showed a few products on my blog. Now I’d like to point out that Mates Helping Mates is a non profit organisation that I am associated with that does help HOMELESS people but I am in no way responsible for any finances related to the organisation. That is up to the governing board.

Now that's bad there, but then another person started saying she was one of the media that have wrote about me in the past and how much I was scum because I didn't organise for the Coles delivery to be resent.

At first I did say you got it wrong and please make appointment and meet, but no that wasn't needed. I got a bombardment of abusive texts from 7:30 am to well it hasn't stopped at 6pm.

Let me say I was disheartened that someone I helped and yet never meet in person would want to think they are a victim and cause so much blame for after getting so much.

I was texted that if I say sorry and send the Coles food again after she's been paid again and her next pay is tomorrow (weekly she said) that it would let me keep my good name in this town.

Ha ha not going to happen. No-one bombards me with abuse all day and then thinks I'm going to want to fear her saying how we helped her and then she wanted more and I said no.

Now I did write a text and she said it was a threat, so I'll write it here to make it clear. “I will never nor Mates helping Mates or anyone I know help you again” I know it's harsh but really after getting so many texts it's the polite thing to say.

Before I forget I will be on the ABC radio tomorrow morning at 6am. It'll be good.

Because of what's happen today with the texts I'm thinking I have had enough of helping people because sometimes you meet people that want more and more and there has to be a time when you say “no” then the crap starts.

I will be helping with the next BBQ at Musgrave Park mostly because to leave now would leave people not know what has been done.

I am now not going to be doing the 'Pie and Coke' with homeless and helping people outside of Mates helping Mates BBQ.

I have helped a lot of people in my days and I'm proud of it, but there was one to many Stacey's out there that think the world owes them everything and I just don't want it anymore.

I spoke to a few charity people today and they said it comes with the job, I don't get paid for this and mostly it cost me money because I send a lot of the vouchers or food and I've had enough.

Mates helping Mates will still still go on doing the BBQ'S for homeless but not helping single people and most likely without me.

I would like to thank you for reading my blog and I hope you have a good day. I believe this is going to be my last posting, so I'll say if you take the word 'Homeless” from “Homeless People” then all you have is “People” but if you think your taken for a ride then walk away, because there's a lot out there that don't need help as much, just a free ride.

P.S Now some might think post her picture is in bad taste but to be honest I think warning people is more important.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My Story

Okay I had a reader from this blog come into the city to meet me today, He didn't know my story just the fact that I help the homeless but not why. So this is going to be a very short last 3 ½ years because I think sometimes when people think that I was once very successful and maybe think they could have been be the same, if things went the same way on a very bad day.

I promise I will be short because I hate writing about this day because nothing good could come from it.

I was very successful working at a restaurant being in charge of a kitchen and very happy being married and a family man. I thought I had reached the life I always wanted in life and just proud to be me. Then one day

I was helping someone carry shopping bags up some wooden stairs when the top landing had loose floor boards and gave way. I fell and had the most painful day of my life. I spent 9 months in and out of hospital.

The good smile I do is fake. I have dentures top and bottom. I lost so much that day and to list them would not make this a short post, but let's just say I was busted up bad and every day after wasn't great because of healing.

Leaving hospital, losing most of our assets because of no money coming in and every day and night was just pain so it didn't take much for my wife and I to separate and I hit the streets and became homeless. I had done nothing wrong in life I just hit a very hard rock in the road of life.

I gave up on life and everything around me, sleeping in parks and not as nice places. I remember being beaten many of times for just sleeping where drunks could find me. I don't really remember how long it was when I became a Big Issue Vendor, but I remember it was because I was really hungry and needed food. But selling the magazines started giving me confidence in myself again because I started making friends with my customers and they didn't care I was banged up at the time, they accepted me for being me.

In the 7th month I became 'Vendor of the year' hey that's not bad. That made me proud. Ha ha

Now why I help so much.

A lady (customer) came to me and asked if she gave my clothes would I give it to other homeless? The next day she did give me the clothes and that night a lady which was homeless was wearing them. I felt proud knowing I had helped.

The next day I called a homeless centre and asked if I give them clothes would they hand them out for free?

When I was a Big Issue Vendor I would give a 'Thank you note' when people bought a magazine. It was my way of saying thank you. Well on this thank you note I started saying about collecting clothes for the homeless on a day before 9am. I got two taxi's full worth of clothes. I did the same thing 6 weeks later when another customer of mine said let's have a BBQ and feed them as they come and collect the clothes.

The homeless centre loved the idea but said if we do it at the park we could help more people. So we did with the help of great people loving the idea like Tony, Alicia, Andrew, Brad, James and many more. About 400 total turned up. That afternoon a great person (Alicia Wright) said let's make it a non-profit charity and do it more often? Mates helping Mates was born.

Now Mates helping Mates helps a lot of people plus every couple of months does BBQ'S where a huge amount of resources help those that need it most. When they have given up on themselves, we show them we have not given up on them.

I put so much into this because I know there's good/ great people out there that has had one really bad day or days and they hit hard times. I know how easy it could happen because I had everything and lost it all.

I know there's great homeless people out there because the first BBQ we did I was still homeless.

Now there is some great news about this. My wife and I got back together and we remarried only 5 months ago. I am working on getting everything I had before my accident and the best thing is I believe one day I will because I now believe in myself again.

Collect the clothes you don't wear any more and things you can give (Blankets,toiletries, clothes) and come and share a BBQ with us at Musgrave Park on the 26th of February from 10am.

For more information please go to


Before I forget I have a twitter account and if you want to do the follow thing then I will follow you to. @grantpoliteguy

Premier Anna Bligh follows me on Twitter and one of her staff called and we were talking about how great myself and Mates helping Mates are helping the homeless, BBQ'S and things. All I kept thinking was the QLD Premier knows about us and to tell you the truth thinking that brings a huge smile and self pride.

Well the talk went from homeless not having same rights with elections because of the Liberal Party to Anna Bligh checking her plans and coming to the BBQ which is in her area at Musgrave Park.

Now most know I don't write much about politics but in the past I did hand out flyers at elections for Cameron Dick and Kevin Rudd, which I must say both did win on the day. Ha ha it had nothing to do with me handing out flyers but they were with a great party the Labour Party.

I'll keep you all updated with that and really if Anna takes the time to come and help people in need then I and I'm sure many will want to help her too. My idea of a Premier is one helping those who have hit hard times.


Now I would like to thank the one and only person that bought some products from me showing it on my last posting. Thank you Chloe. Come on people these are great products and I'm trying to win holiday.

I am going to hit 21% and make my goal because I know I can.

My next Amway products are

Dish Drops
1/ One of the world's most concentrated dishwashing liquids.
2/ Mild formula containing Aloe Vera, Coconut based ingredients and moisturising agents.
3/ Biodegradable so it's kind on the environment.
4/ Just 1 litre of Dish Drops makes up for 6 litres of dishwashing solution.
5/ Enough for 200 medium sinks full of washing up.

Dish Drops 1 Litre $19.80
Plunger Dispenser (Pump Thing) $2.50

LOC Multi Purpose Cleaner
1/ For household jobs Big and Small.
2/ Makes 20 litres of powerful solution that cuts through dirt and grime.
3/ Walls, Floors, Woodwork, Appliances and all washable surfaces
4/ No rinse, Streak Free, Non-dulling formula.

LOC 1 litre $14.82
Plunger Dispenser (Pump Thing) $2.50

These are both world wide products and well known. I can get them delivered anywhere in Australia.

If you would like to order any of these then please do by calling me on 0412 190 011 or email me on


I shared my story so people know why I help so much with the homeless, mostly because I was once one of them. I think this post will help many to understand that homeless people are just people that hit hard times and sometimes just need a hand up not just a hand out.

Please share this posting and maybe others will think so too.

I hope you all have a great day and thank you for reading my post.
Grant the Polite Guy.

Thursday, February 2, 2012


This post is going to be such a pleasure for me to write because it means so much to me when I write about wonderful people. The picture above is of 'Netti'

I have only meet Netti once and let me say I was impressed with how much she wanted to help. The first contact was when I was asking on Twitter for help for a single mum with 3 kids. (She was in a bad way) From the Gold Coast Netti sent a Coles gift voucher to her and ask if she could come and do the “Pie and Coke” with me.

We walked around the city and came across 3 homeless with one at a time. Netti was really in her element talking and offering ideas and some really great advice to the homeless people as we sat and ate with them. I must say when you have 3 different meals within 3 hours you get full fast. Ha ha

I could see that Netti wasn't just there to buy food but to really try and help by putting across how valued they were, really if you take the word “homeless” out of “homeless people” then you just get “People”

When we finished Netti was saying she was heading back to the Gold Coast. Straight away I thought she had came all the way from the Gold Coast just to help homeless people out. That's Ace's in my book.

Now if you see Netti I bet she's out somewhere helping someone. Ha ha But really give her a hug and let her know how special she is or she does have a Twitter account and you could type it. @netbub


Mates helping Mates are still having the next BBQ at Musgrave Park on the 26th of February from 10am to 2pm. We still need a lot of volunteers to help out and of course clothes and toiletries to hand out. We as a community help so many people and this time I'm expecting around 500 homeless this time so we will need all the help we can get. Please go to for more information.


Now if you only read my blog to read about homeless and things like that, then please don't read the rest of this post because it's a request not a story.

In the last 3 ½ years I have come along way. Let me say it wasn't easy. Ha ha but it was worth it. I am now facing my next biggest challenge.

I joined Amway about 7 months ago and I have worked hard putting a lot of people in which I am very proud of. I was told about a bonus they do and I will make this. The bonus is 2 weeks all expenses paid holiday to Puket in Tailand. The best thing is I get to take my family with me. I keep thinking that the accident didn't just hurt me but my family as well so this will be a great surprise for them.

I know asking people to buy things so I get rewards is not really fair but to be honest all I want to do is show a product and if you'd like it then order it. From anywhere in Australia. I can get it to you.

I need 7,500 points very month for 6 months straight. Now I know this is not easy but I also know that some people don't like the business side of Amway but love the products so I'm going to post a different product here every 3 days and if anyone wants to buy it, then I can get it for you which gives me the points.

If people want to sign up or order please call 0412 190 011 or email me

Todays products are
750g $22.04
3kg $71.74

I'd like to thank you all for reading my blog and if you wash clothes then please consider the SA8.
I hope you all have a great day.
Grant the Polite Guy