Sunday, January 15, 2012

Steve found a mate

Now any-one that knows me, knows I help the homeless a lot, but every now and then I have the great pleasure of meeting others that do really great things for the homeless.

On my last post I asked for help for a guy named Steve because he was getting on his feet and needing shoes for a interview. Well a great guy Nathan Scholz answered and felt like he won a competition for being the first to call.

Nathan and I meet up with Steve, One of the first things that Nathan says is “Your going for an interview, Let's go get you some shoes so you look good for it, David Jones are good” I must say I nearly feel over there and then because I thought he would get a cheap pair like mine but no Nathan wanted to help in much bigger way by getting a really nice pair of dress shoes.

Now it's not hard to notice but really within the hour we were together I could see Steve feeling more proud as we went on. It wasn't just the fact that Steve was getting a new pair of shoes but the fact that someone cared so much to go shopping with him and get an expensive pair at a gentleman’s store. Throughout the hour I could see the confidence beaming from him and I even noticed his chest filling out like a proud man.

Now that's all great and all but then Nathan said the best thing which I think Steve loved the most. “Get the interview and I'll be your first customer, I know you'll do well” now let me say right there and then with everything going so great with smiles everywhere and Steve talking about how he's going to make it in life and get the interview, all I could feel is proud , not because I asked for help for Steve and Nathan answered but because I know them both as great guys.

There is pictures and if you see Steve wish him luck and if you see Nathan shake he's hand and tell him how much of a great guy he is for doing such a great deed for a person heading up in life. He's A's in my book.


Assets in life are what we make them to be. I wanted to put across now that some people have more then others but not so much less important. When you have nothing then a simple jacket it can be just as important to that guy as a success guy would value and protect the 3 houses he owns. Everything you own is everything you own. Here's a picture of a guy protecting his most valuable thing he owns, his friend his mate. I could write a whole post about this but really the picture says a 1,000 words.


Well the Mates helping Mates BBQ is coming up on the 26th of February from 10am to 2pm at Musgrave Park and of course we can use all the volunteers we can get. Please if you can come or help then please do because it really does help a lot of people. For more information please go to

I'd like to thank you all for reading my blog and I hope you all have a great day.
Grant the Polite Guy
0412 190 011


  1. Great work Grant. See, you inspire people to make a difference to themselves and a difference to others!

  2. What an amazing story Grant!
    It's great what a little bit of love and care can do.

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