Thursday, February 9, 2012


Now this posting could go two ways, but to be honest I should write it as I see it. It's not a happy one.

Weeks ago I receive a lot of calls from a girl named Stacey. Saying she only had half a sausage and pasta left over from the night before to feed young kids. Well you know me I thought how can I help, so I used Twitter and 13 hours later lots of fruit and vegs, food vouchers ($130), fuel, cleaning products and frozen chicken and things (a weeks worth of dinners for 3) were dropped off with a Coles delivery coming later that day worth over $370

Now Stacey had an accident and broke her arm and was not there for Coles delivery so it was returned and the lady was refunded the money which Stacey said good because it would have been wasted.

Now I might add here that 2 days later she was paid from Centrelink.

Now if I ended the story here it would be a good story. I wish it was true.

Now I'm going to go back a bit in the past. The last BBQ we had was at Ipswich and I got a call from Stacey saying how she will help get things donated from companies for the event and she did that I was told, but the day before the BBQ she was sick and everything she put together didn't come. Now it was okay because there was plenty to make the day great for those in need and really that's all that matters.

A few weeks ago Stacey called and said she would help with getting companies to donate hire of Marquee's, tables and things which at the time I was very grateful for. After she had her own troubles and then she had an accident I decided to seek other assistance and now have commitment from someone else for the marquees, tables and other items. Well I got an email last night saying she organised Marquees and things. Well my reply was “Not needed thank you.”

Oh wow did that start a can of worms. Ha ha. First it was ‘you’re wasting my time’ and then accused Mates helping Mates of being a scam and made repeated comments about me being a loser for leaving my wife when I had spent 9 months in hospital and she didn't when she got a broken arm. But the best worst was when there was repeated texts about Mates helping Mates was a cover for Amway because I showed a few products on my blog. Now I’d like to point out that Mates Helping Mates is a non profit organisation that I am associated with that does help HOMELESS people but I am in no way responsible for any finances related to the organisation. That is up to the governing board.

Now that's bad there, but then another person started saying she was one of the media that have wrote about me in the past and how much I was scum because I didn't organise for the Coles delivery to be resent.

At first I did say you got it wrong and please make appointment and meet, but no that wasn't needed. I got a bombardment of abusive texts from 7:30 am to well it hasn't stopped at 6pm.

Let me say I was disheartened that someone I helped and yet never meet in person would want to think they are a victim and cause so much blame for after getting so much.

I was texted that if I say sorry and send the Coles food again after she's been paid again and her next pay is tomorrow (weekly she said) that it would let me keep my good name in this town.

Ha ha not going to happen. No-one bombards me with abuse all day and then thinks I'm going to want to fear her saying how we helped her and then she wanted more and I said no.

Now I did write a text and she said it was a threat, so I'll write it here to make it clear. “I will never nor Mates helping Mates or anyone I know help you again” I know it's harsh but really after getting so many texts it's the polite thing to say.

Before I forget I will be on the ABC radio tomorrow morning at 6am. It'll be good.

Because of what's happen today with the texts I'm thinking I have had enough of helping people because sometimes you meet people that want more and more and there has to be a time when you say “no” then the crap starts.

I will be helping with the next BBQ at Musgrave Park mostly because to leave now would leave people not know what has been done.

I am now not going to be doing the 'Pie and Coke' with homeless and helping people outside of Mates helping Mates BBQ.

I have helped a lot of people in my days and I'm proud of it, but there was one to many Stacey's out there that think the world owes them everything and I just don't want it anymore.

I spoke to a few charity people today and they said it comes with the job, I don't get paid for this and mostly it cost me money because I send a lot of the vouchers or food and I've had enough.

Mates helping Mates will still still go on doing the BBQ'S for homeless but not helping single people and most likely without me.

I would like to thank you for reading my blog and I hope you have a good day. I believe this is going to be my last posting, so I'll say if you take the word 'Homeless” from “Homeless People” then all you have is “People” but if you think your taken for a ride then walk away, because there's a lot out there that don't need help as much, just a free ride.

P.S Now some might think post her picture is in bad taste but to be honest I think warning people is more important.


  1. I totally understand.I used to take a little boy off his mums hands as he had ADHD and she couldnt handle him and her four other children.It would be after school and some weekends.Gov foster agency was aware.Then she started turning up at my place expecting me to look after the other children.Just kept asking for more.Its a sad part of life that when we try to help others sometimes they choose not to help themselves aswell.After several years I had to give up as my boy kept getting sent back to a home not fit to live in while his parents spent any gov money on takeway and video games etc for themselves while kids had nothimg.I felt so helpless.Had to walk away once he was old enough.Bless you for all you have done x

  2. Grant I know it will take a while for you to get over this and I totally agree that for now you have done more than your share for the community and you need to put you and your family first, but I hope that one day you are able to let your guard down to help again.

    For the record as a representative of Mates Helping Mates, the help that Grant arranged for this lady was all a private arrangement that he did out of the goodness of his own heart and had nothing to do with Mates Helping Mates. We are a non profit organisation that provides assistance to the homeless. The fact that Grant has been accused of doing any wrong deeply saddens me.

    We love you Grant, stay just the way you are.

  3. Dave & I both shocked and saddened by this string of events Grant, and understand totally your course of action. You have done so much for so many, but that's just part of who you are. Friday is right, we love you Grant, stay just the way you are.
    Love Den & Dave

    1. I wish you could 'like' comments. I'd 'like' this one. Take care Grant.

  4. :'( Oh that just made me so sad that I cried. Don't give up Grant. I'm not going to tell my kids yet. They'll be heart broken that you won't be there after the next bbq. We can't get there for this one as Sharna will be on a Girl Guides Camp & I'm photographing at the Move Mountains Music & Arts Festival, a new charity event that has started in Toowoomba. Grant, you showed them how to care for & respect all the homeless people that they made & handed out Christmas cards to that day. It has changed my kids for the better. I thank you for that. And to see them so excited about giving up many things from home that morning made me proud that they were willing to give these things to help a homeless person just so they could feel loved & to know that someone, somewhere cared enough about them. Don't let that woman discourage you. You are stronger than that. You are a great person.

  5. Hi Grant, you did good, you did good. you helped a lot of people, you gave them hope and I am so proud of you. You were put on this earth for a reason - that reason: you are a good caring person and the world is better for having you in it. I hope you continue your blog with the good things happening in your life from now on, no matter what direction that takes.

  6. You're a good guy Grant and it hurts when others question your motives, no doubt. But you can't let the Staceys of the world stop you from doing what you believe is right. If you do, the bad guys win...and the bad guys aren't supposed to win. Take care of you and your family, hold your head up and be happy and proud of what you've achieved:

  7. You are awesome !

    I've been through a similar experience, and was homeless, but always tried to help other people but you're right - sometimes people just want a free ride instead of helping themselves. The hardest thing I learnt to do was say no, its still hard but at least i have learnt who better to say yes to.

    Best wishes to you dear friend!