Sunday, August 19, 2012

A Wedding Start

I must say it feels good to be writing here again, It’s like coming home. You see I thought because people mostly wanted to hear about homeless I started a new blog to write about it. But so much happens in life and I felt I couldn’t write that way I love to. So I’m writing here again. I’m still going to be keeping for only doing homeless stories. What can I start with to make this a great starting back up? The one thing I’ve wanted to share with you since it happened, but because it’s not a homeless story I didn’t put it on the other blog. On the 22nd of October last year I got married which in many ways was a complete circle after having my accident. On the day a photographer named Andrew Denford turned up early and took the photo’s for us. Andrew is a mate of mine so I know him well and one thing that he puts across is being professional. He started his own business call Andrew Denford Photography and can be found at It’s my pleasure to show some of the great wedding pictures taken by Andrew. The Happy Couple
The Bridle Party
Man and Wife
Most important people there, just ask them. haha
I know I look good. Ha ha. But to be honest it was only because I was with my bride and Andrews great camera work that made me look good. So if you want to check out Andrew’s service please go to his site. I'd like to thank Andrew again for taking these and many more pictures. Thank you for reading this blog and I look forward to sharing many more things very soon. I hope you all have a great day. Grant the Polite Guy


  1. Beautiful photos.So happy for you and your beautiful family.x