Sunday, October 28, 2012

Balls for Homeless

As people know I was asking for clothes and things for 3 homeless people who had lost everything over the weekend. The results were fantastic, Help came from everywhere and most of all that were lost were replaced. I have to say there’s nothing worst then being down on your luck and then trying to put together a few things just to live only to lose it all. I keep saying I wish people could come with me to hand things like this out because their smiles and the thank you’s makes my so proud of what I do. Helping people in need.

I would like to say a few words about 4 amazing people that went far and beyond anything I asked for.


Rachel Turner caught a train to the city and handed me lots of beautiful clothes and told me all about how she had just rescued a dog from the pound. Very proud as she showed me pictures as well. An amazing person.

Yvonne Jones through her contacts with the Rotary Club organised Shelter Paks which as you can see with the pictures have a huge amount of goodies and much needed things when being homeless. So I say every time you see a Rotary collections or fundraiser, please remember these Paks and know they do help. But what makes Yvonne so great? Well she picked them up and then drove to the city from Redcliff just to hand these Paks out so people in need could have them. Awesome in my book.

Making a Difference, I have written about before and once again they came and helped when people in need needed them. They asked all their members and collect clothes for three homeless that lost everything. I say “Thank you”

Oddur Thomas Augustsson or “Tom” for short is a very good mate of mine. He’s helped many of times with different things to do with the homeless, also he’s one of my best customers who buys my magazines and Amway products. But this day to help 3 people he’ll never meet he went out and bought clothes and from home got a towel and things as well. The guy is awesome and I’m proud to call him a mate.



Now I’ve been so excited to share this news, but I couldn’t because I wanted to make sure it was all going together properly first. Christmas BBQ for the Homeless.

I am all about showing the homeless that the community is coming together to help with these events. I thought about Christmas and was thinking what a better time to do it. Really Christmas time is about families and friends coming together.

How to make it so homeless get the Christmas feeling? We will give the homeless balls. Haha Stop laughing it’s Christmas Balls I’m talking about. I’m thinking we get a art pen and write their name on them and give a ball and a Christmas card. Now I just had a heart felt moment of thinking, if even just one person keeps that ball and looks at it or even hangs it up on Christmas Night then it’ll be worth it to hand them out.


So what do we need to put this BBQ event together for maybe 1,000 homeless and people in need?


Clothes and lots of them,

Blankets and sleeping bags


Drinks (Bottled water/ soft drinks)

Christmas balls

Christmas cards

A mountain of helpers to hand out flyiers before the event to homeless

A mountain of helpers on the day

Flyiers made up

Beer for Grant for doing great job. Haha

I would put food and insurance but it’s taken care of by Jerome Dalton from Dalton’s Hospitality. (There awesome)

 I will be collecting clothes and things for this event on the 30th of Nov at Queen st outside Post Office Square before 2pm. Or please bring to the event on the day. (Much easier)

Now remember our golden rule, it’s all they can eat and all clothes and everything there is free if they can carry it. We have had such success with these BBQ’S and helped so many people with just clothes and things, for some helping to get on their feet. I must say it makes me proud that people like you make this happen. Let’s band together and show the community coming together.


For a more up to dates about this BBQ please go to

Thank you very much for reading my blog and I hope you all have a great day.

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