Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas Morning.

What an awesome day, I woke about 4am and dropped at the front door presents and things for kids and parents of 3 families then went to my parents house for the early morning presents opening at Petrie including watching my Princess wide eyed and smiling while opening hers. (Still brings a tear of joy)
I dropped wife and daughter to her side of family party and eagerly went to New Farm Park and started handing out toiletries packs and 32 diaries for next year because they didn't know it yet but when they get on their feet they will need to organize there time and appointments, some laughed and a few beamed with a look like what I was saying will happen. Thinking they have more worth in themselves is an awesome start and out-look. I enjoyed the chat and left knowing new friends.
Now it's 3:49pm and I'd like to say I'm doing more but instead I have a unit to myself and I'm putting my feet up and enjoy some nice music, lots of beer and a smile knowing today was a great day.
Christmas to me is all about family and friends coming together, but please take a second to remember that that's in most cases the one thing homeless miss the most. So if you see someone alone or homeless maybe saying "Hi" might really make their day.
Grant the Polite Guy

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