Sunday, February 22, 2015

Storm Damage

Okay people I have an SOS.

A lot of people got effected by the bad storms/weather we have had in the last few days and I've been contacted by too many people for help, which is good because I get to help more people but bad because I'm only one guy.

But I'm writing this post about a lady hitting hard times that I have helped in the past and truly is still an inspiration to me and I'll tell you why.

This lady worked all her life as a nurse helping others and even spending huge amounts of unpaid hours with patients because she is that sort of person. One day she had a heart attack, soon after going to hospital for deep depression and losing her partner of about 14yrs meaning she was left with the house payments and two kids to look after.

The depression took a huge part of her life away and it wasn't long before she lost her valued job which was hard because it was one of the things that gave her joy.

Now I'm sad to say that the depression got worst with the fact of everything going down hill and her Centrelink payments didn't even cover her mortgage repayments let alone schooling and food etc.

Now don't get me wrong this lady and I have had many of sit-downs (Pie and Cokes) with and I very much understand why she has went without so much to juggle everything around to keep her home.

This lady called to say she was in trouble, the storms we had over the last few days has caused serious inside/outside water damage to her home, I hate to say this but something happening to a person already going through such hard times is like pushing them over the edge of even worst depression.

This is a good person, yes with a few problems, but a person.

I know after this she is going to sell the house for a lost I believe.

My SOS is for things to make her home a home. I have used all my money to help others already this weekend going through tough times already. But she is only asking for a few things.

Undercoat paint / waterproof $72.90

Two light fittings needing replaced $19.90 each

couple of trailer loads of soil or dirt because of storm damage

13 metres of guttering.

Cleaning products.

I'm hoping some of you might be able to do one of these, as I said this is a good person just going through very tough times and I'd like to show her that the community is standing by her to help because that's the Aussie way.

To help please call me on 0412 190 011.

Thank you very much for reading my blog and I hope you have a great day. If you like my writing and things I do please donate using the donation button.

Grant the Polite Guy

Grant Richards

0412 190 011

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