Tuesday, July 19, 2011

BBQ Done

You know sometimes when thinking about how to start the first sentence of my stories is hard and I'll think will I start it this way of that way. Ha ha. After I have started writing it seems to just flow so I was a bit stuck tonight so I started it with this instead. Ha ha.

Now a lot of people say I always try and look at the positive side of things. That's not really true but I do try and see the good in life instead of looking for the bad with everything. Over the last 24 hours I have had a lot of good and bad comments about my BBQ.

Yes I didn't get the numbers I thought that I would. But I must say I feel very proud for what I put together in just 4 weeks. I mean, could I have done it better? Well yes. Could I have done worst? Well yes. Could I have not bothered and just not tried in the first place? Well yes.

But here's the side I see it. Homeless and the needy did come and there was clothes and food and for some friendships that they won't forget. Maybe just maybe some thought about getting on there feet. I know I have said in the past if this BBQ helps just one person it'll be worth it doing it twice over.

I seen workers that work hard at there jobs through the week giving up there day off to help others and for the most part working harder on the day then on a weekday with there jobs while showing a great smile and feeling good about what they were doing. I always said “it's not just the homeless that this BBQ is going to help”

I wrote a story about a lady and her son left home and went to live on the streets because of being beaten up by his step-father. I can say that same lady turned up at the BBQ and helped with different things for over 6 hours and every time I looked for her she was beaming with the biggest smile I swear she was beaming with joy.

Now I know I'm going to mess this up but I will try. There's so many people I'd like to thank for all there help and really say I couldn't have put this together without them. First I'll do the companies and organisations that helped with donations.
NAB Bank
Knitting for the Needy
Sign Co Employment
Crusty Devils Bakery
Peoples Mission
Rosie’s Food Van
Snap Printing
Samies Girl

Now as the day went on I noticed a lot of people working hard and helping in such a big way. Now I'm sure I'll leave some names out and I'm sorry about that.

Tony and son, Rebecca, Andrew, Anne, Denise, Dave, Erin, Alan, Marisa, Dee, Alicia, Gary, Marieke, Bec, Quinn, Tracy, Steez, Margaret, Sean, Darren, Clint, Karen, Bev, Cainian, Kevin, Girl friday and a whole lot more which I can't recall there names. If I missed your name I'm really sorry and I know you helped in a big way but that's the names I can think of at the moment.

I tried to get photo's of the this event but to be honest I went around to the people with camera's and asked if they could take a few shots for me and email them to me, but two days later I still don't have any. If some photo's come up I'll post them here.

There is a lot of talk about doing the same thing in Ipswich in about 10 weeks but I'm not sure if it's going to happen as yet. I love to help people but to be honest these events cost a lot of money and not all was donated. Not to mention a lot of work involved putting them together. But as I'm writing this I'm thinking of something a homeless person to me which really shocked me. “a person's protentional is only what they believe they can do” I think that's really true.

There was a lot of clothes and food left over after the event so I can say now there's about 5 homeless centres with a whole lot of resources to give out as well thanks to the people and companies that gave things to our BBQ that wasn't used.

I know no-one can always please everyone and yes there was a few people that said “well if I was doing this I would......” the fact is they didn't do it and if anything it took a person who sells magazines and lives out to put it together.

I would like to thank everyone for coming that did come to my event. I know a lot of people there did get help and please know that for a lot of you I couldn't have put it together without you.

Thank you for reading my stories and I hope you all have a great day.
Grant the Polite Guy.


  1. Hi Grant

    You cant control the numbers. All you can do is get the word out and I think you did a great job doing that. To pull this event together the way you did was a great success. I really enjoyed meeting people and hopefully giving them an entry point if they need to seek help. I hope you make this and annual event. It always starts small. Next year will be bigger and so on...

    I congratulate you on your heart and your energy.

    Have a great day Grant,


  2. Grant - you are a one in one million person . So many people could have tried to organise this - but you were the one who stood up and took it on board U are so kind hearted and I am very priveledged to have met you .

    Paula x

  3. Oh no I'm so very sorry for not coming. I was sick all day (damn pregnancy is not liking me at all) so didn't do anything.

    I have a bunch of clothes still here to give you if you want. They are all ladies clothes sz 8-10.

    I'm so sorry again.

  4. I think myself and some friends ended up there without evening realising it. We stopped and talked to one of my friends brothers there, Mr Priest, right towards the end. Everyone seemed to have had a good time.

    You have every right to be proud of what you've managed to do. Congratulations :)

  5. Grant Your awesome for putting on the BBQ and helping people . I wish I could have come

  6. Grant,

    What can I say, it was a fantastic day.. don't get hung up on the numbers!!

    *people came
    *help was given
    *fun was had by all.

    There were heaps of smiles.. if you did not put this event on.. what would have happened at Musgrave Park on that day?? ZIP!

    I am sure there were over 200 people who came through and I am confident more then 300.. it wasn't one big crowd, there was a constant stream all day... don't forget there was over 1000 sausages cooked!!!

    thanks for the invite.. i look forward to the next one


    Andrew Stanke

  7. Grant, it is very easy to criticise from the sidelines. Talk is cheap.
    As you said YOU were the one who DID IT.

    At the same time, it is a learning experience - it will be bigger and better next time.

    Well done to you and all the volunteers, and everyone who donated time/goods/services/$$ to make your BBQ a success.

    You are one in a million Grant! :-)

  8. The highlight of the day for me was seeing the huge smile on a little girls face as she left with her moyher and 3 new dolls that she wouldn't have had if it wasn't for you Grant.
    I heard later that she was jumping at shadows because some low life had tried to break in to where they are staying,hopefully the dolls act as some sort of security blanket for her and again because of your efforts Grant,well done.

  9. KNitting for brisbanes NeedyJuly 25, 2011 at 8:19 PM

    Grant, we are still talking about the fantastic day at the BBQ at Musgrave Park. Each of our group who attended to help, all enjoyed themselves. We talked to a lot of wonderful homeless people, some joked with us, others we heard part of their stories.

    I can tell you that we know for a fact that ONE PERSON and his newborn grandson were helped on the day and are still being helped by our group. Peter and I went and visited them today in their new accommodation, and took some items for them including nappies for the little darling baby boy! This man and his grandson are so grateful for what they received on the day, and granddad inparticular, was thrilled to have been able to eat some "lovely food", as he hadn't eaten since having his grandson dumped on him. All his money had gone on getting things for the 2 week old baby. So from Robert, I will say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. The day and the volunteers really made Robert feel worthwhile.

    Also a big thankyou from HOPE Community Care at Aspley, for the donation of left over meat, drinks etc. Their freezers were empty till we turned up with the left over meat etc you gave us for them.

    Anytime you want help to organise another BBQ, for yourself or some other needy homeless person, you know where to find us!!

    Once again, a fantastic day, we got a lot out of it ourselves!

    Karen and Peter and gang
    Knitting for Brisbanes Needy