Sunday, July 3, 2011

Two weeks to go for BBQ

Ha ha I think I've quit from doing this BBQ about 100 times in the last week. It's way to big for me to try and put it together and I have never done one before. For example this BBQ needs Insurance, Port-a-loo's, Chairs, Tables, enough food and drinks for about 3,000people, not to mention working so hard trying to get as many clothes as possible for the day. I checked my Pay-pal and $212.60 won't go far. Ha ha

Now things look bad but I tell you when I think of quitting I just think of what that would mean not to me but others. Here's a few things that go over and over in my mind.

Because of the paper story I got a call from this old lady crying and saying “I want to donate and give you everything I can spare please” I asked why she was crying and if everything was okay. She told me her son was homeless and then went on to tell me about what had happened. When her son was 17 her husband had beaten him up and he ran away. Her and her husband found him a while later living on the streets and put him into a unit on his own. The son left and hit the streets again for about 6 months when the couple again found him and set up another unit. That night the husband beat into him again and he left. The husband has passed on and she has not seen her son for 32 years now. She went on to say she has looked for her son but never found him. She wants to help because maybe her son comes and maybe she might see him. I asked if she has a photo or anything? No she doesn't.


I got a call from a guy which I meet because he ask too. This guy was about 60 year old but very fit and strong. Now the reason he wanted to meet was because his wife has passed on and he was alone. He was asking me to introduce him to someone that was homeless so he could offer free rent to help get them on there feet. He said he don't need the rent money he just wants to help someone and in return he has company and someone to talk too. I asked him to come to the BBQ and meet everyone there and he could offer to whoever he gets along with. I know I shouldn't have but I also told him of some of the risks in doing so. Not everyone is as trusting as me. Remember I'm a nice guy. Ha ha.


There's a company coming to this BBQ and has so many job's on the books to offer, they said they are willing to help with accommodation and things too. I am meeting with them on Tuesday to work out what they need for them to be there. One appointment I'm very much looking forward too. Ha ha. They'll help so many. But really even if the only help one person to get on there feet then it was worth inviting them.


Now there's some really good reasons why I'd want to keep going with putting this together, but really the biggest reason to me is, “I know what it's like to be homeless and if it helps even one person it's worth doing”.

This BBQ is at Musgrave Park on the 17th of July from 10am to 4pm. Please all come because the working people are just as important because it's the community coming together as mates. So please invite all you know and enjoy a BBQ as mates.

I have asked if people can collect clothes, toiletries and things to donate to the homeless and bring on the day.

I have been thinking if I should make it even bigger by inviting those on low incomes, I mean if a person has accommodation but only $60 for food and things after paying rent then they are very much Needy. Now I can make this even bigger but I'd need more working people too. So please use the comments box or email me on or call me on 0412 190 011.

If any company want to set up a stall that helps the homeless in any way please let me know.

I thank you for reading my stories and I hope you have a great day.
Grant the Polite Guy.


  1. Good luck with the bbq :) I donated some money to you

  2. Karen from Knitting for Brisbane's Needy here, Grant.

    Several of us will be there on the day with as many NEW HANDMADE items as we can to give to the homeless and the low income families.

    Hoping also to have a fair few toiletry bags to give out.

    Many of our members are already giving me good, clean second hand clothes etc.

    One question, a couple of our members have an abundance of fruit, mainly oranges and mandarins, on their trees that they can't give away. Do you think they would be appreciated by the homeless/low income families???

    Looking forward to meeting you on the 17 th and don't forget to ring me again if you think I (we) can help with anything else!!


  3. OH it has to be a sunny day. haha
    Karen and all others, please if you want to bring fruit and things then please do as I'm sure it will be used on the day or taken for later.
    I want to thank you all for all you are doing to help those when they need it most.
    Grant the Polite Guy