Sunday, September 18, 2011

Coffee in the Bin. haha

Okay I do have a really funny story here ( well I think it's funny ha ha), but I want to make sure I don't embarrass the guy so no names or companies will be listed. Okay I have to start at the beginning or you won't see how funny this is.

I got a phone call from a guy saying his company would like to have a stall at the next Ipswich BBQ for the homeless which I was very eager to have myself so I asked if there was a chance to meet and talk about it at a coffee shop. You see I don't have an office but people and companies are getting to know about Mates Helping Mates doing BBQ'S for the homeless and they want to promote themselves as a company or really do care about the homeless. So I always say something like “ I have appointments in the city on Thursday at 2pm would you like to meet at 3pm at a coffee shop?” I got a yes this time and we arranged a time a place.

Now here's the thing, I have put a BBQ together mostly on my own and about 450-500 people turned up and a lot of homeless people were really helped. But the sad thing is even though I'm doing good and helping homeless, if I show I'm not successful then I get a lot of companies pull out, which is a shame because these BBQ'S are to help homeless get on there feet or at lest let them feel they have value in themselves and if I show I am not business standard and sell Big Issue magazines then I get well 'the cold shoulder' is one way to say it. Ha ha.

So there I was sitting at a table clean shaven and nice clothes talking to this guy about having a stall and what they wanted to do, when I almost died when I glanced over and saw a guy waving to me to come and talk to him. It was a homeless guy. I looked from him to the guy I was with back to the guy. Thinking not now come on. I said “excuse me a moment” in a really nice way and walked over to the him saying “I'm a bit busy now is everything okay?”

The poor guy asked if I would be buying pies and drinks today. I felt like shit right there and then. For a second I was em-brassed I had to talk to him in front of the guy I was trying to impress when I realised the reason I was there in the first place was because of people like him and me not that long ago. (My new wife has a place)

I handed him $7.00 and said “here mate I have to get back to this guy” pointing to the guy at the table as I was walking back. Now here's the thing as I was leaving I noticed he wasn't happy about getting the money for food and I realised it was more that he wanted, someone to talk too. You see when I do my 'Pie and Cokes' I sit and talk to the person and in most cases say about how there's hope.

I must say a huge part of me wanted to just turn and head to the shop to buy a pie and coke and sit with him and show him that he has value with me but the fact was, putting these BBQ'S together help many and they need support from companies and things to run well.

I got back to the table saying “sorry about that” then this guy said the dumbest thing I could think of “ha ha your an easy target you should say firmly get a job” then laughing and really thinking he had said the funniest thing in his life. What a clown, really here he was talking to me about helping the homeless and yet showing what how harsh he could be. Oh did it open my eyes. So I politely told him I sell Big Issue Magazines and not long ago I was homeless as I was letting him know I don't think I want his company to come to the BBQ event.

Oh he left pretty quickly. Ha ha. But here's the funniest bit. (I wasn't going to let you down. Ha ha) The guy didn't understand why I would buy food for a homeless guy yet left quickly and didn't pay his bill for drink and cake. Ha ha I shouldn't help a homeless person with food but it's okay to pay for he's. Let me say I don't think his company will be attending the Ipswich BBQ no matter how much they were donating. Never money but standards makes a man.

Now the afternoon wasn't lost because I had a pie and a coke in the park with a person who really was a decent guy.


Now this ones a short bit really funny to see. (I know I'm mean sometimes. Ha ha) This guy came rushing pass taking a sip of his coffee and then throwing it in the bin but when it hit it made a louder bang. Stopping he realised he throw his phone instead of the coffee into the bin. Now these bins need a key to open them so he was really angry at first about throwing his phone.

One of my customers called the council to get someone to come and open the door to get the bin out so he could get his phone. Now after a minute or two he seen the funny side of it and smiled a lot, well that was until he took another sip of his coffee and didn't like the taste and throw it into the bin. It was like slow motion ha ha as he throw the coffee he realised his phone was at the bottom of that bin. Ha ha I hate to laugh but I wish I had a camera because it was priceless the look he had.

The door was opened and yes his phone was dripping with coffee and a lot of other bits and pieces. Ha ha. Now this guy was well dress and stepped into a last years model BMW wagon. And I'm the one selling magazines ha ha not right. Ha ha.


Now I've gotten a bit of slack lately about my wedding wish list Cheryl and I put together. So please let me explain why. Firstly I don't mind about the wedding gifts because if I was to be honest I'd rather people come and celebrate the greatest day of our lives over a gift any day. Really it means more to me that people want to come join me as an equal and show they have the respect to come. I did call and ONE person emailed to get a gift from our wish list which I spent a lot of time setting it up as it's page here at the top. At first I was thinking it's sad and maybe no-one was coming to our wedding.

Then I was told that asking for shampoo, vitamins and things was in bad taste, well a little part of that was some homeless read my blog and I wanted to put very cheap things on the list so they didn't feel bad and could afford something and I don't earn a lot of money and to be honest it would have helped plus I set it up so I got the commissions and I was putting that towards the wedding. So my conclusion is if you feel you want to buy a wedding gift then pick from our wedding list or get something else from elsewhere or hey I love money in envelopes. But remember the most important thing and that's it's our special day and the one wish we have is that you come and celebrate with us being together. So know you are invited to join us on the 22nd of October at 319 Upper Esplande, Wynnum starting 10am. YOU ARE INVITED. Ha ha


I get asked all the time how people can help homeless. Well now there's a website just for Mates helping Mates so please check it out.

Thank you for reading my blog and I hope you have a great day.
Grant the Polite Guy.


  1. You are awesome mate, just awesome. And how wonderful to invite everyone to your wedding. I hope it all comes together the way you want it too.

  2. Hi Grant, I love what you do. Good on ya! Plus that story about the coffee in the bin is just THE BEST!! :D