Monday, June 13, 2016

Here I go again

Well it’s true I always like looking at the positives in life and things I do. As a lot of you know I recently had my whole leg artery transplant and I couldn’t walk right for about 10 weeks, I even used one of them mobile scooters just to get about.

Well with different expenses and things I lost my unit, there just wasn’t enough money for everything. Now before anyone starts worrying and things I am good, I am temporary staying with someone and one thing I know is that if I work hard I can get back on my feet again.

The Homeless BBQ’s we do helping hundreds of people every event with food, clothes, toiletries and things will still go ahead every 8 weeks and still making a huge difference to help homeless and people in need.

I have started selling the Big Issue magazines again in the city as a means to earn income to get on my feet which really is great for me because I’ll see and keep in touch with homeless and yes still (When I have money) do my “Pie and Coke” which means buying a homeless person food and drink and sitting down having a chat about how they can get on their feet. Thinking about doing this brings joy to me because some of the happiest moments in my life was helping someone get on their feet even when I was homeless, you see not all problems cost money to fix, sometimes making a phone call changes everything.

So for my positive part, yes I lost my unit but now I’ll be spending a lot more time helping and being around homeless which enables me to help so many more people. I believe I will get back into another place soon though with hard work selling my mags, so if you see me and want one please come by and say “Hi”

Another positive which you all will like is that I’ll have lot’s of amazing stories of real life homeless I can write about which for most will inspire you because it’s amazing watching some of these guys getting back on their feet and what they go through getting there.

I hope you all have a great day and if you like my stories please consider using the donation button on the top right hand corner of the screen

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