Tuesday, July 26, 2016


Well last Sunday we did another Homeless BBQ helping a lot of people with free food, clothes, toiletries and much more and that’s something to feel good about because it’s helping so many people, but really the biggest joy for me this time was watching organizations and people who just want to help come together as a community to help homeless and people in need when they need it most.

I have lost track of how many BBQ’s we have done but it’s every 8 weeks for at least the last 8 ½ years. That’s thousands and thousands of people getting help. Something to say “A job well done” not just me because I started it but the community because I couldn’t have ever done it on my own.

Then there’s the people we have helped one on one. Amazing.

To think a homeless guy with nothing started all this. WOOHOO.

Now I want to take the focus off me and share a few pics of some amazing people who helped come together to make a difference in people’s lives they have never meet. These guys are Hero’s



Grant the Polite Guy
Grant Richards

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