Sunday, September 11, 2016

Helping 1,000 families

I got a phone call from “Helen” at “Goodna Street Life” asking for help for a lady which is going to be one of my biggest challenges yet.

I meet up with Helen and this lady “Angie” to work out what has happened and what was need. I soon found out that since Jan 500 people were fired and all remaining workers had their hours cut by half and even some weeks no work at all. Angie and her husband both work for the meatworks and since their living only on little hours were having trouble each and every week.

Feeling sad for her I asked what can we do to help? Her reply was just asking for food and toiletries for her family and families effected and hurting as well.

I quickly thought how we should help because to me helping a family going through such tough times they could easily fall backwards and become homeless without support, I would rather help people not becoming homeless instead of waiting for them to become homeless and then help.

I asked how many families are we talking about needing help with food and toiletries.

1,000 workers with families.

Now don’t get me wrong I heard the words and almost fell over. We do HUGE homeless BBQ every 8 weeks, but this was getting resources for not just 1,000 people but 1,000 families and if I was going to hold this event we might as well invite homeless and people in need in the area and help them too.

I took a second to remember I had bad health and I myself was only a Big Issue Vendor making very little money myself. But this wasn’t about me and these people needed help. I knew I would have contact “Bernie the Polite Girl” and our Signal Flare team to help bring the community together and ask for help to help them.

On the 18th in a week we will be helping well over a 1,000 people at
“Goodna Street Life”
2 Mill St Goodna
10am – 2pm

We desperately need helpers, food, clothes and toiletries. As much as we can.

Let’s show the community coming together to show we care and give a hand up.

I can be contacted on email or selling my Big Issues in the city.



Now this next bit I’m very very excited about. WOOHOO

Everyone knows I make such little money as a Big Issue vendor but I try to help as many people as I can.

I have started a new referring business that is going to be awesome, here’s how it works.

You go to the site and compare things like power, mobile phones deal and even home internet. It could even be the same company you already use. For example if you wanted a new mobile phone, go to the site and click mobile phone and it’ll bring up Vodafone website with my link attached. You get the same deal you would with Vodafone anyway but they’ll pay me 10% every time you pay your bill for a referring commission.

I could use this money to help so many more people in a huge way and people get the same deal they were on. It don’t matter which company you’re on, please compare if you get same or better deal and switch using my site.

I love this, it’ll earn money and free my time to help more people click here  

The best news is that it’s not Australia, this site works in lots of countries around the world. Just click your country flag and it’ll bring up your local services. If anyone wants help setting up their own site let me know and I’ll be happy to help you set it up for you.

Have you clicked to site yet? Just check it out and see how easy it is.

I’d like to ask everyone though when you choose a service or package could you please email me your name and what service you did so I can track and make sure it went under my link right. Accidents happens.

I’d like to thank you very much for reading my blog and I hope you all have an awesome day. Remember in 7 days we are helping over a 1,000 people in need so if you can help please do.

Grant the Polite Guy
Grant Richards

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