Friday, March 4, 2011

Phoebe thank you.

Oh I see and hear a lot of horrors, but there's so much good in the world that more people need to hear about. I try to do good in life by helping people and always being a person I can be proud in myself. But let me say I was overwhelmed by the goodness of Phoebe Escott Kenny,

Phoebe has been buying my magazines since I started selling them. I always loved the fact that Phoebe always stopped and talked to me with a beaming smile. He's a picture of Phoebe.
Now for 3 weeks now Phoebe kept saying she has a surprise for me. I kept asking for a hint, but no. ha ha. On Wednesday afternoon I got the call to go meet her. All happy and excited she told me we were meeting another girl with a video camera. You know when your with someone who's excited, it's really hard not to get excited too. So there I was all excited and didn't know why. Ha ha.

I meet Jemma Gorring (picture below) who was using the camera, (Jemma is just starting a new business doing cinematographer and could use alot of customers. Please). Phoebe asked me questions for me to answer in front of the camera. Then really did one of the greatest things I'd ever had happen to me. She told me that using her Facebook she had asked all her friends to donate money so it can be given to me. Handing me a list of names who had donated (47 names) and saying she was going to my bank to deposit it, Get ready for it. $1125 total. I mean I was speechless and fighting to hold tears running down my face.
A few minutes later it still hadn't sunk in yet. I was asked what was I going to do with the money. I will tell you I don't remember what I said but I know the only thing I was thinking of, is buying first, A steak and a new sleeping bag with a hood to keep warm at nights when it's cold.

Phoebe put the money in my bank and the 3 of us headed for a drink, I really needed one. Ha ha. My head was still going a 1000 ideas a second as Phoebe was telling me to get what ever I needed but to leave the rest in the bank for a rainy day. But at that time all I could think about is all the good I could do with that money to help others.

Now a lot of people would say “accommodation” but to me that's a trap, because yes having a place to call home is great but then when the money ran out it's only the dreadful thought of not making enough money selling magazines to stay there. Please don't get me wrong I would make enough to pay the rent, but I like eating and helping others to eat much more.

No the answer is to get a job and then I'd make more then enough. The next morning I bought other homeless people breakfast and waited for the stores to open. I bought a very nice warm sleeping bag with a hood and bought clothes for a job interview. I grabbed papers and searched the ads for employment. Also I had been given many of numbers to call and to mention someone's name to get a job. Ha ha I was busy.

I got an interview. YES. The interview was for a Coles store a few hours ago. I showered, shaved then put on my new clothes and really looked good. (I don't mind saying, I looked very good. Ha ha) I did the interview and thought that really went well. I think I impressed him a lot “if I don't mind sayiny so myself.” Ha ha

Now I feel like I'm on my way back to something that I was. I have many to thank for this, because these people sent money and a lot of them had never even meet me. So if you know any of these people, please shake there hand and say “Thank you” from me.

Phoebe Escott Kenny, Jemma Gorring, Jessica Joy, Kay Buins, Bec Smith, Courtney Vizer, Anna Robbie, Brad East, Jennah Porter,
Erik Veland, Leanne Goodwin, Carol Calderwood, Erin Guinan, Renae Hutchison, Charlotte Palard, Kristen Crossley, Jo Farlow, Tanya Liddicoat, Alicia Hawken, Dimity Adams, Lydia Woolcott, Chantelle Simms, Samantha Bax, Kim Isadale, Tamara Povovic, Daniel Mackay, Louis Banks, Brad Tempa, Renae Chambers, Malcom Swasbrook, Courtney De Vos, Amanda Smith, Genevieve Dharmaraj, Holly Heenan, Lachlon and Emily Verall, Sharon Turner, Casey Silman, Hannah Broadhurst, Lynn Koh, Kelly Jacob, Gemma Dobbs, Leanne De Souza, Amy Tretter, Thomas Barendse, Brad Smede, Natalie Avbarraan, Steph Gow, Paul Barbara.

If I miss-spelt your name please let me know and I can fix it up.

To all those people again I thank you. What you did really showed me that it don't matter how much bad there is in the world, there's great people like you around to balance it out. I do promise not to waste the money and only put it towards helping people including myself.

A lot may not know but I have a Facebook account as well. Grant Richards is the name but there's heaps there. But if you use my email to locate it, it's easier or Grant Richards then Brisbane works too.

I hope you all have a great day as right now I feel only better things will come.

Grant the Polite Guy.

P.S I am getting a copy of the video to post here which I will when it's ready. Today's going to be a great day. Not because I have money but people took there time out to do a great thing for someone they have never meet. When I do help someone I know I'm not alone in doing so. Thank you

P.S.S I almost forgot, Just before Phoebe left to go home she grabbed a M.X magazine and opened it up to the Star Signs page and ask me what my star sign was. I told her I'm a Taurus. Phoebe read it then ripped it out and handed it to me. Here's what it read.
Expect the unexpected at work tomorrow, as the changeable moon moves through your career zone- in the unpredictable sign of Aquarius. The more flexible you are, the better the day will be.
Thank you again for reading my blog.
Grant the Polite Guy


  1. What an awesome blog!! I am so excited to hear about your job interveiw! Best of luck with it, i wish you had a camera to take a photo of you all dressed up for it, that would have been a great shot! its lovely to hear you were up the next morning giving out pies to people - this whole experiance has given me faith in the world again, and in mankind :)


    ps. i had almost forgot about the star sign, totaly weird and accurate! its a full moon tomorrow night, a day of new beginings :)
    pps. thank you for putting that photo of me in your blog, and letting people know about the filming, it was an amazing experiance to have been a part of... you chose a great photo of pheobe too!

  2. Congrats on the job interview! Didn't get to see you yesterday :( have a great weekend love

  3. What an uplifting story. I can't believe the generosity of people; Phoebe having the dream and determination to fundraise such a worthwhile cause in such a short time and the kindness of strangers - you've all made a considerable difference in Grant's and possibly others' lives by "paying it forward" (passing on the goodness of people's hearts).

  4. Well done Phoebe, to change a life like that was just an amazing thing to do. And CONGRATULATIONS on the job interview Grant! I Hope all goes well ahead of you.

  5. My goodness!!!! There are some lovely people in the world aren't there?? That was so very generous of them.
    Congrats on the interview and I can't wait to hear the outcome.