Sunday, March 20, 2011

Thank you Phoebe part2

Well yesterday I was crying tears of joy. I know a grown man crying, what's the world coming to. Ha ha. But please let me say a short while back Phoebe and her friends on Facebook collected donations for me reaching $1125 as the biggest tip I have ever gotten which I can't say “Thank you” enough to Phoebe and friends on Facebook. I did mention it in a pass post. Well Jemma filmed it and did the cut and paste thing and posted it yesterday. Let me say it's great, it's better then great. Ha ha. Only Jemma could have made me look that good, I would be proud to share it with my friends in my blog.

Please watch it and enjoy and pass it on to everyone.

Grant The Polite Guy from Jemma Gorring on Vimeo.

Was I right or was I right. Ha ha That was great golden, It shows Phoebe being a golden hearted person and beautiful (which isn't hard because she really is beautiful in real life, sorry guys she has a boyfriend. Ha ha) Jemma made me look good looking. Ha ha Jemma your Aces and I'm sure you have a great future ahead of you. Speaking of futures Jemma has just started a business called Lucid Living Pictures, which you can add as a friend on Facebook. More people the better.

If you are interested in film or photographic work you can contact her here -

You should also check out a collection of her other work below

She's a writer,director, cinematographer and photographer. Pretty much she's great with a camera and could easily Photo's, band covers through to wedding video's. She done this video for out of the goodness of her heart and any paid work I could get for her I'd love to. In fact I'm so impressed by her work I'm going to get married just to drum up some business for her. Anyone know someone who wants to marry a homeless person? Ha ha It's a joke please don't come running down to the city. Ha ha


I got a message late last night asking if she gave me clothes would I pass them around to other homeless. Well please let me say YES I would, a lot of homeless can't afford to buy clothes even from second hand shops. Please don't get me wrong I would keep some for myself but it would give me great pleasure handing clothes out. I am willing to do anything to help homeless. Which made me think of something else.

There is female homeless as well and one thing The Big Issue does is have a girls club. Now they meet once every two weeks for a couple of hours on a Thursday. At the moment I think about 6 in the club, they go out and do things like bowling or well just girls stuff. I know they would hand out clothes and girls products if donated. Also they are in need of actives to do each fortnight as funding is very low. To be honest I really feel for the female homeless because I'm sure it's harder on them then the males so any help to make them feel more female would be great. After putting this in my blog I'm thinking of asking if I can join them as I'm sure they will get great actives to do. Ha ha But I don't look good in a shirt and no I haven't checked. Ha ha

To contact the girls club. Sharon at The Big Issue office. 30364420


I'd like to thank you all for reading my blog and I hope you enjoyed the video. Please share it with others as this video will help people everywhere.
I hope you all have a great day
Grant the Polite Guy.

P.S I know a grown man shouldn't cry but that video was done so well and it really meant a lot to me to be able to share it with you. Oh I was just thinking how old I am. Don't forget my birthday is on the 28th of April and I'm having a party at the Grand Central Hotel after work 3pm through to closing and everyone has to bring a great smile as a birthday gift. No exceptions. Please come to my party you wouldn't want me to get excited about it and no-one turns up. Ha ha. That's for those thinking there not coming. Ha ha.


  1. What a terrific video. Brought a tear to my eye, I love everyone's generosity and kindness.

  2. I am Jemma's Auntie Kath , hello Grant feel like I know you now , heehee
    Phoebe what a lovely thing to do..I have cloths and stuff I don't need anymore it will be my pleasure to pass them on.
    I would love to be there at your Birthday party to meet you and wish you a Happy one

  3. Hey Grant! I have an entire bag full of mens t-shirts and clothes, plus girls clothes that we no longer need. I would love to give these to you to hand out! I would just feel bad dumping them on you and leaving you to carry them around with you, as they are pretty big bags full lol