Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Shaking my Head.

Oh it's so great to be back and share my stories with you. Because I got a great one for you. I'm still shaking my head because I know this guy has a very high paying job and I'm smarter then him. Ha ha

I was working and this guy walks up to me as he normally does and stops to talk to me. He normally stops for a minute or two and we do the “hows your morning? and how the day is going to be, with always a Have a great day mate” now this is a mostly everyday thing that this guy stops for a quick chat. I know him well.

So there he was chatting away when I noticed he had a Big Issue magazine in his hand and I looked and looked again and started thinking I haven't sold him a magazine yet have I? I know that this issue only came out yesterday afternoon and this is the first time I've seen him. You know when you half close one eye and really think of something while not really talking but answering while you think, well I was doing that for a few seconds.

I point to the magazine and say “where did you get that one from?” me being still puzzled about this magazine. The guy says very easily “oh I got this one from Dave he's going to be my new Big Issue seller” I took half a step back and to be honest a thousand things went through my head over the next 2 seconds like, I'd always been nice to this guy talking to him nearly every morning, always polite and nice, I even remember him talking bad about his wife and not happy at home, like we were mates. I don't know it was like I was shocked at what he said and I said “what”. This guy very easily says “I read your blog and read you have accommodation so I'm buying from Dave now, but I'll still stop to chat to you because Dave don't chat like you do Grant.” I did the half eye open thing again and thought am I hearing this guy right or is he kidding, no because he has a magazine and acting as if everything is good.

Now please let me say, all this happened within one second of thinking what exactly was happening and what he was saying. I straight away said “every week I have to make 58 more sales to pay for that room each week. That's not easy plus money for me to live and if you really must know Dave has a place and has for a long time” This guy leans forward and says “Well Dave don't paste it on a blog and when you are homeless again I'm happy to buy from you again” oh let me say a thousand things are going through my head that very second. The first was rolling a magazine up and waking him up. Ha ha I didn't but I did think of it. Ha ha

He left and it made me think are people really thinking that. Like really I get a room in a lodge and so I'm not meant to make as many sales then I lose the room and be there little homeless guy again. I really didn't understand that at all.

He will walk pass soon and stop for a chat and I'm what going to make out I'm not needing sales because I have a shitty room. I'll be honest it felt like I was punished because I started to improve from being homeless. I know if I don't make enough sales I can't keep this room which is why I say it's a trap sometimes. But not today

I'm going to work more hours and spend less on myself to keep it. So please if you do not want to buy a magazine because I have a room then I only have one thing to say. “Have a nice day and in a way I understand that you only want to help homeless.” But understand this, getting a room is not a nice house or a great job, it's a start though and I know if I lose all my customers then I'll lose the room. If that's the way it is then I'd be happy to keep the room and get new customers. I am going to be Grant Richards again.

Ha ha now who else do you know can do 726 words from a 3 minute chat with a customer. Ha ha.


I do have great news, The Mega-Site will be launched to start on my birthday 28th April which will help a lot of homeless and people down on there luck so come and celebrate with us at the Centre Station Hotel on Ann St in the city from 3pm until late so please drop by for a drink and celebrate with me.

For those wanting to send me an email please send it to and I talk to a lot of people on Facebook when I'm online. If you want to add me as a friend then please use the email to find me.

Thank you for reading my blog and I hope you all have a great day.
Grant the Polite Guy.


  1. I work in the suburbs so I don't get to come into the city and buy Big Issue magazines. But I would like to be able to help every now and then.

    Would you consider getting a PayPal account? That way you could have a donation button on your blog and those who would like to forward you something (might just be a couple of dollars) can do so. You can link it to your bank account so that you can transfer the funds over for your rent and things.

    Anyway it is just a thought. I'm glad to see you back online and hope you are feeling a bit better.

  2. Hey Grant!

    I cant believe he said that to you. Your BLOG is about your life and your entitled to write whatever you like about the things that happen in your life. Take my word for it people would not be thinking the same as that guy just because you have a room in a lodge that you dont need any help anymore. $145 a week is a lot of money and if anything it makes someone like myself want to continue to help you as much as I can so that you can keep living there.