Saturday, June 25, 2011

Snowball Effect

This is the most important first. The BBQ event has been moved to 10am to 4pm on the 17th of July AT Musgrave Park South Brisbane. I know this will upset a few plans people may have had but really it was out of my control the council said The New Farm Park was not big enough to hold so many people. Ha ha.

You know how sometimes you start with a great idea and it snowballs into something else. Well here a great example. I started just wanting to collect clothes for a homeless centre which I did for Micah and that was a great success so I thought I'd share the love and collect clothes for another homeless centre as well. But this time I said I'd help with having a small BBQ out the front of the centre as well. Sounds easy, ha ha.

Now we are having a BBQ at Musgrave Park instead and because all homeless won't be coming and to get at least 1,000 there I'm printing 5,000 flyers just for the homeless to invite. Handing them out using the homeless centres and food vans. There's going to be at least a few thousand working people too.

Here's the 'snowball effect', because I'm having so many more people I have to get so many more things just to have a BBQ. I need Port-a-loo's, Security, First Aid, Insurance, a lot more food and the most important thing, a cold beer for me afterwards for doing a great job. Ha ha

I remember talking to the Council Guy and he's telling me all the different things I need for this and I'm thinking I just wanted that small little BBQ. Ha ha. For a couple of years now I have had to face the fact I can't do a lot of things because of my back and injuries and I must say sometimes I think I use it as a way of not trying when things get tough.

This BBQ will happen and if I need more things there then so be it I'll find a way to get them. I am in my heart needing to do this because to be honest it could help so many people out there (not just the homeless) that not putting it together would be a crime.

The one thing I laughed at was someone coming to me and saying this BBQ could be a yearly event, well I laughed and thought that was funny then I heard someone else say it and it wasn't as funny, now I've heard it about 50 times now from people and I kept thinking how I only wanted to do a small BBQ for about 20 homeless. This event if successful will be a yearly event, maybe every 6 months. But I have to get the first one done right first.

I got a message this morning asking if I had set up a charity for this yet? And asking if I wanted help setting it up. The first thought I had was I have less then $50 total and I'm a Big Issue Vendor. How did this snowball from a small BBQ to a huge event maybe every 6 months and setting up a charity. Let my be the first to say HELP I NEED HELP. Ha ha. But after thinking about it I am going to set up a charity and it will be worldwide known as a charity that helps the homeless and needy. Oh I'm going to need help if anyone wants to come in.

So I'm going to write here all things I need and if people could reply and tell me what they could do to help then please do.
More Marquee's
Security/Police officers(work and eat at same time)
Insurance for event
Food and Drinks
First Aid Officers

If anyone works for or can help with something on that list please email or call me. or 0412 190 011.
Now I am willing to let any company come and have a stall and signs as long as there doing something for the homeless. Eg Bank gives money boxes or anything like that.

For the people collecting Clothes, Kids Toys, Can Food, Toiletries, Books, Blankets and things firstly let me say thank you and if I'm able to I'd like some people to store from others so we can arrange things like all men's clothes in one area on the day. So if you can ask as many people as you know to look and see if there's anything they could donate then overall we will have a huge hall of things to give. If people can't stall all the things please contact me and I can ask others to pick them up.

I started handing out fliers to all my customers and so far about 180 and asking them to put that flier on a notice board and ask people that work there to donate things for the homeless. I'm not that good with computers but I'll put it up here and people can copy and use it or if anyone wants to email me I'll email it to them to put it on there notice boards.

Isn't it amazing how good things snowball into something great.

Please note that in the last 14 days only one donation has came through and that was $20. Please if I'm going to help with this BBQ then I will need to pay for things. Please donate with the donation box on the top left.

I thank you for reading my posting and if you can please share this post with everyone, there's little boxes near the comment box to share with Facebook and things. The bigger this event is the more people we can help because the community is coming together to help.
Thank you again.
Grant the Polite Guy.

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