Sunday, October 30, 2011

Let's make a diffence

I have some links for you for those that couldn't come to the wedding. Now I am going to be posting a lot of pictures that were taken but I have to wait until I get them all.

What to do from here?

I feel like I have completed my journey in many ways and a new life is about to start. Now I know I'm going to be upsetting some people with this next bit but it's time for me to step up and become the husband and father that I am and support my family.

In a few weeks I will be leaving 'The Big Issue' for a few reasons, but mostly because I have a family now and a place to call home and the pitch I work is a great pitch were people have become friends and are friendly towards there Big Issue vendor so it would help the next vendor in a big way. I keep thinking of when I needed the Big Issue at the start and the thing that helped me the most is that people were nice to me. Mostly in the morning but people are in the habit of stopping for a quick chat and this would help the next vendor that is starting off.

I have been offered a 'shoe shine franchise' ( I think that's how you spell it) to me it's a great deal. It'll be my own business were people come sit in the chair and I shine there shoes, like in the movie except I'm better looking and very polite. They are going to let me do a 'no upfront cost deal' and they set it all up. All I have to do is go to work and shine shoes and all the money goes to me, so the harder I work the more I earn. I will have to pay the franchise people money but it's not that much.

If I find I can't work because of my back then I'll just put a sign up saying “Back in soon” or something like that. Now this isn't starting for a few weeks and I know people will want to come by and say goodbye but that's the best part, I'm only about 50 metres down the road and people can still come for there chat except I'll give them a chair to sit on. Ha ha.

I'll still be doing my Amway as well because I'm starting to do really well at it and soon be making good money from it. So if you wanted to join or see the business plan or just want to buy products please let me know. This includes people in other states and countries.

Also I'm doing Jewellery Parties at nights and weekends which I make really fun using Emma Page Jewellery. I do them at my house or if you want to invite friends I'll come to your house and you get host gifts. To be honest the more parties the better at the moment because I'm sure the shoe shine will be successful but will need time to take off.

Right now people are thinking what about the homeless. I will always help the homeless because I know what it's like and I know sometimes all it takes is for someone to care at that right moment and it could change there lives. I'm going to finish them side pages about where homeless helps are in the states and of course the homeless BBQ'S are going to be getting bigger.

Speaking of which the Ipswich homeless BBQ is coming up on the 27th of November at Browns park from 10am to 2pm, so it's time for me to do my plea thing. Ha ha.

The homeless BBQ'S help in a big way because not only do they come and get clothes, toiletries, kids toys, sleeping bags and such things but also there's a social BBQ where the community comes together and says “Hi Mate” and shows people care because the most valuable thing you can ever give is your time.

I am asking if everyone to take that one day out of there important lives and come and show that the community cares and make this a real 'Mates helping Mates' event. I mean the last one I know we were able to help a lot of people but this time let's help many more.

If you can do any of these as well as come then please call or email me.

Marques about 20. Now people may own one and could bring it.
Industrial size BBQ'S hire.
BBQ food. Really if 40 people bought $20 worth of meat there would be heaps.
Bread about 130 loafs
250 cans of drinks plus I have some to donate. I buy when there cheap.
One freezer or cold room truck to keep things cold
50 tables
60 chairs
A big van or vans to move things.
A few boxes of sauce (Tomato and BBQ)
Clothes, toiletries, ladies personal products, kids toys and things like that are very much needed.
It would be great if anyone has room to store things at there house that way when people email or call and say they want to donate then I can send them to drop off things with you for the BBQ event.

Please if you go through your cupboards there's clothes you never use any more. I know there's going to be a person that needs it at the BBQ. All unused clothes and things not taken will be handed to homeless centres.

If any organisations would like to attend then please contact me as it's free as long as you help the homeless in some way and nothing is sold on the day.

I'd like to thank you all for reading my blog and I really hope you all can come and enjoy a BBQ with us at Browns Park on the 27th of November.

If anyone would like to call or email me please do.
0412 190 011 or
Thank you again
Grant the polite guy

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