Thursday, October 27, 2011

Wedding done

Well the wedding was a huge success, I am now a married man, a family man, a complete man. I really feel my life has taken a complete circle and back to the beginning again.

Before my accident I was married and had everything in life that makes most people happy (well me at least. Ha ha) Then I had the accident and everything fell apart. I got it all back. There is a light at the end of the tunnel and I found it. I can say I have shared a few tears of joy over the last few days. ( I know men don't cry but maybe it was sand in my eye. Ha ha)

The day itself went very well except of course the little panic of the guy marrying us was late by an hour. Imagine waiting there and then being told your wife to be was starting her walk and then the thought of thinking the preacher wasn't there yet. Not good. She was told to go back to the car and do laps until the preacher turned up. Ha ha. I thought the bride was to be late.

But he turned up and said them special words and everything was going every well until Cheryl was asked to place the ring on my finger, It didn't fit!! so there I was pushing and pushing trying to get this ring on. Someone loud out “spit on it” only to get my reply “there's camera's all around me, I'm not going to spit anywhere” ha ha oh it hurt a lot but I got that sucker on my finger and the wedding continued and we were married.

Now I have a lot of people to thank for my wedding being so great and really making it that much more special.

Samies Girl Seafood Market 31314120 They turned up and cooked all the food and just made it look wonderful. Please if you ever want seafood call them.

Rachael the Opera Singer 0403073751 Now this lady can sing, I must say I'm hard to impress and I was impressed. Golden voice.

The Sunday Mail sent a photographer to take photo's which will be in Q Mag in a few weeks.

612 ABC radio with Spencer Howson, they did a huge thing helping me to put it all together.

Can_do_Campbell from twitter went on the air with ABC612 radio and asked for help putting our wedding together and paid for a 5 star motel for wedding night.

Andy our photographer 0434381199 is putting a business together as a photographer I'll be showing his photo's when there ready.

Jemma from Lucid Living Pictures 0433466423have done great job putting the day on video. I will post here when I get it.

Now I hate to brag, who am I kidding I had nothing and living on the streets not knowing what was happening next, and now I'm married and living with my wife and daughter. It's bragging time! I have done it, I made it back to what I had before my accident. People talk about looking for that light at the end of the tunnel well I became my own light. WOOHOO

Now I know I have a long way to go but now it feels like I'm not alone. I'm a family man that has value and going by the friends that helped and the ones that went to my wedding there's no way I would feel alone. So what to do now? Help others that need it.

Ipswich Mates helping Mates BBQ is still going ahead on the 27th of November from 10am to 2pm which will help countless again. These BBQ'S are great because we invite all homeless organisations to have a stall with there information about there services and the homeless and needy come and enjoy a BBQ, as much clothes and things as they can carry away and the information is there to find easy without it being pushed on.

But the most important thing to me anyway is the community coming together as one to help those in need. We have stalls and stalls of free clothes,kids toys, toiletries and much more to just hand out to the homeless and while there enjoying a BBQ there's lots of people walking around and just chatting. I've said a lot the one thing homeless value and need the most is to feel more valued in themselves and sitting with people and chatting gives them that.

So please I'm doing another collection of
Clothes- all sizes men and women
Kids toys
Toiletries is a huge thing needed (including ladies pads)

Things needed to put this all together for the day
Marquees about 20
6 industrial size BBQ'S hire
Bread about 130 loaves
250 cans of drinks
One freezer or cold room truck small one
50 Tables
60 chairs
Your time coming talking to homeless
Companies wishing to show there business are welcome to have a stall for free as long as they help the homeless in some way and nothing is to be sold on the day.

If you can help with a bit or some of these please let me know on
Grant 0412 190 011 or

Thank you for reading my blog and I hope you will pass it on to others so the Ipswich event gets even bigger and therefore helps that many more.

I hope you all have a great day.
Grant the Polite Guy


  1. Hi Grant,

    Congratulations on your wedding and the success you are continuing to achieve - you really do deserve it all!

    Best Wishes,
    Bane MC

  2. Here's the interview ABC did also on your wedding: