Sunday, February 27, 2011

Hall Please

I was talking to another vendor the other day and he was telling me, He was sleeping on a bench in the park the night before when 4 people came and woke him by hitting into him and grabbing he's things. He didn't stand a chance. He rolled onto his luggage bag and trying to protect himself from the blows. This lasted only a minute but in that time they had taken his bum bag which held his I.D and money. The last of the blows came when one grabbed his luggage bag and was pulling with everything he had. But with the weight of the vendor on top and him holding it with everything he had, they quickly gave up and left laughing. (Real tough boys.)

The vendor was showing me the two split lips he got and bruises while telling me he had to throw away his favourite shirt because of all the bleed on it. I told him that's why I always move to quiet places where no-one goes. Now these stories happen a lot and to think in this society, I still shake my head with pity. I see so many good, great people out there and then things like this happens. All because he didn't have a place to stay and he sleeps in a park.

There was workers working on a shop and did see it all or most of it but did they help when the attack happened? no, did help him after the attackers left? No. There's a famous saying I'm trying to think of but can't at the moment but it's something like. “evil only wins when good people do nothing” that saying is proven right every day.

Before I get a lot of emails saying to go to the police let me quickly say “Yeah right” He woke and quickly covered himself to protect himself and didn't want to stick his head up to see who it was. While bleeding and spiting out bleed he could see and hear them walking off. At best police would say “don't sleep in the park then” or something like that.

Now this story is a bit harsh, but I'm writing it because I have an idea. I've been told in Sydney there's lot's of places homeless can go and stay for one night at a time. They arrive at 5pm and have a meal and bed and leave safe in the morning by 8am. When we had that flood here in Brisbane halls were opened up and food and beds for everyone. All the volunteers came running to help. If we could do it while there's a disaster then maybe some of them volunteers would like to help with homeless to be safe at night. Charities already help with food and things, I'm sure they would love to go to a hall as well. As far as the beds well there was beds there before, for the flood victims just bring them back.

Now I touch this lightly in a story I wrote for Queensland Shelter which I'll be post here after it's gone to print first. (I did a great job with it. Ha ha)

Okay put it this way, all we would need is a hall not being used, beds (there was heaps), food I am sure charities would help with, Volunteers- there's so many good people out there that I think we would have to many. I'm only talking about night's only. I know this blog hits a whole lot of people, maybe someone else thinks this is a good idea? I'm not putting myself down by saying this, but I am just a vendor and I really don't have much standing, but maybe someone else might want to say it's there idea and well I'd support and stand by you.

When a brave person chooses to do something this great, then please email me and I'll promote and help them with everything I have. I could help with talking to the charities for things and letting homeless people know about it and I'm sure people will message me saying they'll offer a night here and there for a good course.


Depression hits a lot of people, not just homeless people and sometimes it's very hard to come back from it. But I have a friend Marieke who doesn't just help people with it but has depression herself so she knows what she's talking about. Now I first meet Marieke when she bought a magazine from me and she went away and started reading my blog. After meeting up and talking about her writing a book to help others I said it'd be a good idea to do a blog as well. She said I inspired her and started putting a blog together. I felt good, ha ha. OH and I got a hug, YES. Sometimes doing a good thing for someone makes your day so much better. She has great ideas and can really help a lot of people with what she knows but needed someone to say “I know you can do it, just get it done” with a smile of course. Ha ha.

Weather you have depression or not it's good to read about it and know what effects people everywhere. As I've only seen Marieke a couple of times and then emails, I know she has the potential to do so much good with her new blog.


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Grant the Polite Guy.

P.S My new mate Connor tells me he's able to build the new mega-site and is happy to do so because it'll help people. Really this is what I'm talking about, Great people banding together to help others who need it. I only have one word to say 'Proud' to know him.


  1. That's a horrible story..... and I bet that kind of thing happens all the time and goes unreported. It makes me so sad :(

  2. You should tell all the homeless to get on a boat, sail around til they reach Christmas Island. The Government would take them in, give them health checks, give them a roof over their head, blankets and food and an allowance. Hopefully you can tell that I am being sarcastic, because I am utterly APPAULED that the homeless in this Country get nothing and yet a boat load of people can come here from another country and get completely taken care of. I am all for seeking asylum, but not when the homeless in this country need looking after too. They should be the priority.