Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Leukaemia Foundation

When I first became homeless and sitting in a park just not caring about anything and just happy to let the world pass me by. I started working again with the Big Issue and becoming a member of society or at least talking and started caring again about things that happen with me and around me. I'm working on building a mega-site that will help the homeless with information on where help is and things like that.

I was working in the city and seen people handing out flyers to get people to help them with World's Greatest Shave. I started thinking to myself. Before my accident I would give money to this and other charities but now I don't make enough to help. Then I thought I rely on people helping me out by buying my magazines, It's time to give something back to the community somehow. So I start talking to the nice and polite lady. She tells me to ask people to donate or sponsor money to the Leukaemia Foundation and I get a free hair cut. Ha ha Easy.

The Leukaemia Foundation helps so many kids and family's when they need it most so please help me to help them to help the kids. Everything donated is tax deductible and you can smile knowing your doing something good.

Today I'm going to be at Post Office Square all day volunteering my day collecting money with a pretty CLEAN orange Leukaemia shirt on. Now the Profile Page says I'm going for a goal of $500 as a standard but no I'm going for the highest amount that wins the Number 1 collector. I get a framed certificate and I'll know I did something great. This goes through to March 10 when I get to say how much money I have collected and they shave my hair (Oh NO) ha ha it'll grow back, But I won't need shampoo for a while. Ha ha.

So here's my pitch.

I'm taking part in the Leukaemia Foundation’s World's Greatest Shave this year. Take a look at my Profile Page by clicking this link:

Please sponsor me by making an online donation using a credit card. I’m aiming to raise as much as I can for the Leukaemia Foundation. Their vital work provides patients with practical support during their long and tough treatment, as well as funding important research.

Did you know?
- Every hour of every day, at least one person in Australia is diagnosed with leukaemia, lymphoma or myeloma.
- Every two hours, someone loses their life to blood cancer.
- $26 can provide emotional support to help someone overcome the shock of being diagnosed
- $40 can help improve treatments and find cures by funding a PhD student's laboratory costs for a day
- $57 can support patients who are too ill to drive by providing a day's transport to and from treatment
- $80 can give a regional family who've had to move closer to treatment, a place to call home for a night

For more information about the Leukaemia Foundation visit their website:

Thank you for your support!
Grant the Polite Guy.

P.S This is very important to me to do some good by helping people who help others, So please hit the like buttons at the bottom of post or share this with everyone you know.
Thank you and I hope you have a great day.


  1. What a wonderful idea!!! Hope you raise lots of money for this fantastic cause.

  2. Hey Grant, I'm going to pop over to the web address you provided and make a donation in your name - good luck, I hope you reach your goal and get that framed certificate!

  3. You are such an inspiring part of our society Grant. You believe so strongly in helping those who help others. I hope that one day someone will buy all of your magazines at once so you get the rest of the week off! :) From Phoebe

  4. awesome work, sponsored!