Wednesday, February 16, 2011


First I'd like to start by saying “Thank you for reading my blog” I love writing my little stories and in some way I hope to show, most homeless are nice people just hitting hard times. For a lot there's a way back they just need to find it. Some people say I'm wrong but really when people give up on homeless getting back on there feet then what chance do they/we have.

Okay I started the morning volunteering collecting for the Leukaemia Foundation. It's early about 6:30 am in the morning and there's not many people about.

I went near Central Railway Station to catch the early comers. This girl walks towards me and about 20 feet away pulls her phone out and starts talking on it. I instantly don't ask, It's rude to take to someone on the phone. As she walks pass talking on the phone her phone rings scaring the hell out of her. Her phone had a very loud ring tone and it was right next to her ear while she was pretending to talk on it. Ha ha. I really hate being mean but I laughed so much I couldn't stop. Ha ha. I know she was embarrassed but really what could I have done.

Really I'm a nice guy and when people say “no” I always say something like “have a nice day”


okay this one happen during morning rush. I'm still collecting for a charity (volunteering) I ask this guy as he's walking towards me. He says (well lets just say I learn a new swear word and I thought I knew them all.) This guy wasn't the first person to abuse me and won't be the last. So I said “have a nice day” thinking another nut bag or having a bad day. He swings around and says “ What did you say to me?” I smiled and said “Have a nice day” then gave a big smile. I didn't want to upset this guy more then he was. It was then clear he was having a bad day or a very rude person.

The guy stepped closer and asked “did you hear my right.” I was happy to tell him “yes.” then said “everyone has a bad day but most don't pass it on to others, really I hope you have a good day” I even made it sound like I meant it which I did.

Everyone has a bad day but really take it out on the ones that coursed it or start thinking things could be worst.

But before I sound like some saint please let me tell you I've had some very bad days and some great ones. Thinking of the great ones help me to get through the bad ones.


I want to word this right as I don't want to embarrass in any way the guy. I was working and I was pulled aside by a guy wearing a nice shirt and tie. In a low voice he told me things are bad and he'd like to know what cheap accommodation I knew in West End from the searching I'd been doing for cheap accommodation. I looked at him and said “The places I've been looking for aren’t much but they are cheap.” Now I know this guy has bought a few magazines from me and always looks well to do. He said “I wouldn't have asked you if there was much choice right now.”

I love helping people, of course I wrote down all I know about West End area and even asked if I could buy him lunch. It just reminded me that it don't matter who or what you are, bad luck or bad times hit everyone at some stage. I did ask what had happen but with a tear almost coming he said he really didn't want to talk about it.

I know it would have been embarrassing for him to ask me, I know he would have rather looked on the mega-site. Really I'm trying to get it done.


I'd like to thank every for reading, Please if you have any ideas you think I should know then please send them in a comment or email me at . I think my stories my help people so please if you like them then pass them on to others. At the bottom of each posting is letters in a box to pass it on to Facebook and things like that.

I hope you all have a great day and remember if you would ever like to talk then I love to listen.
Grant the Polite Guy.

P.S This is only for Tom, You get your joy writing bad comments about spelling, grammar and nasty things to every post I write. I have advice for you. Stop reading or please send comment with email address so at least I can reply and defend myself or just come see me as I'm sure I'd love to talk to you. Oh and have a nice day.

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  1. I bought a copy of big issue from you the other day and I didn't remember you until I read your note! I must have bought from you once or twice a year or two back when I still worked in the city. Anyway, your blog is awesome! I really enjoyed reading it.