Saturday, April 9, 2011

First real day at the Call Centre

Oh I have to talk about my real first day working at the Call Centre. Ha ha.

It'd been raining hard most of the day so I wasn't working that much because when my magazines get wet they are no good to sell and really when that happens I've bought them and there thrown in the bin. At $2.50 each you learn not to get them wet. Ha ha So I mostly walked around the city talking to other Vendors and some homeless people just to say “Hi”. Some I would even tell about my new job working a few hours a night just so maybe they think they can do it to. Not so much working in a Call Centre but just working a job even if it's selling magazines to get started. I did and it worked. Ha ha.

I was outside waiting for 2:30pm to come along and then I'd go in and finish my training. All the time thinking I'm good with talking to people but on the phone I can't see the persons face or body language and it's not the same. What to do? I will say for about one minute I thought about just walking away thinking I'm not ready for this and I wouldn't want to disappoint the people there. Besides my back hurts after sitting down for to long. Now the good thing is that this only lasted about one minute. I started thinking of what I was before my accident and then what I have become and then what I can be in life. I don't know if others do this but I play uplifting music in my mind and start thinking I can do anything. Ha ha It don't last long the feeling but I went to work 10 minutes early with a big smile on my face. Ha ha

Getting there 3 of us were told to sit at booths where a computer and phone was and wait for someone to show us how to use them. I sat and through a window I noticed a lady smirking at me, well I'm good with the face to face thing so I stood up and walked over to her as she was walking towards me. She stopped and told the other 2 “He's famous” and smirked at me again. I start thinking she reads my blog. But then I noticed she was one of my customers. Ha ha Oh today was going to be so much better. We chatted for a minute then the guy came to show us what to do.

At 4pm our training had finished and fear started setting in. Oh-no they want me to start making calls that this computer tells me to call. Then the teacher guy say we can have a 20 minute break any-time we need one. As soon as he said that I was walking so fast that others must have thought I was heading to the toilets in a hurry, ha ha but no I walked straight pass the toilets and to the lifts and outside.

Oh I hate talking on the phone.
Now I help the homeless when I can and talk to them as a friend and always mention but not force about helping themselves. A guy I know walks to me and started talking about how my new job was going? Of course I said doing great and maybe he should think about finding something that he could do too. I talked for a minute then walked back up to the Call Centre as fast as I walked down. I sat dialed the number and then put on my headset. I thought if I dial first then I couldn't chicken out of it. The first call was easy because it was a nice old lady who was happy to talk. YES. Oh today was going to be a great day.

I had a couple of not so nice people but that didn't matter because my first one was already done and the rest were so much easier.

Towards the end of the shift my back was hurting from sitting down for to long but no-one could tell because I couldn't wipe the smile off because I was so happy I was able to do the job. I asked how I went and the boss guy looked at his computer and smiled and said look here your doing as good strike rate as most the others. I checked and yes I even did better then most.

If your homeless or just having a lot of bad luck and not working then let me say Starting a new job can be scary and you might think you can't. But if you think well I'll try it for the first day and not think of it then it may be easier.


Now I know this may be wrong but I need to mention it.
I know some people are not buying my magazines because I have a room in a lodge and now I'm working a few hours a night in a Call Centre but please understand this. I need to make more sales to keep that room because of rent and the work at the Call Centre is paid fortnightly so I won't get that for another two weeks. So this is a plea. “Please buy my magazines over the next two weeks as I need to earn the money from selling my magazines to keep me going until I get paid from this job which won't be much because I only work a few hours a night.” If people choose to not buy my magazines any-more well I'll still say “good morning and have a nice day”


When talking to people some still don't know what I'm doing with this new Mega-Site so I'll say it here again.
It's going to have a nice Homepage and then 4 pages on it.
1 My blog.

2 A blog written about depression and how to deal with it.

3 Homeless helps. This page will have information about Charities and Food Vans and lots of information about where help can be found everywhere not just Brisbane but all countries, all States, all towns. (any information you have in your area you could send would be of great help)

4 Forum. People and charities can talk each other. I'm sure there's lots of people wanting to help and Food Vans and things that need helpers.

This site is going to help homeless and people with low income with information and it'll give them a feel of knowing that there's help if they want it.

This will be launched at my birthday party on the 28th of April at the Central Railway hotel on Ann St from 3pm until late.


Thank you for reading my blog and I hope you enjoyed it. There's the buttons at the bottom of this post if you want to share with your friends.

My email is
I hope you all have a great day.
Grant the Polite guy.

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