Friday, April 29, 2011

The sad the good and the proud.

Well this one I have a sad a good and a proud story to tell. Ha ha Life is not meant to be all roses. Ha ha.

The sad.
I was talking to a vendor and he told me of what had happen the day before with a smile on his face. Ha ha.

This guy is really getting himself together and got a girlfriend and newly got a room in a lodge and working to really get on his feet. He went to Kelvin Grove to work and sold 20 magazines which makes him $50 profit plus tips which is really a great day. He was saying that he noticed a guy watching him most of the day working and was very weary of it.

He finished work and headed through a car-park when he was attacked from behind by the guy that watched him working. Now the vendor not willing to give his money up tried to cover himself as best as he could and yell for help. The good news is that two guys came running over and held the attacker down on the ground until police came.

Them two guys that helped are ( I don't think there's a word good enough. Ha ha) Ace's in my book. That vendor had worked hard all day to make them 20 sales and is really only trying to get on his feet faster but some well let's say a not nice person (ass-hole) thinks he'd sit back and watch and not work and take from someone else that did the hard work.

Now I feel very strong about this as I remember two guys watching me and attacking me after working and heading to get more stock. I think it's a cowards act to watch someone that's an easy target to earn money and then attack them to get it for free.

But to finish this story the attacker was held by the two guys until police came and charged him. But the best thing is the vendor kept all his money that he earnt and the two guys that helped well there's guys out there that I can be proud to know there out there.

I have seen and know this, People doing nothing and saying “nothing to do with me” is really only good people doing nothing which means bad people already win so why stop.


The Good,

When working or talking to people I have been telling everyone about my collecting donated clothes for the homeless on Wednesday the 4th next week before 9am for Micah to hand out to the homelessness. I have gotten such a good response from people saying they would bring items in I felt good to knowing I am putting together something that will help so many people.

So I'll mention it here again. Ha ha. On Wednesday the 4th I'm asking people to bring in clothes they don't use. I mean like I keep saying “before my accident I had a cupboard that had lot's of clothes I didn't like and never wore.” (mostly gifts from Christmas. Ha ha) So I'm asking if you have clothes that you will not wear and there still in good condition then please bring them to me before 9 am and I'll be very happy to hand them to Micah and they will give to those that need it.

Things needed the most is Blankets and warm clothes and of course clothes for them to go for job interviews.

I thank you for just looking for things you may be able to donate. If you live away from me and can't drop off to me then please still look and find a homeless centre in your area and give there. Knowing your doing a great thing is reward enough. Trust me it's a good feeling. Ha ha.

Micah Projects – Brisbane Homelessness Service Centre
62-64 Peel St, South Brisbane: 3036 4444


Here's most the people that showed.

Me and Denise and David. Hey do I look good with a shirt and tie. haha

Never lose playing Bogan Bingo. Ha ha

The Proud,

I had me birthday party and I can say I was proud to see some of the people that came. I really thought I was on Top of the World not because people came to celebrate my birthday but the fact people wanted to take time to meet as an equal outside of work.

Ha ha here's where I get to brag. I felt like I was not just with equals but better then that, I was with mates. From when I became a Big Issue Vendor and not having good friends and now knowing such great people I can say I was proud to be me. I must say at one stage it almost brought a tear to my eyes.

So guys and girls please let me say “Thank you. It meant a lot to me.”

I know I have great friends that couldn't make it and I know things come up, it's all good. Now I will say after people started leaving some of the funniest things started happening. Ha ha These guys start playing Bogan Bingo which is normal bingo but using Heavy Metal music and sayings for the numbers. Ha ha noting I say could explain it right but I learnt one thing. Don't lose. Ha ha

Thank you for reading my blog and I hope you all have a great day.
If you like my writing then please tell others as I love to share. Ha ha Or if you would like to there's a Donation Box to make donations which I use for myself and helping homelessness.
Grant the Polite Guy.


  1. Looks like you had a great time at your party!! Sorry I couldn't make it :(

  2. What a gr8 night - so glad that Dave & I could help you celebrate! We're going through clothes now so we have plenty to bring in for you -AND- we've both sent emails round our offices for people to bring clothes in on Tuesday for us to bring down to you Wednesday.
    Looked for you Friday morning - but guess you were 'recovering' after your birthday fun! Once again, was very pleased to be able to help our friend celebrate! see ya 2morrow! Den