Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Poeple are Poeple

Now this one is Karma at it's best. I was working and sold a magazine which the person only had a $20 note. I changed it and noticed another customer coming over to buy one. I quickly pulled another magazine out of my side bag and made the sale. A second after the second customer left I was looking for the $20 note but couldn't find it. While thinking I'm going mad because I was checking my pockets and everything I noticed a guy bend down to pick up a $20 note in the garden only a metre away from me. I said “I just dropped a $20 note I don't suppose you believe me when I say that's my note.” The guy did a half a laugh and walked off with my $20 note. The words finders keepers kept ringing through my mind.

Lease then a minute later a guy walks to me and says he found a $20 note that morning and thought I needed it more. I thanked him and he left and I went back to work. About 30 minutes later the guy who took my $20 note was talking to someone (wife I think) on the phone about getting a parking ticket and saying what a waste of money for being stupid. I believe in Karma because if you always try and do good then you'll always have good around you, But if your never trying to do good then bad will always be around you.


I'm not enough sure were to start with this one. There's something I feel very strong about, but I don't want to course trouble or put the wrong message across. I'll just write it as I would say it.

Early Friday morning a homeless person was found at the bottom of the stairs near Post Office Square and the police investigated it and took the body away. Quickly before morning rush started. Like I understand that, there's no need for people to see that first thing in the morning.

A shop owner said to me that it was a dose of bad drugs and the police said it was maybe not an accident. There's a word starting s that means maybe foul play but I can't spell it sorry. Ha ha.

I asked Shop Owner's or really they asked me if I knew the guy. But all I could say is who was he as I didn't even see the body. I and others searched the news and police updates for information on this and there was nothing.

Now this reminds me of about 6 months ago (maybe more) when a guy dies above Central Railway Station and nothing about it in the news anywhere.

Here's the thing I'm trying to say. “A sports star urinates on a building it's front page of a paper, A person gets attacked and there's a man hunt to catch the attacker and it's all over the news. A homeless person dies by anything and it's what? Never happen.” People are people. The really sad thing is unless someone knows the homeless person then he/she will go in an unmarked grave and as I said they are cleared away quickly. Even if I knew his name I didn't see who it was to say who it is. It's not like saying oh that's Tom's house so it must be Tom.

I know this story is sad but let's face it, there's nothing funny here.


Please know it's my birthday on the 28th of this month and I'm having a party at the Central Station Hotel on Ann st under the Central Station. I'm also launching my new mega-site as well. All are welcome and I look forward to meeting and talking to you all.

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I hope you all have a great day and remember homeless or not people are people.
Grant the Polite Guy.


  1. i have just discovered your blog, im from manchester england and saw it on twitter vis the local big issue office..your words are reaching far! and it has touched me so much. you are an amazing individual. i have sent this round to everyone i know, everyone should know about you and your generous and positive outlook. i look forward to reading your posts from now on, and taking your life philosophy and putting it into practise where i live. thank you for writing.

  2. Brilliant blog entry. People are people and every person matters. Thank you for sharing