Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sometimes just a smile is all it takes.

Now I get a lot of emails from people in many countries and I love reading and replying to them all. But this one really shows that sometimes being nice to someone means you may be helping them more then you know.

Hey Grant,

Thanks for the birthday invite. Unfortunately , I will be away , but I hope you have a wonderful time.

Can I tell you how much your smiling face and that of the other vendors has meant to me?

When I started working in the city, four years ago, I had just divorced, was living with my parents ( at 42, that’s no fun) I was starting a new job and my darling only son had left to go and live with his father interstate. Apart from my family, I had lost contact with everyone in Brisbane as I had been away for over 20 years. I got really down, mainly because I was devastated to be without my boy.

Your smiling faces reading your stories, made me feel not so alone. I read that Mick from the Cathedral saved up to see his son interstate too and I didn’t feel so bad. He does it a lot tougher than me.
You guys and the nice man selling the Courier Mail across the way were the first people who smiled and said hello to me every day and you guys made a difference to me.

I eventually realized I needed help as when I looked at busses, I thought about going under them rather than catching them. So, anyway, four years (and okay a few anti-depressants later) I am much better, got my life back on track, off the pills and still enjoying a good, though long distance relationship with my son. I will introduce you to him some time when he’s visiting.

You guys often help us as much as we help you out. You just don’t realize it at the time.

Have a wonderful birthday, but I know I’ll see you before then.

Thanks and Best wishes,
Name withheld.

Good times and bad times come, but it's knowing you have friends that makes a difference. I am always happy to stop for a chat if anyone wants to talk about anything. The cost.. A smile from you at the end.


Over the last few days I have been asking people to come to my Birthday Party and saying I'm launching my Mega-Site as well on the night. I was shocked at how many people didn't know what the mega-Site was. Even after I would ask them if they had read my blog lately. So I'll go into detail here about it then everyone can read it and know before the launch.

There's a Homepage and on that is 4 pages.
The first page is going to have my blog on it.

The second page is going to another blog written by Marieke de Laat on Depression and bipolar disorder.

The third page is going to be Homeless Information. On that page there's going to be all the information I can get on where Charities, Food Vans, Cheap Hostels and pretty much everything that can find to help homeless and people on low income or have a bad run with information on resources in there area.

The Fourth Page is going to be a forum for people to chat. This will have many uses as there's people who can give advice and really there's nothing better then knowing there's someone else out there going through the same thing. Really this page can help a lot e.g.
A mum looking for her run away son. Post a picture and have thousands looking for him.
Someone feels very down and wants to talk to someone.
You done a great thing that day and want to tell the world. Ha ha
The list is endless.

That's what will be in the Mega-Site and remember we are launching it at my Birthday Party on 28th April so it'll be great to have you come and say G'day.
It's at the Grand Central Hotel on Ann St below Central Railway Station. I'll be there from 3pm until late so if you have time quickly after work please drop by for a drink. I'll be wearing a nice shirt and tie just to look good. Ha ha.

To put as much information on the Information Page can I ask if people could find homeless helps in there area (no matter what Country) I'm looking for information on
Food vans.
Soup Kitchens.
Hostels/ Lodges.
Churches that help the homeless.
Pretty much all that help homeless and people in need. Please send in an email to me on


I'd like to thank you all for reading my blogs and I'll be putting in funny stories in it very soon.
There's a Donation Button if you would like to donate for the stories and I do use it for me and other homeless people. I'd like to thank the 3 people who have. Thank You.

I hope you all have a great day.
Grant the Polite Guy.


  1. It's wonderful to hear that you make others smile, it was nice of her to email you and let you know. It came to buy a magazine the other day but you must have already finished up for the day. See you soon.

  2. Hey Grant,
    Yes it's a pleasure to see you smiling in the mornings, your friendly and positive attitude always brightens the mornings for all that take the time to stop and chat or simply say Good Morning back to you. I encourage everyone/anyone who has benefited by Grant's goodwill to pay it forward or atleast donate a couple $$ to his paypal, to help him sleep in a warm bed and have a shower, which too many of us take for granted (pardon the pun).

    Yours in Friendship,
    The Little Fat Man
    (ho ho ho)