Sunday, May 22, 2011

Bad day then think of good times PT1

Okay today my back was hurting a lot and I couldn't work because I did so many hours yesterday. Now when days like this happen most people start thinking all the sad things in life and I'm no exception. Really there's nothing worst then always feeling pain and there's nothing you can do to stop it except dope (doctors medication) yourself up so much you don't feel anything.

So here's how I see it, Spend the day feeling sorry for myself and everything I've lost which seems at most times all my life before my accident or pump some music and think what I have done that's good and what I aim to do from here on. It was easy I was hurting so much and didn't want nothing to do with anything good. I just wanted to hate myself. So I sat and thought about mostly my family for about one hour and how much I missed them and then I thought, we learn from the past but we control the future.

So I started pumping music on my little radio that Jaye had got me and just sat there listening to Triple M. I started thinking of, yes the sad things at first but then I started thinking of what I have done in the last 2 years. Then I started thinking I'm a great bloke. Ha ha. Here I was starting out with the Big Issue about 21 months ago because I needed food and I've done so much.

So if you have music, pump it before reading on because I'll look so much better when uplifting music is playing in the background. Ha ha. YEAH. Ha ha. If your at work then please tell the boss I said it was okay. Then tell the boss to read it as well because I love to share. Ha ha.

Please be warned I have new batteries in my radio and free computer for a few hours. Ha ha.

Okay here's a quick story about Grant Richards doing great since I became a Big Issue Vendor, who am I kidding I have new batteries for my radio and free internet. Ha ha.

At first I didn't but after a while I started making great friends and saying “Good Morning or Have a nice day” to people. To be honest I started thinking people were accepting me for being me not the success I had before my accident and I felt more like a person.

I was with my wife one day and I was trying to give a good impression and maybe work things out when this guy hand out a flyer because he was running in the next election. I quickly said something like “Mate I'll help you because I care about this area” (It was my wife's area.)

So there I was all cleaned up the day before and wearing the best clothes I have and waiting to hand out flyers on election day with my wife while I told her how special she was. The guy tells her to go to the other entrance and have me on the main entrance. Really he didn't know this was my way to get close to her. Ha ha. But this was a happy ending because I was very polite and people would take my flyer as they walked passed. OH and Cameron Dicks won the election and then became District Attorney and I got dinner with my wife that night.

It wasn't long after that I was awarded 'Vendor of the Year' after only working for the Big Issue for 5+ months, now that's something to be proud of.

I got a phone call from someone saying I had done such a great job Cameron that Kevin Rudd wanted me to do the same for him. Now Kevin Rudd was at the time our ex-Prime Minister and I kept thinking what an honour so yep there I was handing out flyers again and telling people to vote for him. But this time there was something different. I went to the after party. Now keep this in mind I was homeless at the time and I was asked to go to a party with Kevin Rudd for a beer. You bet I went. Ha ha.

Well I got there and there were people everywhere including T.V camera's. Of course I was wearing the best clothes I had at the time (St. Vinnies). I sat at the bar and said “keep them coming mate.” I worked hard for a beer and I was going to have one. Then this lady walks over to me and starts talking about how others had said how great I had done talking to people while handing out flyers and all the work before hand. Then she said she would put me in front of Kevin and meet him. Now I must be honest I was there for the beer. But my wife was there too and she loves him so to make myself look good I acted all excited about it too.

Kevin came around and this lady leads him towards us. Well I did what came natural and handed him a beer and shaked his hand. Well the T.V camera's came from everywhere. We toasted and he drank some. Now right now I'm thinking it wasn't the best idea but really I also think how many people can say they did a toast with the ex- Prime Minister of Australia. About an hour later we sat and talked for about 20 minutes while drink his beers.

Now I know I can brag about knowing the last two politicians but really because I know one lady that will win the big Prime Minister seat already before she even runs for it is a real difference because with this one she has done so much for me, but the best thing is, being my friend. So I say Jess I'm still waiting to help and support you when your ready. Not because you have done great by me but because I know you have a great heart and would do the people right.

A star on the radio.
One Saturday morning I was working and EJ from 'The Cage' Breakfast Crew on Triple M stopped by and bought a Big Issue Magazine from me and left. She thought I was so polite and then read my little thank you note. A few days later I was told by my customers that they were talking about me and my thank you note on the radio. About a week later I was asked to talk on the radio with EJ. I was scared as because I hadn't talked on the radio before.

I was a great hit and if anything I think I helped people to know that homeless are people too. Of course I was to worried of saying the wrong thing to remember what I said. Ha ha. But I was told I was a big hit.

To do a follow up The Breakfast Crew came into the city and sold Big Issue Magazines for about an hour and a half. Let me just say it's a good thing there so good on the radio because they didn't sell many magazines. Ha ha. I mean that in a nice way of course. The best thing was I got there name badges from Big Issue with there names and photo's. SCORE. Ha ha.

In total I think 3 times I have spoken with The Breakfast Crew on Triple M. (The best station)

But that's not the best there was about being a star on radio. EJ came to Post Office Square to do a promotion for The Reds and seen me and she came over and asked how I was and YES I got a kiss on the check. Now I don't want this to come out wrong because she's married and such a lovely lady but let me brag here a bit. Ha ha. Guys listen to her every morning and dream of meeting her and here I am I just go to work and she comes to me and I get the kiss well it was on the check but hey it still counts. YEAH. Ha ha.

Now you'd be thinking wow Grant has meet a lot of famous people that remember him in the last year and a half and really for most of it he was a homeless person. That's great.

Oh I haven't finished yet remember this is so I think of the good things. Ha ha Keep that music pumping.

I was asked by the manager of Big Issue to do a promotion with Peter Garett the Mid Night Oil signer and he was a minster for the politics doing something which I can't remember. Now this was to promote him being a great guy and promoting the Big Issue being out there. So I met him and everything was great there was some guy telling what to do that was with him and a lady from Big Issue telling me what to do, As if I didn't know how to sell magazines. Ha ha. But I will say they both were very polite and happy at the fact I was to.

Peter Garett stood beside me and people came running from everywhere. You see he was signing them as I sold them. Now this is going to sound bad but there was a small line of people waiting to buy a Big Issue magazine and one thing I noticed was this lady that had been mean to me and had said to me “Go get a real job” and this lady was waiting to buy one now. I must say I thought of a lot of things there and then, because I was the one that had something she wanted.

I asked her name so Peter could write it and I remembered it then every time I've seen her I've said “Good morning or Good evening Mary” and since then she has even stopped to talk to me a few times just to say hi. She just had to see my nice personality. Ha ha.

Afterwards he gave me a nice speech about never giving up.

That promotion made the papers and T.V news. A star again. Ha ha.

Now all of them are famous but if I'm going to write about the great things that have happen since I became a Big Issue vendor then I have to write about the really great things that mean the most.

When I'm not talking to someone, I would get about 200 people say “Good morning” to me every day. Now really who could have a bad day after having 200 people saying hi to them. But the big thing is I know over 200 people that want to say hi to me. I feel good about that because a homeless person has gained over 200 people respect me enough to say hi too. I feel special.

Hey I just thought of it. I write in a blog and over 3,000 people a week check out my blog. Hey that's got to be a great thing. Ha ha I think it's it's because I'm so handsome. (Nobody tell me different please.) Ha ha

I have bought hundreds and hundreds of pies and drinks for the homeless because I always want to help others and I know what it's like to have nothing.

I got a job working in a call centre with a great boss. Okay it's only working about 16 hours a week and I don't show up for some shifts because of my back, but it's a great job and I'm good at it and I'm proud to be working again.

I organised a clothing drop to be dropped off to me and I took it all to a Homeless Centre. Well most of it because I had told some of the homeless people I know to drop by and take what ever they need instead of buying it. I collected so many clothes that I had trouble fitting it all into a station wagon car. A great result. All them clothes were or will be given for free to the homeless.

I have many more things I'd love to tell you, but really this blog wasn't to look good it was to feel good about myself and I wanted to type it to read myself. But for the readers that like to read about everything I'll do a Part 2 in two days.

I was playing around with my blog and trying to get it working right when YES I worked out how to put extra pages on it. So I'm going to start that Homeless Information Site right here. I know it's only going to have Australia but hey it's a great start. So as I get time I'll be adding information for people to give to homeless and people in need. As I've always said “If it helps one person then it's all worth it” So if you know of any food vans, charities or places that help homeless or people in need please send it to me

But let me say the one thing that I'm mostly proud of is knowing people I can call a 'mate'

OHNO this has taken 4 hours and most of that I was standing and typing at the same time. To be honest my back is hurting too much.

Remember I'm trying to put an educational DVD together and I'm asking people if they like my stories and would like to help me to help the homeless and make this DVD then please donate at the donation button on the top left hand side of the screen. I'd like to thank the one guy that has. Thanks mate.

I hope you all have a great day and really if you like my stories then please hit the share buttons next to the yellow pencil under this post.

Grant the Polite Guy

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