Friday, May 20, 2011

The start of something New

I just checked and it's been a few weeks since I last posted. Please let me say I'm sorry about that. I'm having trouble with my blog. I have asked 3 people to help make changes and try and put another page so I can add homeless information to it here. Then my blog wouldn't work for me to do posts and why I couldn't put pictures up on the last one and the fact I haven't had a computer didn't help. Ha ha. I only hope I can work it out for this one.

Where to start. There's so much to write about. Ha ha.

The Mega-site I wanted to build and have a grand opening on my birthday didn't work out as well as I thought it would be. The site was made but it was hard to understand on how to use. Now some would say use it and fix it as you go. But the problem with that is if people used it and couldn't work it out then they won't use it again even if it becomes easier to use because they wouldn't know. I know myself if I went to a site and didn't understand it then I wouldn't use it again. So it's best to rebuild it again. Now the guy that helped with it tried very hard to do what he has done and if anything at least he gave it a go. Aces in my book.

It will happen but like all good things takes time.


Last week I was talking to a guy that was homeless and after hearing his story I asked him if I buy a pizza could he please share it with me, because I wouldn't eat a whole one on my own. The truth is I wasn't hungry but he was showing pride and showed the fact he didn't want handouts so I asked him to help me by eating it as I didn't want to buy it and waste the food. He was happy to help and I didn't take any pride from him.

Now I'm only writing about this guy because of the story he had to talk about. Like me he had a wife,kids,house and a good job but with this guy it had happened 14 years ago and while telling me about how much he misses them he had tears running down his face.

He went on to tell me all about how life was prefect then his mum died and he fell to pieces and lost his job and soon after his family. He said at the time he just couldn't face life or anything at all. He's been travelling from place to place and living on the streets.

Now in all this time he has never called or contacted his family. When I asked him about it he said he was ashamed of what he had become and didn't want them to know. I straight away went into maybe he could start getting on his feet by selling Big Issue magazines or something like that.

Soon after I knew he wouldn't be working because he was down on himself not because of what had happen to his mum but what he had done after it. He didn't want to get on his feet or face people he knew and see there look of disgust because of what he became.

I had to go to the toilet so I said I'd be back in a few minutes and I'd bring a drink back for us. Now while walking I kept thinking about his story and then thought this guy was not getting off that easy. We are going to be best mates and I won't let up until he was on his feet again.

I was only gone a few minutes but he was gone when I return. I walked around looking for him but I didn't see him. I haven't seen him since that day. The worst thing is he told me his name but I forgotten it. All I can say is I hope one day he forgives himself so others can too.

I think that's the problem that most homeless have and yes this is me included and that's they need to forgive themselves before they can move on. Now I'm not going to do the mental heath speech because I don't think that's what I mean. I think I mean it's easier to quit then to fight, it's easier to drop your values to let someone win and the next thing you know it's true what there saying, Then you believe it yourself.


If any of you remember I had to do a speech to NAB bank managers some months ago and I was scared out of my wits at first. Will they had a reunion so of course I turned up. (life of the party) It was great to see my great friends again and show them how I have gone forward from the last time they met me. Now I know I haven't progressed much but I was proud to show I have progressed. If I'm heading in the right direction then it don't matter how fast as long as I keep heading in the right direction.

But with saying that I'm proud to say I'm trying to put together an educational DVD that will help young girls. I don't want to say too much about it because I'm looking at this as a business and will get on my feet selling them and the last thing I want is someone taking my idea. Ha ha.

But I can say this, I have researched it and it will help young girls and there is a market out there so I'm asking anyone and everyone “Please any help with donations towards the cost would be great and can help me to help others.”

The DVD will cost about $5,000 so as you can imagine, for someone selling Big Issue magazines this is a large amount. But I know if everyone donated $3 (going by the stats I see of numbers of people that visit my site.) I would have enough in 3 weeks.

Please know I hate asking for money from anyone but I really don't think I have no option because in my heart I know this would work and I will get on my feet faster and with the extra money I could help so many more people in life. Who knows this could be a million dollar idea and I'm going to be one of them guys that uses my wealth to help many. After my accident I can't do much but I can use my brains to put a DVD business together and be successful.

On the same note I would like to thank the 4 people who have donated since putting the donation button in. I have removed the ads on my blog as people were going to the sites but they were commission only so when no-one bought anything there was no profit from them. Looks nicer without the ads ha ha.

Now I have so much to talk about that's happened in the last few weeks but if I write this post too long no-one would read it. Ha ha. So I'll try and post this and see if it works then over the next few days write another one quickly.

I hope you all have a great day and thank you for reading my blog.
If you like it then please recommend to others by using the blue F for face-book and the other buttons under this post. If you would like to donate towards writing this blog or my DVD idea then please do it's at top left of the screen.

Thank you again
Grant the Polite Guy.

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