Friday, May 27, 2011

Tell me your ideas on mine.

Now I know I was going to writing about the successful things I have done but I've been thinking about some ideas all day and to be honest I could use help thinking about them so I thought I'd write them here and people can comment or email me and let me know what they think. What's that saying “Two heads are better then one” well 3,000 people view my blog each week.

Before I write my ideas let me tell you why I come up with these ideas. The first night I became homeless I remembered I didn't care about anything, the world and even my life. In fact I remember laying on a park bench and just waited to waste away. I was so depressed or down on myself that I felt worthless. I had lost all self confidence and couldn't look people in the eyes. Now don't worry I'm not going to do the teary thing.

I remember that feeling well and it makes me stronger because I never want to be that bad ever again. The thing I think of most is I wish someone like me now had meet me then. If you can understand that then thank you because I don't know how to explain it better. I try so hard to help people who are homeless that it is someone trying that means the most.

I'm not sure if I wrote that right but here's a better way to explain I think but it's longer.

Being all alone on the streets and losing all confidence in yourself is so hard to come back from. Every morning you wake with nothing but what you have on you and what you can carry and it's easy to hate yourself and the world around you. Sooner or later you see the worst evil there is 'people' they look down on you and slowly you believe them more and more.

Now I have said many of times “Just saying hi to someone at the right time could change there life” I say it because in ways it happened to me. I have seen and heard many stories of how it's easy to become homeless and give up on yourself but the hardest thing is getting back.

I do pies and coke a lot. I will meet a homeless person and offer them a feed and I'll get it for them, then I'll sit and just talk but let them do most of the talking until I say things like “mate it's not to late to take control again and get back on your feet. I could help” It's saying you can and I care enough to help.
Here's my ideas

1/ I want to do the same but on a bigger scale. I'm thinking of setting up a committee of people and asking people to donate to one thing only. Helping one person at a time in a big way. Here's what I'm thinking.
1 month rent in a lodge (about $600)
$500 worth of new clothes and shoes
1 haircut.
1 mobile phone with credit on prepaid if needed.
All the food he or she would need for at least a month (bought weekly)
toiletries (brush, razor and things like that)
Someone or many meeting him every two days and trying to help him or her to get a job and treating him or her as a friend.

Now the plan is to help the person to feel like he or she is needed in life and they have worth in themselves.

To be honest I can't do this alone because well I don't have all them things for myself so giving it to someone else would be hard. But I know with all this maybe just maybe it could start someone off in the right direction. Now I know if given all this that the person may go back to the streets after the month of free rent is used up, but in my book it's worth a try because if they get a job and take pride in themselves again then really there's no price tag for that.

I know this would be a big project and it really should be done with a committee and done right, but like this blog I'm happy to do so much even if it helps one person.

2/ Now my second idea is a quick and easy one to set up. I'm thinking of setting up a B.B.Q at a Homeless Centre on a Saturday or Sunday and feed all that come. I was thinking of having the B.B.Q cooking food and next to that a table with bread and salads and things like that. But next to that table another table with a whole heap of cloths to give away that I could ask people to donate while selling my magazines. I asked before and it was a huge success. I was thinking if people wanted to come a just talk to homeless then it might help them even more. You would be giving the most valuable they treasure 'time and someone who cares'

3/ Now this one I know I couldn't do on my mine that's for sure. A hall or house or a very large room where beds can be put up and homeless people can go and be safe at night. I know all it would take is mattress on a floor if that's all we could get, I am not just talking about getting out of the cold but being safe at night as well. Some people may not want get on there feet yet and want to stay out. But even they want to feel safe some days too. Maybe because of shortage of beds there could be a limit of 3 nights a week that way they can shower and eat well at least for 3 nights a week.

I know there's no jokes in this post and it's a bit heavy about what I am thinking of doing but really the colder it gets the more I want to do.

Please if you have any ideas or would like to offer your own ideas then please send email to or leave a comment and share it.

This is important. I'd like to thank the 4 people for making a donation towards me making my educational DVD and me helping others. I am trying to do the best with what I have. If you haven't please do because I can do so much with more funds. The button's top left of the screen.

Thank you for reading my blog and I hope you all have a great day. If you like my stories then please tell others.
Grant the Polite Guy.

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